Good Things Take Time to Grow

  The yellow/orange sun was shining vibrantly in the bright blue sky on a warm summer’s day.  A little boy of 8 years old and his mother planted a four-foot oak tree in their backyard.  The little boy ran back outside the next day expecting to see a giant ten-foot tall oak tree, but the oak tree did not seem to change at all.  Panic clouded over his mind.  He thought there was something wrong with the oak tree. He tapped his toes, wrinkled his brow, and laid on the grass crying next to his four-foot-tall oak tree.  When his mother came home from work, the little boy explained to his mother the sad situation.  The mother chuckled to herself and explained to her son good things take time to grow.  He would have to wait.

  So, every day he would eagerly come outside to check on his oak tree: watering it, feeding it nutrients, and talking to it.  After about two years, the oak tree was as tall as him!  The not-so-little boy was so excited to see progress, but he was extremely busy with baseball and basketball practice.  He did not have the time to care for his oak tree anymore.  One day, his mother said to him after baseball practice, “good things take time to grow”.  The not-so-little boy ignored her and said, “Mom, I’ve waited two years for this oak tree to grow.  I’m done waiting.  This is so disappointing.  I want my ten-foot tree!”  The mother sighed silently and smiled to herself.  She was now the disappointing oak tree’s protector.

          More time passed, and pretty soon the not-so-little boy was a man and ready to leave home.  The man walked outside to his backyard because he wanted to make sure to say goodbye to every square inch of his house before leaving—even the disappointing oak tree he had planted at eight years old.  To the man’s surprise, there was a humongous oak tree towering over his head!  Then, he looked up and down at himself, readjusted his clothes, and outstretched his arms to his mother.  They embraced smiling at each other.  Finally, the man said to his mother, “You were right!  Good things do take time to grow!”

          So why did I write this story?  What’s the big deal?  How does this relate to the cryptocurrency world or Compumatrix?  I know it’s a story about a boy and his tree, but it means so much more than that folks.  The company Compumatrix started as a little plant, an idea (someone with a vision).  Everyone within the company has worked extensively: caring for it, fixing bugs within the system, and growing the community of protectors.  And right now, Compumatrix is fine-tuning itself like the mother to the tree.  Like the mother, we must not give up!  We are the protectors of Compumatrix!  Pretty soon, Compumatrix will be a big oak tree in the cryptocurrency space, and we will all smile, exhale, and say we knew it was coming.  It’s just a matter of time – we are on the verge of greatness.  Because, always remember, good things take time to grow!

About the author

Mary Rose Neumeyer is a high school senior with 15 college credits already earned. She is aspiring to earn a BBA with an emphasis in Finance and a law degree with an interested in the financial side of law.


  1. Perfect story, Rose! In his youth, the young lad lacked the patience to allow for the growth and maturity necessary for the little tree to become a giant Oak. How many of us, especially in the world today, have been spoiled by an “instant gratification” society? We have all experienced it I would bet, though merely going to a drive-through and ordering a burger. We request, tell them how we want it and BAM in a few minutes there it is! I guess we have grown to expect things to happen in other parts of our lives just like that, BUT when we realize that doesn’t occur, human nature takes over, and we pout about it. Lol, Such is life.

    1. Sophye, I love reading every one of your blog posts and devouring the information. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog post – it really means a lot to me. In your comment, I like how you bring up “instant gratification”. I completely agree! Though it is hard to wait sometimes, “delayed gratification” can make the moment when one finally receives something all the more special!

  2. Mary Rose that was a beautiful blog. I could feel the little boys disappointment the first time he went outside to check on the tree. This is a beautiful story to explain the journey of Compumatrix. You are right that Compumatrix is that Oaktree almost fully grown. One day many of the members will look back with pride at the long journey they took to get to the prominent place in the cryptocurrency market place.
    Anything worth while is worth waiting for. If it were quick and easy, I think we would have already seen others accomplish what Compumatrix is working on!

    1. Jennifer Chimento, I could not have said it better myself – “Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for”! I often think back to the days where I would wait by the door for my mom to get home from work. I would sit for hours, but when she walked through the door; it was all worth it! I would see her smile and she would see mine.

  3. That is an excellent analogy between the growth of that tree and the growth of Compumatrix Mary Rose. It is refreshing to see a young woman as yourself able to understand the importance of the comparison.

    I watched my husband plant an oak tree sapling forty-seven years ago in our front yard. I laughed as it was so small in the front yard and never thought it would grow much less get to be a huge tree. He took care of that tree by giving it all he could to help it flourish. Well, today, that tiny tree is an enormous, beautiful Oak tree that shades our whole house.

    I underestimated the potential of that tree and what nature herself could produce with some tender loving care. Many today seem to forget or not take time to think of the potential Compumatrix has. Compumatrix has had to have time to grow so that she can be a forever company for all those who gave the time to help her grow.

    1. Erline Martin, thank you for your immense support through my process of becoming a part of Compumatrix. Like the tree and Compumatrix itself, I have needed time to grow and I still do. By having someone like you to look up to and get advice from is truly a gift. I love your perspective on how Compumatrix will one day be a shelter for generations to come!

  4. A fantastic story about a child who was sad by the slow growth of a tree. In the same way, we often do a lot of things in our lives and do not work patiently and rush. It is not good for us or for our future. In the same way, we all know that the fruit of the compumatrix tree will be very sweet, so it is better to wait a while to eat the sweet fruit.The growth of which is slowly continuing with its entire climate.

    1. Zahra Zulfiqar, your comment made me grin. I cannot wait to eat the sweet fruit with you off the Compumatrix tree. Until then, I will try to nurture the Compumatrix tree to the best of my ability and be patient in the process. One of the best pieces of advice my dad has ever given me is to smell the roses on the way to your destination.

  5. I would join you and also agree with every word, I haven’t seen any medal given to anyone without a scar, how can you testify of what you haven’t gone through? the story behind every success is a motivation to someone beginning when you enjoying, the enjoying seasons don’t teach people much for they cannot understand the deeper sacrifices done.

    1. Vincent Muema, a line in your comment struck me, “I haven’t seen any medal given to anyone without a scar”. I think this line is so true to real life! Successful people have all had their failures. The thing that makes successful people successful is that they do not give up. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and keep striving for greatness!

      1. I love this Title for it is so true. The best things in life take time to grow and I am putting Compumatrix in this category. Just as our kids over time get bigger and stronger or our gardens after planted do. Compumatrix is getting bigger and stronger we continue to go forward and up

  6. mrn just an awesome read — and so very true to so much in almost everyone of our lives not just the Compu Life but Life in and of itself — so many good memories came around when i was reading the story of a once 4ft sapling and how after time and nurturing and effort — we especially in this heat of July in Mo will enjoy its saving shade — and just like Compu we are on the cusp — just great work and please do keep writing — rj

    1. Thank you Rjh59 for commenting! I cannot get over your dedication to Compumatrix and writing many consistent comments each and every day! And I will definitely continue writing – I love it! It brings me so much joy reading all of the thoughtful and supportive comments on here. I am glad this blog post brought back memories. In fact, this blog post was inspired by my childhood memories (smiley face).

    2. Love your writing Mary Rose. Nice job! Such a heartfelt blog with a deep meaning. Some of us won’t know or remember the time, days or sweat equity that were spent growing and nurturing the tree. It’s now up to us to continue to water and make sure the tree bears fruit for many, many moons to come.

      1. Corchi124, thank you so much for pointing out that many people forget the hardships that it took to get to their levels of success. Sometimes I enjoy journaling to help keep the memories of everyday stuff that I so easily forget. Though we sometimes have struggles – the struggles are what keeps life fun.

  7. Great story Rose! Many of the good things in life take time to materialize. But the human being is often immediate and patience has become a rare commodity these days. Especially in our fast-paced society, where the demand for agility and quality seems to transform the human being more and more into a kind of robot.

    1. Jaimes de Almeida Uchoa, thank you for taking the time to reply to my blog post! The point that you made that humans are turning into a “kind of robot” really struck me. Robots do not have real emotions. Because of humans wanting an immediate response, their emotions are not able to fully process and have a full effect. Great simile!

  8. Great story Mary Rose. The metaphore you use is very good. I see it myself every day. I have a business that grows organic vegetables. It is always a miracle to see how from a little seed a beautiful plant grows. It makes me happy every day. I hope that Compumatrix will do the same one day. If the seed and the conditions are good it will happen.

    1. Pedro Nogueira Diaz, wow you really impress me that you own an organic vegetable business! I learned in school about Non-GMO foods and was totally hooked. Since learning about Non-GMO foods, my family has Sun Basket twice, which is an all organic meal prep service. It is awesome how you get to see plants grow every day – what a gift in itself!

  9. Loved reading about your analogy of the planting of the small oak tree growing into the large company of Compumatrix. Even though it does take time, that is good because all the while strength and resistance is compounding over the years. With our company many of the problems (like weather, disease could attack the oak tree) have been dealt with only to make Compumatrix stronger and a company to be very proud of – it will shelter many people under its growth!

    1. Janis Reese, I like how you talk about the compounding of strength and resistance over the years. I have never thought of it that way and you have brought a new perspective into my mind. One great thing about Compumatrix is that members can count on that Compumatrix will do everything in its power to keep the company afloat no matter what difficulties arise!

  10. Patience is a wonderful thing, is it not? This morning, I was heating water for my coffee. I did not tell the pot to give me hot water then I will turn on the stove! I turned on the stove first.

    We often get things backward because we want everything now. I don’t even think about when I had to walk across the room to change the channel on the TV to watch something else (on one of the other 2 channels). When I was 10 years old, I was glad to watch TV again because we didn’t have access to it for the previous 5 years.

    Perspective is a form of patience. Like this young man ready to leave home, he realized what he missed.

    1. Loved your story Mary Rose. Years ago a friend would always say “everyone wants instant gratification “, like in your story things require time, patience and in most cases hard work. Compumatrix is putting all the dots on it’s i’ and crosses on it’s t’. Hang on one day SOON we all will be looking up at a giant successful program. Hang in there everyone.

      1. Herbert Duncan, I completely agree with you! We all need to hang in there until we reach our end goal! Friendships are not made on one compliment or nice gesture; they are formed by multiple compliments and nice gestures over a long period of time. Thank you for the comment!

    2. Stephen Sampson, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to comment on my blog post. I simply adore your writing style and how you are able to effortlessly put metaphors and similes into your writing. I like how you brought up perspective. I find that many people, no matter what they have, always want more – it is human nature. The want for more often overpowers the thought process of the steps that need to be taken to obtain what that person wants. Everything is a process.

  11. Your amazing blog made my day! It reminds us to live in the now, yet plant future seeds and let go. With the Compumatrix seed, you check-in and take action when needed and when it is ready it will amaze you beyond your wildest dreams. I have a seed book that I write my dreams and it is so exciting to cross off the dream when it comes true and write down another one.

    1. Kristin Pichler, ditto! Your comment just made my day! We have something in common – I too write in a journal everyday about my hopes and dreams. I am really into vision boards. In fact, I use this free app on my phone called “Vision Board”, which if you downloaded it I think you would like it. It lets you input all your hopes and dreams into the app, which will let you carry them along with you anywhere.

  12. Mary Rose in a fast-paced world and especially when you are young you get things fast, and you hurry, hurry, hurry. The dd thing is your story is also as old as time itself, for we all follow your tale of growth and desires, and the impatience that takes time to weed out or outgrow. I feel too Compumatrix has grown far more than anyone viewing us ever thought we would grow, I too had my worries, doubts, and fears, but then the BOD, like the Mother always kept us ever wondering and growing ourselves, just as the young man did!

    1. Samuel Crees, yes will have to agree with you on that one. Right now, I believe I am the youngest active member in the Compumatrix community, but I hope to grow like the oak tree and one day inspire and mentor others. Just as the more experienced people in this community right now are inspiring and mentoring me.

  13. Loved your story Mary Rose. Years ago a friend would always say “everyone wants instant gratification “, like in your story things require time, patience and in most cases hard work. Compumatrix is putting all the dots on it’s i’ and crosses on it’s t’. Hang on one day SOON we all will be looking up at a giant successful program.

  14. Mary Rose, you have a beautiful talent in writing a story! Your descriptive words brought emotion to my heart just like I was watching a movie. The storyline gave me a clarity and understanding to our ‘waiting’ with much wisdom. You are a blessing to the Compumatrix family and to the world. Indeed, good things do take time to grow!

    1. Alicia Tompkins, your kind and thoughtful words brightened my day! I am so glad to be a Compumatrix member and am glad that I get to share the experience with all the other people on this platform. Getting to read wonderful comments like these and knowing that I am part of this community makes all of the hard work worth it!

  15. Quite awesome, it reminds me when I was a little boy 👦. My great friend “Grand Dad” once told me. All great things in life is only achieved in a gradual metamorphosis. Always, being affirmative, Proficient, honest, transparent, confident, patient and keeping pressing forward without giving up is the most key for determinations. At the fabulous moment in life, one day you will sit down and recall all the Great Achievements you have endured.

    The journey might not be smooth, as we may wish. But, always remember even the roads have meanderings and very sharp corners. The future is always uncertain. Who knows, tomorrow might be the Great Day ever.

    1. Thaddeus Kaiya, I love your insight on bringing up gradual metamorphosis! Everything seems to happen gradually, not instantly. Often, we do not realize little everyday victories because we are too focused on instant gratification. Focus on the small wins and the small wins will end up a big win in the grand scheme of things.

  16. Excellent blog Mary Rose and perfect comparison with Compumatrix! The company has been growing for years, and I really hope it will become immense and that we will be able to harvest many fruits, just as squirrels and other rodents like to harvest the fruits of the oak.

    1. Penha Mendes, thank you for your sweet reply to my blog post! I hate that I joined this company so late in the game, but I hope to learn as much as possible and contribute everything I can to helping this company grow – just like the oak tree (emoji smiley face)!

  17. I LOVE this story about the little boy and the Oak tree and in today’s world nobody wants to wait anymore the instant rewards are being expected by so many. The saying is also good things take time to grow, but not many want to hear this anymore .
    As a founding member of this company , yes i had wished things would have moved a bit faster , but maybe it just needed the right time at the right moment. Time will tell and we may see the final end result after all the growing pain Compumatrix had to go true .

    1. Gitta Pohl, your comment honestly made me so excited because I am so honored that founding members of this company take the time to comment on regular members’ blog posts. It honestly just shows what a cool company Compumatrix is! And yes, I cannot begin to imagine the emotions the founding members like you have had to experience by being part of this company for so long. I am astonished by your will power and “can do it” attitude! You guys motivate me to work harder and do more to better myself and this company every day!

  18. When I first came to PSX (Point share extreme) Henry had the idea of tapping into the billion-dollar advertising industry. He came up with the idea of virtual prepaid adpacs, where each “pac” of 10-50-100 or 500 could buy advertising space online. I fell in love with the idea. He had the vision of bringing an income to many who needed financial freedom That was any years ago and I still follow Henry’s dream, but now known as Compumatrix a crypto ecosystem company.
    Engaging, enriching, and enhancing lives.

    1. Jorge Guevara, it is so cool that you have been part of this company for so long! By being part of this company for so long, you have seen and learned things that I can only dream of! But it is so awesome because I have amazing people like you who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with me. Thank you!

  19. What a wonderful analogy. The oak can seem so slow growing at times, but when we look back at just how small it was in the beginning, we are amazed how big and strong it’s got; the many lives it is supporting, nourishing and sustaining, just as Compumatrix will do for us all and so many more. My mother has two oak trees that are over 200 years old. They lie along an ancient track and I have often wondered about the people who walked past them over those years, filled with their own preoccupations and hardly noticing the two saplings growing into ancient and mighty oaks that would stand strong for many generations to come.

    1. Lusiabeau, I envy your mother and her oak trees! I genuinely love oak trees and have wonderful memories with them as a little kid. My sister and I always used to climb oak trees and eat sandwiches on its branches. We would also look for bugs and pretend we were birds and squirrels – lol. I always felt so protected in the oak tree – almost like nothing could hurt me, and like I was in my own little world. Compumatrix can be our oak tree. 🙂

  20. This is an excellent story to segue into our Compumatrix business. As you were concluding your comments, my mind thought as the tree grew, so did the man in the natural. Still, as Compumatrix is growing and expanding technology into its eco-system, we are growing our minds, and spreading our branches. I love this.

    1. Carmen Prevette, wow I did not even think of it in that way. I feel like it is as if we are the branches of the oak tree because as we grow in our knowledge about Compumatrix and more Compumatrix members join, Compumatrix as a company grows – just like the oak tree! I just love how all of us Compumatrix members have a place where we can express our thoughts and feelings with each other. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  21. Great blog post Mary Rose Neumeyer! Your blog post brought back memories of my boyhood. My pals and I would always play and rest under this oak tree in one of my friend’s mother’s backyard. I remember feeling immense comfort and protection under this oak tree. Hopefully Compumatrix will bring immense comfort to numerous families for generations to come.

    1. Roy F Martian, that is my biggest hope too because I just want everyone to feel safe, happy, and healthy. I feel like if everything goes right in Compumatrix, Compumatrix will be able to provide that for its members. I wish everyone could have Maslow’s hierarchy of needs met, but sadly life is brutal sometimes. Hopefully, with the Compumatrix platform, Compumatrix members will be able to better their own lives and the lives of other people!

  22. What a well-written post, Mary Rose.For something to grow firm and strong, a proper foundation must be laid first. The seed must be sown and watered daily. From tree dwellings to new towns, as some would say. This is what is happening in Compumatrix – with its new technological systems , we shall all grow and prosper.

    1. Raju Mahtani, that is the plan! The end goal is to grow and prosper like the oak tree :)! I think if you stick with something long enough, something is bound to happen. If one thing doesn’t work, try something new. If that new thing doesn’t work, try something new again. The point is to never give up! If you never give up, you never fail.

  23. MRN — you definitely keep writing and and keep that smiley face smiling — it is awesome to read this again and the replies and memories thru the replies it does bring a smile to my face also — so many great peeps here and so much wisdom to learn from and utilize — many thanks to you young lady and to your dad n compu family — rj

  24. things grow best that are nurtured and cared for. We have been doing that for a long time and I believe our growth is just beginning!! Thank you, Mary Rose, for the sweet story. It is a shame that more people fail to see that growth comes before harvest. Our gardens are like our minds, if you put garbage in our minds then garbage will come out.

    1. Ivy Campos, thank you for calling my story sweet! What really sparked my interest in your comment was the phrase “what you put in, you get out” – I think this is so true! I’m obsessed with working out! A couple of months ago, my friend and I decided we wanted to get the coveted line down the middle of our stomachs, which meant we had to get really toned abs. It took forever just to show a hint of the line – it was so aggravating! And then, whenever I ate poorly (put “bad stuff” (as my mom says) into my body) or forgot to workout for a few days, I ended up losing the line! I still lose the line all the time (*faceplant*)! But I try to be patient and always take care of my body just like I think we should all do with Compumatrix!

  25. Mary Rose what a wonderful analogy of the journey we have all been on in Compumatrix. Good things do take time to grow. I remember being told that a watch pot doesn’t boil. It did not make a lot of sense until I had to stand and watch a pot of cold water and wait for it to boil before putting in dry noodles. At the time I was a young girl and it felt like eternity waiting for that water to boil. I learned a lesson then to leave it be instead of stirring the water trying to force it to boil quicker. This is the same lesson many of us have learned over time here in Compumatrix. So many things have needed to be tweaked, strengthened, changed to be compliant that it’s tried the patience of even the most ardent supporters. Will we leave, No, we are here to protect, to nurture and to support as we see glimpses of the future with Compumatrix shinning brightly as a beacon in the Cryptocurrency world.

    1. Jane Maahs, I am so ready for Compumatrix to grow even bigger than it already is! I cannot wait to see everyone’s hard work and determination pay off! What I love about Compumatrix and its members is that they will not give up no matter how rocky the road gets! It is a gift – you guys inspire me every day!

  26. Mary Rose, while reading your story about the oak, it brought to mind the story about the bamboo. I learned that that it takes about five years before the bamboo would show signs of growth. In obscurity, like the bamboo the oak had been prepared to first develop a broad and strong base before it came out to serve its purpose.

    I agree with you comparing that big oak tree to our Compumatrix business. We have a company that is determined to blaze a new trail and in the process has ensured its capability to cope with challenges in the crypto world.

    1. Veronica, it is funny that you mention bamboo. I actually have been trying to get my little bamboo plant to grow for several years now – I honestly thought it was dead, but I guess it will just take longer to grow. So far, all I have seen in the last four years of my having it is tiny roots of maybe a half an inch form from out of the sides of the bamboo. You know what though, I think that is the beauty of it – it will be so much more rewarding to see the tall bamboo after waiting for five years before seeing any progress.

  27. Mary Rose a very well thought of and erudite blog and commend you on your maturity and understanding of Compumatrix.As put by you I does take time to mature to fruition .Compumatrix for one has neen cared for ,nurtured over several years and has overcome many adversities including sabotage govt hindrances member disenchantment,power outages,weather related calamities lately Covid causing havoc but like a sturdy Oak it it grows and stays firm and tall for us soon to be able to get our Acorns{Iam a squirrel] lol

    1. Bharat Kapoor, you don’t know how grateful I am to hear that from you! Sometimes I get nervous in writing blogs or posting comments on here because I feel like everyone is so much more experienced than be, but that ultimately just makes me work harder to catch up and speed my learning curve. Being one of the youngest members of Compumatrix makes me determined to not be defined by my age, but by my skills and efforts. Thank you for supporting me through this process – it really means a lot (and I am not just saying that – lol).

  28. Thank you Mary Rose, I love the story it’s a little outline of what we have all been doing in Compumatrix. We feed it with all we do and its slowly it’s growing with everything going on behind the scenes. So exciting its like a bunch of little babies about to hatch. I know we still have thing to do but we are heading in the right direction.

  29. Another great blog for Mary Rose, I really like the connection between your store and our great company Compumatrix. For the last fifteen years, we have been watering, upgrading, and updating our Compumatrix under the supervision of Henry and his team. Now is the time to reap our rewards for all these year. It’s true good things take time to grow!

  30. Mary Rose, I love your blog specially the last two sentences. When all is said and done, no matter how long the journey and the challenges, most of us say: ” I knew it was coming!”…and we forget all the time it took to develop. Most good things in life take time and effort, your analogy with Compumatrix is exactly how I feel and sometimes I had to walk away for awhile because it seemed like the growth stopped, but here we are in the last leg of this great journey.

  31. Excellent blog Mary Rose. It really made me stop a while, take a deep breath and think about what you have written here and how it relates to our beloved Compumatrix. It is so true about things taking time to grow and what I would like to add to that is what my Dad always said. “Everything comes to those who wait”

  32. What a great story to compare to compumatrix it reminds me of the mustard seed in the Bible if you have enough faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. I have had faith and hope and that is why I am still here I know staff is working constantly to get this launched and I am so excited to see it finally get done.

  33. Very nice story and something I can identify with. A lot of great life lessons can be compared to gardening and landscaping. What is posted on this blog will be related to the small tree that took years to grow, but it may also be related to some good old fashioned truths that are always good to be reminded about.

    One lesson I have learned in my life is that good things take time. My college degree, my start-up company and other things are among some of the worthwhile things I have done or earned that took some time (minimum 2 years to be exact). So be patient and wait for good things to come. Hard work will always pay off even if it takes a little longer than we like.

  34. Good things do take time to grow as well as us growing. Everyday is a learning experience for us to move forward and grow and shrink back down. It’s our choice to choose which way we want to go. How you learn to take defeat and move forward from it is a daily growing process.

  35. Mary Rose
    Good Things Take Time T Grow
    Yes I agree 100 %. In my last home, I had about four acres, but no trees in a dry area. One of my first jobs was to plant about 200 trees and hand water them until I could get irrigation to them. The tree roots were no larger than about six inches when planted, now 30 years later they are about about seventy to eight feet tall, breathing in carbon dioxide and replenishing us with oxygen, to say nothing of the wonderful shade they gave us.
    We can expand those same thoughts to our very lives children and relationships, but it not only takes time, but nourishment,love,devotion and commitment, always keeping our Creator as our guide, as we grow into wonderful human beings.

  36. I think everyone has a story, Mary Rose. Not all of them are as uplifting as yours. I planted several small trees when I was young. I don’t remember what kind of trees they were but they were the type that would not grow to be much taller than about 10 or 15 feet high (or so I was told). Just as they started to take root, my older brother decided he would blow them out of the ground with some fireworks during the holiday season. I never replanted them fearing the same outcome for my next group of trees. I learned from that experience that it is not just the planting and the patience of waiting for them to grow that matters. If there is not some form of care and protection present at all times, you can lose them to some unforeseeable circumstance. Things happen, but if you have a team to care for and protect your creation, then your chances of success improve greatly. Compumatrix has that system of people in place.

  37. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, on how Things can Grow and turn into wonderful creations. Yes the time it takes to make things grow takes, a seed, commintment, hard work and presistance to stay on task each and every day so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor

  38. As a contactor, there are times when a tree that is out of control can be very destructive to foundations, sidewalks, driveways, lawns but most of all to themselves. You see, the branches and the leaves can clog up the drains and the eves, but the roots can be the most destructive. But to damage the roots could kill the tree, but only a trained and dedicated arborist knows which roots to trim so that the tree will not die and but still allow the tree to flourish.
    Our leaders know how to be patient and understanding with a rapid growing and moving entity like Compumatrix. Its our enjoyment to watch it grow and to feed it whenever we can, so that the benefits that will come will not be destructive, but be future looking to know that the roots will grow where they are of the most useful. The feature of this company is that it is growing and expanding, but the benefit will soon be evident when the oak is “blooming” with strong roots, trunk ,branches and leaves for the whole world to enjoy.

  39. Thank you for your great story Mary Rose. It is very true that good things take time to grow. In my profession, I don’t see that because I work with metal, electrical wiring, and that kind of things. I have been a member of Compumatrix for many years and I have seen all the developments the company went through. Hopefully soon it will come to fruition.

  40. Thank you for your great post Mary Rose. The metaphor you are using is very well chosen. I do a lot of gardening and indeed many beautiful plants take a long to grow and show me the splendor of their beauty. That is why I do gardening, to see the result of the growing process.

  41. The need for instant gratification is an issue for many of us. I pride myself on being a patient man but I know I was no more patient than that boy was when I was eight. Things do take as long as they take, and it’s the content person who recognizes and is comfortable with that. Jumping ahead of the slow unfolding of manifestation seems to reflect the gap between our minds and our bodies…one side of us is speedy and one side of us is like a Lord of the Rings ent.

  42. Thanks for the wonderful story, Mary Rose. I love metaphors and found them so profound in my own life. This is a great one. Patience is one of the challenges we all have to use and model as we nurture the “tree” of computmatrix. It is a worthy effort as when we nurture growth, great things happen!! There are many, many metaphors we could use, like raising a child… the love, the care, the nurturing that go into parenting are also similar to the stewardship that has gone into building compumatrix. It takes time to mature. But it is that love and care that make it what it is in the end.

  43. This was a beautiful application of your personal story to Compumatrix, Mary Rose. The parallels with Compumatrix are enormous. Your bother was incapable as a child to understand and conceptualize the number of processes needed to occur for the tree to grow. We members, in our blockchain infancy, did not understand the number of processes needed to complete this immense ecosystem. Like children would ask incessantly, ‘are we there yet’? However, as your storyline continues, the boy grew up and could see things differently. Indeed, through the years of education, we the members matured in our understanding. We can see in the rearview window where we have been and all the many processes that have been solidly put into place. Looking forward, we clearly see Henry’s vision!

  44. Great post Mary Rose. I am a floral designer, and I love fresh flowers, but I know they take time to grow. My dad, is at this very time building me an octagon shaped green house. I intend to use it profusely to grow beautiful flowers. I love creating floral arrangements as gifts. Before I married a minister and became a pastors wife, I had my own floral business and specialized in weddings. God’s creativity in designing all the flowers we enjoy is beyond incredible and worth the time to plant, tend, harvest and enjoy, patience is required.

  45. I use to garden and plant small trees and watch them grow I enjoy beautiful fruit trees and they take a lot of time and patience. We moved so often that I missed a few years of harvesting however when I returned after a few years the fruit was eatible and I’m glad that I planted the tree. I had faith that what I did would benefit me or someone in the future. This was a beautiful message for me. There are many trees that live for many years and share their fruit and color for many people to enjoy.

  46. Such a great analogy to life.. Not just crypto or Compumatrix. We cannot expect to be the best at anything without practice/growth. The more we grow as individuals, the more it seems we need to grow. Any harvest takes time. Even a wheat field takes 4 months. It’s a matter of faith, knowing that mustard seed did indeed move the mountain because there had to be room made for the roots to grow.

    Oak trees and Mustard trees, wheat and life. Amazing the similarities.

  47. Wonderful story Mary Rose Neumeyer! I bet we have all sometimes been like that little boy, frustrated that the growth wouldn’t appear in Compumatrix. So much effort has been put into our company by the founder, the management, the staff, and the members, and now we are so very close to reaping the fruits of our joint efforts! As you so elegantly put it, “good things take time to grow!”

  48. Hi Mary Rose. what a wonderful picture you painted with your story of that little boy that could not understand why his little tree needed to take time to grow.
    When I was young, my father had me in the garden a lot of weeding and taking care of his plants and roses. I loved it, as I watched them grow into something wonderful and beautiful.
    It’s really like anything you do, it takes time to perfect, just like Compumatrix, as every day we get closer to our goal as we watch it grow, and one day soon we all get to reap the rewards!

  49. Mary Rose, as I read your blog the thoughts came to me that not only in “nature” do things take time to grow, but the “seeds” planted in our hearing of grace, thankfulness, kindness, ethics, honesty, faithfullness, love, obedience, etc., take time to grow within us when they are planted by our parents, school teachers, Sunday School teachers, Pastors, and friends as we ourselves are growing up. Do you suppose that’s why God gives us to parents when we are tiny precious babies, because these seeds “take time to grow and mature and cannot be learned quickly, it requires much time and patience.

  50. this is such an inspiring read and as i look back thru time and see so many parts of a tree or bush or flower bed — all these as does a biz need time to mature or grow — Compu biz has taken time but also has matured so much over the years — and as owners we also have matured — and with proper patience and perseverance we are so very close to see our Tree / Biz mature and be ready to enjoy — great reading and nice thoughts MRN — thank you — rj

  51. Very well done Mary Rose. It takes a lot of patience to watch your tree grow just as it does watching our company continually reach its potential. When you look at our program you realize that the little things we have been doing are aligned to bring a better future to all of us.
    As I constantly add to my pile of assets the value enforces the reason I am here. As the CDAP opens the actual amount of those assets will certainly show tremendous growth, much like the mighty oak.

  52. I think in Compumatrix, since everything is so new and exciting to everyone, sometimes we forget to plan what we are going to do and how we are going to work to help make this company succeed. Good things come to those who wait so we need to remember that

  53. In the blog it is mentioned when the tree was first planted how much attention was given to it to make sure it would take root and grow. The boy watered it and fed it nutrients. This type of care is what is needed for something to take root. If we expect something to grow such as a business opportunity we have to feed it and give it nutrients or it will wither away.

  54. My grandmother also planted what initially had been a shrub by her house and years later, it turned into a massive tree. But the problem with the tree became that, after my grandparents were no longer there to take care of it, the tree grew out of control, and parts of it broke onto the roof of the house damaging the roof. So this is why it is important to maintain and nurture what has been set to growth to avoid it growing out of control.

  55. so very a great read and the replies thru here so many inspiring thoughts and memories — I keep looking at the Tree as it grows and matures and I also understand All of us as we mature in Life like the Tree or Compu Biz — We All need to Maintain so no limbs fall thru — Great Reading–

  56. Yes I agree Mary Rose good things take time to grow,and grow strong from their roots upwards.If one has sown a seed of any kind and looks after it carefully he will surely see it grow strong and beautiful,and bear the right fruits.Just like for us in Compumatrix the right seed is planted,and now we are all waiting to see the fruits ripen for us to benefit from it.

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