Galleons, and Sickles, and Knuts, Oh My!

What are Galleons?

In the Harry Potter world, Galleons, referred to as fat gold coins, have a value of about five British Pounds each. The Goblin, who cast the currency, has his identifying serial number stamped around the edge of the coin. Coins of less value such as silver Sickles and bronze Knuts can be found in circulation too.

Harry Potter’s Mother and Father bequeathed a large sum of Galleon in his inheritance. Another significant estate from Sirius, an ancestor who invented Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, added Galleon’s wealth nicely.

It seems in the 13th century that a Galleon was worth considerably less than it is now. Whether Chief Bragge intended to pay or not is a moot point. However, in 1269, Barberus Bragg offered 150 Galleon to the champion who successfully captured a Snidget Bird during a Quidditch Match. Today, that same 150 Galleon would be worth well over a million Galleon in today’s value.

These rates would put the value of one Galleon in 1269 at US $48,333 (6666 Galleon) in today’s value. Meaning, today, one Sickle would be worth 392 BP (US $2842), and one Knut would equal 13.5 BP (US $98). Of course, this doesn’t make sense in today’s terms, so 800 years ago (17 Sickles to the Galleon) probably wasn’t accurate.

Galleons described as “fat” gold coins, but in reality, could they be solid gold? 1000 Galleons were carried around in a leather pouch in a pocket. Wouldn’t it seem to be much too heavy to carry if indeed it were solid gold?; perhaps it is some magic? Or was the actual gold content much lower than 100%?

The word Galleon in the Muggle world is a sailing ship used for war or trade from the 15th to the 18th century. Possibly a reference to pirate treasure carried in such sailing vessels of the same period.

Muggles (non- magical’s born of two Muggles) are not to be confused with Squibs, who also lack magic but have at least one magical parent. In the USA a non-magical’s are known as a “no-maj,” and in France, they are called Non-Magiques. Muggles are also sometimes referred to as Can’t-Spells and Non-Wizards.

Where were Galleons and other valuables in Harry Potter’s world stored?

Down Diagon Alley (JK Rowland’s name coming from the word “diagonally”) near its intersection with Knockturn Alley stands a snow-white marble building called Gringotts Wizarding Bank. This Bank is where British witches and wizards store their money and other valuables in vaults, miles below ground. About these heavily-guarded vaults – Hagrid says, “yeh’d be mad teh try an’ rob it.”

Goblins run the Gringotts Wizarding Bank; they alone know the twisty underground passages, the enchantments, and the creatures to protect against intruders and would-be thieves. The goblins have a code that forbids them to speak of the Bank’s secrets and would consider it “base treachery” to give up that code!

Two goblins flank the entrance to the Gringotts Bank. The entrance doors are made of Brass. Through these doors in the entry hall are two more doors of silver. Engraved on these doors is the following warning:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

Through these silver doors, which, too, are flanked by goblins, is a vast marble hall. Harry’s estimates a hundred or more goblins are sitting at counters. Off from the gallery are “too many doors to count.” Through at least one of these doors is where customers access the vaults.

The passageways to the vaults are dimly lit with torches mounted on the stone walls. The vaults belonging to old Wizard families are deepest and have the most security. The vaults closer to the surface use keys to enter instead of the necessity of a goblin’s touch to enter the deeper vaults.

Carts controlled by the goblins carry you to your vault and travel at high speeds to avoid onlookers getting a good look at their surroundings. Hagrid becomes quite queasy from the combination of the speed of the carts and the twisting paths. Harry’s vault, is of moderate depth and requires a key to enter. The cart travels a while to arrive but not nearly as far down as vault 713, which is where the Philosopher’s Stone is held. This vault requires a goblins stroke to gain entry.

Students of the Hogwart academy receive pamphlets from Gringotts Bank with jobs for hire. The pamphlets wording is offering a challenging career with substantial, danger-related bonuses. Then goes on to say they are recruiting Curse-Breakers for exciting opportunities abroad. They also provide employment as Dragon Feeders, a dangerous job that pays seven Galleons per week.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, perhaps you are part of the fan club? Have you read (or own) every book and seen every movie? Do you know about the “invisible” cloak? How about Mimblewimble and other spells taught and learned by witches and wizards at Hogwarts academy? Perhaps you even follow the values of the coins; Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts used to transact business during that fictional era?

If the above describes you, or even if you have never heard of Harry Potter, this should excite you nonetheless!

Compumatrix brought Galleons Back!

Even if you are a Muggle, you can appreciate that Compumatrix created a cryptocurrency called Galleon. What’s exciting about that?? Galleon, traded on the Compumatrix DEX, brings new life and a unique opportunity to the Galleon and us the trader!

At the current time, one Galleon sells for 0.03640 BTS on the Compumatrix DEX. The price is low, but my guess is they won’t stay that low value and shortly they may rise, who knows?! Do the Goblins know??

There are no Goblins and no Gringott’s Bank in the DEX. Why? Because only you control your security with your keys (not the physical kind either), and you are your “own bank!”

There is no Hogwart’s academy and no magic tricks to learn to trade on the DEX. Perhaps, Mimblewimble?

Perhaps not as exciting as watching a Harry Potter movie? That is undoubtedly a matter of taste; however, earning and knowing what you receive can benefit your children for generations to come is very exciting!

Why not get started today and be part of the future of cryptocurrencies? Join Compumatrix today!!

Quote by J.K. Rowling: “Enter, stranger, but take heed Of ….

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Nice tie in to Compumatrix Gail. While reading this article, I was thinking, “How is she going to tie this into Compumatrix business? When is she going to mention the GALLEON that is traded on the Compumatrix DEX”? Finally my curiosity was satisfied at the end of the article… LOL

    Seriously speaking, I look forward to the day in the future when crypto-saavy Henry Potter fans discover the GALLEON asset and decide to join Compumatrix because of it. It is probably only a matter of time because the word will get out on the Internet by way of this blog! I think I better buy some GALLEON soon, before the price starts to rise.

    On another note, I was pleased to find, as a result of reading this blog daily, that I was familiar with some of the Harry Potter lingo in this article, such as Mimblewimble and Muggle. I think my grand children are soon going to be impressed with my new vocabulary. LOL

  2. nice points Kevin — I am now familiar also a bit with the mimble and muggle and honestly am not a fan of potter movies or books and do not see myself really ever becoming one — nothing in particular but it is who i am — I am although because of these blog writings on this will research more about it and try to figure out how to use it properly in my business here — i will read n read some more that is for sure — I know the 4th time I read mimwim blog more things came to my understanding –so presume it will here too —

  3. I’m with Kevin. Throughout the entire blog, I kept wondering how Compumatrix became involved with the world of wizardry. I can draw a slight connection. We will have to wait for your sequel to learn more about how Compumatrix did come up with the Galleons. I know there is more to this story. As a matter of fact, I see at least 2 more parts. The first being how Compumatrix came up with the Galleons and the next part is what we will do with them.

    1. Actually, Catherine, you don’t have to wait for the sequel because I know how Compumatrix came up with the GALLEON asset. Henry is a huge Harry Potter fan and because of that influence, he thought it would be fun to create that particular asset.

      I don’t recall exactly when I heard him say that, but it was on one of the Compumatrix Member Meetings a few years ago. It seems that the creator of the Mimblewimble protocol who was either a person or a group of people, using a pseudonym Tom Elvis Jedusor (meaning Lord Voldemort), was similarly influenced or inspired. They are in good company to be following a trend set by Henry!

      What we will do with them is to trade them on the Compumatrix DEX. Most members, who don’t understand trading, will do that by purchasing GALLEON within Compumatrix Bundle packages and then HODLing them.

  4. Interesting how a word from the imagination of one person, developing a fantasy world, can come into this 21st century as a valid and respected entity. I, too, am curious as to how Henry decided to name an asset of Compumatrix a Galleon. I did love the Harry Potter books and movies, and anxiously awaited the next one to come out. I also anxiously await to see the path the Compumatrix Galleon will take. It should be quite a ride!

  5. I am not a Harry Potter fan , so most of your story sounds creek to me , but still interesting. Most likely its because i don’t care about TV and even more now.
    What i am more interested in are the Gailleons on the Dex and looking forward to trade them with some of our our other coins in the near future again.

  6. I love the article. My son was into this stuff at such a young age. He also told me about bitcoin when he was 13 and I laughed at him, in 2006. Well, I’m not laughing now. I have learned a lot over the years but the Harry Potter series is amazing if you haven’t seen it. He read all the books but I would say I would definitely WATCH THEM. You’ll love them especially now you have a connection. We all do.

  7. I think the whole Mimblewimble world is quite tricky to understand at first, but I have been trying to study and learn everything about and related to mimblewimble. It is always good to read more posts like this one on all things mimblewimble so that I can continue my learning. From my understanding, galleons can now be traded like any other altcoin – correct me if I am wrong because I am always open to learning more. Thanks for the post!

  8. I guess I will have to admit that I am not a huge harry potter fan because I had some trouble understanding what all of the Harry Potter references were, but I can imagine if I was a Harry Potter fan how happy I would be to know that Galleon was now available to buy on the Compumatrix platform. Perhaps I should binge the Harry Potter movies with my kids this weekend to get caught up on my Harry Potter terminology.

  9. Harry Potter’s movies were always unique. Terms such as Mimblewimble , Muggle are now becoming familiar as we hear them more often. The wizard families and their old practices form part of this evolution.
    Very interesting post and an eye-opener for sure, especially the connection with Compumatrix – we should keep our eyes open as Galleon could surprisingly increase in value and benefit us all in trading. Why not invest in some and keep them handy?

  10. Gail, I like this new title for the blog post better than the original one “Galleons, Galleons, and more Galleons!” In fact, I love it because the new title is not only more accurate, but it is extra clever with the implied reference to The Wizard of Oz! I say that because you not only tied together two iconic fantasies, but they are both based on Wizards!

    For anyone who doesn’t know what I mean by that, please allow me to explain and bring you in on the ‘inside joke’ so to speak. The rhythm and cadence of this new title are the same as a famous line spoken by Dorothy, the main character in the book or movie The Wizard Of Oz. That famous line is, “Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!”

  11. Thank you, Kevin, you followed my exact thinking! I wasn’t happy with the first title and stuck it on there just so it would have one, lol. Then after I slept a bit my mind was clearer and I thought of the New Title and it hit me, “that’s it!!” Yes, the Wizard of Oz was a fascinating “imaginary” although not nearly as much as the Wizards in Harry Potter to me. In fact, the Wizard of Oz was pretty much a fizzle when they finally met up with him, but I loved watching that movie all my young life. I think I’m a lot like Henry there, I love a good movie that sparks imagination!!

  12. imaginations being sparked is a good thing and I for as many people sparked by the potter movies i kinda agree that the wizard of sparked a different part back in the day — and I think for me I watch food shows and some of them intrigue me and then I start playing in kitchen and creating — it is fascinating and very much appreciated —

  13. I’m still looking forward to the wizardry that is being built here at Compumatrix. All spells and tricks aside, we are about to enter into a new world of business. It’s not like we are getting on the Hogwarts Express now boarding on Platform 9 3/4. My oldest son and I use to read all the Harry Potter books together. It was a vivid world.

    Now back to our world here at Compumatrix, we have a chance to have our lives grounded in a solid business opportunity. Galleons, Galleons, and more Galleons is the cry for our business. It’s not only Galleons but a multitude of other cryptocurrencies I look forward to exploring.

  14. What is really wonderful about Compumatrix bring back the use of Galleons into the modern world of crypto is that in the future, many people looking into the crypto world who have been exposed to Harry Potter. Just think of how many there are ? And if they are browsing through a list of cryptos, or on Bitshares for instance, they might just see that name, and it will catch their immediate attention.

    1. I absolutely think you are right about that Nancy! Exposure is what we need and even those who are not fans of Harry Potter can see the opportunity of buying and trading Galleons! But the ones who are fans I believe will love the coin too!! Great advertisement!!

  15. Wow Gail, a great rendition of the finances of the 13th-century mystical world of Harry Pottter and their banking system. It had me baffled for a while. I kept thinking what does this have to do with a business situation. Huh? What? Why? Duh, the understanding came when you mentioned Compumatrix and how the galleon is connected to our amazing company. a strange nonsensical story that you segued into an exciting moment of knowing our company has galleons, real crypto coins. How fortunate are we and how smart are our leaders in Compumatrix.

  16. Have to admit I have am not caught up on the Harry Potter movies, my wife has seen them all. But, I will get off here in a few minutes and go move some Galleon over to my wallet. If Henry likes it and is going to incorporate it into our program it might be a wise investment.

    My brain is so full right now with all the things we are working on plus daily living stuff, I need a vacation. Trusting our group leaders to steer this bus is important and whether you agree or not, spending a little BTS is no big deal if there is a potential reward down the road.

    Keep all the good stuff coming and build those assets. At some point they are doing to be very valuable. Just look at the USD value on some of them today. Go Compu.

  17. I have to have some Galleon in my Portfolio! I only realised the Compumatrix Connection two-thirds of the way through the blog! Luckily…or maybe not so lucky, that I can purchase Galleon from the comfort of my office chair instead of having to brave the corridors of Diagon Alley. Actually that’s going on my bucket list… Reminder: Visit Diagon Alley! I want a wand!

  18. I like how this article tied the two completely different concepts of Harry Potter and Compumatrix together. I think it is interesting learning about all types of different currencies and the different ways of, trading, storing and protecting, these currencies. Although, in today’s age to store cryptocurrencies we use online protection and not a physical lock and key, it is still interesting.

  19. Harry potter style. Great post Gail. Brought a good smile. An interesting note.. The American Geological society has found that the ratio of Silver to Gold on the planet is 16 to 1. That was a several year old assay, but it’s also a reminder to what gold REALLY is: $50 face value per ounce. Or is the US mint putting $100 Face value on a Gold Sovereign, these days.

    With the FRN being what it is – I’ll take on the Galleons myself.. Thanks for the reminder to go get some more.. 🙂

  20. Here we go again; another Harry Potter-Crypto related blog. I have not read any book but saw each movie. They always say books are better than films. I did pay attention to the details like what food they ate and what clothes they wore but did not know that Galleons, and Sickles, and Knuts were coins spent in this wizard-magical world.
    When Henry introduced to us Compumatrix´s Galleon asset and how it could bring the Harry Potter fans to the crypto cosmo I felt excited, the same feeling will be when our IQDinar asset gets to be known to Iraqi dinar holders.

    1. My niece loves to read so she read and has each book. I am sure she also watched the movies too because she is really into Harry Potter! My boys have watched the movies too but getting them to read? Well, I would probably have to wave a wand over them and cast a spell to get them to read…lol

  21. what an interesting blog! I have never read Harry Potter books or watched the movies but this makes me interested. I like the Galleons and look forward to owning some soon! I think these will be popular especially with the Harry Potter followers. Love how this blog ties the two worlds together too!

  22. i am also way behind the curve of harry potter books or films as i have stated before — but I have to admit I had not thought of the marketing angle of so many younger peeps — who know the terminology and the phrasings — and as they travel the cyber world and see Compumatrix utilizing the same terms it may very well be a great marketing tool to bring more on board — like that thought alot —

  23. I like Henry’s imagination with the GALLEON he has put on our Dex. I also like the way the blog led up to the GALLEON on Compumatrix Dex. What is really good is we can set the value of our GALLEON even though Harry potter’s was more magical with many mysteries attached ours will be currency you can spend and if we do team work we can set our price.

  24. I read all the books about Harry Potter and I saw also the movies. It was funny in those days but I don’t feel the need to revisit them again. The present books of J.K. Rowling which she writes under the name Robert Gailbraith about private investigator Comoran Strike are excellent. Never knew that when I read Harry Potter I would one day buy some Galleons. I did and they are still in my DEX wallet.

  25. I am familiar with the Harry Potter hype of several years ago and I have a vague memory of Galleons. The stories of Harry Potter are fairy tales and fantasy so I am not a big fan. I don’t have Galleons in Compumatrix, not because I think this coin is a fairy tale of fantasy. I just never bought them.

    1. Perhaps then, it’s time to acquire some while they are cheap, Pedro? I dare say once we launch and more and more of the age group that loves Harry Potter will purchase and the value will go up? Perhaps then, you and others may regret not getting them while they were cheap? We will see, I suppose. lol

  26. Ok maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and watch or read the Harry Potter series. Tying fiction to crypto strikes a parallel analogy. As cryptocurrency, to many others may in fact seem like a fictional tale, much like Harry Potter. Let’s just hope that mainstream adoption continues to believe and adopt these deflationary asset classes and not consider them fictional folk tales.

  27. I will also continue to become more familiar with the terminology of the potter world and agree with the possibility of the younger entrepreneur may very well be more inclined to look closer at our dex or business model and enter our way ?? i think that this world of crypto has many many spots to be enhanced and with the last few months changes more and more are staying online for more and more — good stuff here —

  28. I have watched the Harry Potter movies, but it’s been years ago now and I don’t remember the currency they used or mentioned. There was a lot of different terminology used, it would be more interesting to watch them now and pay attention to the details on currency Gail has mentioned in her blogs. I also agree Gail, it would be a good time to buy Galleons!
    Galleons and Sickles and Knuts oh my!

  29. i entered a stranger a long long time ago and to this moment still am a stranger in some parts of the terminology and knowledge of the Biz we know as Compumatrix however will also admit that this blog area has been a tremendous help in me not being as much a stranger as i was so many years ago — still not into potter arena guessin may not ever — but am putting terms together with time and learning bit by bit —

  30. and here we are still learning bit by bit — it is a different learn than what i am familiar with in my Biz past — but also now understand so much more in this different Biz realm — also see the biz parts of a totally new concept perse’ but really not new — just to me but as I learn i see many similarities — great read —

  31. I have not really watched any of the Harry Potter episodes as I have never given them much thought. I think the Galleon is a good name for a coin and I am glad Compumatrix has added it. I hope as in Harry Potter that the coin will one day be profitable enough to bring about a large inhertance for family members.

  32. As in the Harry Potter episodes, there seems to be a lot of mystery and suspense around the Galleon coin. What is clear is that there is a potential for profit if the coin is purchased economically and later increases in value.

  33. My God, how I want to buy galleons now at DEX! Certainly, as soon as I have conditions, one of the first things I will do after solving my financial problems, will be to buy at least 1 galleon.
    Is it wrong that I am still waiting to receive my letter from Hogwarts?

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