gray-and-black mallard ducks flying during day time

Honk if you Agree !

We have the privilege of living near a large reservoir, where Canadian geese are flying in and taking off continuously. Most every morning, we can hear them flying over our house— noisily honking as they go.
“Birds of a feather flock together.” Nothing could be more accurate of that statement than Canadian geese. They do everything together.
Geese are migrating birds, and they migrate every spring and fall. In autumn, they migrate from the north to the south to avoid the cold temperatures and scarcity of food and return when the temperatures warm. Did you know that Canadian geese can travel more than 1000 miles a day, usually flying at an altitude of 3000 feet? Canadian geese will follow the same flight route for the whole of their lives.

Did you know that geese can make ten different sounds to communicate with one another? The males and females both produce various kinds of sounds distinct to their gender. We best know them for their loud honking call. I have recently learned that the main reason that geese honk when in flight is to encourage the goose in front of them to keep up their speed.

Why do geese fly in a V-formation?
When a goose flaps its wings, it pushes the air directly behind downward. We call this a downwash. The downwash pushes air to the sides, which causes the responding air to move upward, creating an upwash. The V-shape formation places a bird directly in the updraft of the bird in front of it. This updraft gives an 11-14% saving on energy to the trailing bird and even causes them to fly with a lower heart rate. When a goose suddenly falls out of formation, it instantly feels the drag and resistance of flying alone. It then quickly moves back in line, entering back into the updraft of the bird in front. Incredible!

When flying as a group, the geese add 70% greater flying range instead of a goose flying alone.

The point goose, at the tip of the V, is doing the hard work. They are not flying in anyone’s updraft but are taking the full assault of headwind head-on force. When they get tired, they will rotate back into the flock, and another goose will immediately fly into that vacated place, step up and take the lead.

The geese’s compassionate side is noteworthy to me and is when one goose falters, becomes ill or wounded, and falls from the sky. Usually, two geese will follow it down and protect it. They will stay with it until it dies, or it heals and can fly again. At that time, they launch out as a newly created flock in their own little V-formation to catch up with the rest of the community on that flight path.

Geese are one of the most outstanding examples we have of working as a team. What can we learn?

Let’s be “honking”! We are going somewhere where few have ever arrived! We can encourage our leaders, those ahead of us, who take the contrary headwinds’ full brunt! Speaking words of support and inspiration cannot but help to energize those on the front lines. Our “honking” needs to strengthen, not drain!

Let’s welcome and implement a valuable and practical lesson from the Canadian geese into our active Compumatrix community. Let’s stand beside each other and use our talents and skills to work as a team towards our common goal, respecting the formation with those going in the same direction that we desire to go. Working as a team, geese reach their desired destination quicker, with much less effort, and with greater ease than they could ever attain flying solo. When we trust one another, encourage one another, and lift one another, we give each other needed and additional strength for the long journey.

Our leader, or leaders, need their rest from time to time. If we can take on any hard jobs that could provide help or relief to them, we might consider volunteering to do it.

The geese depend on teamwork for their life’s journey. We are no different, and integration yields greatened and satisfying rewards. I believe that these present journeying days of “flight time” will be viewed retrospectively very soon. Soon we will be at our destination as a company. When we look back on some of our most significant victories, many of them will have undeniably come from being a vital part of this “V-for Victory-formatted group”! Our successes shared are victories multiplied! Honk if you agree!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Great read Jeff, you  gave a great example of geese, compumatrix  members are very strong team,we are working with this company step by step and will continue to do so,this company has been given to us by God in the form of a very valuable treasure,we want to appreciate all these leaders,who didn’t even care about their comfort in getting us here,God bless our all precious leaders(Amin) we are all moving towards success thanks to our leaders.

  2. oh absolutely a Honk a day — great reading and now know more about Canadian Geese than how to just bake different parts — lol am old cook and have messed with a goose or two in my career — JP you keep writing n sharing this is such a nice way to start my day also — thank you Sir — and enjoy your Geese Honking !!

    1. I do believe there will be a lot more honking after our long awaited meeting tomorrow about the launch of the CDAP. Finally ! This was an all out team effort from start to finish. I am so ex cited for the whole flock to take flight.

  3. Honk, honk, honk. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog about geese. We also have geese that come to our lake here. They certainly can be quite vocal. As they are flying over us, they get close to the house as they go in for their landing. They can be spitfires if they think you are out to hurt them or their family. They are very protective. I can see how this analogy applies to our Compumatrix community.

    1. I hear you Carmen. We have a small pond near our reservoir that occasional a few geese come over to graze and eat there. One eats while the other stands at fierce attention to mess with you if you think about going near them. If anyone has been bitten by a goose they hear what you are saying !

  4. Honk, that is a very interesting blog I learned something new today, it is amazing what team work does when they all fly together with the draft, just like us with compumatrix it will be amazing what we all can do as we all learn the new system together. Looking forward to the launch.

  5. Its all about integration and teamwork. Supporting one another ,protecting each other and working together as ONE. How well these geese do it. Similarly, we shall also be able to ” fly together” as a team, in Compumatrix. HONK HONK – here we come.

  6. Honk, honk, ready to start. Very nice and interesting story about the geese formation and their habits working so close together as a team. If our leaders need volontiers , they can ask . Years ago we just did that sometimes , many helped when it was needed. Ready to honk our journey anytime soon.

  7. A great post there Geff, the facts are amazing, I knew about the ‘V’ formation
    don’t we live in a wonderful world. as you said we can apply that to Compumatrix.
    I myself have felt that sensation of falling out of the sky, but something tells me inside to keep, going, yes I may be a slow goose, but with help of others, which is much appreciated Ill get up to full speed and catch up, like the geese,

    1. After the meeting tomorrow, we will be all preparing for our own individual take offs but then again all as a group. We have made it together, and that is the joy of all of it.

  8. What a great analogy of one team versus another! I didn’t know all these things about geese, but I can see the similarity of how they work together and how we as a Compumatrix team can / should / work together towards a goal that we have so far only dreamt about!
    Honk, honk, honk… let’s make the leading easier for our management team until we are there!

    1. Yes Inga. It’s hard enough with all the Admin has to work on and keep up with in the technical and logistical realm. We don’t need to add to them any further burden by some negativity or what not. Let’s encourage them as if we were in their shoes and needed the encouragement too.

  9. Thanks Jeff for another eye opening blog, I like your statement when you posted “The geese depend on teamwork” which really the base of any successful business. For example our management and members at Compumatrix, we really depend on teamwork, otherwise, we fail for sure. Also “Birds of a feather flock together” we are very much group of open minded members, I’m so excited and looking forward for our webinar. God bless you Jeff.

  10. “Honking” good information, Jeffrey – that was so interesting and a very good comparison for all the Compumatrix members especially to always encourage our leading geese to strengthen our team. Working as a team, as the geese do, will help us arrive at our destination more quickly. Again like the geese, we will be part of a “V for victory” group – remembering to always swoop down to stay with and protect those who falter – no one is ever abandoned!

    1. I like the V for victory Janis. We will be beginning that today in our Webinar as we finally get a look into all the new features of the CDAP. Victory is certainly at our door step. As Erline always says, we all did this together.

  11. That was a great read Jeff. I always enjoy learning about animals characteristics, had no idea geese would follow an injured comrade to the ground and protect it, amazing. Swapping out the lead in their formation when one tires makes perfect sense, excellent teamwork. After tomorrow I hope we do hear more honking towards our leaders and teammates.

  12. Thank you Jeff for the interesting and informative information about the Canadian Geese. They are, indeed, dedicated, loyal, and programmed to repeat their flight pattern year after year. We in Compumatrix need to be as dedicated and loyal to our fabulous company, founder, admin, partners, devs, reps and members who have stayed the course and are flying in formation for the benefit of the whole flock.

  13. Honk if you’re name is Jeff? LOL. Jeff, you can also add that Geese don’t fly in the summer months, why? Because that’s when they’re going through a molting process, and lose their flight feathers, and grow in new ones. It usually happens around the end of June and carries into the beginning of July. Since Compumatrix is a year round business, all members need to do their part helping to spread this wonderful opportunity world wide !!

    1. Great point Dan. I didn’t know that about the molting process. But you being Canadian of course would know about your own countries geese. We will take you at our word and us Americans will leave our expertise to apple pie, hot dogs etc….. 🙂

  14. Honk…Very well written article. I rember being in Minnesota and waking up in a hotel and hearing all kinds of geese honking. As we ventured out to find the area is was a natural hot spring and looked like a geese airport. A flight of geese would be landing as another would be taking off. One after another was such a beautiful thing to witness, Thanks for the memory.

    1. Yes Alan. Its amazing some times to see masses of them flying in the V formation. My wife and I saw what I estimated to be about 300 geese once flying all in a V. spectacular sight. I marvel at God’s creation and what he has programmed into their DNA to be able to do.

  15. I HONK wholeheartedly…from the updraft zone! This is quite simply the best analogy of this sometimes-crazy trip we’ve all been on for some time now. And while we have not always conformed to the wisdom of nature that Canadian geese do, enough of us have stayed the course, followed the leaders and provided our support to the team to have a pretty solid group. Gaggle? lol – whatever…this is an excellent article, Jeff!

    1. Thank you Zeejay for your kind words. This has been a wild flight or wild ride as you have stated. I am so glad for all the positive people we have in our bunch that have trusted the leaders and all that they have been doing for so long. We will see the fruits of all of our waiting soon. Webinar today ! Yeeeeha !

  16. I agree wholeheartedly Jeff! It takes an entire team working together to make any business a success. It is not an easy task for anyone to take on their own and thus the need to lean on one another for support. We have many Canadian Geese that have landed and fed before taking off again to migrate even further away. They are quite a majestic sight to watch as they circle around in perfect formation and land all at once into the pond. They take off in the exact same formation as they land in. It is amazing!

    1. Thank you for bringing up that landing part which I didn’t mention in the blog. They take off and land the same way just as you have said. They sure do make a lot of noise as you know, but somehow it is just so comical to me.

  17. Honk, honk. I really enjoyed reading this article about the Canadian geese, Jeff.
    They do give us humans a great example, the way they stick together, work together and they are there for one-another. With team work, we always achieve much more than working alone , like the geese . This is the way to reach our goal and have the ‘V’ as our Victory by supporting and cheering on our leaders .

  18. Thanks Jeff, loved the story of the Geese! Knew most of this but the comparison and similarities you shared with the geese and our business was just an eye opener, and lightbulb idea in my brain pan. And yes we should be more involved and when not sure be honest and ask openly in in kindness, and when we can we should help, but always show kindness, towards those in difficult positions and above us….thanks again

    1. Thank you Sam. You do for sure have a kind heart and I am thankful for all the kind and loving hearts we do have here at Compumatrix.

  19. Thanks, Jeff. I agree we will go a lot farther as a team. The importance was all explained tonight as I listen to Henry talk. I am very excited.

  20. Yes, we have made it a long long way, but it has been as a team. Thank full for the point geese that take the brunt of the wind all the time without complaining. They just push forward.

  21. Thank you, Jeff for a great read. I think we can always learn from nature and I love watching the birds here in the UK, particularly birds of prey. However, that could be interpreted as there is always someone out looking to see what they can grab from us.
    As a team, we are learning to prevent that and as a team, we will get where we are meant to be going.

    1. Yes Inspired. I love the fact that even our security depends on all of us as a team. We get warned of scammers. We get tipped off of those trying to steal from us. It takes a village but we have one, thankfully.

  22. Great read, loads of information and a very inspiring way of looking at our gaggle!! In nature there are so many ways plants and animals either work together or support one another in a symbiotic way. We can all learn from it and I hope that very soon our gaggle can celebrate the determination of those at the tip of the V!

  23. Very thankful for those who have been at the tip of the V for all these years. In a real sense it looks like Henry really doesn’t have anyone that can take his place for awhile. But once our system gets on autopilot then maybe he could have some down time.

  24. Yes having a strong company helps you to move forward and be able to Bless others. It is so wonderful to learn from nature and all the beautiful things we can use to improve our life and to be able to enjoy the outcome from every ones hard work.

  25. HONK!
    I surely agree. I have watched geese fly first hand from the cockpit of a aircraft. Its magnificent how those birds work together. Each goose has an equal and significant input towards a smoother V formation flight. I look at Aerobatic pilots, they adopt the same principle of flight formation. Due to working together there are no error that occur, for the all follow under the leadership of the 1st aircraft. Its simply and utterly magnificent how one can learn so much from geese. I couldn’t agree more on the basis of working together as a team here in Compumatrix. Each individual in the company brings a skill and gift that makes the team stronger and reliable. A head cannot do anything unless the body co-operates. We surely need to work together.

    Mind opening blog!

    1. How interesting Joy that you got to see them also from the air right where they do their thing. I love to watch the Blue Angels or any other military flight pilots do their precision maneuvers in the sky it’s thrilling. They all have to have perfect communication with each other to do this right. We should too.

  26. Great read Jeffery. Team work makes the dream work. We got a wonder team with great leaders that makes the journey pleasing. Thanks for eye opener.

    1. The dream work for all these years Carlton is finally at the end stage here. Or better yet the dream is now just beginning !

  27. this a great read and so true on teamwork and how not just in nature but also in business there are so many similarities and tracks that are interchangeable — as i read thru these great blogs a few times and get more n more –I am just so appreciative to be a part of this great Compu team — rj

  28. Thank you for your great story Jeff. It must be an amazing view to see the Canadian geese come and go. I am unfamiliar with that because in the big Brazilian city where I live there are hardly any geese.

    1. I would bet though you can find many stories in nature of animals operating as a team there in Brazil. It’s all over the world of nature. Look at even how ants work unbelievably as a team to get things done. Each one carrying their little load gets mountains moved.

  29. I too love to watch flights of Geese landing and taking off in their own flight patterns. They really are an example of how we should be working together to take the load off of all of us as we pursue our dream of Compumatrix becoming a reality. When we lived in Colorado they became a part of our lives as they seemed to always be there.

  30. You must have boatloads of them there in Colorado as that would be a perfect place for them in the summer and then maybe they head a little more south in the Winter ? I live in middle America and we have lots down here during the winter.

  31. A very nice comparison of the geese and Compumatrix.Nature always has many examples of how we as human beings should live.When we work together as a team we can move mountains and get over obstacles in our path. The leaders in our company are very dedicated and they go to lengths to help everyone reach their destinations

    1. Yes Roma. I love the fact that there are so many people from all over the globe working together on this. Many hands make light work. I know that Erline, Gail,Henry, David the Devs take most of the headwind for us, but we too have a very significant part in all of this.

  32. It’s one thing to work together and have the same goals as other(geese) members, but I have noticed that some geese decide to follow their own path and not the whole groups path. So who is correct? Are the leaders always correct. Can we follow them no matter what? In the case of the geese, the ones that goes their own ways, eventually realize that the direction that the leaders are going to lead them out of cold weather and into the warmth were correct all along. But many times they are so bewildered and stuck on their own ideas that they get stuck and have to winter over in a hostel environment and never do make it alone. Following leadership even though they seem confused, is no reason not to follow, after all they have gotten us to where we are today and will lead us out of hostel environment and into the warmth of enjoying success.

    1. I do agree with you Don. That not everyone stays in their position and just does there little part. There are always those very few in every organization that just have to do things on their own and not follow the guidelines sent to us from the leaders. The majority and wonderful grounded folks who know that the decisions they make are for the greater good though.

  33. So many comparisons to how geese travel to the manner in which so many on line businesses work best. Teamwork. We are all on a team. And we all need to encourage each other. Especially the leaders. And take over leadership roles when it is time. Be it Compumatrix and encouraging our top dogs to keep running or any other system we may be involved with, motivating and encouraging all our peeps to keep on keeping on.

    1. You must have seen so many flocks of birds over the oceans in all your sea travels. I’ll bet you could have hundreds of analogies of team work and group working together. Also, all these principles of teamwork that would apply even to a small ship crew.

  34. this awesome read is so comparable to our compu biz and so many pieces that stay in team are so less winded but there are a few still that think otherwise but time as always does tell whole story — but gotta admit JP this is great stuff and look past just the marvel of nature and God’s work —

  35. How very relevant the story of Canadian geese is to the company we belong to. We too need that feeling of togetherness and looking after one another. We should always remember that trying to make something like this work is very difficult and tiring and the administration and the staff have done an extraordinary job through thick and thin and very soon we will all see it come to f

    1. Yes Patrick. That staff and the ADMIN have taken the real headwinds for us and are constantly seeming to do most of the work. For now, we have not been able to do much of our part for we are all waiting for the system to kick in. But even the small things that we are doing makes it all successful as a whole. My hat goes off the Henry and the whole leadership gang for their great role in all of this !

  36. yes. unfinished blog will try and fix it right soon . knowing full well that our company is a novel approach to new way of creating a wealth producing system and is still evolving. all of us are participants in this experimental and uncharted territory of the crypto world and decenterilized currency system

  37. As I read your example of teamwork with the Canadian geese, it reminded me of cyclists working together to go as fast as they can, drafting off of each other’s wheels and rotating who is in the lead, when they need to. They are great examples of teamwork and how we can each play a roll in success and leadership. We can “honk” our support to the front, and I also see others stepping in, to lead — answering questions, mentoring, supporting new team members along the journey. As a team, we can achieve great success!

    1. You got it Donna. The principle of drafting is so great. We see the race cars in the Daytona 500 using this same principle. It works in so many walks of life. Those in front are definitely pulling a heavier load. They are to be commended.

  38. Another great blog Jeff. I agree it takes an entire team working together to make any business a success. It is not an easy task for anyone to take on their own and thus the need to lean on one another for support. This awesome read is so comparable to our Compumatrix business and so many pieces that stay in team are so less winded but there are a few still that think otherwise but time as always does tell whole story.

    1. I agree with your comments Paula ,It takes team work to keep any business going , Working together is a must ,wether you are sitting on a board or working the floor in sales .The team has to get along. Compumatrix is a good example of team work.

  39. Its great Avery that you are in sales. This must be a wonderful skill set to have in maintaining the Compumatrix business that we have. Sales seems to make the world go round for sure ! You are so right about teamwork. Can’t do it alone for sure.

  40. It is interesting how we can take extremely necessary lessons simply by observing the animals around us, living in their respective environments. It is very difficult, nowadays, to reach your goals without companions by your side, be that loved one, be a friend or co-worker. Everyone needs support, especially in the situation we find ourselves in.
    Excellent text. I loved the V-formation analogy. Honk!

    1. Yes. Support is the key as you say bruno. We all can not be in this alone and the support that we have through the BOD and the RR’s and David and Henry is just fantastic. I was in a corporate organization where we rarely even heard from or saw the top leaders of the company. This is not so with Compumatrix. What a blessing we have.

  41. Honk  honk, very fascinating fact, very interesting story about geese,we can learn a lot from the qualities that animals possess,it also encourages us to work together like a geese in the compumatrix, members in compumatrix win like geese,with teamwork, we can make the compumatrix  a success business.Thank you Jeffrey for great blog.

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