Image is Important

Let’s assume you are going to launch another item. You went through months or even years building up the item and contemplating your objective market. Furthermore, after what appeared as though endlessness you are at long last prepared to acquaint your creation with the market. The large day showed up; you opened up ahead of schedule and are prepared to display your greatest grin to every individual who comes in. By noontime, you saw that even though numerous individuals come in to look at your item just a few get it. Presently this gave you something to think truly. What might not be right with your item? Maybe there is nothing amiss with your item except for there can be something amiss with your promoting methodology.

At the point when individuals are searching for items or services to benefit them generally go for ones that they know about or have since quite a while ago utilized. Along these lines, they can be certain that they are getting the vast majority of their cash. So for an entrepreneur like you who is simply firing up in the business, it is essential to establish a decent first connection. Indeed, you can do this by offering limits and other unique offers. You can even place a huge pennant before your store reporting your extraordinary opening deal. In any case, when can’t offer the correct picture you should think about stowing away in your lair and consider what you have to improve in your showcasing methodology.

In any case, on the other hand, you might be doing the correct methodology and utilizing the correct promoting stunt. Be that as it may, have you taken a gander at your logo? That is actually what I am thinking. You could have disregarded the most significant piece of your item your logo structure. Logos frequently commensurate to a company’s picture, henceforth, regardless of whether it is hip, stylish, intriguing, or exhausting, it is fundamental to make a logo that gives the correct effect on the clients. It doesn’t truly matter on the off chance that you, your companions or workers like or don’t care for the logo. What is significant is the feeling that it provides for your clients.

A decent logo must speak to the business picture imploringly and successfully. It should similarly be useful and practical as entangled logos regularly leave clients confounded and thinking about what is being sold or introduced. Remember that toning it down would be best. Consequently, a basic logo configuration will in all likelihood wrap everything up and assist you with snatching more clients. Unquestionably a beautiful and over-planned logo will grab more eyes yet no organization makes progress dependent on their logo. So a straightforward adaptable logo is bound to tempt possibilities to purchase your items and profit of your services.

A blend of craftsmanship, science and brain research regularly makes a decent logo. A creator should know this, so if you don’t have the foggiest idea how to structure your logo you can ask their assistance. Recall that a helpless logo can demolish your picture yet a decent one can in a flash make name acknowledgment and can support organization deals and services.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. I agree Krish, image is very important. In order to attract the kind of attention we want as a company, we need to put our best foot forward, put on a clean sharp outfit, sport a huge smile, and exude excitement!! Nothing like being excited about what we have here!!

    1. Thanks, Michael. Image or Logo of the company is very important for the promotion of a site and creating a brand. Great companies have great logos. The logo of our company Compumatrix is top class and it speaks volumes about our main motto. The creator of the Compumatrix logo, Henry, is not just a dreamer, achiever, and creating something that will be spoken for years to come.

  2. very good thought process here Krish — when we take time to look past just the high points of any business — top class Logo and marketing plan and putting professionalism in the everyday operation lends so much to actual success — have also learned with patience and perseverance –success will be upon those — also as in life — you can go to fast and go right past the correct answers — so breathe clean and make Logo Professional and keep a good pace as you make your biz a success — jmho — great read Krish —

  3. Thank you for pointing out the success of the logo in promoting a business …. a clear image will draw in those who agree and are excited or even those who will then take a second more in depth look. There is also the side of companies who have hidden meanings within their logos which connect subliminally. The logo, another important step in looking and being professional.

  4. Well written Krish and yes a image is one of the most important assets of an organisation. It acts as a comfort factor for customers and assures them that they are buying from the best.
    A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your company. … A well-designed logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.
    I like our own logo in Compumatrix , it looks appalling and eye catching for sure .

    1. A great corporate logo can set the tone for the look and feel of a company. It can also speak to the direction of the company. It’s hard to develop these logos that to do it all. But those that set the stage for the feeling and direction of the company are winner’s. It’s tough, but when you do create an excellent logo you will feel it.

  5. Love the image you displayed Murali, and yes Compumatrix has a great image and just imagine as word gets out that something we don’t think much about now will be on the lips of many as we travel and talk about this new CryoSphere which is a collection of the most prolific problem-solving tools of our time

  6. The brand and logo image makes a first impression to the customer.
    Establishing the right image is a good key when building relationships with clients.
    Just think how important the appearance of your business card or your website can be to your business.
    Your image builds credibility to the product you’re trying to sell.

  7. Thank you, Krish, for a fine blog about brand recognition being important, and Logo in return happens to be an essential factor in the success of our products.

    Human connection is an emotional entity in building relationships with the brand and the logo is the catalyst in making the product a success.

    As Gitta Pohl put it the logo acts as a comfort factor for the success of the Brand /Company and Compumatrix logo is sure to achieve that.

  8. Murali, you are right about all the items you mentioned are necessary to having a good
    business presence, be it the type of business or the main product they are promoting.
    My grandson created the logo for their car business. It is eye-catching and as you look at the logo it easily spells out what the business is.

  9. An image or a logo are indeed very important to a company. Sometimes you don’t have to say a word because people recognize the company by its logo that in some cases they have for a very long time. Examples: Shell, Levi Strauss, Twinings Tea. There may be more but these came to mind. When people see the logos of these company they know right away what it stands for.

  10. An image or logo defines how well its followers will react to it. It brings Company and client together.
    Some have simple logos others more elaborated, but it reminds who they are or do.
    Compumatrix logo in form of a C is inspired in The Golden Ratio sometimes referred to Divine ratio

  11. Yes image will catch the attention of the product and is very important I personally like the Compumatrix logo also what it says is important , you want to make people think about it what is this what does this mean engage enrich and enhance and then curiosity takes over and they research and read about your company.

  12. Seeing is believing, as they say. In this context, what catches the eye, creates the first impression. People are drawn towards a new project or a new opportunity, as soon as they can see and feel the potential. The image or logo must be appealing and create the right impact, followed by a proper marketing strategy.

  13. Logo’s are the recognized signature behind a company and it doesn’t have to be fancy, just look at Nike! The most simple and one of the most recognized logos all over the world. The right logo says everything without saying a word. It evokes a sense of connection between a business and consumers. So, it may be the case you don’t remember the owner’s name on a card, but if you see the logo, you connect the symbol right away.

  14. great read thru replies and listening to those and agree that in the marketing arm or part of successful biz –Recognition of name or brand is very important — if people just know then they kind of go out of Habit as opposed to researching — more we get the word out here on Compumatrix the simpler n more success is in our future —

  15. I think the article is very helpful because in everyday life, many businesses are run based off of first impressions. Now, there are many many options for any line of work or any product you could ever need. This means when consumers are looking to see what producer or business to go with, it is important to grab their attention and interest quickly. This can be done with a good business image and logo.

  16. I agree Krish, image and logo are very important. It’s what gets the word out about ones company/business. However, it does take some time to be seen and recognized. The more its out there, the more people will relate to it. I do feel that our C {Compumatrix) will soon be seen and recognized by many.

  17. First impressions in marketing are crucial in many business environments. The business type also depends how important the consumer impression might be. For instance, if you are shopping for a new accountant on line and you find a very fancy and colorful logo vs a professional logo, you may be more inclined to go toward to more professional logo. Where if your looking for a new nail salon, you may want the fancy and colorful logo vs the professional logo. Marketing needs to be crafted for the end user.

  18. Image is very important for any businesses. The type of business you have depends on the type of marketing image you want to portray. If you have an accounting company, you may not want to have a flashy obnoxious logo for your customer base. Your logo may be very streamlined and professional. If you own a party planning company your logo would likely look very different than an accounting firm. Image is very important to luring the right type of customer.

  19. I completely agree! Image is important, but I hate that image is important. I think it should be about whether or not the product is useful or not. Not whether they have a fancy logo that everyone recognizes. Matter of fact, I am a rebel in my community! I am honestly embarrassed if I am wearing something with a big logo on it – I often will not buy it. That’s just me – I guess I am different from the social norm lol.

  20. You mentioned in your blog that by noon several people looked at your product but it appears you had few sales. At the moment of reading this, my mind told me it wasn’t a product that fit the needs of the people looking at it. When you moved to the idea of the logo, my mind shifted. By the mentioning of the logo, I envisioned a shift in marketing concepts to attract the right customer rather than trying to convince the current customer to buy something they did not see a need for. Sometimes we forget these little details such as this.

    It reminds me of a joke. Why did it take three boys scouts to escort an elderly lady across the street? She didn’t want to go!

  21. I have researched how to come up with a company logo recently, and there was a lot more to it than I expected! A logo can both consciously and subconsciously send a message to consumers. Font, colors, etc. all play a role in how we will mentally process what a company / product is about. It can also be a instant indicator as to whether or not people will find a connection with the company / product. It’s eye opening to learn just how much a logo actually says to your audience! Very interesting article, thank you for sharing!

  22. The sky is always Beautiful with its magnificent Blue Colour. Which reflects the Beauty, Awesomeness, Wonderfulness, Joy and Happiness of Heaven. The best image of a logo gives a brand recognition. They say, a good picture is worth a thousand words. The eyes catching images always entice the purchasing power of consumers or customers, hence clienteles building. Truly, the most appealing and more attractiveness of a certain image gives a sense of goodness and originality. It also ensures, a sense of uniformity and trust goes a long way in boosting the brand’s reputation. Thus, reducing the costs of marketing and advertising. So informative ~ Krish

  23. Very well placed Krishna! The logo is a great asset of the company. In my current work here in Brazil, as an event producer, my logo is my name, presented in a simple and clear way! And it helps a lot in the identification for my client.

  24. Krish you are so correct in the logo idea and honestly –the Image the people around your idea have of you and your idea are literally the backbone of your success or my success –this blog fits so well in to the business thoughts of what we do or are trying to accomplish here at Compu — just fits so well —

  25. it is such a joy as I learn each day more and more in the cyber world but also being more in the computer savvy tech world — and adding that to the Cyber part and then looking at ethereum litecoin and the bitcoin world of the Crypto space — putting all of this together and making it an actual everyday occurrence — is literally awesome and very much appreciative —

  26. Yes, Murali, It is true that the image or logo is very important,the logo is very important for any company to move forward, because the logo is the center of attention of the people,there is a strong foundation for any brand identity,it shows the honesty of any company,good logos or images are always remembered in our minds.

  27. absolutely a great study in the overall success of any business — there are so many great blogs that really intertwine and go together and help get anyone a great start to a biz venture — logo marketing and also having a legit product or concept — keep reading and re-reading and learning and getting more comfortable with my own comprehension — and see when I started a couple of my own offline bizs the similarities here — awesome stuff really —

  28. In this blog, the merchandise spoke of, drew attention but did not maintain it. In trying to visualize this, I can be in a store and be drawn to look at an item on a counter but when I get closer to it and observe the price tag, I walkaway if the price is not right. The price needs to be right according to factors such as the location, quality, and quantity of the merchandise. That

  29. In looking at the title image is important, I believe Compumatrix does try to have and maintain a good business image. I think of the discord and how organized the rooms in it are. Compumatrix maintains a website and a newsletter, and a portal. All are positive images for business.

  30. Good Morning, I agree that image is important. Image is one tribute that helps to define what you represent as it is the first thing that captures your eye and draws you in. A great logo that can help ypu to explain what you are representing is super

  31. this new year has and is proving to be an interesting start to any of my last 20 or so and why I am reading and still learning here in this great blog area — this blog on Logos and overall Image in Biz success is at the top of the list to succeed in our compu biz and also any undertaking we may take — awesome read it truly is !!

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