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Focus on the Good

One year ago, I could not even stand up without being in complete pain in my feet. I saw multiple specialists, but no one could seem to give me a concrete answer on what was wrong with my feet and how to fix it. I ended up in a wheelchair for eight months and thought I was never going to be able to walk again. For a while, I thought my life was over.

After a few weeks of dwelling on it, I hit absolute rock bottom. I was not able to go to high school parties with my friends, I could not stand in my shower, and I was embarrassed by my friends seeing me in my condition. I remember sobbing every night to my mom about how I felt like I was going to die before her. I would ask my mom, “why me?” “Why did this happen to me?” “Why does bad stuff always happen to me?” “What did I do to deserve this?”

Eventually, I was tired of feeling sorry for myself. I was miserable. I was in a bad place, mentally, physically, and emotionally. There needed to be a change. I had to change. I had to change the way I was viewing my situation, and I needed to change my thoughts. I decided to focus on the good in my life. I tried to think of “good” things in my life each day.

I had a fantastic support system to help me through this challenging time, my friends, and my family. Because I could not go out as much as I used to, I was able to spend more time reading and writing. Because I couldn’t work-out, I started eating healthier so that I could stay in shape. I thought about how lucky I was to have access to my phone so I could facetime and text with my close friends.

These are just a few examples of the way that I changed my thinking about my situation.

I no longer felt weak. I felt empowered. I love myself and dig deep to find the good within me and the good within the world. I took control of the situation I was in, and I urge anyone who is in an unfavorable position to do the same. Today, I still struggle with feet problems, but I continue to focus on the good. Just the fact that I now have the ability to walk, albeit with pain, is a “good” in itself.

Life likes to throw curveballs, but everyone has the power to change the way they think about the curveball they have been thrown. There is a way to transform any hardship someone is facing; maybe they have to change the way they are looking at their misfortune.

Compumatrix has seen some hardships over the years, but there is no reason to be discouraged. Compumatrix is strong and has risen over every obstacle put in its path. Compumatrix is on its way to being one of the biggest powerhouses in the cryptocurrency space.

Until then, Compumatrix members need to focus on the good! Please, focus on the good in one’s self. Focus on the right in the world. Focus on the good in the company and focus on good people you’ve come to know in the company. Focus on the good in life.

About the author

Mary Rose Neumeyer is a high school senior with 15 college credits already earned. She is aspiring to earn a BBA with an emphasis in Finance and a law degree with an interested in the financial side of law.


  1. What an overcomer you are Mary Rose! YES, you are right! Life will always give us challenges. It is from these challenges that we grow. We can choose to let them defeat us and become bitter, or we can take them and learn to count what “good” we see in the world. You have done just that! You don’t let challenges hold you back, and I believe you will continue to grow and in the right direction! You will help take Compumatrix to the masses, to the Rose’s of the world who under many hardships still can and will succeed!!

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement Gail – I am really thankful to have your support while navigating my way through this company! I think it is honestly just my personality type…if a hardship or difficult task comes up, I want to overcome it and tackle it! If something is going unfavorably in my life, I want to fix it! Thank you for believing in me; I will try my best to do everything I can for Compumatrix! I am trying to perfect everything as you read this haha. And I’ll keep trying until I get it right. 😉

  2. you just keep writing young lady — what a great story and so much strength in your words and thoughts — proud to know you mrn — when ever you need do not hesitate to get in touch if need — always stay strong in heart and thoughts — so much Good is so much a catalyst in your daily life — in prayers always — rj

    1. RJ, yes I am so glad that we finally got to talk over the phone – my dad always talks so favorably about you! Thank you for extending the offer for me to talk to you! We should definitely chat sometime – I love getting to know new people! I just love your passion for Compumatrix – your unapologetic enthusiasm for all things Compumatrix just puts a smile on my face every time!

  3. Great story Mary Rose, I like the way you have changed your thinking about your situation, God always try us, but always always give us the solution to get out of any situation come through our way. Keep up the good thinking, you will get your BBA in Finance and a Law degree, always aim high, and you will get there.

    Joining Compumatrix, was one of the best decision you have ever made, you got yourself in a ride which will take you as high as you wanted to go.

    God bless you!

    1. Ragai Yani, thank you for your words of encouragement and for taking the time to comment on my blog post! And yes, I am so glad I joined the Compumatrix community and I am so happy that I get to experience it with such positive people like yourself. The fact that you took the time to read my bio description really warms my heart – thank you!

  4. What a great and inspiring story, Mary! I’m sure most of us here in Compumatrix are focused on the good. Many years have passed and we are still here. And even though some of us have their bad days we are still on this great ride on a day by day basis. And even those of our family brothers who are away for their reasons and opinions will be back when they hear how well we are doing here at Compumatrix.

    1. Yes Jeimes de Almeida Uchoa, I totally agree! What a great way to look at it! I think Compumatrix members normally always focus on the good because there is no room or time to be focused on the negatives, but I feel like we all have our down days sometimes. Luckily, we are part of an amazing community that will pick us back up when we fall! Support systems are crucial!

  5. Mary Rose what a beautiful testimony !!! Thank you for sharing your strength, your energy! Yes, our brain is powerful and we always need to remember that we can do the best for us! Congratulations on your beautiful story and your testimony.

    1. Maria da Penha M C Santiago, thank you! Yes, it is crazy how much of my brain I unlocked because my body was confined. My brain was able to take me to happy places that rock stars could only dream of. I would like to believe it all this happened for a reason. If for any reason, it made me realize the wonderful people I am surrounded by who love me for who I am – disability or no disability.

  6. Mary Rose i love the way you changed your way of thinking and acting about your situation . It must have been difficult for you , but with the right will power and seeing that you have control on how you feel every day. You will get your BBA in Finance and law degree , just know that you can do it.
    Also being part of Compumatrix will open many new learning experiences for you also . Keep it up Mary Rose, you can do it and you should never doubt about your strength in your self. Wishing you to recover in full again.

  7. Totally, totally agree with you Mary Rose and commend you on your change of mindset and determination and dedication to turn your situation around. People like you are shining stars and such a good example to your fellowman of how one can personally change their challenges into positive experiences! Sending you a virtual hug ((((( ))))

  8. Your definitely going in the right direction I sometimes catch myself going to the negative side and stop myself and say no not going there. To focus on the good takes dedication so many people go the other way and it leads to chaos. I try to put myself in there shoes when trying to help them, it helps me to do that so I can understand what they are going through and then think of positive ways to help them. I wish I could help you with your problem I can give you knowledge that I know from life experience that acupuncture works and I learned your feet are a map to your entire body so there may be another reason for the pain in your feet i learned that from a 80 yr old chiropractor.

  9. Waoh, imagine how strong and wonderful lady you are? God is always with you and He will never leave you alone. It’s just a matter of time, it shall be well. I like how you changed your mindset. Started focusing on the good things in your life. Continue persevering with the same faith and believe, you are wonderfully made. Congrats in advance to pursue BBA in Finance and Law Degree. You will make it. I agree with you, Compumatrix is the best forum to be. There are much more lights ahead.

  10. Mary Rose this meant a lot to me, I have had some small trials compared to yours over the last few months, and some brought back problems of my past military days, and I started having anxiety problems which was something new, I had not experienced yet. But all in all like you said when life throws a curve ball it is usually for a learning experience of some kind. So I started checking things that could physically cause this feeling and one was blood sugar problems and so I bought a kit to check my glucose levels. Sure enough this morning when I felt the world coming in I checked and my blood sugar was just under 60. Of course this is not the whole problem I am letting this virus thing and all the negativity get to me as well, so it is as much mental… so thanks so much for the fine blog! Keep it up!!

  11. Mary Rose you are an inspiration! Each of us have a choice every moment of every day to see the good or bad. I usually refer to the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. I have always leaned towards the glass 1/2 full and room for improvement. Nothing is set in stone except taxes and death, so anything above ground is a good thing. We all need reminding to look for the good, look for positives and stop dwelling on the negatives. When we do look for positive, we’ll find it and so much more. You are well on your way to a very bright promising future. I wish more of our young people would take a lesson or two from you.

  12. Mary Rose has written yet another impressive article. Lots to learn from it.
    The difficulties and hard times we face, give us the capacity to distinguish the good from the bad.
    Life is not a bed of roses. Many a time we see everything going so smoothly, until….something happens and suddenly, everything changes.
    This is where we are put to test. We need to learn to adapt to these changes and that is when we will we able to visualize the good in every new situation that we need to face and overcome. Positive thinking will definitely pave the way for a bright future.

  13. This is such a moving and inspiring post, Mary Rose. What you say is so true and so important and yet can feel hard to do when we’re in the thick of the bog. You are proof that it works. It isn’t just positive thinking, it’s being positively focused, and it makes such a profound difference to one’s experience of life. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  14. What we go through sometimes its an experience for others to gain strength, you are helping many as you remind us there is good ahead of us, have battled pain and i know what it is, have battled emotional breakdown. continue encouraging many of us…

  15. I hope you do not mind but had to come back and read the inspiration and strength you exhibit every day mrn — I am just focusing on the good it is such a turn around from where life has been in spots through time — it is amazing now at my age to understand this thought if when younger could have looked at so simply can only imagine where might be — thanks again for writing and inspiring —

  16. Thank you Mary Rose another inspiring article. Encouraging us many times in our lives we get discouraged in difficult situations and we feel that life is over now but if we look at the positive aspects and focus on the good  of our lives we can go far and fly very high. compumatrix is now fly high so carry your seat belt the destination is very close.

  17. Thank you, Mary Rose, for an excellent article. You are correct, “everyone has the power to change the way they think.” Does anyone remember Goldie Hawn in the movie “Housesitter”? If she didn’t like her life, she changed it. If she didn’t like who she was, well, she changed that too. Perspective is everything. Ask yourself are, your struggles and challenges obstacles or opportunities?
    I know one person who only sees obstacles and has all of his life. For him, there is no positive; there is nothing good. Inside he is miserable. I know another who simply can’t see anything but good. For her finding, the negative is very hard.
    In the end, it’s all in your interpretation. For me to highlight the “bad” is to negate the “good,” so I will always live in the light. I hope you do too; it’s your choice.

  18. Your story touches me, Mary Rose, and I understand your pit of despair. It is so much better to look up and change our thinking and our attitudes. Life looks better from this viewpoint as you are experiencing. I am proud of what you are doing. Having the goal with Compumatrix and your schooling gives you a focal point. Compumatrix is an inspiring company, and we can experience numerous changes in us as we learn their new technology and apply our new outlooks. You are Blessed!

  19. Stay the course MR. You will beat this. It sounds like you have beat it mentally which is half the battle. You have the drive and fortitude to do what it takes to overcome. I like how you tied in the Compumatrix trials and tribulations. Yes we all will focus on the positives and holding the course. Then we will knock those curve balls completely out of the park.

  20. As her father, it’s amazing to see a little girl that I met in a cold orphanage in China become such an amazing young adult. She literally didn’t start life with a “shirt on her back,” as the orphanage took that too, upon hand over.

    Mary Rose has seen many hardships and it has only made here stronger and very self-motivated to succeed. It motivates me! Great article Mary Rose, I know it truly comes from the heart.

  21. How can you learn from life if all is good and easy?
    No, life was not meant to be a road of roses but with its thorns.
    But you Mary Rose have known always that there is a way that leads to success.
    You are young and yet this has not stopped you in achieving what you want in life by focusing on the good.
    You’ve done well in choosing to follow Compumatrix.

  22. just have to nod in acknowledgement — wish so much could be different for so many also know that life is life and would think that all of us are in different spots as each day goes about its day — inspiration is so nice to lean on and this blog and the replies are nice to come back and lean on — it is just amazing to see the wonders in so many here — am just so thankful to Mary Rose for sharing and being who she is — just awesome —

  23. MR that was a beautiful and inspiring Blog. I’m a firm believer that we only grow when we face hard times. At a young age, it sounds like you have successfully conquered this. Stay the course and use that challenge to inspire you the next time things get tough. We all know that challenges ebb and flow during our lifetime. Its how we deal with those dips that can define who we are. Good job.

  24. We (people in general) have a tendency to focus on the negative stuff..Not that difficult considering how the world looks like these days.
    It always takes more strength to think positive, to focus on the positive.
    I felt very positive reading your blog Mary Rose. Very uplifting indeed 🙂

  25. One of the things have come to know, there is no medal without a scar, an overcomer has something that takes hopes to be revived, your testimony of victory resonates to many, the battlefield has many casualties but we got also many overcomers, many are the times we focus on what we have lost, the past and forget the doors open and the dreams that we can dream again….awesome Mary, be blessed.

  26. Wow! Talk about a teachable moment! I am much older than you Mary Rose, but pain is one thing we have in common. For me, it started with the football injuries to my neck and back….the ones that affect the spine in the neck and lower back primarily. That means that nerves are involved, as in pinched nerves etc. You never know what you are going to get on any given day. Then, much later in life, throat cancer came along (actually tonsil cancer). And, after 35 radiation treatments to the neck area and a few all day chemotherapy sessions, the cancer is gone but a whole new kind of pain has found its way to my throat. Excruciating pain to the point that it is almost impossible to swallow and even hurts to talk. This “surprise pain” showed up 12 years after my radiation treatments, which are the cause of the pain. Like you, no one can tell me why it happened to me, why so much time elapsed before it showed up, and what I can do to solve the problem. Apparently there is no solution. I can no longer swallow because of the pain and the fact that whatever is being swallowed goes down the wrong tube to the lungs. That’s how you get pneumonia and is why I recently spent a week in the hospital. Just before being released, they inserted a feeding tube to my stomach because of my inability to eat or drink. I know this is far too much information, but the point is that if I could make the pain go away, all my other problems related to these issues are no longer problems. Pain is extremely difficult to overcome. And even though I thought I had learned to deal with it, reading your post just taught me one of the most valuable lessons I could have ever learned with or without help. What a great example of the young teaching the old. You are just another great example of the great people that are members of the Compumatrix family. I really feel like I can take a new approach to dealing with this pain to the point of being able to tolerate it and maybe even overcome it. Thank you for having the courage to write your story and helping at least one old-timer to make his life better.

  27. What an inspiring story, Mary Rose. Thank you for sharing it with us. Life never meant to be easy, it’s harder for some than others. You are so right that with a positive mindset we can change lots of things in our lives. Challenges will always come but with the right mindset we will be able to conker, learn and grow through them.
    Thank you for reminding us to think about the GOOD things and even the little things that we might take for granted. Wishing you healing and great success. 🙂

  28. Mary Rose Neumeyer,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing blog. You have definitely taken the bull by the horn so to speak. Your blog has certainly given me that extra encouragement that I needed at this point in my life. I have no doubt your post will positively affect many other lives who read your blog.
    Although there are many generations between us, your wisdom is most impressive. Thanks for choosing to take the high road when other choices present them selves as obstacle’s.Most of us will face many challenges in our life, and most if not many will take the road of least resistance. Thanks for choosing to take the high road. In my humble opinion your choices will and has already made you a stronger young lady. By your experience and your sharing of your experiences you have shared words of wisdom to others not to give up, and to choose the high road. Mary Rose, you are a compliment to Compumatrix and a bright light to many others in this old world in need.

  29. This article is very encouraging in the sense to always look for a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes especially during hard recent times it is difficult to imagine a better world. So many people have lost jobs, family members, and been horribly affected by this pandemic and need to focus on the good things in life. After all of these difficult experiences like the one you went through, hopefully we come out stronger than ever before.

  30. reading the replies and re-reading the blog just is inspiration in a very simple form — do i wish that people did not have to go thru one trial after another yes — but as an older individual life has taught me that each of us has our own trials and tribulations to experience — do wish that i could make the pain go away for all but know it does not happen that way — so keep in my prayers and keep my Hope to a maximum — each day is and do hope each day becomes better for each —

  31. I love your article. Focusing on the good is the only way to do this. I have to say over the years I have learned patience a lot more than I had ever used but it has been great learning and watching this company grow. I’m so happy to see young people in here because you are our future. keep up the good work. I’m excited to watch our doors open and the fun begins!

  32. A beautiful blog. your positive mental attitude has helped you find peace of mind .You have gotten rid of self pity and regained Confidence.A very encouraging post especially for those who are at this moment disheartened because of delayed outcome of Compumatrix plan but we all know the fruit of our patience is neigh.we shall all be rewarded soon as Mary Rose got hers.

  33. A fantastic, uplifting blog. Within our Compumatrix community, we face hardships everyday but what really tests our character is how we step up and leap beyond these hurdles.

    Myself, I had struggled with a disability at a point in my life which stopped me doing everything I loved or so I thought. It took a few years to understand that this was just a part of my journey and looking at myself now, I’m so proud of what I achieved. In fact, I’m so proud of every single person who has had a setback in life and kept going forward. This is what makes us strong!

    Look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

  34. just know from an older perspective — when stuff or life gets a bit out of whack –it is so inspiring to be able and come here in the blog area and read and bring joy and peace into our picture — we have to put truth and honor into our thought process — and after we look at the honest truth –if we are truthful with us inside — then keeping the Good as our focus will bring us to Victory — it is so special to see this honest look at life thru the eyes of one so Young — Great work Mary Rose — rj

  35. I read this again and it just made me feel better, I needed this today. It’s such a strong story for such a young soul. We all have our pitty party when we are down and this epidemic has shut off sharing in person. We are so separated its beginning to bother the kids. We have been on lockdown for too long. Humans are meant to connect with others. I have a friend in Dallas that’s from Hong Kong and she said they had 1 death from COVID. Because they wear masks all the time. This number could have changed but they all wear masks daily. Compumatrix is going to open doors for us and open our lives. Things will change we may have a new normal but at least we are heading in a good direction. Thank you again for getting me in a better mood today. I want to say Thank you again to Henry for having such an amazing Dream. Mary Rose you are amazing keep up your studies and keep spreading Love!

  36. I so enjoy your writing style, Mary Rose. You are so correct in telling your audience where you put your focus is of vital importance. I believe we have so much power in where our thoughts go daily. If we can garner that opportunity to stay in alignment with our desires even when life throws us those curve balls we will feel good about ourselves. Balance comes when we can see both sides and give thanks regardless.

  37. Thank you Mary Rose for your positive thoughts and inspiring words. It is what I do. Living a life with a positive attitude and I can see only advantages. But sometimes it is inevitable that the negative and bad take control. In a situation Iike that it is important to try to control and convert it and go back to the good and positive. Sometimes that is difficult but nevertheless you have to try it.

  38. God loves you, Mary Rose, and wants you to become an overcomer by defeating those negative thoughts in your mind. The enemy of our faith feeds our minds with lies for the purpose of making us ignorant of God’s will. Good thing you did not nurture the idea of hopelessness for long. How wonderful that your temporary disability helped you to develop strength of character. Yours is an awe-inspiring testimony of the goodness of God.

  39. had to come back and enjoy again MRN — you have an ability to express in words what so many feel every day — it is a gift and I am so glad to see you exploring these here in our blog area and just so much truth in the replies here to go with the blog — i will return more than once to read and learn —

  40. Thank you Mary Rose, I can see a beautiful and very bright future just waiting for you, keep up the good attitude that you have.

  41. oh how can you not be smiling after reading this wonderful look at different parts of life — by a wonderful young lady who is literally wise beyond her years — hope its ok for me to say that — in todays society it is sometimes difficult for me to adjust my words so I am ?? — but am learning in this day and age of — being politically correct being more important in the world of media — than actually Telling / speaking the absolute Truth — love your work MRN keep writing –please

  42. Great blog Mary Rose…It is so true that focusing on the good is the best way to live. Even though it can be a challenge sometimes when we are down about life or other situations. You just got to focus on the good and live that way everyday….

  43. here we are in America its Thanksgiving week — and it ??? so here I am reading my favorite Blog on bringing me Back to Good Thoughts — so much appreciation and hoping by noon today a ton of more positive news on my own personal story — Thanks again for such a great read and the Positives it brings and Fills my Heart —

  44. In these challenging times all around the world now, we all need to keep re-reading your so very inspirational post. When it is so easy to focus on the negative and become down and blue, we need to follow your example and focus on empowering ourselves and on all the good in our lives! We will emulate Mary Rose (a true rock star) and also our Compumatrix company which sees the good and never gives up!

  45. I too know what it is like to be in pain but I think during such times that there is someone out there probably worse off than I am, and I realize that he or she has found a way to carry on and make it. Some of these individuals have overcome such despair that they are an inspiration to others.

  46. I am sorry that you have had these issues in dealing with pain, particularly being as young as you seem. I am glad that you have had your mom to help provide emotional support, as I believe that having a positive approach in the mind towards dealing with pain can help the body heal faster.

  47. Mary Rose, what an uplifting story! When I started reading it, I was imagining an elderly person, then I saw your picture and I was so surprised and amazed. Sometimes we have to go through certain ordeals and have to pull all our strength to get us out of the condition we are in. Those are challenging times, but the rewards are valuable lessons that will help us through life.

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