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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Who would agree that a cross-section of the gut creates a beautiful picture? Ugh. To many researchers in that area, fascination abounds. In a way, Compumatrix is like that, made up of coding and nodes, and whatnot. Ugh again. Lol. It’s like how Compumatrix is doing everything right by crossing their t’s, dotting their I’s, and keeping up with local laws worldwide. If we can do the right thing by our microbiome, we can still err with unhealthy foods without putting on weight or getting sick. That’s the idea, hopefully.

In the way Compumatrix is being built, it is way ahead of the curve with it’s forward-thinking. That has allowed the company to overcome numerous pitfalls. Again, compared to what the microbiome does, we are slowly losing ground with the rampage of disease, from obesity to cancer. So how about going back to the basics to where it all begins, with the microbiome. It is labeled the second brain, with a direct line of communication to our mind via the Vegas nerve.

The microbiome refers to the collection of genomes from all the microorganisms in the environment. Microbiota (commonly known as gut flora), on the other hand, usually refers to specific organisms found within a particular context. We acquire these bacteria during birth and the first years of life, and they live with us throughout our lives. Probiotics are living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria living in your digestive tract. Prebiotics are specialized plant fiber that is food for the good bacteria. By changing your diet today, your microbiota will be different tomorrow. It puts a lot of power back in our hands because we can change how we feel health-wise.

When we are born, we are almost entirely devoid of bacteria. We enter this microbial world through the natural birth process. The baby receives these bacteria on its journey through the birth canal. The amazing thing is these microbes have been traveling with our species for millions of years and are fundamental to who we are as a species. The microbiota function is to digest dietary fiber. The digested material goes back into the bloodstream, circulating it through the blood to different parts of the body. The lack of dietary fiber in the western diet has almost killed our intestinal microbiome, fundamental to our health.

So the hunter-gatherer in our ancestral past fed on lots of plants with plenty of variety to feed their gut microbiome and had fewer diseases that are rampant today. Comparing the diet back then to today’s menu, it lacks in that variety and fiber. Doesn’t it stand to reason that this is an excellent place to halt the starvation of our gut flora, which is responsible for keeping us healthy and free from disease?

Similar to our financial lives where the lack of value in having a healthy financial system is lacking to keep it thriving. By using a decentralized network with the Compumatrix ecosystem, financial health thrives. Compumatrix moves in this direction will have the benefits of a disease-free monetary system. This medium will put the control back into our hands.

I do not profess to know the subject of microbiota and health, other than keen interest. I am thankful for people who dedicate their lives to this research. Thanks to this research, there is a clear path to changing our unhealthy lifestyles that lead to cancer and other diseases.

This blog is solely my point of view. I hope that I can instill in others the need to educate themselves on the truth about health before the only option is to succumb to diseases that cripple and kill loved ones. I have lost loved ones to cancer, and consider myself fortunate that I wasn’t given an easy path in life health-wise. The good coming from this is I have a keen interest in finding people who have solutions or are themselves searching. I want someone knowledgeable in that area and who has my best interest at heart; not their pocketbook. If someone is successful at steering a person back to health in a safe and friendly way, they will never have to worry about their financial future. I believe all of us here are on the right side of winning, pointing to true financial health. I hope to encourage all of you to research more on the path to good health.

We are in the process of advancing our monetary system thanks to certain people putting technology in place for the good of many.

Thanks to the Compumatrix business model, we learn how to regain this lost financial freedom, but we need our good health to have balanced success. I look forward to other health seekers and business workers commenting and sharing their tidbits of information on the subject.

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. Patrick what an excellent comparison of the care and tansformation of our intestinal flora with what Compumatrix has done recently to provide us with a healthy financial life! I am also very excited and looking forward to everything we will have in the future, which I hope is very close!

  2. this is a good read and there is so much info in the reading — but i also have found that you must always look for more info and true info — and once you find that simple equation then put that in the thought process of each day and keep Truth always at the forefront of each business proposal — jmho — rj

  3. To be healthy, wealthy, and wise is to seek a better lifestyle.
    I enjoyed reading, especially the Compumatrix part, for I can relate.
    Being since the beginning, I have seen the changes put over the years to create a healthy business model that will take us on a wealthy route in hope of a wise lifestyle.

  4. You know as I read these blogs and comments, there are those who really understand the concept of what Compumatrix is trying to achieve. Patrick is one of those that has a clear picture of how things work. Thank you for your wise insight and for your help to understand another facet of the business we are all looking forward to achieving.

    1. So true and not many pay too much attention to our microbiota function. It doesn’t take a degree to learn to eat healthily and being mostly disease-free most of our life if we choose so. It’s a choice we all can do or not, no doctor needed to tell us to take this pill or the next one. Food can help you have a healthy life or it also can keep you sick if you just eat what you like without watching for the needed nutrition our body needs to be healthy. Our body is like a car, where you put in only the right gasoline type in order to run for a long time. Many people take much better care of their own car, then they do for their own body. Yes with financial freedom we will have more or better choices, but even with a limited income, we can achieve being healthy by avoiding eating junk food in general.

  5. As I have said before Great minds think alike. Probiotics are a necessary part of my health. Patrick, I like how you expressed about the gut issues and compared it to Compumatrix. The gut is the centermost crucial focal point of the human body. So much of our health, good or bad, comes from the stomach and colon. Life nutrients are taken in and dispersed to all the organs of the body. The gut needs to be kept clean from evil entities and to receive and assimilate the healthy nutrients etc. correctly. Compumatrix has to cleanse itself of the old and other technology they find that is no longer an asset to them and introduce to the core, CDAP, the newest technology to grow and propel them into a good stable company to live a good long life.

  6. Patrick this blog is present in a very unique way that can affect anyone, as well as great information about health. Just as we are using good food for our good health,compumatrix so is the world’s best financial progress in affairs is leading us to a very good financial life.

  7. agree with you and do hope that more and more take more of this business and more the life and microbials and research and find the truth and stay in Health and as we work the business here then the wealth will arrive also — so many great parts and have to continue the research and learning while staying healthy —

  8. Patrick, once again a very interesting blog written by yourself. The health aspect is very close to my heart, especially all natural cures and holistic approach to health. The best cure is always a prevention and with a strong immune system more than a half battle is won.
    Thankfully today it is a lot easier to research the subject and there is plenty of information at our fingertips.

  9. Patrick that was a great reminder for me to start taking my probiotics again. Thanks for the very interesting blog. You bring up several good points about overall health. We need to take good care of our self from what the earth has given us not just rely on pharmaceuticals. We will have many opportunities to help others in the years to come and we need to be at our healthiest to be able to do this!

  10. Excellent blog Patrick. Thank you for your wisdom and insight on well being. It is a game of balance with our health and wealth. The stress of financial problems can cause inflammation in our bodies. My awareness of stress has inspired me to exercise, take supplements, and meditate daily. When I reflect on past mistakes with financial investments that failed or I catch myself wanting the future to solve all my problems, I realize I am not present or balanced. I choose to live in gratitude for the balance in each moment with a knowing that all is well.

  11. This article was very good and showed many comparisons to our lives and Compumatrix. The gut comparison is very accurate because so many important and crucial tasks are completed in the gut, just like Compumatrix. This makes me want to educate myself on these topics more to take care of myself.

  12. Thank you for your blog Patrick, many therapists say that the gut is our second brain and controls everything.
    Many of my clients suffer from anxiety and also have gut problems. But also I am amazed that when I listen to them talking about life, they will use expressions such as ‘I was gutted’, or ‘I couldn’t digest all the information” or “she makes me feel sick” or “I can’t stomach it anymore”.
    They don’t realise that they are sending very strong messages to the body which then manifests as a physical symptom.
    We need more than ever before to strengthen our immune systems and look after our bodies.

  13. With the creation of gut flora, and the process in which it becomes a part of each one of our lives, show how important it is to our existence. And yet, most of us know so little about it. We know about the diseases that result from ignoring it, we still find ourselves preoccupied with other things. All the while we trek on through life, strolling toward a greater susceptibility to disease, and possibly an early departure from this world. All we have to do is educate ourselves, and take heed to what others who study this field, are saying.

  14. this is such a great read and so many times as I read this again n — there are many ties into our Compu biz — but also knowing my own life choices and as I grow older hopefully wiser also — lol but looking past the norm for Healthy Choices is a good thing for me at least — helps my Immune System awesomely — thanks PA

  15. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, that’s us. I take my flora, and I will always treat Compumatrix like a blessing. Not everyone out there has been blessed with Compumatrix, but they can be. It’s their choice.

  16. i still love this read — it is so good to look past the norms persay and go farther and farther — with the internet just like libraries not all printed is factual so always be diligent and seek absolute Truth n Facts — jmho — and with our diets add as many greens and fruits to keep inside you regular and clean — again jmho — great stuff here thanks Patrick — rj

  17. Great info on gut flora and health, Patrick. In Genesis, God told man that the fruit of the tree will be his food and the leaves for healing. It is clear then that health and healing should come from what grows from the ground. I take my supplements and am quite careful with my diet.

    On the other hand, over the years Compumatrix has gone through remarkable changes that were necessary for it to become a healthy powerhouse for trading in cryptocurrency. New development concerning the services of a VA has made the members happier.

  18. Great Blog Patrick. I feel Probiotics are a necessary part of my health. I like how you expressed about the gut issues and compared it to Compumatrix. The gut is the centermost crucial focal point of the human body. So much of our health, good or bad, comes from the stomach and colon. Compumatrix has to cleanse itself of the old and other technology they find that is no longer an asset to them and I feel the first step is the new CDAP which is rapidly approaching.

  19. Great post Patrick.Yes we all members are very lucky to be a part of Compumatrix a company which we foresee will flourish and prosper for years to come God Willing. May God Almighty Bless and benefit all members in years to come.Thank you Henry for giving us this Blessing called Compumatrix.

  20. Thank you Patrick,Very good information, gut microbiota is present in the human body from birth and it affects the functioning of our whole body,if we understand its usefulness then by using a proper diet our health can be protected from all the harms and diseases that come,good health is a guarantee of a healthy future,thus compumatrix is a guarantee of a very high financially stable future.

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