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Just about every electronic gadget you own or use depends on code to work properly. How coding initiates the device to perform as it is supposed to can be confusing but broken down, it’s not as daunting as it appears.

People who make code are called programmers, coders, or developers. They all work with computers to create websites, apps, and even games! Today, our goal is to learn what code is, what it is for, and how it can used in our everyday lives.

What Is Code?

Computers have their own language called Machine Code, which tells them what to do. Since most of us don’t speak “machine,” it doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.

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Machine Code consists of numbers or letters, and these are put together in such a way as to tell a computer’s memory to change something. This could also be a number, a word, or even a part of a picture or video. On their own, computers are not so smart; it’s the coding and the programmer’s job to make the computer come alive with whistles, bells, lights, and sound!

It would take most of us a long time to learn Machine Code, but fortunately, communication with computers is made easier; read on.

What Is A Programming Language?

Programming languages perform their duties in the same uniform fashion:

  • The code is written telling the computer what to do.
  • That code is then compiled into instructions the computer can understand.
  • Then the code is executed by the computer.

It can seem confusing with hundreds of various programming languages, but they all serve the same function. Programmers type out the code telling the computer what it wants it to do. The compiler turns it into understandable language, and the computer carries out the command executing the code.

What Is Coding?

Sometimes Code is Easy to understand
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Each line of code tells the computer to do something (there could be many lines to ONE task)

A Script is a document full of lines of code. Most programmers use multiple computer languages to write a Script.

Each script is designed to automate a task. This task might change the size of an image or play a certain sound or a bit of music. When a post in social media is “liked” the script is what makes it happen.

Computers are literal. If they are told to start counting and not told a point to stop, they will keep counting forever! Being a good programmer means writing the exact commands for the computer to behave in the desired manner.

What Is A Program?

To produce an easy script that even non-programmers can use, you would need to turn your script into a Program. Scripts alone only carry out commands which are compiled then executed.

Once you are satisfied with your script, you can compile it into a Program. As mentioned, Compiling changes your programming code to machine code, which the computer can understand and execute. In this way, your machine code is stored in a program that anyone can download and use, be it an app, a game, or a website.

How difficult is Coding?

Anyone can learn the basics of coding. Compare coding to books in a library. Some books are easy to read and understand, while others use big words that are complex and generally make no sense to us. But the bottom line is – they are all books.

If you persevere, the complicated language and confusing stories become easier to understand.

Coding works the same. Like anything new, our first attempts are difficult. But with practice, it gets easier and easier. However, if you find it too difficult to learn to program, learning important ideas behind it is still possible using a visual coding language. It is possible to create your own game without typing any code at all.

Images of coding:

Sample Python program
credit to makeuseof.com for image

To interpret the coding image above: first, we are looking at a script called hello_name. We can see how a single line of code, when executed, can instruct the computer to print a question on the screen.

Suppose instead of simply saying Hello, we want to be greeted and asked our name as well. The coding script can be written to do just that.

Let’s examine the coding script to see exactly what is happening:

  • The script starts by printing the question on the computer.
  • The computer then awaits the response of the user to input their name and saves it.
  • Once the user’s name is input, the script instructs a “Hello” with the user’s name to appear on the screen.
  • In the Cmder window, the script compiles and executes using Python. *Note – Cmder is a commander console for Windows, and Python is a programming language used in Script.
  • As we can see, the Script ran as designed, then, once finished, exited.

This example shows you a simple piece of code run in Cmder. This is an example of what Python code looks like and how this script works.

How Code Becomes A Program

credit to makeuseof.com for image

In the image above, the window on the left is a tool to turn Python scripts into programs. The window on the right has an icon called hello_name.exe. You can most likely guess what happens if you were to click on it!

The example is really simple, and shows how almost all coding works. Programmers, developers, etc. use programming languages every day to write scripts, which will become programs for all to use.

~We now have a broad example of what is being done to create our new CDAP with all the bells and whistles added to construct a user friendly website and atmosphere that will enable us to grow our business with pride!~

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. I think coding is a fascinating skill to have. As we look around us, almost everything is automated to a certain point and computer systems are needed to run our world. You go to a store and, not often, but once in a while the electricity might go out. Everything comes to a stop. They can check you out because the computers are down. Things come to a stand still without computers. So what a good skill to have for future employment in the modern world.

  2. Thanks, Gail for giving members an idea for what has to be done to get the CDAP up and running. This programing will make things a lot easier for the members. It is surprising what we take for granted in our everyday life. And coding is one of them. Giving us the answers before we even ask.

  3. Well done Gail. Informative as always. Once you get used to the logical way programs are constructed, you will be surprised what you can do. I am an old school programmer, used to write in COBOL & FORTRAN – anyone remember those? Basic Assembly Language was the start for many of us – it used 0’s & 1’s.
    Binary Code ( looks a bit like Gail’s machine code?) – 42 was written as 101010. There are always 3 aspects to a program – Input – the data needed for the program to use, Program & its Logic, & Output, the information you wish to create, the end product. Have rambled on enough!

  4. Patrick that is so awesome! I do remember Cobol..not so much Fortran however. It is amazing how things stick in our minds, isn’t it? I heard someone say once, “Old programmers never die, they just code” lol. I really wrote this blog to try to explain a little about what they are doing to get the new CDAP done and in great shape for all of us. I must say, I respect and admire you because I know it’s not easy work being a programmer!

  5. Very interesting and informative blog Gail thanks.I did get some understanding of Coding after reading your blog.Earlier on I was aware of codes especially in Warfare E.G. Enigma in WW2 where German communication was uncoded to the western allies advantage .I also enjoyed DA Vinci code by Dan Brown and few others but Computer codes take the cake and Kudos to all the developers the likes working hard for Compumatrix.

  6. so very well done Gail — you do not stop helping all us here or at least most of us — don’t want to speak for everyone lol — but coding and scripting and how this is all the backbone and intricates of perty much everything in todays world — is incredible but oh so very True — thank you always for your work and effort —

  7. During my lifetime, there has been many skills that I have been envious of and always doubted whether or not I would be able to do that skill. Coding is one skill I am in awe of. Its the second time now that I have heard, “the basics of coding are easy to learn” in the space of 24 hours. I think the universe is trying to tell me something! The first time I heard it was from a coding teacher. I think this time I am not going to walk away. Like I did with playing the piano, learning Photoshop perfectly and mountain climbing!!

  8. I appreciate Gail showing us the basics of coding. When I print I will think of the coding behind the task. It edified how brilliant our Compumatrix developers are with coding the CDAP for us. This article is a reminder of the complex programming and years of hard work and dedication that has become Compumatrix.

  9. Gail, this is a very interesting article. I have always figured coding to be out of my league but this sure makes it sound simple and doable. I do realize there are lots of lines of coding to be done for a functional website like Compumatrix though. I can only imagine how much in fact when I think about all the buttons we click on to take us to the different functions on that site. WOW. Kudos to all the coders and programmers!!

  10. Coding seems like a geeky job, lol. Seriously I admire coders and programmers. That like putting together puzzles would take a lot of patience, time, and dedication. I’m sure our site will be done professionally and it will be very user friendly. We will all greatly benefit from the hard work of the coders!!

  11. Great info Gail. I am certainly going to leave all of the coding to Henry and the ones who know what they are doing. I took a computer programming class in college and we learned the Pascal computer language. I was so frustrated with coding and programs because everything had to be perfect ! You miss one little period, or one little comma and the whole program would not work, or stay in some never ending loop. You truly need to be a perfectionist in my book to be able to be in that field.

  12. My grandson’s work is programming, and he finds it fascinating and loves his job. For me it brings back memories of the one university class which was a computer class and involved writing programs. It was a miracle I just managed to pass it 🙂 So reading this today, some of this even sounds a tiny bit familar like the “hello code”. My admiration goes out to the people who have these skills so they can talk with computers!

  13. Ahh those were the days when using cmd (command prompt) for creating codes..
    I do most of my work in BASH programming as we work a lot in Linux and Unix environment.
    We use a special tool from Git called Git bash which is a pretty neat one.
    It has its own emulation where you can run Git from the command line. It also has a GUI and a shell integration.

  14. I watched my wife do coding … I also watched her almost pull her hair out lol .. not her favorite thing to do but she was building a website to sell advertising . She learned by reading , YouTube videos and what ever she could fine on google. Yes she made it , Took longer than expected. No she did not like coding at all . I was proud of her . But I watched in silence. Can you blame me. wink,wink!

  15. Good article Gail! I worked as a programmer for many years, coding from Assembler to Delphi, Visual Basic, and even some coding in HTML, Perl, Cold Fusion and… other little things lol. Reading your article brought me back memories of those times. So many new technologies have emerged since them.

  16. Well ,well now .. you remember my hair pulling days . I know one thing I would never want to do coding ever again . Not my thing at all. I really do appreciate the men and woman who do this coding for a living and love it. Brilliant minds for sure. I know what they have to go through in coding and for me is when I made a mistake ( often ) it took me a long time to correct it.I know the difficulties that the Compumatrix programmers job is for the CDAP . They are a smart bunch .

  17. When I first started reading your blog Gail, it made me think of an algorithm. That an algorithm is formulated to create a code, to command another transaction to carry on to another command.It is a little daunting, but I see the need for the individual controls as there are so many intricate workings of our CDAP. I am thankful for the brilliant minds that can comprehend and create the codes needed for the operation of our businesses. The algorithm says hello to the code.

  18. Lorna, kudos to you for teaching yourself coding! That is amazing! Carmen, I agree. There are so many functions that we take for granted when we just click on a button. We don’t give much thought to the work that went into making sure each line of code, each comma, each period, is in place correctly to work seamlessly!! Kudos to the best coders ever!!

  19. Coding, programming, and computers in general challenge me to no end. My Mom understands them and I guess I should be ashamed that she has to help me…lol I believe we have some of the best people doing the hardest mind work to get this done once and for all. kudos to them and I know I’m not the only excited person here!!

  20. Patrick Montford your comments brought back memories, I too learned Cobol and Fortran and Basic Machine language. Remember flow charts and the punch cards?
    I finished the course, got the diploma but never followed through and went on to do other things LOL

  21. I loved this article because coding is definitely something I would like to get involved in. Basically everything that is done on the internet requires someone to code it, yet not a lot of people know how to code or even what coding is. I learned many new vocab words and coding terminology from this article.

  22. Coding is indeed a wonderful thing. Without this, we wouldn’t have the internet today among all the other wonderful electronic products and services we have grown to be reliant on that depended on coders/programmers to develop. Not to forget that coding introduced all of us to the wonderful world of cryptocurrency…the original Bitcoin Core was coded by Satoshi Nakamoto using C++. With our capable team of coders/programmers behind our CDAP, we will certainly have a great product to show to the world when we launch.

  23. Computer programing and coding has always intrigued me I have even checked courses to learn it but just have not pursued it yet. I think it would be very interesting to learn. I would also like to learn to make my own apps, like angry bird….lol that kid is a millionaire today just from a simple app.

  24. Gail thanks for introducing me to coding. Your article makes me realize how grateful I am for the wonderful minds we have at Compumatrix building the CDAP. It seems so very complicated to me that I will leave it to the experts. Coding will bring us to the next step here at Compumatrix.

  25. Wow, to see what this computer coding is and what the code writers go through to put it together to secure it for us. I have trouble going through the simple English portion of it. Kudos to the writers.

  26. had to come back and read this posting again and will even more as time moves on — the latest postings by Gail go hand in hand in the learning process and I know by reading and studying her posts alone i can gather information that makes the whole experience of Compu n Cdap at least a weebit understandable maybe ?? great stuff n info really —

  27. I remember way back when I attended some type of computer programming class called Fortran. I remember numbers that did not make any sense to me at the time and still don’t. After reading the quick review in your blog, it still doesn’t make sense to me. The best way to explain it is that my brain just doesn’t seem to function in that particular manner. Therefore, I think I would need to go back to the very, very, very beginning to get a better grip in an effort to understand computer programming. Just a few lines and I am already frustrated.

  28. this blog is just a great read and then again and it is such a big help in understanding some of the nuts and bolts of what we are doing here and then literally looking the fact that computers only do what they are told to do unlike humans who always ask why?? lol just in simple terms — so good to grasp — thank you G

  29. had to come back and take a longer look at this after reading some blog postings on Hearts and such thought this would be good to look at the basics also and realize in biz Heart is True but also need basics for records and for interaction with the masses — say it again so much good reading here –n thank you — rj

  30. Gail thank you, the basic things you have said about the code,that is, the code is used to communicate with the computer,code is a system of communication,which used to program websites and technologies,these complex codes and hard work by developers must have created CDAP, greeting all of them.

  31. I believe it would be basic knowledge about how to build a computer along with computer coding would be taught at a young age or become part of the school curriculum. As many as 90% of parents believe this would like to see this become a part of the regular curriculum, based on a Gallup poll. This help young people have a competitive advantage in today’s world of technology.

  32. 11/30/20 edited for clarity –
    I believe basic knowledge about how to build a computer, along with computer coding could be taught at a young age or become part of the school curriculum. Based on a Gallup poll, as many as 90% of parents would like to see computer programing become a part of the regular curriculum. This would help young people have a competitive advantage in today’s world of technology.

  33. Back in the day, MS-DOS was more common and it has been the closest I have come to computer programming. Luckily, there are books and tutorials for those who want to learn more about computer programming.

  34. this is such a good read and with the progress of the computer — still remember back in mid 90s when had my paper biz I bought new Dell and kept my mileage and biz records on it and at tax time it was so simple –print and go — and reading this post for 5th time it is starting to sink in — lol thanks for great work Gail —

  35. Great Info Gail. I think coding is a fascinating skill to have. As we look around us, almost everything is automated to a certain point and computer systems are needed to run our world. You go to a store and, not often, but once in a while the electricity might go out. Everything comes to a stop. They can check you out because the computers are down. Things come to a stand still without computers. So what a good skill to have for future employment in the modern world.

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