Focus Is Very Important

Two ducks and a tortoise were excellent friends; They used to come to the lake early in the morning and meet each other, these were their routines, one day the tortoise reached the shore of the lake in the morning and saw that it was too late two ducks had not come yet.

 The tortoise just thought when the two ducks got there. He asked why it was so late. They both said that we think that if the water of this lake dries up in summer, what will we do without water? So we were looking for the lake somewhere else; it’s far away, the tortoise said, “You’re going to fly away, how can I go?”

 Suddenly the idea came to a duck’s mind that we are looking for a piece of wood; we hold it very tightly in our mouth, and we will reach there easily, and three of them start to flying, a short distance away, the children began to scream, and the tortoise said, “Hey, he did this, and he fell.” The tortoise pulled the wood out of its mouth, the ducks came down and saw that the tortoise was dead.

You may ask what the purpose of this story is, so the focus is significant for us to achieve any goal in our life, we need to focus on what we need to know.

To get any task done, you have to focus on it constantly in the beginning and motivate yourself, again and again. It is better to write them down to get a lot of tasks together; the ability to focus on any task means that you know the difference between success and failure, in any work, study or business, the more you build your mind, the stronger you will lead you to success, finding ease in any of your tasks and then focus on that, take a break from any work you are doing with focus and then start working, it will improve the work with interest, try to solve and focus the most difficult task to achieve any goal, this will make it much easier for you to achieve the goal and the rest of the work will be easier. You will find your goal, focus on what you are aiming for, and stick with it. To accomplish any task, think of it as the right one for you. If yes, then focus on it and stick to it.  

Compumatrix business is a multi-task business; It includes blogs, CDAP, Dex accounts, Grids, Trades, and many different cryptocurrencies. Let us focus on all of them. It is the great fortune of all of us members that God has associated us with the business of Compumatrix. Compumatrix provides all the tools, guides, and personal help for members should they need it.

Focus on the Three E's

We must follow the lead of our Founder and FOCUS on the three E’s – Engage, Enrich, and Enhance lives.

To achieve anything in life, we must think, focus and make good decisions. Not be lead by hype, greed, or fear. Be like the duck swimming on the pond, his little feet are paddling like mad under the water, but his body belies the hidden activity and moves slowly and methodically. Take your time and FOCUS, and you’ll be so happy you did!

About the author

Ali has been surfing and learning from the internet since retired from day job. Certainly managed to learn a lot,and also earn at the same time.
Have managed to become Internet Marketer,with main interests in Blogging,
IT,Blockchain,Fintech and AI.


  1. Thank you for this reminder to keep my focus, Ali. I am guilty of letting my mind wander at times.
    I love the part about the two ducks and a tortoise. If the tortoise had focused more he perhaps wouldn’t have taken his mouth off the stick and unfortunate fate befell him. Hopefully, our plight isn’t as dangerous but still, we need to focus more!!

    1. Thank you Gail for your encouraging reply to my post on Focus. Yes we need to stay focused to be able to do the task we are working on, and we will eventually see success at the end.As with Compumatrix keeping in focus with our Company will truly bring great results.God Bless.

  2. So true!
    We need to keep our noses to the grindstone all the time. So many options and distractions come our way, that it could become difficult to choose the best option and make the right move.
    As Mr. ALI rightly says – we need to make proper decisions and focus on what we really want to achieve.
    By having our objectives clear, we can then take steps in the right direction. We must then put our mind on it and work our way towards success.

    1. Raju, I appreciate your wisdom on clarity of objectives. I have spent much of my life being quite focused on my goals. And, one thing I have learned in the past few years is to trust my intuitive guidance, which is something we all have but don’t always follow. Ever since I started making decisions using this approach I have found life to be much easier. I now tend to live in a relatively continuous “flow” state, trusting my guidance.

  3. You are most welcome and thank you Gail and Raju for appreciating and liking my post.Yes I truly believe that focus on one thing and you will surely achieve it sooner or later, God Willing.
    I am very motivated with my first blog post being posted,and my vision is become even more focused to work harder and achieve more in life with the help and support of our Compumatrix members. God Bless us all.

  4. Ali,Very interesting story about focus, Attention is essential to success in any field, when we focus on any task, interest gradually builds up and this interest leads us to success,In this way, everything we do that we want to succeed in becomes fruitful,If we focus on compumatrix, there are many opportunities to move forward,It is true that we can achieve many goals in our lives with three E’s – Engage, Enrich, and Enhance,staying focused helps us get more done in less time,we can be successful in compumatrix by focusing in trading and cryptocurrencies.

  5. such a good read and intriguing storyline with the ducks and tortoise and with the other blog on Intention and this with focus and utilizing or capitalizing on the three E’s on an every moment basis — business here at Compumatrix is !!!

  6. Excellent analogy, Ali. I have learnt a lot today. Your blog is complementary to Rich’s. If
    we set our intention and then focus, make good decisions and then stick with it, we will be successful in our decisions. We must try not to swerve off course or get distracted – slow and steady will get the job done. Exactly what we need to do for our compumatrix business success!

    1. Thank you for the compliments Janis. Yes I agree with you about being Focused on one certain piece of work e.g. Compumatrix,and see how things develop and pays off for our being focused and having patience. God Almighty will surely reward us for our patience and perseverance. Amen.

  7. We are all guilty of wandering away from what we have our focus on. One of the keys I find is to write things down. As it is written, so it shall be. I read that somewhere 🙂 And it’s a great tool. And good for you to mention it Ali. Write down 300 things that you want out of life. Read them every day on waking and every night before you go to sleep. Another is a vision board. What pictures do you have on your fridge? What goals do you want to stay focused on. These are great motivational tools.

  8. Nice subject Ali. This is a good reminder that in order to accomplish anything, we need to focus on the task. Too often we take our mind off of what we are trying to accomplish and find ourselves sort of adrift. Thankfully, Henry and crew have kept focused for many years to see Compumatrix come to fruition.

    1. I agree with you Gloria that we need to keep our mind and focus on what we are presently doing.And not let our minds drift away from the focus of our present work and keep working on the task till it is completed.And yes keeping focused and positive about our work and progress in Compumatrix. God Bless.

  9. Ali – a very nice example of this story of two ducks and a tortoise to our business with Compumatrix. In the story the ducks are willing to help the tortoise move for a better future only if he focused on holding on to the stick. We here at Compumatrix are so lucky to have the BOD and all members ready to help us reach our goal if we keep focused on our business

  10. Here Ali has written an excellent article on how the focus is very important. He tells the story of two ducks and a tortoise. He says how the tortoise was carried on a stick held by the beaks of the two ducks as they flew when they all wanted to go to a new water source.

  11. It is indeed time for us to focus! The foundation is laid, and now it is our job to build the net worth of the company and ourselves! We need to start learning the various components we have neglected, and exercising them with the knowledge and skills we have and will develop!

  12. It is important to be focused on the task at hand. Ali, you pointed out the challenges members will have when we kick-off, blogs, CDAP, Dex accounts, and Trades each a very important part of Compumatrix. Thanks for reminding us that focus is needed. Hopefully with the VAPE program trading and building assets will be easier for members to accumulate, and we can all engage in the 3 E’s. Engage, Enrich, and Enhance

  13. Nice Blog Ali, I will admit over the years I have lost my focus. I’ve let my mind wonder and under stress I’ve made bad financial decisions and I have learned from my past mistakes. I’m so very grateful to Henry and his wonderful BOD for staying the course and remaining focused.

  14. FOCUS!! This is a key word to getting anything done in whatever task it is one endeavours to do and pursue. Compumatrix indeed is a God given platform where one is required to actually put focus to work. One cannot afford to mess up nor mix information pertaining passwords, key information, etc. Sir Henry James is a very good example of someone who has put focus into practice thus becoming a lifestyle put down into evidence, that we can all see results of a developed ecosystem that we are all are Engaging, Enhancing and Enriching lives all around.

  15. My focus on Compumatrix has been a challenge from time to time.. My RR have been a wonderful support for me over all these years..Especially when it’s been difficult to stay focused on everything that’s going on inside the company and behind the scenes as well.
    It’s the great support from her that kept me motivated, so a big hat off for her 🙂

  16. You are right. Focusing is the answer to achieving all your goals, regardless of what they are and their difficulty. It is always important to read texts that not only remind and guide us, but also give us strength to achieve our goals. There are days that are more difficult than others. Thank you.

  17. It’s really all about casting Vision. Henry cast his vision and people followed. We need to cast our own Vision for when the time is right for Compumatrix to take off. We need to be prepared with a plan , or, Clear Vision laid out so that others can follow your dream. Habakkuk:2:2-3
    2 Then the Lord answered me and said:
    “Write the vision
    And make it plain on tablets,
    That he may run who reads it.
    3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
    But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
    Though it tarries, wait for it;
    Because it will surely come,
    It will not tarry.

  18. Nice story Ali. Nothing is accomplished without focus, however focus can only come from your intention and desire to lead your life that brings you joy. Once you have decided what is important in your life, then you will have the motivation to focus. Remember to focus and relax, not grit your teeth.

    1. I agree with you Patrick we need to stay focused all the time to truly achieve what we want,and what is really Important in our life. Staying focused all the time will help us get there in the best and fastest way possible, God willing.

  19. Thank you for reminding us to remember to focus, With having 2 strokes this was hard for me to re learn to do, focus on the task at hand, focus to accomplish the unaccomplishable , reach for the stars. Compumatrix was a goal and it was reached by staying on focus, working through the problems and always looking to the future and to make it to the goal line. I am always setting goals to reach and being a part of compumatrix was a goal. Along with speaking clearly and walking. God Bless’s us ALL!

  20. Ali, thank you for sharing your insights on Focus. I think one of the most important points you make is, “To achieve anything in life, we must think, focus and make good decisions. Not be lead by hype, greed, or fear.” I believe that optimal decisions are made by clearing the mind and then asking for guidance. Whenever we make a decision based in fear, greed, etc. the ultimate outcome will be beneficial for us or anyone else who might be influenced by it.

  21. Focus, very easily said but not so easily done in todays world, oh for the time to focus on one thing entirely, I do try but like many others here family life intervenes, I have had a husband in and out of hospital this past month, and even now when he is home it is him my focus is on, I am his prime carer. So please folks have a bit of patience too for those of us who do not keep up100%. As the saying goes do not criticize until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

    1. Doreen,hi. I am very surprised to read that it is your feeling that you are not focused and will be criticized for being not so.I for one will congratulate you for your full time 24/7 caring for your sick husband. You are totally focused towards that goal despite various other demands made of you namely:cooking,cleaning,washing,and other chores etc etc in the house which in itself is enough to distract any one but not you your goal,Focus currently is full time caring for your husband and Kudos to you.

      1. Thank you , my point was that we cannot always focus on the same thing as everyone else, I used to be very focused on Compumatrix, but life does get in the way at times

        1. Doreen, that is so true, sometimes events in life takes us where we cannot even imagined and willingly or not there we are. Yes, I do try to stay focus as well, but I agree with you, life is full of surprises.

  22. Ali, I think it is so awesome of you to remind us of the importance of keeping our focus when working to develop something. It’s a great point and not one easily accomplished. Today there are so many detractions vying for our attention; having the strength to tune out and tune in to one project at a time is paramount, and while It’s true that Compumatrix as a business offers many opportunities under one roof, to be a success one must learn to focus on one piece at a time before moving on to the next. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  23. Focus is of paramount importance in our lives as you,Ali have pointed out. The key to any success in our lives is Careful planning about a project,and then having determined the goal and to pursue it with undivided attention,fully focusing at the task at hand and having one track mind to strive at achieving our goal.Nice post Thanks.

  24. I may want elaborate further about this fable from Panchatantra ( Five Treatises) in Sanskrit.Indian Ascetics,Sadhus,Monks practise self discipline to achieve a higher state of being.They locate themselves far from secular world E.G. Himalayas.In Indian mythology/folk lore it is said that Apsaras ( Celestial Nymphs) visit them to distract them but to no avail. That is Focus of the Nth degree.

  25. Staying focused is not always an easy task. Distractions are everywhere these days. As we get closer to our final destination (the launch of CompU) I find my self sliding back an forth between a dozen spreadsheets looking for the perfect settings for my column of info that will work with the amount of sales, trades and the tax ramifications.
    Working with formulas on the spreadsheets is a daunting task in itself. I find that I have to make sure everything is right from day one with an eye on the numbers. I look at them much like and auditor would in all cases. Just in case I have to explain each transaction to someone who has no idea what I did or how I got to the bottom line.
    To be a decent Crypto trader or just a hobbyist you have a lot of homework to do in your free time. This market changes in seconds and you have to be able to focus on the task at hand at the speed of light.
    Learn to rest when you can but be ready to jump! Good article Ali.

  26. Thank you Ali , One of the hardest things to do and keep in mind is to stay focused on ones business or really anything once has to get done during the day. Seem as there is some much to think about and so many things to get done during the day it gets harder not to wonder off and work on something else and not finish the first task ,, How to eat an elephant ,,,, One bit at a time…

  27. Hi!, You didn’t mention your name in the introduction, but its okay. I want to thank you for this blog, because all of us that has been hanging in there with Compumatrix. We all should know that we have the ability to focus. What we need is the strength to see it through.

    I know more times than none I become complacent, lazy, and get too comfortable in that mode. I know now that if I hung in there this long I can find it to the finish line and that is the line to success. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Like with everything else in our life if we do not focus on the final goal most likely we will have a hard time to archive it. Yes, I agree it’s not easy always with so many other important tasks going on daily and we get distracted by other things very often. Thanks also for sharing the lovely story above.

  29. Congratulations on your achievement, Ali. Really, Compumatrix is a multi-tasking business, and precisely for that reason we need to stay focused on our activities, it is a very organized and connected business, any distraction causes us to lose money. We have to have FOCUS, ATTENTION and GOAL, because we all have the capacity to engage. Moreover, success is guaranteed.

  30. Given the Covid crisis it is now more important than ever to focus on what we do, where we go and of course the future. We as members of a great company have a wonderful opportunity to contemplate what the future holds for us and what an exciting time is just around the corner but we need to focus on priorities.

  31. Focusing is a huge issue in life. One aspect are personal things taking your focus away from your business, which makes it difficult to concentrate and be productive. You need to step back and deal with the personal issues first so you can get back to business….or know how to put them on the back burner temporarily. Focus, breath, be productive.

  32. As a Pisces Sun in astrology, focus does not come naturally to me, lol. I have to really work at it! In the world of Compumatrix and all we are required to get in line in order to succeed in our business, my effective focus is achieved by going slowly, reading things over and over, asking a question if I need to to get more clear and focused. Thanks for the reminder.

  33. Ali. Thanks for bringing up this most important subject. There is a saying ” Where attention goes energy flows” also ” Do the thing and you will get the energy to do the thing” Knowing what we want is necessary, and then a proper Goal with a step by step plan will get us started. Knowing all about Compumatrix is vital and not impossible when we prioritize the 24 hours we all have. The task could be simple or complicated depending how you THINK about it. The BOD of Compumatrix has done and excellent job and as the saying goes :”If it’s to be it’s up to me”.

  34. Ali the tortoise lost his focus and fell. A very good analogy to take concentration and focus in Compumatrix seriously. I also agree that some of our business can be delegated out to experts in order to do a better job with our business! But, remember when you have additional employees you must make them a primary focal point and 1st priority. Thanks again for the article!

  35. Yes, Ali, focus, we might say, can be the focal point of achieving our desired goals. Focus is the theme of the ventures and endeavors in our lives. In this day and time, it is easy to give up and allow the fun and good things of life to bypass us. Life passing me by is no option; therefore, I had to change and learn to come out of the comfort zone. Having a purpose and staying focused is truly life-enriching.

  36. Thank you for the interesting post. Without focusing on one thing, it is impossible to achieve anything. You always need to be extremely concentrated and go towards achieving your goal. But this is not always possible. Such articles just remind you to do this. Compumatrix has always focused on one goal and achieved it.

  37. Thank you everyone for your wonderful and very motivational comments.This gives me even more motivation to write another blog soon,and build interests for readers to comment on it.
    And keeping my focus on writing blogs and motivating all members to do the same.God Bless Compumatrix and all members.

  38. Thank you Ali, great article. Staying focus is a reminder I should keep in my mirror, in today’s world it’s rather difficult to stay focus with information at our fingertips and the endless distractions with the internet alone. I have many interests in life, health, art, business and my spiritual life being the main ones. Many times, I find I need 15 hours to fill all the activities I need to accomplish each day, therefore the importance of prioritizing and focusing in the most important ones.

  39. Good point, Ali. Writing down your goals is an excellent way to focus your time and energy to get them done. Being specific with what you want to do and how you are going to achieve it will turn your focus into very sharp, fine-tipped arrows that will hit any target you point it at. This is a great challenge for me because I tend to think of multiple activities at the same time and end up focusing on none, but with practice it can and will be done!

  40. Thank you Ali , Great blog! focusing on the most important thing in life,we must first look at some of the most important aspects of our lives,in order to succeed in this, you have to pay constant attention to it,when the same thing is done with attention, then interest is generated in it,for years, compumatrix has been the focus of our attention,that is why we are now on the verge of success.

  41. Thanks for the important reminder, Ali. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let go of the stick. Many times in life both the praises and criticisms of others can be a dangerous distraction. Just as the tortoise’s calling out, “Hey,” at the children’s screams led to his demise, allowing your mind to lose focus on the ultimate prize when people shout in cheer or mumble in doubt will cause your business to die. Sharing the compumatrix business both with the interested and the sceptical is a good thing. In the end, however, your business is your business.

    1. This is very true, William. Ali’s last point particularly caught my attention. We must not “be lead by hype, greed, or fear”. In any business venture it is easy to spot who is in it for the long haul or just so that he/she can make some quick, “easy” cash. Keeping my environment positive and in line with my goals is very important, but if my choices were originally made with careful consideration, then I should not be so easily swayed by the emotions of hype, greed, or fear felt from within or coming from my close associates.

    2. Yes I agree with you William about keeping our eye out and attention towards both positive and negative criticism.You never know who is truly praising and in the same way criticizing you in a manner that sounds like it is a praise.May God give us the strength and courage to judge people correctly and in their true intentions.

  42. Thank you Ali,Very interesting post, Focus is a very important gateway to thinking in our lives,learning any task, solving a problem or making any important decision in life,impossible without good focus,if we don’t focus on anything properly, we can’t have the right thinking,focus is the power of discipline, which allows you to cross all paths without hindrance, focus is very important for compumatrix multi task business.

  43. Thank you for your post on “Focus” Ali. The story teaches us to hold on and focus on our resource; in the case of the tortoise, it was the stick. For Moses it was also his staff, an ordinary stick that helped him do wonders with when he obeyed the Lord and eventually led the exodus. In the case of Joseph, it was his being a dreamer that helped Egypt to feed the other nations during the 7-year famine. We have members here at Compumatrix who are gifted with different talents/resources that have helped the Company and other members as well. May we remain focused on our God-given talent/resource and use it for His purpose.

    1. You are welcome Veronica. Yes this gives us all a lesson on different ways to Stay Focused.I am very positive we will all benefit as we stay focused in our company ‘Compumatrix’ and also with Bitshares, God Willing. We are all looking forward to the great start in Compumatirx.

  44. Focus is now one of the most important words in the Compumatrix language. As we approach our very first monetary return it is absolutely vital that members stay totally focused and not go off on tangents. The process might seem rather daunting to some but remember help is at hand. All you have to do is ask.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you Patrick. We now need to ficus on helping each other to get us up to the level and get started in Compuamtrix. I am sure will everyone helping each other we will soon get there, God willing.

  45. Focus is important for any task,when you focus on any task, there are many creative ideas in your mind which are very helpful in moving forward,our focus is entirely on compumatrix business,which is increasing the excitement day by day,at the moment, we have to focus on our vision of compumatrix business.

    1. I agree with you Zahra. We now need to put our full attention and Focus on Compumatrix, which has already launched their Virtual Assistants to trade and guide them in the business, and help grow their assets along with the growth of both Company and members.God Bless.

  46. If I may say so about focus, it is a great skill,focus is very important in achieving any goal, so that people can use their abilities easily and without any hindrance and can easily complete all their tasks,focusing on your work for a long time is very effective,as we continue to focus on the compumatrix business, this will be our destination of success.

  47. Think of it first,what can you do to improve your focus ability,what is the value of focus in our life? Focus is a great element of detachment from meaningless life,focus is about building a better relationship with life,success is assured, when our relationship with life is good,our brain will work in a positive way,focus is the key to success in all areas of life,in compumatrix business, focus is a huge positive change in the direction of life.

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