Intention: The Importance of

Rich here, with a quick word or two on the role intention plays in accomplishing something.

I, for the sake of clarity, will start with three definitions:

  • Objective: a thing aimed at or sought; a goal.
  • Intend: have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or objective; plan.
  • Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan.

Definitions from Oxford Languages.

The intention is of paramount importance to getting completed tasks and plans. Without an objective in mind, how are you going to arrive somewhere or accomplish something?

Let us take a look at the intention to arrive at an object or feature of a landscape that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, like a very tall water tower. So your goal is to get to that water tower.

If you were traveling through unfamiliar territory toward the water tower, you would find that you sometimes took a wrong turn, but as long as you could see the water tower, you would progress toward it. At times your way would be blocked, and sometimes even the water tower’s view would be concealed from you. But there is one thing that would not happen. You would not forget to look for the water tower. You would know that you could not reach the water tower by forgetting its existence.

Switching over to intention in the mental realm, we sometimes forget to look for “the water tower.” The obstacles we encounter are sometimes in the form of negative mental attitudes that hide our intentions and make us forget them. Naturally, we cannot accomplish anything if we do not intend to accomplish anything. And intending is a continuous process.

I now will relate this to building a business. When you are engaged in building your business, you have to keep your eyes on “the water tower.” You have to know that you are creating your business.  You do the job as fast as you can. You intend to do it, and you intend to do it as quickly as possible. The intention is what causes the job to get done. All the steps that follow the decision to create something are just the detailed action steps.

  Sometimes, people get so engrossed in the detailed action steps that they forget the purpose, goal, or objective. They look around and find they have been swamped doing lots of things, but they have produced no results. They say to themselves, “Which of these detailed action steps for doing it betrayed me?” No, it is the intention. They have had no purpose or goal, so there has been nothing to cause any detailed action steps for doing it to produce anything.

I believe most people realize it is necessary to take action to get things done. Still, the point I have been trying to get you to consider is there must be an intention first and foremost for the activities to produce a purposeful outcome.

In closing, set the intention that this and every day is a great day!

Rich G

About the author

Rich grew up in a small town in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. His main occupation has been as a tile contractor, things he has done in addition, around and sometimes full time throughout the years also include: 4 years the United States Marine Corps, made a good part time and then full time income in the Network Marketing industry and several other adventures and misadventures in the business arena.


  1. Objectives set the course of action for all of us.
    We need to visualize the BIG PICTURE and have that very clear in our minds.
    A proper game plan sets the path, to convert these ideas into reality.
    We know very well that, in order to reach this “WATER TOWER”, the right steps must be taken. Many hurdles shall come our way.
    But, with the right focus and a strong intention, we shall definitely reach our goal.

  2. In order to achieve any goal, first of all, its proper arrangement and attention is very important,goals are essential to success in any endeavor,your Intentions become even more important the more challenging your goals,If we make our point ‘Water Tower’ we can easily reach our destination by going through many challenges,If we meditate daily and repeat our INTENTION, we will reach the goal.Thank you Rich grew for sharing nice blog.

  3. intention is a great process — every moment we breathe in we are intending to keep living and having been in the work force almost 50 years — I had every intention to do my Job or Biz Correct and most times I was successful in my completion of my Goals — and I hope that Compu n Henry’s intentions /Dreams are also Successful in their Completion of each Biz Task / Dream !!

  4. Thank you Rich for blogging about the importance of intention. I will now always try to keep
    focusing on my “water towers” even if they sometimes go out of sight! Now I will in my mind see water towers when I first bring forward my intentions so I will have a “purposeful outcome”. This picture is going to always help me remember – Intention First!

  5. Without intention, there is no reason. Then the intention has to be followed up through action in a focused manner to achieve the intention. Yes, we do lose our way at times. One of the hiccups when building a business that is on line rather than the real world. We lose focus and sometimes get “shiny object syndrome”. That is a time for refocus on the goal and get back to work for it. Great post Raju.

  6. Rich, I like the analogy of the water tower as a goal. It reminds me of the pioneers in the 1800’s with the goal of going west to settle.
    So many started out with high intentions of finding a new way of life, but not all made it to their goal. Many were lost to famine, illness, war with those trying to keep them from their goal, and many just gave up on their intention to reach that goal.
    Those that did make it were justly rewarded with success as we are soon to be rewarded with Compumatrix as our goal now and in the future.

  7. I love the concept of keeping you focus on the tower. We must never forget what CNI and it’s leadership is all about! If CNI is to be successful, it is important that we keep these ideals and goals in the forefront as we run with this child! An arrow does not hut it’s target unless it carefully aims for that target.

  8. Rich, you are making a very important point here. Being clear about where you/your business is going will drive relevant actions today, tomorrow, and the next day. And, it is critical that everyone in the business be clear about the intention as well. That way they can support accomplishment of the intention by using their knowledge and skills most effectively.

  9. Nicely put Rich. Intention is the key. It is critical to how you steer your life. The question then becomes what should you aim for? My personal opinion is that my dominant intent is to feel joy as part of my triad, freedom, growth & joy. My career is one of creating a joyful life experience. One’s destination is the feeling of joy, the feeling of joy is one’s destination.

  10. The role intention plays in accomplishing something is key in all aspects of life. Objectives in mind are key in how to arrive somewhere in life and most importantly to accomplish those desired objectives. Intention is a continuous process in getting objectives complete especially when having encountered mental barriers of any form. To grow ones business e.g. Compumatrix, one must first set hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly objectives with the intention to see it succeed no matter the challenges that come through. Take action where there is an intention and a purposeful outcome is your reward.

  11. Thank you for the article about good intentions and objectives. My mother used to say to me when I was young, “the road to hell is paved with good intention”. Meaning you can have all of the intentions in the world but if you don’t follow through and take action on your intentions nothing happens. Another thing my mother called it was gumption. You have to plan just what you need to make the intention happen.
    It’s not unlike saying I am going to drive to Washington State. This means I have to set my intention, plan what city I want to visit and then plan the route. The big step is to go forth and follow the plan. If there are roadblocks or detours you will need to plan how to get around them and remain on the route. When you arrive you have followed your plan and achieved your intention. That is how we have arrived at the door of Compumatrix,

  12. Life is full of surprises and obstacles but if your intention is strong to make something and achieve goals in your life you can overcome any hurdle that comes your way..My intention with this business Compumatrix is to become financially independent and help whoever I can in whatever way is possible

  13. Oh…this is one of my pet peeves for many people (myself included)! Intention, in my opinion, has ALWAYS been one of the most important factors in designing and living out one’s life, so to speak. It makes ALL the difference in how your life pans out. And that includes every little step you take, from the moment you awaken and set your goals/intentions for how you want the day to go; how you intend to treat yourself and others during the day; what you want to achieve in your career/job/business and so on….but with today’s mega-distractions in the form of everything technological, intentions are something that – ironically – are more challenging to focus on!

  14. Having True intentions in business or really anything you do ,to me is like giving my word to someone and keeping it . True Intentions is keeping the task and finishing it ,is on my honor .
    If one has false intentions they are found out quickly and people don’t trust you or the business you are in . Thank you for the interesting True Intention Blog.

  15. I find many people, including myself in the past before I knew better, use the word ‘try’ as a synonym for ‘intend’. They are not the same meaning! Nor is hope a substitute word. Intention is as important in business as it is in one’s personal life. We have to have a goal, an outline that is reasonable, as to how to get to that goal. When realistic versions of this are in place, we stand a chance of success at realizing our intentions.

  16. I intend to write a comment about this subject but, I am not sure I have the motivation and more importantly, the ability to do so. To get a couple of points is some sort of motivation but that leaves the notion of ability. A C- in an English Composition course gives one the idea that maybe, not so much. We all have the “intent” to do many things but how many are left undone? Some of those intentions are better left to flounder in the the wind, but some, well, we should really give it a try. As I mentioned in another blog, there is no action without a force. In this particular arena, intention will go unrealized if there is no act of some kind of force. Get up and do it!

  17. Rich, thank you for this blog, reminding us to stay focused on our intent. Even when we feel incompetent, we desire to do better and be better; This is how it was for me when I came to Compumatrix. I intended to learn. I intended to apply what I learned. I intended to succeed. Life is short, and I intend to stay focused and enjoy.

  18. Intention is key especially when it concerns accomplishing goals and certain activities for the specified time frame. Beautifully put right there Rich G. “Intention is a continuous process.” One cannot accomplish anything if the intention is not there to accomplish anything [Selah]. Intention is what causes things to get done (Cause and effect), thus in application of a business, one can only grow as fast and as high as one intends to do so keeping ones’ eyes on “the water tower” (goal). Intention and focus go hand in hand with each other. Intention fuels focus on the intended goal!

  19. Intention is very important for the fulfillment of the goal,you have to go through difficult paths to achieve success,action with intention is also correct,we must understand our purpose very well and pay close attention to it,only then can we be able to achieve our goal,we need to maintain our good intention to help keep growing compumatrix business.

  20. How many of us tell ourselves when something that needs fixing arises that we intend to fix it and the days go by, even weeks and whatever it is, is still not fixed.
    Yes we all have good intentions but the key is focus. Also don’t put off today what you can fix tomorrow. In other words do it now. We are all guilty of prevaricating at some time or another but focus and intention go hand in hand. The same applies to our business.

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