Futuristic Technology is it Scary or Exciting?

New technology in personal communication brings about less physical interaction that can be a loss in some areas but for the best in others. The new technology can help us even if we do not understand the inner workings and why. It is much easier for me to communicate on the phone. Since having no hearing abilities at all for a year or more, the phone was not possible. I learned to accept texting to communicate with my family and friends. The texting was difficult at first. It was hard to convey what I wished to express and learn to use the texting shortcuts, but I still wrote many words. I also used a digital app on my phone to record what was being said and read the comments as people were speaking. Unfortunately, this method was not always satisfying because the phone would write with inaccuracy; it gave me many laughs to read the interpretations and its comprehension of the words spoken. Technology may not always be perfect but will improve.

The progression to the chat rooms has been a blessing for me. I have made many acquaintances who are becoming fast friends from both avenues, the chat and blog sites. We have the freedom to share our thoughts and hearts even though we are not physically connected. I am receiving an education from the graciousness of some. I am utilizing the blog site of Compumatrix, and this means of communicating is freeing me to express myself and bring about a sense of fulfillment. I hope to become more prolific at articulating myself with words written. I am also using the email system to keep in contact with older friends not contacted every day. Since I am wordy, this is a suitable method to write all I need to say. I would still prefer to use the phone. By not having the use of the phone, I lost communication with several people. This loss could be a blessing as I now communicate with like-minded people and help keep my concentration on what is necessary for our company and blogging.

 I did not want to use the invasive means of surgery and technology to hear again, but I am so thankful I did. Now that I have used the computer and texting by the phone and blogging with Compumatrix to communicate, I can appreciate the technology utilized in our crypto company of the future Compumatrix. They have initiated the opening of my mind to experience more innovative technology. Gail’s blog “Ready or Not” about Artificial Intelligence and Jeffery’s blog “Artificial Intelligence” made my mind swirl as I thought on their words and all the uses for Artificial Intelligence. There is much to consider about AIs and what is to come. As I pondered about the AI, I thought of how some things could cause people to be frightened and others to be beside themselves with eagerness and excitement to explore What is to come.

The introduction of new technology usually brings a sense of fear and dread, but also great excitement. Most of humanity is rooted in doing things in a set way and discourage change, even though the methods they employ were new and innovative at one time. Change can be troublesome but unavoidable.

People are awakening to the nature of how things were done and controlled our lives. It is time for us to awaken from our slumber and complacency and address the healing of issues that hinder and keep us from what God has given. We must come against our negative thinking and concepts and those who withheld significant innovations that want to claim ownership of the creation or use for their gain. These innovations should be benefiting people today. We need to be awake and ready to defend those who create and give the individual credit for his vision. Brilliant minds are conceiving incredible creations for furthering the Technological influx. What the mind can conceive it can achieve! 

We are privileged to accept or not to accept the new technologies that are carrying us forward. We do not need to be stagnant when God’s goodness, a new world of fantastic technology, is opening for us. Changing ourselves, our minds to thinking differently with God’s help is a thrilling matter, and we can and will be blessed.

Some innovations kept from us have come to light, and new technology has brought all manner of inventions to the masses. Phenomenal attributions have come to the health industry, automotive industry, homes, schools, businesses, manufacturing, etc.. These are listed and addressed in Gail and Jeff’s blogs, so no need to reiterate. If you wish more knowledge, feel free to read their blogs for further clarity.

The newest inventions in use today seem unreal and astounding, to be sure. There are unknown wonders kept from us that would have this world in a more technological mindset. We could be nearer to living like the Jetsons of the TV cartoon. In my opinion, the cartoon of the Jetsons and other TV shows and movies were showing us our futures. The writers and producers were giving us a glimpse into technologies that will usher us toward that day.

How did the filmmakers of old know about such things? Much knowledge has been under wraps and suppressed. Humanity, lulled by others’ ideas and duped into utilizing their technology or product, was taunted to be the best for us. Said actions were for their monetary gain and fame, not the people. For us, the consumers, this knowledge is an eye-opener unveiled and widely known. We should take into consideration that an accurate written account of history is needed. The essential truthfulness of occurrences past is a map. With those truths, determine what steps to take now and in the future. As we have heard, history does repeat itself. The facts of relationships of the masses to government and all major happenings are pertinent to know. What indeed caused a war, who instigated them, and why. How were the issues handled and overcome? Knowing what worked in the past helps to plan for what may come now and in the future. We need to understand how inventions past, present, and future can help create a better world.

We have within an ability to create; some take it further than others. Not all capabilities are the same. How we utilize the proposed ideas will be the telling of how we live. I choose to live in freedom, hope, and joy embracing all the fantastic concepts and technology meant for the good that has and will come forth. I feel blessed; my eyes are opening more and more to the wondrous world to come as we people partake of the good and let the negative fall by the way-side. As I have said in another blog, life is an adventure. Let your mind and heart embrace and engage in creating our new beginnings. We arm ourselves with knowledge of our world and technology now in use. Armed with this knowledge, we can be secure in welcoming major inventions and changes to come. Future and futuristic companies are employing new methods to create a means for financial survival.

The chief and leading company can only be Compumatrix Networks International. The business created for us to utilize now and will convey us into the futuristic world of cryptocurrencies. Compumatrix is a dominate and first-rate company with new and innovative ideas using top quality Technology and Artificial intelligence. The awsome technology works in the background to give us a unique and easily used platform from which we operate our businesses. Henry Banayat is a brilliant man with a heart of gold. Henry’s dream of creating this company was to engage and enhance peoples from every nation. To enrich us now and for many generations. 

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Carmen, very interesting blog! I think expressing fear of a very new technology is an obstacle to progress,the world is moving towards advanced technology,we need to keep up with the world,otherwise we will go far behind,compumatrix is an early example of an advanced technology, where we are learning about new cryptocurrencies and lot more,we have to stick with it and go a long way.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Zahra. With the older minds or anyone who does not see the ongoing movement to greater technology, it can be scary. I am so thankful I have been waking up and learning.

  2. a very good read with a ton of good info to digest and also put into perspective — as fast as the tech world slash world moves today — just reading this a couple times it has moved beyond the core — it is fascinating to me to try and comprehend like back in the old days –and it is just a thought — thank you for sharing Carmen —

    1. Thank you, RJH, there is so much I had to remove from my original blog. I am a teacher at heart and wanted to educate but had to edit because some things I wrote were a little intense. After editing several times, words didn’t seem to flow as freely. Never the less what I wrote is true. I do hope to improve my delivery. I appreciate you.

  3. Congratulations Carmen! You created ways to overcome your hearing loss! You show us that most things are possible if the will is there! There are fears of various kinds. Some are afraid of new technology, while others are afraid of not being the first to acquire the latest technology. And there are all the different stages in between. I’m so grateful to Compumatrix and agree with you that “the chief and leading company can only be Compumatrix Networks International.”

    1. Yes, Inga, regaining my hearing was a blessing. Thanks to the Cochlear implant in my left ear has been a Godsend. My Drs and the audiologist are amazed I am doing as well as I am. They say I should not be hearing this well for a year or more. Believe me, I thought long and hard before having the surgery. There was fear facing this device being implanted into my head. God gave me the peace to go forth. I feel He is leading me further into the Technological world, and I do so in amazement and wonder with thankfulness.

  4. Wow, Carmen! A plethora of information here and lots to think about when one is coming out of their “slumber.” Have you seen the movie called “The Social Dilemma”? It’s really good and supports your view. I love technology, too. Yet we must be vigilant as to who or what we give our information away to. We lose our power when we do that.

    1. I agree with you, Liza. I think we in Compumatrix have been exposed to much in our lives and are awakening to the fact that there is such an amazing and energizing world of greatness never comprehended before. As I am sure, you and many others are blessed to be a part of our wondrous future. It is such a blessing to be here with all of you experiencing the hands-on approach of building our businesses with Compumatrix, which will enable us to partake of greater technology with liberty and freedom further into our futures.

  5. Nice to learn about your story and success, Carmen. You tell everything so well and make us want to read to the very end! Yes, I agree changes are inevitable; however, I still hold out that not all changes are good for mankind which has really come to the forefront in these times right now! So as a result we must really do our due diligence and keep an open, inquiring mind and not always accept things at face value because not everyone’s intentions are for the good of everyone! That is why I love Compumatrix so much because his dream and company was developed for the betterment of humanity!

    1. Amen, Janis, this is why I tried to emphasise the good inventions and technology. This is why we ask God for discernment and assurance of heart to know the good and evil. We are truly blessed to be in this time watching all that is transpiring and will be the partakers of the wonders ahead. I am so thrilled to be here with you and learning each other and encourage garnered from one another. I desire that many, many more were here at this time to share in the joys we know and will know with Compumatrix.

  6. Carmen, I agree that science and technology is indeed both scary and wonderful. When I think of the wonders that technology has brought forth since my childhood, I am blown away. Back then we had rotary phones with phone booths on every corner, Now our cell phones are our lifeline. When TV first came out in black and white and only 3 or 4 channels, I was the remote. My first computer was a boxy thing with a small screen and limited functions. The advancement over the last several years is amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    1. Gloria, I know what you mean about being remote. I was the antenna. LOL LOL Those were the days a simple and happy time, but the increase of technology snuck in on us. Once it did arise, there has been no let-up. I still have an original rotary telephone and the new then technology of plastic. Rember when the first colored TV came out in the fifties? The color was horrible but exciting. We are moving on to what we do not know, but it will be great.

  7. This a well thought out article explaining where we are in this world of new technology and where we can go with it by accepting the changes we see. I for one as an 84 year old woman have seen many wonderous and some very awful things in my lifetime. I am sorry I will not be around for the next 84 years to see what will transpire. I do know that Compumatrix is at the top of the list as it will give people freedom and the ability to live a life free from tyranny or rote. How many people stay in their jobs, not for love of it, but because they can only see it as a means to feed their family. I know that Henry’s idea has been the idea of freedom, not to some but to all. Like Carmine says, we need to be ready to embrace the future and the innovative things that are appearing everyday before our eyes. What a world it will be as we go forward into the future of freedom and love.

    1. Maxine, my prayer is you will be around for many, many years to experience all that you are privileged to. There are so many medical inventions coming. Who is to say that there is not one to benefit you and others for numerous years ahead. Yes as you say we can enjoy what is here now, especially with our company Compumatrix. How blessed we are even in the mixed of all the chaos around us. These things are not our destiny, we move on in freedom hope and assurance that God is in control, and His vision is far greater than what is now.

  8. Thank you for the post Carmen. Interesting you should bring up the hard of hearing issue and not using the phone but texting. I play tennis with a 78 year old man that is amazingly fit and gets around the court like superman. But he is so hard of hearing that it is difficult to talk to him since he often can’t understand. I have resorted to try and talk with him by text and it works so well.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jeffery. I woke up July 5th 2019 to total silence. With much prayer and consultation, I accepted my only means of hearing would be the implant. Still, with a little fear of the unknown and Gods grace, I had the surgery. My children text to me because they got so used to doing so. There is an app on your phones, especially for your friend called Talk to Text that he can record those who talk to him and he can respond in hisvoice. I appreciate you taking the time to communicate with your friend by text. I know the appreciation he felt.

  9. I too used to call and talk to my friends to stay in touch. Now everyone texts because you can do it in your own time and it is immediate, the receiver usually knows they were contacted, and can choose to respond immediately or not. I was initially annoyed but now I like texting, and if we need to talk we ask and then call. Things are changing constantly with communication as things are changing with Compumatrix.

    1. I am still slow in typing my text, so I would prefer the phone call. As you said, the good of texting is it can be answered later at a more convenient time because the cell phones are so connected to us. Whereas with the phone you have to keep calling back and they may never have the opportunity to respond. I appreciate your comment.

  10. Technology is an amazing thing it has extended our life spans. My wife’s stepdad has a pacemaker with a built-in defibrillator, he drank and smoked for 50 yrs and quit smoking in his late 60’s but still drinks on weekends he is now 84 yrs old and he told us his heart stops 3 or 4 times a year and shocks him back awake. We are definitely advancing in technology.

    1. Yes, Timothy, the medical knowledge and technological apparatus to test, and treat patients have progressed rapidly for the last 5 years. Just think how the knowledge will be advancing in the next 5 years. It is good we can behold what is to be.

  11. Thank you Carmen for the great blog, I AM like many. I just wanted to focus on my kids but then the kids pass you up and yo have to catch up to them. It’s amazing to me how small kids can figure out computers yet my generation has to REALLY FOCUS. You younger guys are so lucky. But we are keeping up!

  12. I am sure all the new technology is useful and needed for most. I for one would just as soon pick up the phone. It is so easy to misinterpret messages to begin with because you don’t have voice inflection or pauses or whatever helps to get your real message across and understood as you intended. Not to mention how much slower my generation is to learn vs younger people who learn is so quickly even at 11 or 12 years old. How inadequate can you make someone feel? Geeez!

    1. William, it is better for me on the phone to as I am more and more each day able to decipher what is being said. Unfortunately, it can be a little stressful straining to hear and not mistake what is said. There the written or text words are easier to comprehend in some instances I still need to have the messaged confirmed as to the meaning. We older are a little slower in learning, but we are blessed that we can and are learning. We learn as we go and will get better as our knowledge increases. How about the 4 and 5-year-olds that can and will happily show you what you don’t know. Humbling to be sure. lol

  13. Great Blog Carmen. At my age, (78) all the new technology coming in is scary and some nearly takes your breath away. For instance I’m hearing about a special “med-bed” – the cost – approximately $99,000 but according to what I’ve read, they can heal a person of almost anything. Most likely only hospitals will have them. I understand they are currently being used with “lost” children who have been rescued from underground tunnels all over the world. Some have never seen the light of day. Their eyes and skin are so fragile they cannot be exposed to day-light until they’ve received this treatment.

    1. The med-bed is here and I would say will soon be usurped by another medical device to heal us in one go. Who knows what will be. I am thankful for all the many children that have been saved and brought from the dark basements and tunnels. Your heart breaks for all the atrocities perpetrated upon them. My prayer with sincerity is justice will prevail and healing for all.

  14. I agree that science and technology are both scary and wonderful. When I think of the wonders that technology has brought forth since my childhood, I am truly amazed. When I grew up we had rotary dial phones, black and white television with antennas, phone booths on every corner and beepers LOL. Now cell phones are our lifeline. The advancement over the last several years is amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    1. Paula isn’t it fun to look back and reminisce on what and how we did things. They were great days our remember when days. So many of us here in Compumatrix is probably from or near the same time period. We have truly seen much change in the time we have travelled through our lives. I am happy to travel the road with you from now on to behold what is to be in the world and Compumatrix. Blessings abound for all!

      1. Yes it has been fun Carmen and now it seems very soon that we will all be embarking on traveling to the finish line and be able to say we hung in here together.

  15. Carmem, what an awesome ‘coincidence’ if I may say it like that, the fact that you felt to tie your hearing loss to the urge of learning the new technology we’re facing with, each day more and more.
    We do need to always keep ourselves up to date with all the tremendous changes we have to learn every day if we want to succeed, it doesn’t matter in what sense in our life now. We don’t need to have a challenge to realize that. If we don’t follow up, we’re ‘toast’… to say the least!
    Now, for us, working with cryptocurrency, this is essential. And being at Compumatrix we old folks are paving our way in the right, only direction we have to keep up with the work we have in front of us, to succeed.

  16. Science and technology and cryptocurrency , now isn’t that a combo we would of never thought would of happened years ago. Would of the blockchain technology been invented with out Bitcoin or Bitcoin with out blockchain technology.. Science will use if not already blockchain technology. It is going to be a very exciting future for all ..

  17. Thanks Carmen! Technology expands so quickly and as you said we all have a creative aspect to our lives, yes, some more than others, but each in its place. God grants us to move along on His time and schedule; and the reason is I say this is because men and women are born out of season as it is called, and they produce something that when looked at (out side the box) with what they had to work with, was impossible to just come out of their brain (Tesla is an example); so yes God moves us along from time to time. But God also wants each of us to try, to expand upon what the generation before us has done.

  18. Thank you for this very informative read Carmen. The world with all these new technologies is a fascinating world and I want to be a part of this. If you think e.g. about the progress in the medical world it is a blessing. Also in other disciplines of technology and science you see the same progress. But it is at the same also scary. Where does it end and will the progress become a threat to mankind?

  19. Advances in artificial intelligence for hearing aids has not only made communication methods more readily available and easier but also include advances in step tracking, cognitive tracking, language translation and fall detection. Per the CDC, deaths from unintentional injuries are the seventh leading cause of death among older adults, and falls account for the largest percentage of those deaths”. Artificial intelligence has enabled hearing aids to have sensors that detect falls and automatically contact a friend or family member.

  20. I am a user of hearing aids. For me I can appreciate hearing aids built with AI focus on noises in the environment that can be focused out or focused on. This helps fade out noises particularly in places like restaurants or crowds.

  21. I think at first new technology can always be scary and intimidating at first, but as long as we educate ourselves on the new technology and how to use it it will not be as scary. There are always going to be people who refuse to use the new technology handed out, but that is just because they are not educated enough on how to use it.

  22. back reading n learning here at a great blog — and the replies so fun to think on — but as I study this it fascinates me to see how far we have moved past the rotary phone or black n white tv — and the speed of tech is overwhelming to me at points then I breathe and keep goin at it — and Ms. Carmen i have been told many more times than once that i am a bit wordy — hence my replies lol — You just be You n Thank you for sharing n keep doing please — rj

  23. Thank you for your very informative blog post, Carmen. The development of technology goes very fast and thirty years ago I could not imagine the things we are surrounded by today. Is it scary? Yes and no. It can help mankind in many ways and then it is beneficial but when it starts taking over or influencing our lives it can become dangerous.

  24. as I read thru these great blogs more than a few times — I see so much truth in the readings and there is great info and when you put these with others around the net — it is quite a learning process and it is actually quite enjoyable and much quality time utilized — so much appreciation for the effort and info shared here —

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