How do I get what I want?

Each of us desires the same basics in life. The freedom to pursue the chosen career, a loving family, travel, and leisure time, a lovely comfortable home, to be free of debt, with enough abundance to give back to the community. Depending on the individual and the perspective of what makes us happy.

Often these goals are not easily achieved. Perhaps a short checklist would help?

Develop a plan

Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Most of us realize if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail. A plan for success must be drawn up, then executed with checks along the way to monitor progress.

Do you have a plan? Now is an excellent time to formulate a plan of success. It may sound corny, but writing the list out reinforces our goals, and placing the list where it can be seen every day motivates us to get it done. Each step moves us closer to our dreams, but since more success is found in the journey, the goalpost should always be pushed out.

Once a plan is formulated, it must be put into action. A plan without action is like a recipe never baked.

Be Practical

Being practical (or pragmatic) is an essential attribute in your arsenal for building your future. Inventory your abilities and strong points. As you do this, also be aware of and accept that you may never be on par with fellow colleges in specific skillsets. This is fine. We don’t all share the same strengths and talents, and what a boring world it would be if we did! Once you accomplish this task, you are left with a more transparent understanding of your toolbox. Then, applying what you learned about your own skills opens the doors to constructing a plan of action in your life

Decide WHO, not WHAT you Desire to Be.

An essential part of constructing the future that you desire centers on creating who you want to be, not what you want to be. This is because of the process of deciding who you want to be, forces you to call upon your own personal passion, competence, and satisfaction. These are powerful drivers of change in your life. When you know who you want to be, you are empowered to know more precisely what you need to do, the things you need to own, and the resources you need to become that person you desire.

Be Honest and Accountable

Being honest and accountable will require that we are brusque and forthright with our self-assessment.

With the assistance of a trusted close friend, identify your weaknesses and strengths. Have an open discussion and allow them to speak freely. This will help you focus and be honest and accountable concerning these qualities. Decide on identifying and changing bad habits you need to dispose of and enhance the right traits. Understand that not every “bad habit” will work against you. Some will actually be an attribute to help manage challenges that may come your way.

This process brings inner peace by teaching you to accept and love yourself.

Ignore Haters

Not everyone in your life will be celebrating the change within you. Some will express negativity against you because they feel like they are losing control over you. These could be friends as well as family.

Be aware there are two kinds of criticism, constructive and positive or destructive and harmful. Constructive criticism offers a solution, while destructive criticism has nothing but negativity attached. Accept the constructive criticism with grace and ignore the destructive negativism.

Do Not Accept Mediocrity

It is essential to understand that building a great future demand pushes beyond what we deem as our limitations. Many people are sad and dissatisfied with their lives, perhaps because they took the easy path that, when followed, leaves many wondering why life feels like it has no meaning. When life catches up to us, which it certainly will, depression and dissatisfaction may cause serious issues. Therefore, choose a path that will challenge you to utilize your potential. Aggressive people win by using their energy, talents, and intellect.

Accept Change

How many times have you heard, “the only constant is change?”

Try to remember, people who refuse or fight change are usually those who never see progress. Change happens every second of every minute of the day. New ideas change the way business is conducted. New laws bring about change in the way business is conducted. We must be prepared to adapt to the changes.

Being proactive about change prevents being surprised and upset when you are faced with it. If you notice an area needing attention, change it! Create the transformation and stay in control of your future!!

Eye on the Future

Strive to continually keep in tune with the future. Exploit opportunities that will help you formulate a brighter outlook. Consider the results of today’s conditions to plan the expectations of tomorrow.

Continually be future-orientated by analyzing the incidents of today and visualize where they could lead.

Continue to self-improve

The process may seem too fastidious, but it will help you improve by learning new mannerisms, internalize fresh knowledge, and gain additional skills.

The results will be well worth the pain if you draw nearer to your target. Remember, as the saying goes, the pain is weakness leaving the body.

Embrace the pain, work through it, and you will be stronger than ever.

Remove and Improve

Eliminating certain things from your life may be necessary. Bad relationships, bad habits, and some activities may need to be abandoned. If they no longer contribute to your success and have lost their influence over your life, they have likely lost their significance and could actually be holding you back. Sometimes systematic abandonment is a necessary evil to be able to improve yourself. A concept known as kaizen in Japan illustrates a constant improvement in our lives.

Kaizen Warrior | Palabras, Kaizen, Frasess
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Helping others Succeed

Helping others, especially those whose opportunities are few and far between, is almost essential in creating a sense of accomplishment in our lives. To be a contributor to the success of many by offering them a path whereby they can grow and prosper is not a difficult task if they are also given the tools. With Compumatrix, we have the ability to aid in the development and bring hope to parts of humanity who may never have had been offered the chance. It is said, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

By sharing the tools, education, and guidance, we can change the direction of lives for our fellow men and teach them to help in kind for generations to come.


A bright future full of hope and success is ours to be had IF we work hard and persevere. It doesn’t just fall in our laps; we have to TAKE it. Our destiny is our responsibility, and it falls on each of us to prepare for it. Take control now and reap the benefits later.

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Gail, you continue to offer terrific blogs which are always informative as well as inspirational! I do know of a few who just let life happen to them rather than planning and being proactive for their futures. “That is just life” is their answer when things don’t go well for them. Good things happen to all of us, as do ‘bad’ things. Those who plan and work for a better future usually put the ‘bad’ thing behind and draw up a new plan.

  2. I love, love a plan – a step by step plan that lays out all the facts and ideas – that is your forte, Gail! Though we should be practical, it can also be a good idea to leave the door open a crack to “Dream Big!” Write down ideas that seem to be way beyond what you are capable of and would be able to achieve (so you think) – many people have accomplished much by not limiting themselves! Also, love the point of helping others succeed – many only focus on themselves, but it is very important to give a hand up to others also.

  3. Thanks Gail, wonderful post. I agree — it starts with the idea and the dream, building into a vision and then the plan to make it all happen. We are each challenged to create our plans for building with Computmatrix, great success….. envisioning WHO we each want to be and supporting the bigger vision along the way. And yes, to make sure we are each doing our own inner work to not limit ourselves and our beliefs.

  4. I think ignoring haters is an especially challenging step because sometimes the negativity might come from people we respect or those that we seek approval from. Family members, for example. If you share with them what your plans are or a business you’re involved in, and they don’t like the idea, or fail to see the potential that you see in it, they may disapprove instead of wishing you the best. You have to have a strong determination to continue with your plans despite not having the everyone’s approval.

  5. Gail Thank you for this blog its just so uplifting. I just love reading all your blogs. We are all dreamers building a bigger dream together. Of course we have those doing a lot more to help the group but we as a whole can build anything.

  6. Another excellent article, Gail! This is a very well-rounded guide on how to not only discover “who” we are as opposed to “what” we are…it advises us on how to CREATE who we want to become. It shows us how to continue choosing the most expedient paths in our quest to build that vision. I really appreciate this guidance; as we know, a la the Japanese kaizen, there’s always room for improvement, and like you said, might as well use those improvements to lead us to the next-best-step to who we want to be!

  7. Gail, you always give some good advice to all of us. When I am reading you blog I learn a lot from them and can tell people that I know how they can change things in their lives. Keep the blogs coming Gail.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m so happy I can help you and Anthony even in a small way. You both have been a blessing to us all, and I am very pleased to see you, and he participates in the Discord chat room too!! Many Blessings to you both!!

  8. A great outline for success! Plans are important and so is keeping up I know some who are not I feel sorry for them you know the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it, I like the fish one better I am going fishing so I will have fish for life called compumatrix customers.

  9. Gail, I enjoyed this article. You have expressed my life journey with Compumatrix. There are so many things that have been necessary changes for me this last three years. I have let go of physical possessions and needless clutter in my brain. What you have written is how I feel and tried to express in my blogs. There is a changing going on in our world as it moves into the new future for us. We will be better able to abide by these changes as we change our selves and our mindsets to grow with the modern world.

  10. Great blog Gail and yes we can plan our future if we desire to do so. Compumatrix success is the goal for many especially for us founding members who have worked and followed all the changes over the past almost 15 years.
    It all started as a dream and seems to be so close that we can almost touch it. From there many more plans can be achieved by helping others in following our food steps.

  11. Another great post. It all starts with determining what we want and what it will take to get us there. Then develop a plan to achieve that goal. Your plan will almost always change along the way, but at least you have something to refer to, something to correct, and then continue forward toward your goal. I think the hardest part is actually determining a goal that we can actually achieve. Where do you start? There are plenty of Compumatrix members that are more than willing to help you with that. I call on them regularly.

  12. All of need to plan our future very carefully. However, so many situations come our way and try to sidetrack us from our goals.
    The intensity comes from within us – the drive to get what we want., in life. We do need to become better human beings as well, contributing towards the welfare of our society, friends family members. Compumatrix is the key to get to our objectives and helping other to achieve theirs as well.

  13. Gail,A very encouraging blog! It takes a lot of challenges to move forward,what we want is to take a step forward with the goal of getting into the work honestly and sincerely in life, there will be many difficulties along the way but hold fast to your decision.So we can get all the happiness of life.As we have been associated with compumatrix  for years, there was a true devotion with hard work and waiting that brought us to this place today.

  14. Thank you, Gail, for a well-written blog. Only yesterday a lady was telling me how hurt she was that her father had rung her up, specifically to say that the business she was trying to build up was a waste of time and a scam..etc.
    I reassured her that she didn’t need to justify herself to anyone, nor does she need the approval of her father. That he is stuck in his ‘story’ and she was ‘living her story’.
    The constant ebb and flow of life mean that we also need to be flexible but also continue to move forward towards our goals or whatever gives us joy in our lives.

  15. another great blog Gail — it is good for information and also to put into perspective different and positive ways to go at life in general — have learned too many times that Plans are needed if you really want to succeed — but it takes time and effort real effort to create the plan and then follow the plan — keep writing and sharing G

  16. Another Great article by Gail written here. The way the steps on the suggestions of what you can do to make a plan which would make it simpler and easier to get what you want. Two really stick out to me. To develop a plan and to accept changes. Life is always full of changes so all plans are likely to have to be changed.

  17. Another great blog Gail,
    I really liked these two advices, 1. Be aware there are two kinds of criticism, constructive and positive or destructive and harmful. 2. Depending on the individual and the perspective of what makes us happy. I do believe that surrounding ourselves with positive people really makes our life much happier for us and for everyone around. I’m so glad to be in such a great family called Compumatrix.

  18. I feel most of us desires the same basics in life. The freedom to pursue our chosen career, a loving family, to travel and have leisure time, a nice home, to be debt free and have enough abundance to give back to the community, with the suggested steps posted above you can make a plan which would make it simpler and easier to get what you want.

  19. Excellent article Gail, life is what you make it, if you choose to see the glass as being half empty, wonderful gifts given will ever make you happy. We have had the best role model in life, mum has struggled, nothing was ever easy but she always finds a way to laugh and through laughing she is able to find solutions and how to move forward.

    1. Hi Luci, I have a lot of respect for your Mom. She does indeed put forth a lot of effort and helps those around her immensely! I know it hasn’t been easy for her, but she keeps a positive attitude and lives the steps outlined in this blog—blessings to you and her.

  20. Excellent blog Gail, those are all the steps and ideologies one has to do and take to get what one wants. Over the years I have read these same steps and try to instill them in my life, especially ‘The only constant IS change,’ how true! Especially in this world, it is nothing but change, and even with Compumatrix, look how much change there has been in the last 6 ish years.
    Be flexible, work hard and be prepared for anything.

  21. I especially loved your point on helping others to succeed Gail. Just like Zig Ziglar said, You can get anything you want if you help enough people get what they want. I love the fact that so many Christians in our organization will not only be tithing on all the profits they make but will be very involved in helping others less fortunate. That’s the heart of our company.

  22. Great blog Gail. Through the years being a member of Compumatrix, we members have been through the hoops and more, but you and Erline have been the support pillars this company has relied upon and without you both, Compumatrix simply wouldn’t exist. You have brought all the tools, knowledge and are true leaders in the forefront. I rarely say much, but I think I owe you my admiration and respect through all these years.

    1. Thank you, Aida! Those are very kind words. Erline and I are here because of the members. Without members, there would most definitely not be a company! So we appreciate each of you, and we also know that we all will reap the rewards of staying around and jumping through these “hoops” that were placed before the company. Any change the members have had to make the company had to as well. We should all remember that when we get frustrated about yet another change.

  23. Change is always a part of anything worth doing or having — life has been a blessing in so many ways and part of that is the constant change we face every day — it is so fascinating when you honestly look at and make those changes and then accept change as you grow inside and outside — just great reading n learning here — much appreciation —

  24. Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” Alice: “I don’t much care where.” The Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.”
    I always loved this quote, for it shows me that there are many roads but you can only travel one at a time, and not knowing where you want to go made be a waste of time.
    Thank God that Henry had a vision of where he wanted Compumatrix to be, but he did have to walk many wrong paths to find the right one.

  25. The first thing I thought of when I saw the title of your Blog Gail, was what we do to get what we want at the different stages of life. It doesn’t take long for a baby to know what to do to get your attention when they are hungry – they may start with fussing, then screaming and crying, when they want picked up they lift their arms to you. After the baby stage, they’ll scream or holler and pound with their hands or kick their feet – a bit of a tantrum shows up. 3-4 years later, if they are denied something they want, they’ll pout and shout and throw things. Once a teen ager, they learn to try charm or threats, as an adult you learn ya gotta work for it. Oh hum! Who taught them any of this???

  26. A very apt blog Gail the steps to plan to reach your goals It’s amazing how you broke them down. You and Erline have always guided us through all the ups and downs and I so appreciate it.I have faith in all of you in helping us reach our destination where I have plans and back up plans on how to help others in need.

  27. Well, Gail, this blog article of yours portraits me today.
    I was living a routine life, working a lot, helping people a lot too, but it was a routine. I couldn’t deviate from what I was doing, from the way I was doing it, day in and day out! From the moment I was out of bed, to that point in time when I could finally go back to have some rest for the night. The next day everything would practically be the same.
    But, now, adding to all the ‘new’ things I have to and can do in my personal life, I also am much more capable and eager to learn. Not only the *new Compumatrix* that’s coming our way at CDAP, and all I will be able to do with whatever I’ll have, coming my way in this World of Cryptocurrency.

  28. There you go again, Gail, putting so much wisdom out there. BE the change you are looking for. There was a sign on the Rainbow Stage (an outdoor theater in a park in Winnipeg) that states, “No acting to be done here.” What this means is BE the part you want to play rather than acting. 21 days later, you will never understand why you were different 🙂

  29. How do I get what I want ? I never give up. I trudge on , when others stop. Giving up has never been part of my vocabulary. Though sometimes things gets me overwhelmed I just have to find a way to get through those difficult times and keep going. Nothing good comes from not going through some difficult times ..but we should all learn from them and move on. Life is a book with many chapters , giving up and not getting what I want ,there is no chapter for that in my book of life.

  30. this is such an inspiring read and when put into perspective especially from a cooks stand point — Preparation and looking ahead and being prepared for the unexpected thru preparation — yeppers as you can see — Life is full of redundancy but Preparation is 1 big Key — jmho — and reading this blog several times is not a bad thing — just great stuff here — thanks many times over —

  31. “Each step moves us closer to our dreams, but since more success is found in the journey, the goalpost should always be pushed out.”

    I love this…we are so conditioned to “arrive at the goal” and ignore the journey, but I do find that continuing to swing at something further out of my reach, as I journey along, keeps the journey interesting. Tenacity is probably inbred, not learned, but one can mature and personally evolve to the point where giving up is no longer the default.

  32. I believe the best made plans are accomplished by establishing a path to accomplish goals and objectives. I would only offer that while accepting mediocrity should be avoided, one should set reasonable goals and be aware of the extent of their strengths and weaknesses which will help to not plan beyond their capability and set reasonable and satisfactory goals necessary for success.

  33. Each day brings us closer to a lot of our dreams. I hope everyone joins in on building the company and making it successful we get what we give. We all have exciting days ahead.

  34. such great looks at Compu Biz from so many here — and each time I spend here going back I actually am going forward in my life and quest for Biz success here with a bunch of Talented Trustworthy Biz Partners all are persevering and pushing Forward it is special to be included — and the info in these Blogs just great working info — thank you sincerely —

  35. this is such a great read going forward into this newest new year — and seeing the Teamwork in this Compu Biz is so inspiring in our success formula — and staying or getting the learning curve bending my way is also very good in biz sense — the info here is just incredible —

  36. A very down to earth and encouraging Blog Gail.We need to take responsibility of our actions and deeds to be able to reap the rewards,and see the result in the form of Compumatrix. May God Almighty Bless all members and see everyone prosper soon in Compumatrix.

  37. Another interesting and thoughtful blog Gail .you do come up with some very thought provoking articals.that makes people think about themselves and others around them.
    I find that Compumatrix members are so thoughtfull ,careing and are so very willing to help other Compumatrix members. It really is a beautiful thing to watch.

  38. A great blog, Gail. I really enjoyed reading this.
    It’s absolutely true that so many people value themselves or how others perceive them, which a lot of the time is in a negative view. Perhaps it is jealousy towards another person, or that they are unhappy in their own lives, they want to bring down others too.
    During Covid it has certainly been a struggle to remain positive at times, but I am learning to look forward to what lies ahead. Rather than dreading what is coming or hoping the bad stuff will just pass by, we should feel excited about what is around the corner and work towards achieving our goals.

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