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“I Just Can’t Do That”

An expression that one hears continually from people is “I just can’t do that” when they refer to what someone else has done. Whether it is writing, drawing, building something, doing something in the musical venue even gardening or cooking.

Have you ever heard someone say, to you about something you did that impressed them; “I could never do that, no matter how hard I tried.”? Of course, you have, we all have.

Well, I say to you, no one lacks creativity, or no one is more creative than someone else. Remember, that childhood story of the little engine that said: “I think I can”?

Thus, what we need to understand is how creativity is being developed in us, which then is the differential, for most of us mortals. The thing that most of us do is input negative energy into our mind functions, which then turns into “I told you so”. This happens because we do not attribute the law of physics to our mind and brain, through which there are a positive flow and a negative flow of energy or force, however, you may think of it. A brain is just a machine that functions through the means of positive and negative energy flow.

Thus, you the owner and controller of that brain will forever decide your level and brand of creativity. This is done by developing the correct kind of “mindset”.

Before I proceed permit me this observation, with your forgiveness.

There are in this world, only two main concepts of where man came from. Both can not be true. One is the spoof and puff he just evolved for a span of centuries.

If you put forth the effort to study this, you will arrive at the conclusion that basically this was one or two lucky strokes of cellular emanations. The so-called “father” of this theory eventually denied it upon his death. He recognized it as “fake”.

Now, this concept is only put forth to absence (excuse) oneself from the other concept of a creative being as the causation. However, this creative being causation is accepted by the majority.

Some of you will say it was the big bang theory. So, now I ask you where did the energy for the big bang come from? What was its source? Oh, you say it has always just been around. Does that mean it is eternal energy just out there in the space of the universe? Oh, no it can’t be, if you believe a no source concept, because that presupposes this energy to be of non-beginning existence. No matter how you try to explain the origination or creation of things; I think it is easier to just say “GOD”

I only bring this forth because the premise of the opening statement is dependent upon there being in a human a creative ability/likeness to “something”. Again it is easier to just say the “model” was God. Creation implies an implosive force of energy. Well who better than the implosive force that manifested what we call today the universe.

If mankind fails to understand anything, it is the creative force of his DNA which is modeled after how his existence came into being; “WORDS” whether spoken or written.

You may question this premise or even not believe it, so here is my challenge. Go do and get done the things you are at present capable of doing, however, just accomplish it with uttering some grunts or hisses or chirps or moans or neighs or even barking. Even hand signals have to have a basis of meaning respective of the signal.

If there is not a descriptive basis for which to align even hand signals then the meaning and communication is of no decipherable context. Where is the creativity? Is there any?

You see this is one of the main exceptions that differentiates man from other groups in the living being world. Man has a vocabulary. Man can speak words and write words even from supposed “caveman days” if those kind of days really existed.

So lets get back to the premise of creativity. But, first let us consider points of view from other sources:

  1. Britanica:

“Creativity, the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.” …so there are demonstrably several characteritics of a person that can be shown to be associated with creativity evidence, one is personal autonomy..

2. Now from -csun.edu-:

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

3. And then verywellmind.com says:

There is no clear consensus on how exactly to define creativity. Many of the most common definitions suggest that creativity is the tendency to solve problems or create new things in novel ways.

Then, there are those that say, there are types of Creativity:

Some experts tend to distinguish between different types of creativity. The “four c” model of creativity suggests that there are four different types:

Mini-c” creativity involves personally meaningful ideas and insights that are known only to the self.

Little-c” creativity involves mostly everyday thinking and problem-solving. This type of creativity helps people solve everyday problems they face and adapt to changing environments.

Pro-C” creativity takes place among professionals who are skilled and creative in their respective fields their venue of expertise. 

Big-C” creativity involves creating works and ideas that are considered great in a particular field. This type of creativity leads to eminence and acclaim and often leads to world-changing creations such as medical innovations, technological advances, and artistic achievements.

These are some of the questions put forth. What Does It Take to Be Creative? When does creativity happen? What does it take to demonstrate Creativity?

One could write pages to answer these questions but let us do just a brief analyzes.

A. To be creative one only needs a “variety of traits” where one enjoins a mindset of solution thinking with originality and function to develop usefulness as an extension of contributions to something new.

B. This happens when a person is stimulated with unusual thoughts and they look at the world as a field of new and fresh ideas and insights, in general, mostly in their own world. But, the next step is to develop and help the entire world to achieve.

So what does it take?

There are several traits that become obvious.

A. Energy; the time to think and reflect to get it working.

B. Head smarts and yet must be capable of looking at things in a new fresh way even to be considered naive.

C. Then there is the disciple of mind and behavior. There is no time to sit around and play because they will make their own inspiration to pursue work and passion to fulfill their discipline.

Quote from Maya Angelou:

Electricity can be “used to help save a life. Or I can use it to electrocute someone. Like electricity, creativity makes no judgment. I can use it productively or destructively. The important thing is to use it. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.”

So, I submit to you that as a human being your greatest power lies in the use of your tongue and words.

They are power and energy to overcome, to solve problems, to succeed, to have hope, to love and care, to help others.

You have to commit to the words in your soul of “I will do it” and so you start by saying it, writing it and posting it on the refrigerator. 

Unfortunately, the other side is similar to that, to be angry, to be a sour puss, to be negative, to grumble and crab.

Yes, it boils down to what choices you make as to what you are going to create all the way around your life and the lives of others around you. Ever wonder if this is the etymology of the saying of “those of like feathers flock together”.

Today I can say to you Compumatrix is not complicated. Yes, it may at times be intense in its demand for some understanding. It might cause you to stretch a little bit more than you are accustomed to do.

So, one might say the key is, rather than negate those creative juices in you, embrace them with the postulation of “I can do it”. Make that statement the condition for your growth in this business and surprise even yourself as to how much you can grasp in understanding this new Industry.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. Positivity is one of my favorite topics. I’m not sure if the following was more of a spiritual event or the power of flow and positive thinking. I will start here and give you an actual occurrence that happened one day with my daughter. My daughter came home from school one day and said: “Dad, you better be nice to me because I just won four NFL tickets to our favorite NFL football game and I get to go on the field to be the co-captain of the football game on the 50-yard line during the nationally broadcasted game and coin-toss.” Keep in mind this is in front of 60k or 70k fans and millions on tv. At this point, I was beside myself and asked my daughter how did she win? At which point, she proceeded to tell me, “well, I did not win yet, I just have to beat 250 girls next Monday in a game of Simon says at school”.
    Pondering this point, I had to figure out what to do. Do I protect my daughter and tell her there are 250 chances or more that she may not win. Or do I let her roll on with this positive approach? Luckily I did not have to do anything because my wife abruptly chimed in and said “you got this, Go win!!” The Weekend transpired, and we forgot all about this until she came home Monday after school and said, “Dad, you better be nice to me now! I asked, “why?” She said because I won! I asked, “you beat 250 girls in a game of Simon says?” She said,”yes!” Then she walked away, proudly. This positive thinking landed us an experience of a lifetime and something I will never forget. The positivity of such a young mind is such a powerful thing. If we can go back in time and utilize positive thinking and honestly believe that we can manifest positivity, it will happen more times than not. I guarantee that. I learned something significant from my child that day!!!

    1. corchi124, I absolutely love this comment! This story you told about your daughter shows the power of positive thinking! I’m sure there was no doubt in your daughter’s mind that she was going to be the winner of that competition. If you would have said something discouraging to her, who knows – there may have developed doubt. Having a positive mindset is everything! If one is positive they will attract positivity!

  2. I must say I’m in the process of learning, and I’m that person who sits in my corner doing what I can, but not in the forefront. There are many reasons and setbacks that make us question our abilities, but I will say I’m able.

  3. David that was a delightful read thank you. It is a reminder to me to always look back to where I came from, through creativity, I am here. I had parents that loved me as they did the other ten children, and they taught me many things. I also have a God that loves me even though at times, I’m sure I’m not deserving of that love. But then, I wonder, who among us IS worthy continuously every second of the day?
    I strive to be positive and to keep my attitude upbeat because I believe that honors my creation. I love what Cory said about his daughter too. Oh, the wonderment of youth and to be able to keep that wide-eyed positivity throughout life!!

  4. what a great read david — you do not ever cease to impress with your overall wisdom on so many parts of everyday life and happenings — I do know if you tell your self you can’t you won’t and that is not a good thing — I have learned that there are some things I am best not to do again but I also tried to do those things — Positivity is so important to your own Success just my observation and 60+ years of living — thank you david — rj

  5. The first time I looked at the Dex I wanted to run away. I mean no one, especially me could ever understand that thing! I was absolutely sure that my mind would never go in THAT direction. I mean really all those numbers and columns and new terms. I didn’t even know or understand the names of the currencies listed. For a long time, I stayed away from the DEX as far as I possibly could. The CDAP was more inviting. Then as time passed and as a good friend started to help me I began to open my mind and let in a little bit of knowledge. Slowly, I began to understand a little bit more. Now I’m not scared at all. Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t understand the entire DEX but I’m on my journey and perhaps someday I will! Perhaps all it takes is an open mind!

  6. As I read through the beginning of this and the future, I asked myself a question. Why do we have limits? Another thought is are these limits on the conscience level? The reason I have been thinking about this is because of a story I read some time ago. This person that lived in England had an accident. When he recovered from his coma in the hospital, he could only speak French. This is why I am curious!

  7. Well very often i have to say its not a matter IF i can do it or like you said ….I just can’t do it. Yes many times i heard from others i could never do this or that , but the reason i did it , because i enjoyed in doing it and If i am being asked to do something witch i really don’t enjoy or don’t care i simple don’t do it even if i could . Also i have learned to be a bit more cautions in taking risks witch are not always wort it At this point in my life i don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore , but it has to be something that i choose to do on my own.

  8. Well very often i have to say its not a matter IF i can do it or like you said ….I just can’t do it. Yes many times i heard from others i could never do this or that , but the reason i did it , because i enjoyed in doing it and If i am being asked to do something witch i really don’t enjoy or don’t care i simple don’t do it even if i could . Also i have learned to be a bit more cautions in taking risks witch are not always wort it At this point in my life i don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore , but it has to be something that i choose to do on my own. …

  9. Great article David! to say that I can do everything is to feel an energy in the whole body and to see the meaning of life and it is also true that God has given many abilities in all human beings to use and try. The thing is that to say that I can never do this is an understatement.always keep trying and never say I just can’t do that.

  10. Creativity is the basis of all that we have now or will have in the future. If someone didn’t conceive it in their mind at some point, there would be no basis for its existence. I watched a webinar many years ago where the speaker told the audience to look around the room. He pointed out that everything their eyes found made someone a millionaire.

  11. Thank you David for this excellent article. For years I have listened to the debate “God vs Evolution”; one day I decided to listen to my own personal experiences. I have worked as a nurse since 1977; some of my patients sadly died. I will never forget any of them. One day I stood in the room with a patient. He had suffered Sudden Cardiac Death which meant he was fine at 12:00 and gone by 12:01. I was devastated: but as I stood there I began to realize that there is something that gives life and something that takes it away. One man died in my arms as I was moving him and I felt his life energy leave. My own father died in 1987; the moment he died I felt a tremendous energy leave. One day I became ill and watched from afar as the paramedics pronounced that I had no pulse or blood pressure. I went somewhere else where there was total peace and no pain. I don’t know where I went but there were others there motioning me to come but I had a 6 month old daughter and I begged to stay. Well I woke up in the ambulance and I was never afraid of dying again. Life and death are not in our hands but in the hands of someone far greater and yes I will give that life force a name. I will call Him God.

  12. I acknowledge your words of wisdom and encouragement. I understand what you are saying from personal experience. I was always a happy, upbeat, no fear girl smiling and encouraging others. Three years ago, I found myself in a state that I never thought I would be.There were several triggers from different sources that brought me down. Then the physical issues brought me lower. My body and mind just shut down. I could not or maybe did not want to change the situation. My faith, hope, and trust rest in God, but I could not fix me. One morning I determined I wanted to live! I opened myself for help and reached out to my source of life and energy. In 2 weeks, I was out of that pit of lifelessness and despair. Bodily healing has come a long way. I thank God for hearing my cry and for answering in His time. I thank Him for Compumatrix. I am ever learning and applying myself with new hope. I know I can, and with God’s creative power in me, I will succeed! Thank you, David and Henry, for an excellent company.

    1. I have always believed that with enough practice and repetition you can do anything. I believe that if you were to take the smartest children at age 5 and start to teach them their trade, say surgeons, dentists etc., that by the time they are 18 and ready to go you have the best people in the world. Just consider that every job you have ever had most of it was probably repetition.

  13. I love the idea of the Mini C – personal ideas and insights known only to the self. Yes, we can be creative and nobody needs to know it, but at the same time we personally know we brought forth or created something new and meaningful to ourselves! This creativity doesn’t have to be earth shattering, and can be as simple as using our creative minds to solve a word puzzle. When I accomplish the task given by Compumatrix supported by a how to do list, I feel ecstatic and know my creative mind was working for me! Thank you for all these opportunities even though sometimes I groan and feel this is so hard, but oh the good feeling that comes when I persevere and push through to a successful task accomplished with my creative mind!

  14. Being self taught with above average common sense has always been my pathway to get through life. Grew up poor and lived in the streets before entering the USAF, where they let me eat two meals three times a day, and I accepted everything they wanted to teach me, helped to become a positive thinker.

    Spent a lot of my childhood working, attending church and growing up in New York City, where you are subjected to every kind of behavioral circumstance both good and bad. I always knew there was another dimension of sorts out there. I could envision something and then it would happen, much like a sixth sense. Drove my mother nuts.

    “I can’t do that” has never been in my vocabulary no less in my actions. I would try anything when I was younger and as I look back today I truly wonder how I arrived here to the young age of 74! Should have been gone by now.

    Taking care of my wife is my life now and after that it will be up to Our Lord. When she had her stroke, I was crawling around on my hands and knees asking for help and He heard me despite the prognosis given by the neurologist.

    At this age and those of you coming up behind us, be positive, learn something new, stretch your health to the max, exercise your brain power. When you leave this earth, your soul and spirit do indeed leave your body. Documented facts that have been proven.

  15. David, this was creative in my mind for your thoughts stimulated my thoughts; creative thinking is compounding energy if we allow it to manifold itself.
    It was said that the Greek philosopher Plato said; Necessity is the mother of invention. Which is when a need or a problem arises we find a way to fix, or otherwise create a way to solve the problem.
    I love most your references to evolution (all things by accident) or a perfect creation with no way to prove either by an intelligent creator, which He said in His book that we are created in HIs creative Image.

    1. Speaking of the creative aspect and never saying I can’t. I never felt creative, as a kid I would get a hold of appliances or anything else that broke and I would tear it apart and then sit there and look at it and figure out how to repair the broken parts as I put it back together, sometimes it took me awhile but I never gave up. There is creativity in that problem solving, maybe the Little-c as David mentions above. As an adult I still tear things apart and fix them, I enjoy the challenge, and never think I can’t!

  16. I love the article, I feel it depends on your frequencies your giving off too. when your happy good things seem to happen to you more often. when your sad, or say you just went through a divorce. dating right away is not recommended because if it wasn’t a good split you’ll be vibrating at a lower level. so you’ll say maybe attract someone later you outgrow because you are not on the same playing field as you heal. His vibration is his, as you heal your vibration changes. So wait, nothing wrong in waiting, you’ll be happier with what you attract at a higher vibration.

  17. Excellent article David! Being creative and always moving forward makes all the difference in our lives. Creating is an action that helps us overcome obstacles and, combined with resilience, makes us live more optimistically, happier. Nowadays with Pandemia we need even more to exercise creativity in order to adapt to new situations and survive all this with great tranquility and with much love.

  18. One statement in this article rang my bell so loudly that I’ll remember it for the rest of my life! It’s this part of the quote from Maya Angelou: “…You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.”

    The rest of the quote and the article were very good too, but that particular statement is a keeper for me! It is such a simple, yet deeply profound, idea worthy of serious contemplation. It brings images to mind of musical genius and great jazz saxophone player, Jon Coltrane, creating as he played in such a unique way.

    Compumatrix is an incubator for creativity and this blog is a great tool for members to use for churning out their creative thoughts and ideas. It’s interesting to think that the more we write, the more we have to write. Also, the more paradigms we break, the more nickles we will have to spend!

  19. Paula’s mother always said there was no such word as ‘can’t’, you can if you really want to. Nothing in life is unattainable if you make your mind up to do it and I have watched Paula tackle some of the most difficult and challenging ‘can’t be done’, things. She believes that if you want to achieve something it is was just a matter of looking at the problem, looking for a different or better way to solve it. Then she sets out her plan, ‘you must have a starting plan, it can always be changed but if you don’t have a plan you have nowhere to start, she will tell you’.
    With the right plan and a strong dose of belief in yourself there is nothing you can’t do, and she has managed to make miracles happen. ‘Belief in yourself is the secret’ and she tells me that every day.

  20. Great and thorough post David. I when reflecting on all that you have said above, I do think of how creative God is, and how that we are truly made in HIS image. We for sure, no matter how limited, have creative abilities as HE does. I love the verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” In light of Compumatrix, how creative was Henry in the beginning to come up with this whole idea ? And how he held on to the idea that, “We can do this ” !

  21. I find it to be very interesting that statements, such as the title of this article, “I Just Can’t Do That”, are like computer code that program our mind. Through repetition in various situations, that programming creates a mindset that drives our behavior, as well as the results we get in our lives. Just like the adage regarding computers states, Garbage in – Garbage out, is true, the same idea applies to our mind.

    It’s simple, but not EASY, to change our programming. Simply use different programming. Decide to replace “I Just Can’t Do That” with “I Can Definitely Do That”. By way of repetition over time, that will eventually create a different mindset that produces different behavior, manifesting different results in our lives.

    Essentially, if you think you Can’t then you are right, and if you think you CAN you are Also right. So, what do You think?

  22. David I love focusing on positivity!!! I have a good friend that always says ” where you put your energy……it grows”! She is right that focusing your energy on something will make magic happen and mountains move. I have witnessed this happen many times in my life. Life is short and I refuse to waste time being down or thinking negative. Surround yourself with people that emit positive energy and good things will come your way!!

  23. I could never do that, and I’m right because that’s what I just told my mind not to do. Being negative has just filled my space,
    But If I change my thought to How can I do this, I just opened a door to a possibility.
    For many years I thought myself to think positively ( Although I fail at times, shame). And when I do I accomplish many goals.

  24. “I just cannot do that” is an expression that is often used and mainly for two reasons: fear and ignorance. People can face a situation that e.g. is completely new them and they are because of that afraid to act. Or people feel that they have too little information which make them believe that they are not ready to act. Both fear and ignorance lead to the believe that they will fail and hence they don’t act at all and say “I just cannot do that”.
    I disagree that the concept of the Big Bang as a theory about where men came from cannot be true. There is enough empirical evidence that supports strongly the idea that it is very likely that the theory is correct.

  25. Having a positive mindset is everything when it comes to succeeding. I believe there are no excuses to one’s capabilities of doing something unless there is an actual disability. If one has a positive attitude, they will be more likely able to accomplish the thing they are trying to achieve. Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, instead think “how can I do it”.

  26. yes that is how I go at things for a good period of time is that thought process of How can I accomplish this or what must I do to get this done the correct way ? I always find taking action whether it is going and doing or just as simple as turning my computer on — if I don’t do that then I can’t read here and learn same as when I am out of milk I only get more milk by going and doing the buying or taking action — so many great blogs intertwined — awesome

  27. I love this article because my dad has always told me if you tell yourself you can’t do something then you won’t be able to do it. I use this in everyday life to encourage myself to have a positive attitude and it works. I also thought it was interesting the many ways they defined creativity. I think that Compumatrix has gotten to the point it is at right now, because of hard of course, but also positivity and creativity have played a role in the place it is in today.

  28. I am very grateful to your blog, as it reminds me of another favorite movie, “Facing the Giants”, an inspiring Christian football movie. The essence of the movie is about awareness of your limits and overcoming them with faith, love, and perseverance. I would shout with love at my daughter when she was in the midst of final exams, ‘ 5 more yards, you can do it, you are in the endzone!’ I feel we are in the Compumatrix ENDZONE!

  29. Whether “theory” or “empirical evidence”, they both stand on “human” judgment.
    Empirical evidence gives the priority to mans senses and thereby those sense powers are set to bring into existence and set to commit to the pejorative any evidence of a creator -GOD.
    So this empirical evidence then makes the point in turn, to make the case, that God’s words are not creative because it was nothing more nor less than a mass of energy that no one will explain and confirm where it came form. It was just out there in a state of limbo that decided to make a noise to redo itself into this universe. That is pretty far fetched. I sill prefer the proposition of a Supreme Being having always existed speaking forth His wishes.
    The Challenge to this concept of a creative being, “GOD”, is why the decision of men to deny His existence and thereby His continued presence on earth through His Spirit. Now if one wants to equate the “BIG BANG” to the thunderous voluminous voice of “GOD” of “LET IT BE” that would fit quite well and would be acceptable.

  30. just a great revisit to some awesome readings — and “Face the Giants” what a charismatic fundamentally beautiful movie — the Kendrick brothers made a couple other soul finding movies — but I digress — the Depth of this blog posting is a Wow factor that i can not actually put a complete understanding on — however I Believe that is Part of the Mystique of the conversation of is there or is there not ?? I Believe there Is —

  31. If someone says they “just can’t do that”, then chances are they will not be able to do it because they have already set themselves up for failure. People must think of ways they can do something because if they can’t figure out how to do something, someone else will beat them to it. Positivity is everything!

  32. Thank you David, it’s always interesting to read about the challenges of the mind, in this case being positive.when things are going the opposite direction or facing new and difficult things. I have found in my life it’s important to be surrounded with like minded people; those who are positive, optimistic, creative and kind hearten, will maintain and support your own thoughts and help you develop even greater and better ideas.

  33. Excellent article David, it’s always interesting to read about the challenges of the mind, in this case being positive.when things are going the opposite direction or facing new and difficult things. I have found in my life it’s important to be surrounded with like minded people; those who are positive, optimistic, creative and kind hearten, will maintain and support your own thoughts and help you develop even greater and better ideas.

  34. just am impressed by the amount of wisdom displayed here and also in the blogs in general — i keep reading and then coming back and reading again and it just is amazing how much great information is within a reading or 4 readings lol but learning in a new field of endeavor such as this crypto world — I do believe there is not enough reading or understanding so i just keep reading and putting it into perspective — back to other blog of brain and mind — so much appreciation –seriously —

  35. James 1:17-18 says “every good and perfect gift comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens…….And we, out of all creation, became His prized possession.” I believe this gift of creativity is inherent in each one of us at birth waiting to be made manifest. Parents have a big role in having this played out by the child even in his tender years through love, faith, hope, and other virtues that would eventually help develop his character and creativity.. However, I do also believe that God, in His sovereign Will, can intervene in a man’s life regardless of his upbringing and impart to him what David said is the Big-C.

  36. still so impressed by the wisdom imparted here by not just David in his blog but the wonders of wisdom thru the replies by so many true people who work every moment of their every days to do life correct and pass that wisdom on to their children and family and then here in compu world so many helpful people who care only to see others grow and succeed — just amazing and truly Impressive — thank you again — in Yeshua always the Truth —

  37. I’m very grateful for this group as well. we are all so blessed to be here and be able to have something no one else has. The group is very inspiring and I agree, I love reading the responses because you learn so much so if your just joining read, read, read. you will learn so much. This is something to be proud of and we are all doing it. Just keep following along and do what you can. Not everyone blogs so just coming in and commenting to begin will get you moving. Reading the articles is very helpful, so don’t pass on the free help.

  38. Thank you David for a fantastic post.Positive Mental attitude will enable us all to achieve when others thought not doable.Dr George Barnard Dantzig a noted American Mathematician once reached the class late and saw two equations on board.he copied them thinking it was home work assignment . He did not know that professor had told the class that these were as yet unproven by any one.He took the solved problem apologizing that he took a long time solving them.Professor told him to leave it on his cluttered desk.He was upset thinking it will be trashed.
    A few weeks later the professor visited him and told him of what he had achieved as no one had as yet.His work was published and recognized and well received.Positive thinking on his part helped him achieve what none had earlier.
    His example was given in various Churches including reverend Robert Schular in his various sermons emphasizing Power of positive thinking.

  39. so very true Tracy on the Free help and seriously in my own shoes knowing what i do not know in the cyber world and also crypto area — coming in here and reading and finding answers to so many parts and knowing so many here just help and do it from their Heart — is just so nice — blessings and truth with Freedom to grow our own business and wisdom — just dadgum nice —

  40. “Attitude” is the controlling factor with anything we do, be it unpleasant or not. Turning the unpleasant to a pleasant experience is dependent on how you look at the chore or goal to accomplish. Finding positive attributes to any situation can make that learning experience a plus and that is the final goal. Learning should be a positive asset and one can see that “positive attitude” in successful and/or famous people that have impacted our social structure.

  41. It is a fact what we say with our mouth your mind and tries and put a great effort to accomplish what your mouth says. If you are positive and push to accomplish a task, that task or goal is more likely to come to fruition. It’s so exciting to see a dream materialized in front of your eyes. When that happens it builds your faith in yourself to try to accomplish another task that might be even more challenging.
    This is true about our faith in God also. When we see what He can accomplish through us, a positive attitude in what God can and will do is establish in our hearts, and we can then have more faith in the Bible, Gods word, to believe what He says and apply it to our lives, everyday.

  42. I believe that creativity can be enhanced through practice and or repetition. The key is to take that first step and just try. The first steps will be baby steps, but they will grow and become steadier. If you never try, the skills you do have will lie dormant and never become developed. Mankind loses so much of its potential because we simply do not TRY!

  43. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking. I do not tolerate naysayers very easily. I am not afraid to try something new and out of my comfort zone. A friend of mine, Lee Johnson, wrote a book called “How to Escape your Comfort Zones”.What an amazing man. I remember the day that his wife Lorraine told me that he had taken her up in a plane so she could overcome her fear of flying…but not only that, he organised an instructor to take her sky diving. She never thought she would survive that, but she did! We can do anything once we make up our minds to do it. The hardest part is making up our minds!

    1. There is a saying on the side of a coffee cup that says,” what would you attempt to do today if you knew you could not fail”. The fear of failure is a huge stumbling stone for anyone trying to accomplish a task that they think is too overwhelming for them. The old saying that comes to mind is, “how do you eat an elephant “? One bite at a time. Some one once said that they were half way done when they got started. Starting any project takes faith in ones self and faith to be able to accomplish a task even though one has never tried to do it before. Being positive is always the energy that boots the spirit forward to the goal.

  44. As many great thinkers have said, having a positive outlook on something won’t have you doing that thing perfectly but it sure as heck will have you doing it a whole lot better than a negative outlook will. Plus having a positive outlook makes you a whole lot more fun to be around. So I say let’s create some positivity!

  45. positively correct — this is such a great learning tool and the coffee cup doesn’t that the mind to thinking — seriously if you knew you would not Fail what would you do with your day ?? with your thoughts ?? it is so creative to imagine and then if life is life then maybe very soon there will be something happening that only a positive person could have ever imagined — can only imagine — what a great song for many years now —

  46. The other day a lady asked me to install a storm door for her. “How hard could that be…it’s only a storm door. So I started thinking in a positive way, and I was positive that to accomplish the task was way over my head. OH…the instruction sheet, sure use that. All at once the negative became positive when the chance to complete the task was in hand. It was not a slam dunk, but it was a better completion than I had once imagined. If I had not even tried to go beyond myself and stretch my imagination I would still be treading water and still not have the door installed. The client was delighted…so was I.

  47. I can remember thinking, what am i going to do with my life? When you’re young you like everything, fun that is. So you try everything. Find out what you like and go for it. Thinking positive about a new challenge has to be the first step. Then you do it.

  48. Indeed it is a matter of choice, to be or not to be. Many people hear my life’s stories and say they could never have done such feats. For many reasons, my inner dialogue never says, I can’t. Rather it says, what choices or options do I have today? Growing up in a household of people telling me I didn’t do anything right and could not be trusted to make good decisions, drove me to move out of that environment. I asked myself early on to evolve and graduate through the minutia of what I call, childhood programming, and victim mentality. Parents play a huge role in our ideas of self. I pushed myself to perform recognizing if I want anything I have to run directly at it. Choosing to do or choosing not to do anything is key. Doing nothing is a choice. Creativity is one thing, however, choosing to take action is another. Creativity can only come once a choice has been made to take action. As humans, we come from many diverse and some times complicated backgrounds. The emotional body is powerful and choosing to be or not to be creative depends on which thoughts we feed.

  49. When there is a choice to think in a positive way or a negative way to accomplish some task, most would think in a negative way right off. But that is how we would think if that is what has been told to us in our formative years. It is up to us to not go down that slippery slope every time a challenge comes our way that is something that is not of our comfort zone that we have never attempted to accomplish. Thinking positive is a choice that one needs to practice and not be afraid of the outcome, but, to think of the joy of accomplishing a desired task.

  50. Biblical concept of renewing the mind….Romans 12:2 NKJV
    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.. and also what we speak….Proverbs 18:21 NKJV Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    And those who love it will eat its fruit. People really don’t grasp the power of there words or the written word when spoken.

  51. Reading this David makes me appreciate my creator more and more, the mind is a very powerful too, its the CPU of our wellbeing, there is nothing that defeats the mind when there is a purpose as long its alive, this software too can be corrupt, negativity (virus and malware) they thrive in mind that is not activated to see beyond what is around you, the positive energy transforms and brings greatness to everything that you set to do.

  52. I love to go back and re-read many of our blogs and this one is especially near and dear to my heart. Being positive in today’s world is a must. With so many negative vibes floating all around us we can easily drown from it all. Being a firm believer that we are given the mentality to decide for our selves which way we will lean, in any situation, going toward the positive approach is a given.

  53. I am involved with art and all the creativity is involves for me on a very personal level. When I decide to “create” a piece, I do not ask myself if I can do it, but what would be the best way for my creative juices to applied. I “chose” to have a “positive attitude” in my approach.
    The only thing we have control over is our “attitude” towards life and the path we follow. We can either be victims and withdraw; or get involved and fight for what you need or desire.
    All of the Compumatrix staff and members have the desire to see our business exceed our dreams for uplifting lives of many; setting this paradigm shift to full speed ahead. We all are dreamers and creators that feed off each other. We kick the negative aside and keep focused on “What will be” and not what was. Henry is creating his dream and has never quit with a herd of followers leaping over hurdles and climbing out of holes helping each other get up when one falls. To be positive and stay positive one has to surround themselves with positive influencer’s and let the creative juices flow, the paradigm coming.

  54. Thanks for this article David! I have said that I absolutely do not want to blog, because my English is not good enough. But after reading some blogs here in Compumatrix, I took the leap and made my first comment. Was a little worried because I did not see any points, but they came the next day!

  55. The other day our store manager told us he needed the whole harvest wall done by the end of the day, well it was 8 4ft sections I looked at the department manager and said is that even possible after he left and she said yes it is…..I said how can we get that done? She said because we are awesome, I said great answer and by golly, we did it but at the moment he told us I saw it as an impossible feat, we had to work hard and fast but got it done. I think a lot of people are like that they look at it and give up before even trying to do it. I have never met anyone like my department manager no matter what they tell her she does it even if she has to work 14 hours to get it done and always full of joy and a happy very positive person.

  56. Positively , Positive .. I have always been positive. Nothing will ever change me from being any different . If I wasn’t positive I would of never opened and operated two self owned businesses and also have been with Compumatrix from the very beginning. I have never said never .. but I sometimes have a twinge of can I or Can’t I … Then I realize it is fear that stops one from archiving ones goals in life . Once you realize that .. One can just about do anything.

  57. I strongly believe in the energy of words. Mainly, because my main belief is that everything (absolutely everything) is made of the same energy. From a simple stone, which is something physical, to uttering a positive or negative phrase. All of these energies, in my opinion, move and exert influence on every living being.

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