How I “Imagine” it!

Here we are. The year is 2030. Welcome to my home.

Sometimes you get so busy making a living that you neglect to make a life. What do we sacrifice, and what do we gain? Perhaps we didn’t even realize how close to the cliff’s edge we were.

So much has changed since then. That COVID thing obliged everyone to step forward and take charge of their lives before that privilege was taken from them. Fortunately for humanity, we experienced an awakening that opened our eyes, and our priorities reflect what really matters now.

No longer are we mind-controlled. We set ourselves free from the constant barrage of psychological brainwashing techniques. The class of power-hungry maniacs who once governed our lives is no more.

Television is no longer the center of family entertainment. We finally realized how television “programs” and commercials took away our critical thinking capability, and we became complacent. Family time is spent productively–doing and learning things together.

Owning a home and property is viewed as essential to provide safety, security, and privacy for all living creatures. In 2030 there is no question–our home and property are respected and considered fundamental to our humanity.

Purchasing a House With a HECM Reverse Mortgage: How to Do It Right | HuffPost

There is no such thing as profiteering from or exploiting debts. No interest to pay back as usury is a relic of the past.

Our differences are acknowledged and celebrated. No one is above another. We no longer allow division to create hate, bigotry, prejudice, or malice. We allow no one to park their evil preoccupations in our minds. Because we can now critically think for ourselves, we aren’t controlled and used to satisfy an agenda of profit and destruction.

Taxes are only levied on NEW non-essential items paid at the point of sale. No other tax is allowed. Fiat currency is void. Central Banks have been abolished. Gold from the reserves was released to the market, and inflation is minimal. Cryptocurrency is also an accepted form of payment and store of value. Again, not taxed if used to pay for fundamental needs.

Our seniors are no longer considered an “inconvenience” or forced to live out their days abused and neglected. Where their dignity is lost, and death is a welcome friend. Instead, they live out their lives in loving environments with their children or dear friends surrounding them. Their advice and experience are sought and appreciated. They are treated with the honor and respect they have earned in their years of love and sacrifice.

Respite, residential homes or nursing: How to find the right care home | Health | Life & Style ...

Journalism is considered honest and open, and Censorship is non-existent. Critical thinking, along with impartial, unbiased reporting, despises dishonesty. Yes, the legacy media does still exist. However, they are treated as dregs of society, and few respect anything they say as we realize they were part of the problem.

You are free to indulge in as much poison in your body as you like; the choice is yours. We have learned and understood the effects of overeating, drugs, and smoking on our bodies and treat them with much more respect. Not many choose to bother with illicit drugs or television anymore. Some youth will experiment; however, most everyone outgrows it.

Modern technology has been restricted, not allowed to introduce our children to harmful addictive products. Only ethical, open-source companies thrive in our markets today. Collecting our data and using it against us or to manipulate us is anathema to our awareness. The Big Data market is a thing of the past, and they went bankrupt. Humanity now values privacy and anonymity more.

Mental Health and all the problems that come with it are all but gone, but so is the pressure to live up to impossible social media standards and addictive habits. Physical health has also experienced a drastic change as people are more aware and take better care of their bodies. Plus, our healthcare system is now for the people, not for the money.

Humans own themselves rather than BEING owned. The government works for the people. Local tribunals settle what used to be handled by the courts. Crime is not a factor any longer as people practice “love thy neighbor” more than “love thyself.”

More work is done at home and from home than going to a 9 – 5 job. People do more of what they love than what they must. The pressure to keep up with the Jones no longer tears us away from family and friends. We may have less, but we appreciate more.

We find ourselves learning new skills or developing those we already have. Those that enjoy working online need not worry about being hacked or scammed. Many of the founding members of Compumatrix are still working to engage, enrich, and enhance lives by showing them how to enjoy their freedom. Working from home with the hours THEY set allows for more time to enjoy family and friends. This business has successfully overcome the odds and stood the test of time.

My Home is my Office: 10 Gründe für das Home Office

Life has changed, and for the better. Balance in all things.

Real or imagined, perhaps dreaming and conceptualizing is a good thing to pass away lock-down time? Ten years from now, life may not resemble this, but it is nice to visualize and hope.

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Oh, Gail, wow that was great. I was in 2030 for real. Did not want that to end. When I think of all the opportunity that will be there for us, our children, grands. It makes it so interesting. Then the excitement of what there is to come. New technology, more training, learning, and don’t forget more resonsibility. There will be no time for depression, its time to keep up and get with it. Enjoyed your post. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Agnes, and bless you hon. I hesitated to post this as it’s a big change from my normal posts. It was on my mind so I needed to express it, I suppose. Perhaps it’s a Utopia but it would be nice for sure!! Again, thanks and I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. What a great imagination you have, it would be awesome! I think you hit the nail on the head. It would be a great new world with everything you posted. We can only hope and pray; it turns out that way. I like the points you made about not being owned, no mind control, and especially loving thy neighbor instead of not even knowing their name.

  4. I love this concept! I think it would be a great world we could all be proud of then! I agree with Tim, you have a great imagination and express it very well. Agnes, something tells me it wouldn’t feel so much like responsibility but more like a rewarding venture. I think depression would not get a chance to flourish either! Great post!

  5. When I first started reading Gail’s “How I Imagine It,” I thought, “What Kool-aid are you drinking? That doesn’t sound like any reality I’m aware of.” And then I recalled, Gail, you are imaging 2030. 
    I’ve read elsewhere of one who has an overview of planet Earth, that currently, 6-1/2% of the world population, not as a group or collective or necessarily knowing each other, but rather as individuals, are re-imaging a new Earth reality. Gail’s blog fits right into that reality in many, many ways.
    It’s funny, in 2002 I wrote a screenplay titled Imagine. Recently I changed the name to “You Never Could Imagine.” As I’ve thought about it recently I’ve been imaging a new human species based on “adaptive biology.” It would fit right in with Gail’s imagination. Down the road, as I further develop the idea I may share it. It’s not ready yet. 

  6. And to think I’m not too fond of Kool-aid. Lol, I wouldn’t AT ALL say I like the smell of that stuff. Weird, I guess, but true! I actually had fun with that Tuscan but hesitated to post it. I guess it doesn’t hurt to let the imagination take over now and then…

  7. Wow. what a wonderful trip into the future. I felt transported into another time. In the year 1962- 1963, a cartoon featuring a space-age family called The Jetsons had many of us dreaming of an impossible future by 2062. Flying cars, a smartwatch, video conferencing, and even a talking robot was such far fetched ideas that it stretched the imagination. As the years slipped by, all of these “futuristic” inventions became a reality plus some. Can you imagine what our world will be like in 42 years as we go into 2062?

    Your world Gail has me transported into that future. I believe – I believe……… Can you imagine what Compumatrix will be like in one year from now? Our future here is whatever we want it to be. We are in control. Hugs

  8. Once again, a very well written blog, and appreciate it, thanks. It is like Back to the future. The points put forth are worthy of notice. As Erline wrote, we are soon to see Flying cars, whereas the smartwatches are now a reality, as well are the Video conferencing calls. Because of Lock-down, all students globally are learning online, and It seems to be a thing of the future anyway. There is also a well-known fact that you achieve what you Imagine howsoever impossible or impractical it may seem.

  9. Wow, Gail has switched to Science Fiction (was my first thought)! What a wonderful vision of the future, which can become a reality faster than we realize. The title of the blog says it all! I “intend” to do my best in all areas, so I do. I “feel” that it is the right way to go, and the right way attracts me. I “imagine” myself as a successful Compumatrix member so that I will become one.

  10. Very nice thought process Gail — it is always good to look into a future, and then we can make plans to achieve — one thing I am quite certain of though, is a total world of balance not with actual humans involved there will always be a certain percentage of humans with too big of an Ego and certain that will always be looking for the easy way around — jmho —

  11. WOW, Gail. While reading your post, I remembered John Lennon’s song “Imagine.”
    A real future beyond dreams 2030, I got lost in it, one world I didn’t feel like coming back from there. This is a strange place beyond my imagination. I think your imagination is going to heaven. The world of hope is established. The time to come will introduce a lot of technology and advanced knowledge. Glad to read this post.

  12. That is truly somewhere else hahaha, the mind is so powerful when given a dose to think and bring images, it creates the most fascinating scenes that cannot be conceived into reality sometimes, but also out of the imagination great ideas have been born and so is our future if we dare to imagine more and more , wow I think im back here on earth now.

  13. Oh, Gail! This is my favorite post of yours so far, because it comes from your heart. I have no doubt that what you imagine is happening as we speak. The more of us who dare to believe that anything is possible, are the ones who will live this reality. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us…it matters. It truly does <3

  14. Wow sounds like Heaven on Earth , I Love it !
    Just think 2030 is right around the corner. Gail your blog gives me butterflies of excitement !
    Its wonderful to see a future where Compumatix and its members are Successfully changing lives.
    Thank you for inviting me into your imagination of a Glorious Future

  15. Wonderful post! This does not have to be 2030 – many of these points can be started now, and I’m sure there are people who are already doing them. For example, not being mind-controlled through television, mainstream news, etc.; treating our seniors with respect and dignity; respect and take care of our bodies; working from home and no trying to keep up with the Jones (those Jones have a lot of pressure on them :); and balance in all things to name a few. No doubt this is now and the world of the future!

  16. Well said Gail. What a wonderful vision, and this is nearer that we think. What a pleasure to
    be with all you Leaders. God Bless you all, and we will all be in the GOLDEN age soon. Blessings

  17. It’s always good to look far above and beyond all that is going today in our present world. I am sure that people who went through the Spanish plague or even the great depression couldn’t see very far ahead from what was happening at the moment. But both of those great events indeed did pass. This Covid one will too. I guess in every situation you just eat the meat and spit out the bones.

  18. I love this post, Gail and it completely resonates with what I also not only, ‘imagine’ but can also see.

    I grew up for 26 years without a TV in our house, and for the last five years we only watch from DVD’s and choose what we watch.

    I have noticed that what I watch the last thing at night, appears in my dreams, so I try to listen to some music, or watch something on my laptop on YouTube that makes me chuckle.
    I also believe that we won’t have to wait until 2030 some see a lot of these things happening around us in our lives.

  19. Your description of the cute little frog sounds like pure magic. I have never seen one but wish I could.
    Thank you for taking the time to review and highlight important security issues. The more we use computers to run our business, the more important it becomes to maintain a high level of security. You pointed out many important things.

  20. I appreciate the subtle way you express the now and the hope of the future. I have Three blogs started about the things you mention that we no longer have to contend with in our future. Every time I begin to write these blogs, I get too intense and have to stop. Like you, I would instead look at the positive of what will be. I like to read the 14th Amendment, and know we may have some hard times before we get to the future you imagine, but we will get there. Thank God for the hope of a better tomorrow.

  21. This saying is so true and and I feel ties in so well with the Law of Attraction. I keep these phrases by my work desk and look at them everyday: 1) “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” [by Walt Disney]; 2) “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe.” [by Anatole France]

  22. Imagination is a wonderful thing. While some use it to create and escape to a type of Utopian fantasy, others will work to creatively imagine how our personal lives and society can revolve back to a time when morals, character, and integrity were the norm as a standard for our culture. While we can’t go backward in time, we can certainly work to bring about what we can imagine as a better tomorrow. It’s not just wishing on a star, it is working hard for what we can imagine ought to be.

  23. That is an amazing future. Hope it really comes to be that way. It sounds so good and it is possible but it would take so much change from the way life is at the moment. I think it’s important to imagine what we’d like things to be. Dreams can become a reality if enough people have the same dream and make the effort to bring about change.

  24. What a wonderful read Gail. I’m with you, looking forward to this dream-life in the future….we never know what is out there waiting for us, but definitely it feel great dreaming about it……
    We might take it as a dream right now, but I believe in Compumatrix and I know that it will change many – many lives in the future and many dreams will become reality.

  25. Incredible imagination Gail! I like many of the changes, and so many great points, those about journalist will be considered the dregs of society made me smile. My perfect world would be one about human nature where kindness, respect and consideration would be the only way humans treat each other. Resentments, envy, arrogance, dishonesty and hate would be obsolete. I think many of the physical illnesses in today’s society are due for lack of love, human connection and harmony.

  26. Thanks for your interesting thoughts about imagining how the world could look in the year 2030. That is only 10 years away from where we are now. It is hard to believe that some of your ideas will be accomplished in such a very short period of time. At the moment I only see a movement in the opposite direction. I really hope that the Corona pandemic opens the eyes of people and that we start realizing that another world will be a much better place to stay.

  27. Sounds like Utopia! I have seen movies and read books that incorporated much of what you described above. Some people really have far reaching imaginations which may fall into that category of Science Fiction, but seeing this as dreaming and believing for the best future for humanity puts it in a different light. Not Science Fiction, but real possibilities. The more positive thoughts, ideas, and energy put out, the more positive results occur. I may not be alive to see this bright future, but I do dream it for future generations. Thank you, Gail, for the insight to a better life for all.

  28. So looking forward to that vision of humanity and thought. Great essay Gail. I couldn’t have said it better myself. What we can conceive and believe, we WILL achieve. And the above is a future I wouldn’t have a worry living in, or bringing my kids up to embrace. We have the ability to make it real.

  29. What a fun and interesting Blog you did Gail. Very detailed. Everyone has it in them to be what they want to be. Make of them selves and form their life molded into positive future for them and the people around them. I look forward to the future .. to see what it holds for humanity ……

  30. Great post Gail, I hope all the above happen as early as 2021, I believe that seniors really shouldn’t be punished by going to senior homes and badly treated, usually they should stay on their homes where they feel safe, Fake media, should be abolished and replaced by honest media, brainwashing should stopped. The new technology should be exposed and be available to everyone.

  31. If our grandparents could see what is going on now they would think it’s 2030. As technology grows faster it grows even faster from the advancement of technology. The McDonald’s mentality of having everything fast now even makes McDonald’s seem slow but we continue on in hope that one day Compumatrix will change a lot of this ea-raising of time freedom.

  32. Thank you Gail for bringing us into your 2030. There is so much to hope for over the next decade. I personally can’t wait to see what the future brings for myself and my family!

    The thing I would really love to see is as you nicely put it in the blog ‘balance in all things’.

    Balance can bring all our dreams to life.

  33. Very good post Gail. It really made me think about my own future. I am a positive person and I really hope that the world will progress to be a better place in the future. But sometimes it is hard to believe that this will happen. The world has a growing presence of (ultra) right-wing leaders like in my country in the person of Bolsonaro but there are more. We all know them. And with this kind of leaders the future looks grim. But again, I am a positive person and expect that there will be changes for the best one day.

  34. this is such a fun blog posting and there is more truth in the underlying parts but still as i look forward whilst i look back — it truly is fun and when you put the thoughts of the future into the facts of the past and plan and try and forecast 5years or 10 years down the road — some of these thoughts are true and some are wishful thinking — and hence why I will be reading and thinking again in the future —

  35. Gail your world of 2030 makes me think about all that we are missing out on today,The idea of family time with no one looking at their phone or a TV blaring in the background is spell binding. To celebrate the goodness that exist in the world ,the opportunities to grow experience the progress in the world. This blog is just what we need now in this troubled world, to escape to what most of us embrace is truly exciting. Thank you for this view into your world of imagination..

  36. I love this article. Balance is everything. Extreme in anything….even things perceived as good, turn out to not be good. I love your imaginary 2030. Sounds like a great place to live. Let’s work on it.

  37. I loved this Gail, Thank you. I think I just needed to hear this today. so much of what you said just kept me in those moments feeling it lifted me up this morning. I love when you can feel the love flowing in the words and today you hit my heart. Our elderly down to just loving our selves is true, some do forget to live a life.

  38. Gail this would be such a wonderful future, just wish it were not 30 yrs. away and was in the next few yrs.
    All of our present day worries gone, or solved would be a better word! And logically speaking if it were not for evil, greed, and politics most of this could come true, but with each coming generation they just find new ways to seek selfish desires, and thus evil seems to manifest itself in so many Negative ways. I know much of what God’s Word says and it plainly says man is and always will be evil except those who follow him, and for the sake of history, and mountains of facts; I know the Bible is right.
    But surely love the concept and perspective hope! Great Job!! Kept me riveted!

  39. Oh yes…this is Utopia you are describing! Or the beginnings of it, anyway! And I love it! Of course many people already live their lives in this emotionally mature, compassionate and considerate way. But the majority of society is still in the “waking up” phases, and learning that we’ve been acting like children expecting life to hand us everything, then having a tantrum when we don’t get it (or get something we didn’t “want”). I think if we have more people thinking in this calm, cool and collected way, we just may reach it BEFORE 2030!

  40. What a great vision Gail, I for one would certainly love to live it.
    It would really be a wonderful world.
    Although at the moment we seem to be far away, who knows, if enough people keep creating and sharing such a positive image of our future, it may well come into fruition.

  41. This is a good blog. The title is very understanding. The ways of the old is fading away. The “Big Boys” gaining more off of our hard work while we remain at the bottom of the barrel is going away as we as a people work together and help each other to keep climbing to the top and make all the taxes a thing of the pass. Assis our Grandparents and teach our children the new ways of how to no longer on the bottom looking up but on level footing. No one is better than the other.

    1. Anthony, I love your vision!! I believe this is doable, and together humanity CAN create this for ourselves!! We only have to come together and work to bring it about. The key is to love one another as we love ourselves. Jesus taught this, and we could do away with every law on the books if we all truly practised it.

  42. Gail, thanks for the this most interesting blog.
    I just imagine it, is an interesting phenomena, this reminds me of the old saying, “you become what you eat” and in my humble opinion is true to a large extent. In the same token, if you can imagine and truly believe it, in many if not most cases it will happen. The Bible tells something very similar,”As you think, you will become.” Proverbs 4:23. I would definitely give it a try if you have not.

  43. “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” is one of the many wise teachings of Buddha. However, he never meant this to be a law of any kind. It was a way of him to say that one should never underestimate what people are capable of to achieve when they really put their minds to it. I think there is truth in it

  44. Wow! What a beautiful vision of a world that will be so much nicer, more productive, more inspiring, and just so much smarter than the world we live in today. Once you get all the garbage out of life and address the world in an adult manner, I think it will be like your vision. So many things we deal with today from financial to social need so much work. Yet in your new world, all the trouble has been replaced with things that make sense as if it should have always been that way.

  45. I used to try to imagine what Heaven must be like, sometime I still do. But then when you pick up a book someone has written who has died for a few minutes even and then come back into their body, what they saw in those few moments is totally different than my Imaginative mind conjured up for me. The Bible does say “we will be known as we are known” so with that in mind, at least we will recognize people who have gone before us when we enter Heaven gates. I have many close family members in Heaven they are truly missed, but at least I know they were ready to go and I know where they are.

  46. still learning as i look at and read this blog — it is fascinating honestly to look at the future and how it would be nice if humanity actually could become selfless as opposed to always having the selfish — and as much as compu biz is so engaging and so helpful to all who are here and working their biz — still even here appears to have certain amount That ???? love reading this vision and Hoping — rj

  47. as I read this again and learned more from it still — so much of this is literally a doable part of humanity and possible future?? not sure it or any of this will come to pass ?? But do know for a fact no TV is a good thing — and I am lucky enough to be able to look my window and see Fall — and with no noise in background so Much Peace !!! thank you Gail great reading still — and good for the imagi- Nation —

  48. This is some kind of Utopia to work towards where people within it are respectful of one another and help each other out. People are also allowed to be free and independent thinkers. It would be an ideal foundation for many societies.

  49. In some households there may be a room, sort of like a sitting room, where there is no television. I can imagine that this is the room where the most sincere conversations take place. In days when there was no television, there was the radio, which brought families close together, and before then, people did things such as read books, which was and is always good for the soul.

  50. so much great info in this blog and replies are so very thought provoking — it would be an interesting place to be a part of if people would actually care more about living right and humble as opposed to ” i want ” but maybe somehow someway human nature will become Caring ???? what a great thought process n dream —

  51. What an amazing future and how powerful to imagine it like this, Gail. I’ve done this quite a few times before, including therapeutically with clients in the past, but your post is a wonderful reminder to do it again. In our left-brained world, imagination is seen as an optional extra (look at the ‘put down’ line, “You’re just imagining it!”) But imagination is everything! Without it, nothing can manifest. Thank you – a wonderful post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Luisabeau…it may be “utopian” or “just imagination,” but how wonderful would it be? YES, Imagination is indeed everything. I totally agree with that statement because without imagination, where in the world would we be? It sure isn’t the way the world is today that I have constructed in my mind, but, for me anyway, I believe it is not only desirable but attainable. Of course, it takes more than one to “create” such a wonderful future.

  52. Thank you so much for your comment Luisabeau…it may be “utopian” or “just imagination,” but how wonderful would it be? YES, Imagination is indeed everything. I totally agree with that statement because without imagination, where in the world would we be? It sure isn’t the way the world is today that I have constructed in my mind, but, for me anyway, I believe it is not only desirable but attainable. Of course, it takes more than one to “create” such a wonderful future.

  53. “How I Imagine It… now that is a close my eyes and dream what the future has in hold of the people lucky enough to make it that far. Close my eyes and you can take yourself any where you want to go or draw a mind picture of the world you wish it to be. With this covid-19 .. Guess I better start closing my eyes and imagine the world all safe and sound like a home made quilt.

  54. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if like was just this way? I can imagine it, can you? I believe it is possible but it would require a change in all of us and dedication to sustain it. There would be no room for ego. No one would be better or on a higher level than anyone else. This is how it should be! Thank you for the refreshing imaginations!!

  55. There is little doubt that time it is a changing and for the better. As Gail rightly points out helping each other is the name of the game. And that is so appropriate given what Compumatrix has brought to the table.
    Unfortunately much of the media has painted itself into a corner where such a high percentage of people do NOT believe what they see and read. Whether it will change remains to be seen !!!!!!! In the meantime we should all be thankful that we have such an ethical company looking after our interests.

  56. Hi Gail what a beautiful vision of a world that will be so much nicer, more productive, more inspiring, and just so much smarter than the world we live in today. Once you get all the garbage out of life and address the world in an adult manner, I think it will be like your vision. So many things we deal with today from financial to social need and in your new world all the trouble has been replaced with things that make sense as if it should have been that way all the time.

  57. “What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.” I love this statement. Simply reading this blog helped me start visualizing my own future. I get to choose who I want to be, the life I want to live, and the lives I want to touch. This gives me the “I can do anything I set my mind to” feeling. Each person truly is in charge of his or her own destiny. How wonderful it would be if everyone realizes that.

    1. You’re right. The statement in the first image of this post grabbed my attention instantly. It has now become one of my life’s mottos. Visualizing creates my future. Practicing gratitude attracts positivity. Imagination molds you. It’s time to start taking full responsibility for what I imagine, what I see, and how I feel. An amazing life requires being proactive. Don’t let life just happen. Make it happen!

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