From Adversity Comes Greatness

I found a parallel to my recent adventure and Compumatrix. Compumatrix paved the road experiencing life with passion, patience, and perseverance in any situation.

One of my bucket list dreams came true. I have always wanted to swim with wild dolphins. Every year for my birthday, I would take a day trip off the coast of Southern California on Dolphin Dave’s Dolphin Safari catamaran to visit the Bottlenose pods. It was exhilarating to watch their synchronized swimming and graceful leaps of joy. I was always the one at the bow getting wet and jumping out of my skin with excitement. My daughter said she only went with me to watch me make a spectacle of myself, not the dolphins.

This year was special, my daughter was in college, and I moved from Southern California. I wanted to do something special for my 50th birthday. I was in a bookstore when I glanced down at a postcard that said Love and Light with two dolphins with the sunlight dancing on them. I was mesmerized when I found out that it was a wild dolphin retreat in Bimini, Bahamas. It was February, and I immediately booked my trip for my birthday week in April.

COVID canceled my April birthday trip.  It was rebooked for June and canceled. I rebooked it for the end of July, as I would not get a refund, and I learned a massive lesson about travel insurance, especially with COVID and traveling in the tropical regions. It was a horrible time to fly, and financially, it was not in my best interest. However, I took a leap of faith. Well, my next roadblock was COVID. The Bahamas went into lockdown. They only allowed private planes or charter flights to enter and required a negative COVID test within ten days of traveling. Yikes, I have to get a COVID test in Northern California during lockdown within ten days of my flight, then a Bahamas Health Visa that takes three days to process! I called around for two days to find a hospital that would do an expedited COVID test. Unfortunately, It would take 6-10 days to get the test results. And my biggest fear about the test was getting a false positive that I kept hearing from the media. I decided to take an at-home kit test and go to the hospital to see which one would return with the good news first.

I went to a rural hospital an hour away from my town to the COVID outside tent testing. I was the only one with four nurses. I felt I was in the John Travolta “Boy in the Plastic Bubble” movie. As I was filling out the paperwork and one of the nurses came over and asked why I was getting the test, I told her I was swimming with wild dolphins for my 50th birthday in Bimini. She said behind her plastic face mask, “Oh wow, what a coincidence, I swam with wild dolphins last September, and I am going back next April.” It was the same wild dolphin retreat! As she took my nostril swab, she said, “This is for the dolphins”! I can’t make this up! It was a sign to go on my dolphin quest.

I took the tests on Thursday. By the following Wednesday, I didn’t have results from either lab, and I had to submit my Visa by the next day. I was leaving for my adventure on Friday and went into panic mode, as I needed to cancel flights and rebook the entire trip by the next morning. I called the hospital records and talked with an angel who assured me it would work out and let go. She told me to call again at 4 pm, and if not, she would look first thing in the morning and call me with the results. She called me at 7:30 am with my negative test.  A new friend who was going on my trip had a direct email for Bahama health visa administration,  and I had my Visa by 9 am

I met my human pod in Fort Lauderdale, as we were going to fly out on Sunday morning. We were so excited to get to the island, yet found out we had more roadblocks. The Bahama government shut down all incoming travel. We were on hold again. Finally, we had a clearance to fly out Monday morning because we were on a private retreat with no contact with locals.

As we were entering Bimini customs, they wouldn’t let us because our COVID test was not within ten days, as our previous canceled flight. Then our group coordinator lost her passport.

I felt like I was on the Compumatrix rollercoaster.  My experience with Compumatrix taught me that from all adversity comes greatness. I learned that people do business differently from me, and I have to respect the rules and perspectives, such as banks, governments, holidays, weather, internet outages, software updates, etc.

With all the roadblocks, there has been an unwavering passion, perseverance, and patience. With letting go and faith, I watch miracle after miracle unfold in Compumatrix.

By then, all we could do is laugh and smile and let go. We all had absolute faith. Sure enough, another miracle our trip director had friends, who let her in, and she had to return the following day to pick up her passport that she left in the airport lounge. And they extended our Visa and stamped our passports. By 3 pm, my dream came true (see picture below) as we swam with our first pod of wild dolphins!

And what did the dolphins teach me about business? They are a pod. As a collective consciousness, they are a team that collaborates and does not compete. They stun the fish with sonar and let everyone have a turn to feed. I have been on Discord numerous times when members needed Bitshares, and others gave to them. I have observed birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, celebrations, and laughter. They swim together through all weather and protect each other from sharks. I have close members that encourage and cheer each other throughout the years. We have always stuck together, through our fears, doubts, and disappointments, knowing we will all hear a southern accent yell ‘WOOHOO’!
I look forward to the day at our first conference where we can meet each and give great big HUGS!

About the author

Kristin found her passion in the Blockchain space and earned her Propy Crypto Certified Agent, Certified Blockchain Expert -V2 from the Blockchain Council, Intro to Cryptocurrency Trainer from Crypto Training Center and is a disruptive technology Infiom Advisor. She is committed to serving clients with access to resources and capital through blockchain, disruptive technology adoption, and sustainability. She has been a grateful and loyal member of Compumatrix since 2015.


  1. Kristin that was a wild thing you had to go through to get where you wanted to go, but you made it even though you had a lot of things trying to hold you back. It was good for you that you never gave up and got to make your dream come true. Reading what you wrote tells me that we should never give up and to follow our dreams. Thank you for your post

  2. persistence perseverance patience and what a great read — and Life is kinda funny that way and the more we smile and let go perse’ the better life mostly turns out to be — glad you enjoyed the swim and keep growing and going just as Compumatrix and the group here has —

  3. Kristin facing and overcoming the obstacles that life presents us is a great demonstration of faith, overcoming and resilience. So we will do it at Compumatrix! We are all looking forward to the big day!

  4. WOW Kristin, what an ordeal to go through. Then having to re-book a fantastic trip to Bimini. You hung in there and got your “dolphin” dream. We also had to cancel tickets to Daytona but with some persistence, we received a refund and may go later. Great read. Thanks

  5. Any time one has a goal and is anticipating an event, and the event looks as though it will not occur because of something beyond ones control is stopping the event, it is a time to examine the goal. That does not mean one should stop looking forward to the time when desiring the event would occur, it just means that there is another ways for that event to come to fruition. Being flexible in ones expectation of how the event would occur, only makes the final event, when realized, that much more enjoyable. To see how the path was paved,and to experience the wonders of the anticipated event, only gives one the desire to experience more events.

  6. Kristin I truly loved your story, but mostly your desire to get what you wanted in the end.
    All that trouble to get at your desired destination.
    Personally I would have given up way before you and had told my self it wasn’t the right time to do it. I love wild dolphins and we have more than plenty here in our Mar de Cortez here in Mexico. I see them most of the time while being an a boat ride, kayaking or just walking the beach along with the score.
    Travel time will be again once this gets again easier than right now. Have many places on my bucket list also once our Compumatrix business is helping us to get that needed financial freedom. We must be close or at least that what I hope after being here for 14 plus years.

  7. Kristen, this is a great blog. Travel alone can be an adventure and not always a good one. Putting the COVID in the mix makes for an unbelievable and exasperating trip. I am glad you finally got to swim with the wild dolphins and to do so in the beautiful Bahamas. I appreciate your analogy applied to the Compumatrix family as a pod. dolphins are known as a very close-knit family and as you say look after one another. I also look forward to meeting you and others at our first gathering. It is exciting to think about it.

  8. Kristin, what a great story with happy ending. Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list as well, it must be an amazing feeling to experience that.
    Also I can relate to the uncertainty and trouble in respect to travel since the Covid situation, different countries having different restrictions and rules changing almost on daily basis.

  9. What a beautiful story, Kristin. Compumatrix has taught us a lot, hasn’t it? You can’t bottle it or sell it, either. I’m so grateful for that. And I hope to swim with dolphins, too 🙂

  10. So happy you made your trip swimming with the dolphins, it is amazing. My kids and I were able to touch their flippers and dance in a circle. These were trained. Dolphins are amazing animals and so sweet and beautiful. I’ll never forget my trip with them and can’t wait to go back.

    1. Thank you, Tracy! I am thrilled to hear you swam with the dolphins. I believe experiences are priceless! That is what I love most about Compumatrix, as it will give us an opportunity to create more memories with our kids and families.

  11. Wow Kristin!!! That is one great story. Thank you so much for sharing that with everyone in a blog post! As I was reading I could feel your stress and frustration building, as well as the great relief from letting go. It was such an emotional read for me that when I reached the first picture of YOU triumphantly swimming with the dolphins, I was moved to tears welling up in my eyes.

    Your analogies to Compumatrix are right on target and your title sums it up accurately. Those pictures are worth Way More than a thousand words! Congratulations on checking that off your Bucket List in the grandest fashion possible… through the prism of adversity showing your greatness!

    1. Kevin, now I have tears of gratitude for you. I think of my journey with Compumatrix and I reflect on how it is a unique pod. I know I can ask for help on Discord, my RR, members, and my mentor. And my joy is helping others or directing them to the resources. It has taught the power of the Compumatrix family. Thank you for your kindness and support.

  12. Wow what a great ending I was wondering there for awhile I like the comparison to compumatrix all the ups and downs I am so glad you finally got to swim with them. It will be a day to celebrate when our launch sneaks in, in the fall I look so forward to that day

  13. Kristin that was such an inspiring story. I’m so glad you ended up swimming with those amazing creatures. Your story is very much like the Compumatrix adventure. Perhaps you being a member here prepared you to have the perseverance, patience and determination to go on with your trip. Life is full of adversity and the more you have you can learn how to adapt gracefully.

  14. Kristin a great story about your quest to go about doing what you wanted most. And succeeding against all odds.Finally you got to associate and make acquaintances with them in a very friendly way that you or they will remember for ever .Needless to say you did get some very lucky breaks along the way. But Welcome .

  15. I can only say wow!! what an experience, it’s your story but it’s relating to so many of us, sometimes experiences make us appreciate the position of others and their work, what we think may not work as expected but the end results is a story like this one that encourages and builds one’s faith. thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  16. At one time in my life I had a great teacher who told us the fear we saw between us and our goals were of our own making, and if we could get though that fear and achieve our goals we would have great joy. We are excellent in creating roadblocks for ourselves.
    Kristin in her perseverance, and facing each block as it came to her, was able to achieve that final obstacle and claim her victory of at last being able to swim with the Dolphins.
    I agree that we have come a long way in our Compumatrix journey, meeting people who have become family along the way. We have jumped through many hoops and faced many obstacles but we are now in sight of the end. I know many people have given up and gone on their way, but for those who are still here there will be many shared joys.

  17. this is so much a great read on perseverance and always even in the setbacks of the moment never stopping the move forward to achieve Dreams not just in biz world but also in Life — these stories told by so many literally help me — but I hope also many of us here to stay focused on our dreams and not let the probs stop you — hope so —

  18. Kristin. It’s amazing how one thing leads to another and you truly end up in a beautiful place like swimming with the dolphins as you say. What an incredible journey we have all been on. and OHHHHH how there have been setbacks along our way. Too many to even count or even want to remember. But I guess what has not killed us has just made us stronger right ?

  19. Great Kristin,You have reached your destination despite such difficulties,We can get out of so much trouble when our faith is strong and have patience in us,We need the same patience and strong faith in compumatrix that will help us reach our destination easily. Thank you for sharing this fantastic story.

  20. Blind faith!!! One of the best examples I have ever heard about. The only thing better is to actually experience it for yourself, which you obviously did. I am sure it is one of those life experiences that will never leave you. I know how much you must enjoy sharing this story with others and I know how much enjoyment others get from reading it. Thanks for sharing. There is a lot to learn from reading about your adventure.

  21. It is interesting to know that dolphins can help to protect humans from sharks because of swimming in pods. So they are stronger together and this is a forward moving strategy.

  22. I am glad that the writer of the blog finally got a chance to swim with the dolphins, they are amazing photos. It is like dreams can really come true with focus and determination.

  23. such a powerful read for many of us here that have needed to persist in many of our own businesses or Dreams — early on it seemed so easy to just quit and go do something different — but now as a Dad and teaching my daughter in her biz everything is banked off of Her Heart — determination perseverance trust and persistence — great read —

  24. Hi Kristin, it;s great that you have reached your destination despite such difficulties,We can get out of so much trouble when our faith is strong and have patience in us. We need the same patience and strong faith in Compumatrix that will help us reach our destination easily. Thank you for sharing this fantastic story. I agree that we have come a long way in our Compumatrix journey, meeting people who have become family along the way. We have faced many obstacles but we are now in sight of the end. I know many people have given up and gone on their way, but for those who are still here we will soon reap the fruit of our labor.

  25. From your experience, Kristin, which in all circumstances would have been a deterrent for the faint -hearted, a lot can be gleaned. Passion, Perseverance and Persistence in the face of adversity, brought you Greatness!! You overcame many obstacles, that appeared impossible, and were rewarded with your desired trip to the Bahamas. Like-wise, Compumatrix business is not for those not willing to keep the Passion, be strong in Perseverance and exercise Persistence in waiting for the desired outcome.

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