Getting on With The Business of Life

An excitement is arising in me. There is the gladness of a young lady engrossed and enthralled when in love for the first time. There is no doubt we have the power to take on the world. Whatever we aspire in our minds becomes an incredible adventure. The young can do anything. So can the young at heart!!

Hello world, here we come!!  I am not misaligned, nor am I crazy in the head. There is within me happiness and excitement that I have not felt in a long while. My newest adventure is coming to fruition before my eyes. As I was in school with carefree abandon, I met and conquered the challenge of learning. Some of the subjects were just downright hard to comprehend, but I persevered and kept pushing to the ultimate goal, graduation. The anticipation of going to halls of higher education and learning to become a teacher made me excited to start my next adventure. There were mixed feelings because I was tired of learning, but there was an innate desire to know more and explore what life held for me.

These dreams of higher education and becoming a teacher were cut short; my life took a definite turn into an adventure of a different type; marriage, motherhood, and learning many life lessons. I became a teacher to only my children. There were tears, prayers, and a lot of laughter. I had not conceived of such a satisfying time as I progressed from one experience to another. I grew in mind and spirit as my children grew.

My children started their life ventures, and I found myself feeling that previous desire to know more and continue my education. Unfortunately, or maybe not, many health issues hit me, and I found myself again on a different learning path. This path led me to education about health and nutrition and the wonderful world of herbs. What a fulfilling adventure I followed for many years. I taught people about their health and what God-given herbs would, could, and did, to change their lives. I made fantastic friends during that time, and we are still close today.

Not all that I encountered in life was good, but all that we go through builds us to be better and keep the faith. God is good and right in all things. We can fight against what comes our way, or we can submit our wills and find hidden meaning and happiness where we thought there was none.

Now I will get to the adventure that has me so giddy. This incredible adventure has afforded me an education that I would never have believed I would know at my age. This education is invaluable and given without the high expense of institutions of higher learning. Every day I thank God for what I have an understanding and the tremendous opportunity it has opened for me into the world of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and knowledge of future things now. Though the learning of new programs, words, and usage of these are mindboggling, I am so grateful to be in this place.

These teachers will receive immeasurable blessings, as they see the outcome of the wisdom imparted to us. We will be blessed as we share our knowledge with others to see them reach their remarkable and prosperous life goals. The doors of Compumatrix Networks International are opening wide. Welcome, world, and all who choose this adventure. There has been and will be great rewards derived from being a part of this great institution.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Interesting blog Carmen!  That’s right When we go through the hardships of life and get a priceless treasure from God.We learn a lot from experience at different stages of life and we try to learn without wasting time.compumatrix has really given us a great opportunity to learn about cryptocurrencies.It’s a huge assets of our future.We should value it very much.

    1. Zahra, I appreciate your comments. I just figured out how to respond to the comments. LOL Learned something new. As we look around in this world and all that is going on, YES we are tremendously blessed to be with Compumatrix, learning and garnering truth to a better financial situation. I focus on this positive adventure rather than the anger and hate from hurting people. If they only knew there is something so much better in which to ply their energy.

  2. Lovely blog Carmen, how wonderful that you still became a teacher but not quite as you had initially planned it. Teaching your children and your children teaching you, and teaching people about natural remedies from herbs and plants.
    I still teach and share with others how to manage and heal the aches and pains of life, but can only do that as I had to heal my own emotional bruises.
    It is said that when you look back to what was a difficult experience in your life without any negative emotion arising, but a sense of peace, then that is called wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your Wisdom

    1. It is a good thing you do, to help others in need. I think at heart most of us here in Compumatrix have the same type of desire in our hearts. You put yours into action. Many blessing to you.

  3. glad to see you back blogging CP — your words are wise for sure and interesting also — you do great at peaking interest and then imparting wonderful thoughts ideas and facts — it is good stuff and i keep learning as i read your postings and do that more than once — thank you —

    1. Carmen we have to be open to the opporunity that presents itself. If wonderful that while your dream of being a “teacher” in the traditional manner you became a “teacher” in a even more rewarding way. Teaching our kids is one of the best experience we can have. Life has many challenges and as we strp foward to accept thise challenges we become better people. This new world of cryptocurrencies is challenging and exciting. We should all enbrace it and grow.

      1. Yes, Herbert, It certainly has been rewarding. I am thankful for this opportunity. I don’t want to boast, but I feel I have grown so much and desire to improve more.

    2. rjh59, my comment to you keeps falling under Herbert’s comments. Just know this is for you. M appreciation to you for your comments.

      1. Carmen thanks so much for your blog. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of education. It may not be the typical route of the normal educator. But I believe you learned life lessons that some of us will never be able to learn the standard way. My father was an educator and I’ve learned so many things from him. Many not within textbooks, but rather being learned from the interactions from children. These were invaluable to me growing up. Thanks again for sharing. This brought back old memories

  4. Very inspiring blog Carmen! You have become the master, as when you have embodied the wisdom and share with the world. Please keep sharing your delightful wisdom with us. Every day, I read a blog I learn something new and it has been my morning joy to start my day. Thanks again for contributing your wisdom.

    1. Kristen, I in no way feel like a master but love this sentiment. By being here with Compumatrix and all its wonderful people, I feel more alive from the inside out.

  5. Yes, Carmen we are all teachers, teachers of the world – most people love sharing their experiences and knowledge which in turn can help many people in many ways. I too always feel that sense of excitement each day, open to whatever new comes my way and sometimes there is so much it can be overwhelming. But I am so grateful to be on earth in these times, and part of our package is being ready for our Compumatrix business to burst forth and begin a new journey for us all!

    1. In one of Gail’s blogs, she mentioned that many of the digital companies did not want to share their knowledge. Compumatrix is for sharing and making the business and lives so much better.

  6. They say life is a teacher, from the day we open our eyes learning begins and it never stops, the only thing that is always in motion is CHANGE, its either we are in or out, and depending which path to take, there are always good things happening to us, challenges that push us to be better. Have enjoyed the reading.

    1. Thank you Vincent. It is and has been a great pleasure. I am looking for more learning, teaching and adventures with Compumatrix.

  7. Life is and will be an ongoing learning experience if we choose to learn something new. I am always learning something new to me and if it’s just improving my fourth language, daily practicing in reading and listening is a must if I want to see better results in communications here in my host country.
    Not so much in the right mood to be excited today, since I just got the sad news on a friend who lost her battle with cancer at a still young age.
    Like you I am also interested in natural healings, not so much experience in herbs but healthy nutrition for our body and mind.

    1. Gitta, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I understand the grief as I lost a dear friend who was like a sister, a year and a half ago. Even in these circumstances, we are still learning even if it is lessons better, not gone through. I too would like to learn different languages. Maybe I can now that Compumatrix has restored my brain to life. Bless you.

  8. This story was very inspirational and made me want to do even more with my life. I think it is important to live everyday to the fullest because we never know what day is our last. We will all experience bumps in the roads during our lives, but it is important to keep going. Some people will call you crazy for having big dreams, but you can’t listen to them.

    1. Amen Cam. It is a little tougher as we get older, but keeping our minds alert and learning is a blessing each day.

  9. Thanks for this motivating article, Carmen. I too am a retired teacher and I can relate to many of the things you said. I feel so fortunate to have joined this group long ago and we have come a long way in learning about how cryptocurrencies will enrich our lives and in turn allow us to help others. Can’t wait for what is to come!

  10. Carmen I love the words “great institution”. You are so right in your discussion of learning lots but not in the traditional setting or classroom. A classroom is not the only way to go forward increasing your knowledge. Compumatrix blogs, listening and watching videos has basically giving me a Masters Degree in crypto in a short amount of time. I don’t feel the need to have paid an institution to get that education. I’m so very grateful for this learning experience.

    1. Yes Jennifer, and I get a thrill as I just did, when I read your comments, knowing what and how much we have received and will receive from being associated with Compumatrix.

  11. Carmen,a very well thought of and inspirational blog.In our lives we learn every day and impart some of our learning to all around us who will be willing to listen and learn from person of experience .The joy of learning is indeed great and joy of teaching even greater be it your children friend and members of your family or folks in your community.Here lately I am learning [with great difficulty]a new language altogether by way og crypto world and besides searching on my own the blogs here are a God send .

    1. Blessings to you Bharat. You are a blessing to us here and in the chat. I am always happy to read your comments in discord. I think about how much you have learned in your profession. Yet, you are humbled to be in this new learning curve of the crypto world. It is a new concept we shall master together.

  12. In the school of life, every day is a learning class. We are students and we go through joys and sorrows. After going through hardships and overcoming challenges, we mature and are given opportunities to move ahead. New doors have been opened for us as we move ahead towards the crypto world. Lets invite others and get them on board. Compumatrix is the way to go and digital currency is what we will need to use, in the near future.

  13. Carmen: your excitement is contagious! I was never an official “teacher”, but as with most of us, I’ve held that role with many people in my life – and vice versa! While being a teacher, I would often suddenly realize that there is no teaching without simultaneously being a student. We often teach what we need to learn the most, don’t we? As for learning about the cryptocurrency world, and it’s opportunities, we truly were blessed to be led into this realm by some of the very pioneers who carved the paths from day one!

    1. Yes Zora, you are so right, we do learn as well as teach whether official teachers or just caring humans. I agree with you about the crypto world and am so glad to be part with you and all the team.

  14. Thank you for sharing your heart Carmen and all the wonderful hope you have for the days ahead. Reminds me of the scripture where God said, ” I will give you a future and a hope”. As Zora said above, the excitement is certainly contagious. Our hope is that we are now very close to the finishing tape at the end of the race, as Henry and that gang stretch and lean forward while reaching for the tape.

    1. Oh, Jeffery, I am so excited about this company and how my life is changing for a new future. We are truly blessed. Thank you for being here. We need each other.

  15. No doubt!!!
    When I saw your first line, I knew we were in for another valuable piece of work!
    An excitement is arising in me.
    Since you have been writing, we get to see more and learn more about you and the wonderful life you have been leading. This latest blog shows the various stages of your life and now you are here with us sharing little diamonds. Great work, Carmen. We all look forward to more!

    1. Thank you Catharine, the same can be said of you. I appreciate your blogs. Everyone writes as they see things, so we see things through different eyes and it is so interesting. I findit also exciting that we can share as a family that has members all over the world. These blessings were never in my visions of what my life would be, but how fortunate we all are.

  16. They say that excitement is contagious. I agree with that 100%. Carmen, I must say that TODAY, I’ve been infected, quite marvelously, I might add, with your excitement in this blog post! You said, “The young can do anything. So can the young at heart!!” Right there, you had me. Your life experiences have prepared you well for this new adventure: the cryptocurrency space and, of course, Compumatrix.

    1. Kevin, I am excited! I need to tell you how much you mean to me, as it was you that shared Compumatrix with me. At the time, I was not looking for anything, but for some reason, I felt I should listen to you in this. And boy, am I happy I did. Your help, in the beginning, is priceless. Your patience with someone who had no clue what you were talking about, kept me going and putting into practice each thing you said to do. Then I started taking a little more control to build my business, because by this time I had come to see it as such, and I needed to know how to operate it. You were my first, of all the great teachers in Compumatrix. Thank you.

      1. Thank you kindly for sharing that with me, Carmen. I am also happy that I got you involved in Compumatrix! It is gratifying to have been a witness to your growth of knowledge on cryptocurrency, computers, and Compumatrix overall. I am thrilled that you became an active Blogger because I believe that is going to reward you very well soon and you truly deserve it. I’m very proud of you and happy for you. Keep up the good work!

  17. Carmen, thank you for sharing another aspect of your life with us.
    Motherhood (parenthood) is indeed the best teacher field one can find.
    And now that you found a new field or system in the crypto ecosystem, you are to step out and teach others about this new paradigm called crypto.

    1. Jorge, I thank you for all your comments, they are an encouragement. I feel this blog is bringing us all into a new situation that is exclusive to our Compumatrix family. I am very excited to see you all blessed real soon!

    2. I agree Jorge parenthood is a wonderful teacher of Getting on With The Business of Life.
      Wow kids can even teach you how to live .. The older I get the more I want to act young again .. LOL Oh well body and mind sure don’t correspond like it use to ..Though I want to be young at heart . We got to do it get through it . Cryptos are teaching me a whole new way to live and learn.

  18. Getting on With The Business of Life … Nicely done Carmen. Seems the older I get .. Getting on with the Business of life was going great until we got ourselves this Covid-19. Mind you Compumatrix has been keeping me busy … Keeping up and working from home base business is a life saver.

    1. Yes, Avery to both comments. This journey has been and is a great blessing for me, having stimulated my mind and renewed a new joy and hope in me. Even if we do not gain a dime from Compumatrix, what I have now is worth millions. Of course, the financial blessing will come, and the Lord knows we all can use them.

  19. Carmen, it is always such a pleasure to see the light go on inside a person when they finally “get it”! Learning about this whole new crypto world has been a journey I will never regret joining. We are never too old to learn something new. Every single day of our lives here on Earth is full of lessons. You have proved that life can be exciting at any age. I wish that you have continued great health as your adventure at Compumatrix grows and fulfills all your dreams and expectations!

  20. Thank you, Erline. I am honoured to have you comment on my blog. Your steadfastness and faith in Henry are some of the reasons I determined to follow the unction within me to work my business. I thank you for your wish for a life of fulfilment. All that is purposed for me, I will gladly receive.

  21. Carmen your blog is very interesting and inspiring for all of us in Compumatrix,as we come close to our opening by the Grace and Will of God Almighty.I have also become a great fan of crypto currencies and love to learn more since we hear a lot about the fiat currency and banking system becoming unpopular,as people getting to know it’s true background.

  22. Carmen, It definitively has us in a place of Faith and newness. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would end up at this place of Cryptocurrency. I have a lot to learn is an understatement for me but it is the driving force behind me moving forward in this market.

  23. Nervous, A Big USMC YES!
    It is said that when you get nervous, you are frightened or worried about something that is happening or might happen, and show this in your behavior.
    That is exactly what happened to me while in Marine training. At the time we were in a C-130,and we all had parachutes on. We were informed it was only practice and it was in the end, but we did not know it at the time. All of a sudden out of the blue a large exit door opened and we we were given first time instructions on jumping. With the wind in our faces and our hearts in our throats, we were all very nervous to say the least. I must say it was the first and i hope the last times that I’m ever that nervous. The door was then closed and we had a safe landing with lots of stories to tell.

  24. For those of us that are old enough, life can throw you many curveballs. I seems that just when you get all fired up about doing something new, something else grabs you by the arm and drags you down another path. However, like you, I am just so glad that my latest path is this new world call Compumatrix. I have never met so many members of a group that are so willing to teach other members about out business and our company to the point of exhaustion. There is so much to learn and remember and the ones that are teaching us seem to have no end to their time, energy, and patience to make sure we are educated to whatever level is necessary to be successful. I might add that I always enjoy it when my main mentor has responded to the same blog on which I am currently responding. Hey Kevin! I too am proud to be young at heart.

  25. What a inspiring blog I am excited as well and look forward to teach my children compumatrix I tell them about it all the time but they were kind of pushing it off since i have been in it so long but recently since they both hit high school now they hear some of the students talking about it and actually purchasing bitcoin on there phones. They came home one day last week and asked me how much bitcoin I owned (since now they know it could be worth something) I told them none of your business but I will teach you how when your ready to learn.

  26. Hi Carmen, thanks for sharing your story, its never too late to learn something new every day, we are so lucky here in Compumatrix to be involving in the free learning process about the cryptocurrency, going through these blogs gave us a great chance to be more familiar with all these new expressions in the ecosystem.
    I wish you all the best.

  27. Thank you Carmen for the great blog, I am also one that loves to learn. I love thinking outside the box. The world isn’t always black and white we do have some gray in there. That’s where all the fun hides. I had the luxury or staying home with my kids and loved every minute of being with them. Now as an older adult I am learning a new job and all about cryto. It’s very exciting

  28. Thank you for your great post Carmen. Life is indeed a great teacher. When I look back on my life I see the things that I did wrong but also what I did well. From the bad, I want to learn and the good, I want to teach my children. And I hope that as they get older, they will look at me and say that I have been a good teacher to them.

  29. I love how you relate the excitement you are feeling about your journey into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, to how a young lady feels when ‘wounded’ by cupid’s arrow for the first time.

    When we feel such gratitude for all of life’s learning our heart becomes ever young and receptive to new ideas. It’s wonderful that your journey led you to marriage and motherhood and then to connect with other people through natural healing ~ And now into a business where who you have become can continue to blossom, give fruit and seed.

  30. this is so full of Life in this read — it amazes me honestly as i look back a bit and how much just being a Dad to 1 daughter and raising her best i could but so much in that part of my Life has been so much a factor in my Biz world and accomplishments and failures also — Life has Been — and still is — however truth is also part of that Wondrous Ride !! thanks for this Carmen great read — really is–

  31. I am very much looking forward to all the information that will be coming out about how to move forward in Compumatrix. Thankfully, we have the webinars that have a lot of information along with the information posted in the announcements.

  32. Most likely more households have had to homeschool their children in the age of Covid. While I realize, this has been challenging in some cases, I also have heard that there have been instances of there being a stronger family connection, as learning together can be growing together.

  33. what a great read still and so inspiring as we get into this time of the year — so many do Give and Share and Learning each day and working with others to grow this Biz but also Grow inside as a Person — these blog postings are so instrumental to furthering our Compu Biz success — and will keep reading and learning — so much Appreciation — rj

  34. Great Blog Carmen. I agree we have to be open to the opportunity that presents itself. If wonderful that while your dream of being a “teacher” in the traditional manner you became a “teacher” in a even more rewarding way. Teaching our kids is one of the best experience we can have. Life has many challenges and as we step forward to accept these challenges we become better people. This new world of cryptocurrencies is challenging and exciting. We should all embrace it and grow.

  35. Carmen,It is good to know that you have learned a lot in your life and tried to learn, also taught,life is a process of continuous learning,every day we learn something new and gain experiences,I think we are both teachers and students in our lives. People learn a lot from us and people learn a lot from us,there is a lot to learn when we are involved in any business, compumatrix constantly give us opportunities to learn about cryptocurrencies,with everyone’s help,we are learning something new almost every day. Thank you Carmen.

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