Intruder Alert!

No matter how prepared you believe you are, have you taken the extra care to protect your most valuable sanctuary – your home? Realizing so many of us work from home now, our office space is part of that sanctuary, and it requires protection too!

Burglars, thugs, and outright thieves have stepped it up a notch and use their expertise in gaining entry to your “retreat” and carry out their evil deeds. Financial loss, albeit bad enough, is not the only thing to cause us to worry. The threat of physical harm to you or a family member from a home invasion certainly gets attention too.

Home invasions are on the rise, and the idea of having a safe neighborhood is becoming rarer and rarer. In many instances, the intruder simply walked through the front door or unlocked garage. Unfortunately, there is a misguided belief that some hold that “a home invasion won’t happen in my neighborhood.

Home invasion Ignites a market for home security systems.

Smart security uses the latest technology for safety to protect homes and businesses. Each day sees an increase over the previous day new customers are using the home security business. These security systems not only offer the ability to see inside and outside with cameras strategically placed, but also provide home automation. In fact, you can adjust your thermostat, turn on lights, TV, Radio, open or close blinds, lock and unlock doors, and many other things to make your life more comfortable.

To hire personal security for yourself and your home is way too expensive. And even if you could afford it, can you really trust the individual entirely? A home security business will do a much better job and the cost is not nearly as much! They will install 24/7 surveillance and HD cameras with day and night views and even come with the ability to “talk” to a would-be home invader, sound a siren, in essence scaring them away.

Many trusted and authorized security businesses work to keep an eye on your security systems. Any unusual motion or threat can be seen and identified with the cameras in place without sacrificing your privacy. movement or threat can be easily identified through cameras without breaching your privacy. Insist that the security business is not outsourcing the surveillance of your home and business.

  • Smart locks

Smart locks are one of the most impressive aspects of a security system. Are you tired of carrying a bunch of keys, or worse, losing them? Old lock and key systems have a long history of being overcome by burglars leaving your home, business, and family vulnerable. These smart locks have security codes that can be operated with your smartphone. Smart locks cannot be opened with wires or fake keys. Smart locks and security cameras work together to protect better the things that mean the most to you. Last but not least, they are connected with alarms so that if unauthorized attempts to enter take place, alarms sound with alerts to police.

  • Alarm systems

Smart devices all over the house connected to alarm systems alert you to intruders. Security alarm systems are connected to things like doors and window sensors to inform you if someone tries to break-in, and the motion sensors activate alarm systems with the police.

  • Motion sensors

Sleep well without worrying, as the motion sensors cover windows, doors, and fire escapes. The smart detection of intruders gives you the comfort that allows you to relax and sleep off a day’s hard work. You can even have motion sensors in your home office to protect vital work, records and valuable items stored in your safe.

  • Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell gives you the ability to see who is ringing your doorbell without opening the door. Cameras video visitors and relay that information to your smartphone, allowing you and the visitor to converse so you can decide if you should open the door. If you choose, you may open the door from your recliner and never miss gameplay. Attend to your visitors remotely! Receive package deliveries by one click of your smartphone to open the garage, then lock it back up once delivered!

  • Smartphone control

With your smartphone, you can keep all of your security systems and control them in one place. You can find registered smartphone apps online with the app store with the company you choose to hire. Personal and private data is secure with these apps, making your home and business office security a breeze to manage.

Smart home automation

Smart home automation, as with security, is controlled by smartphones. Fantastic features help take the worry out of being a homeowner and sets your mind at ease. It provides help in watching your budget as well as your home safety.

  • Smart energy control with smart lighting

It is excellent to know that you are benefitting both your monthly expenses AND the environment in which you live and work. Say if you left an appliance on, smart technology would identify and prevent the misuse. Smart lighting enables you to switch off lights and turn them on only when needed, going easy on your electrical bills. By being able to control your appliances remotely, you can arrive home to a chilled house by switching on the air-conditioner before arriving home.

  • Smoke and heat detectors

Smoke and heat detectors are an irreplaceable addition to your smart home automation kit. It is very reassuring to know your home and business are being monitored 24/7’s for threat of fires.

  • Keyfob remote

You can operate your doors from anywhere with a keyless keyfob. When your parents or inlaws come to visit, you can welcome them from your workplace with a keyfob remote!

  • Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat helps you do your part in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by controlling the thermostat setting. You can control this from your smartphone. Set the heat or air to minimize costs while you are away and set home to be warm or cool just before you arrive home. Save money and help take care of the environment and eliminate the misuse of electricity.

WE cannot neglect business protection:

Along with the need for security on your computers, which is VERY important for any home business, our homes, and home businesses need protection too.

Our business systems, which most likely would include either paper hard copies or online system storage (computer) must be protected from theft, fire, and destruction.

Some of the business data which we depend on and use almost every day may include:

  • A Bill pay system for your bills that need to be paid.
  • An Invoicing system for your invoices to the client should you have them.
  • An Accounting system for your receipts for purchases, especially of tax credit items
  • A Client file system for your client correspondences and emails.
  • An Office supply system for your paper and other office supplies.
  • A Reference system for your reference pages to look at in the future.
  • Usernames, passwords, keys which would be kept on jump drives out of the computers.
  • financial records (trade records, purchases of cryptos, etc)

Being a member of Compumatrix or any online company means the data we use for everyday operations must be kept safe. To lose it just isn’t an option. Therefore, a home security system benefits our business as well as our home with the many features that can be added. Alarms, cameras, monitors, and alerts bring a sense of peace and comfort and free us more to create, concentrate, and enjoy both home and career.

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Good information, Gail. Home and computer security have always been a huge concern for me. Thankfully, we’ve never had a break-in but you never know. We should always be prepared. I love technology, so I’m looking forward to upgrading (once I can afford it) to the smart home systems that are available today.

  2. Sophye, thanks for your most interesting and vital post regarding home and business intrusion. Yes, these days you can loose your life along with your personal collection of important or even expensive goods. Home security companies are definitely a good start. They can definitely be worth the money. Goods and things can be replaced, but lives cannot. Personally, I like a variety of high tech protection devices including my faithful four legged friend. In my humble opinion, along with various electronic devices, she is the best. She is one great early warning friend. She would without hesitation face an intruder with her life.

    1. Robert, I agree with you! The four-legged alarm system is hard to beat, and what new technology or smart systems offers us the unconditional Love you get from your four-legged alarm system… None that I am aware of!

      I would like to comment on another consequence of when your security is breached. I agree, many of us think it will never happen in my neighborhood, or never happen “to ME” !?!? Well, it DID happen to me, thankfully I was not there at the time so I was in no personal danger but the home burglars are Very Smart. The internet is a wealth of knowledge and gives easy directions on how to break into a house through the automatic garage door, which is how they gained access to my house. I had been gone for several days, which was pretty obvious because there was fresh snow and NO tracks of my coming or going, and no close neighbors to worry about. I imagine this was a pretty good sign to the burglers that my house was a good target…. they just had to get inside, which they quickly did through the electric garage door by triggering the release latch, causing the door to open. It was then simple to drive into the garage, close the electric door with No One to the wiser, leaving them unlimited time to completely search my home for anything of perceived value, load up and back out the way they came in, with No One to the wiser :-((

      As bad as this hit me financially, the loss of irreplaceable family treasures was even worse. I remember the feelings of knowing someone had been in my house, had gone through my drawers and boxes packed away… nothing was left untouched. I can’t begin to tell you the sense of personal violation I experienced, and the insecurity I felt every day And night from then on, when I went to bed and everytime I left the house…. could this happen again, maybe when I was there!?!? Nothing is more important than “Personal Safety” and even with our four-legged friends, and all the “smart security” available, we all need to be watchful not just for ourselves but for others in our neighborhoods. I really like the idea of neighborhood watch groups, and knowing and trusting your neighbors to protect us when we are vulnerable.
      Even now, I can feel the devastation of that experience and have to remind myself that “my Protector” is bigger than any invader, and I need to trust in Him at All times for He Never will forsake me. Praise the Lord!

  3. Safety is our top priority. Very practical suggestions have been given to us by Gail . By using Smart technology, we will save time. These new systems will also keep us secure and well-protected. From the comfort of our homely abode we can now live and work in peace and harmony.

  4. So sad to hear that home invasion is now becoming prevalent worldwide. I thought it was only in Africa that this was occurring daily to hundreds of people. I always thought that I would eventually leave here and move to a ‘safer’ country, but it seems that there are no completely safe places to live any longer. We have electric fencing, movement sensor beams around our house and an alarm system linked up to 24/7 Armed Response services. In my suburb, we have 84 sophisticated cameras on poles dotted around our streets, also linked up to a control room that monitors them 24/7. This is all paid for by subscriptions from our residents. One good thing is that we are known as the safest suburb in Johannesburg, having had only 1 incident of a vehicle being stolen in the past 10 years. Having this kind of security in my living space has made me even more aware of my online security. I have an effective system running but I could make it very much more secure, which I will do once I have the funds to do so.

  5. good info and good reading Gail — information today is very similar to individuals homes and possessions and seriously with each passing moment of time needs to be secured just as well — it is sad in a sense that we should be so protective and secure but — thanks for great info —

  6. Thank you, Gail what a great blog. I agree. these days we all need security. People use to think guns and dogs were enough. Now we get hit from home, through computers, credit cards, it’s disturbing how many criminals we have. I’ve been robbed twice. the second time they took memories of my baby that passed. So lock things up, some things can’t be replaced.

  7. Nice to see this being addressed here about online Security as well as computer security. Long gone the days when we left our doors open in our home and our car . I remember many ,many years ago , the fish dealers use to go to the bank to draw out cash to pay their workers. Open the back door of their car . Throw thousands of dollars in the back seat and go into the store . They did not even lock the car door. or cover over the cash.
    Long gone are those days of trust . Our car was broken into for a few dollars in change .

  8. Hi Gail,

    You always bring us a great advise, I agree with you that home security is very very important, I can see the relation between the unemployment and the increase in crime rates, I like the installed camera on the front and the back of the home with recording system, which you can use your cell phone to watch over your home, also I like to have at least one fire extinguisher in every floor.

    Great advise, thanks

  9. The technological world and its evolution of Smart AI have blossomed in the past 30 years. I enjoy all the perks that come with this technology. Motion sensor lights and the Smart doorbell have given clarity to intruders and assisted greatly with security. Indeed, 2020 is a unique time to be alive and discernment needs to be our focus. When we are overwhelmed like we are now, Smart technology steps up to the plate and relieves the stress around safety. Also, the old fashion security measures of a dog and Smith and Wesson are always a great trio.

  10. I have to agree with this blog in most respects. We have implemented multiple smart protection devices within our house. The smart lock is phenomenal. The smart doorbell is phenomenal. The wireless cameras are nice. But the one negative that I do see with all of these wifi devices is the monitoring with the Nest and other Wi-Fi branded products are not as good as dealing with a true security company. We may have to balance the system with introducing another security company with our Smart Wi-Fi devices. I haven’t quite figured out or mastered how to tie in the security company with all of these smart devices.

  11. Home security is definitely a big and ever expanding business. We have a local security co. guard that drives around in his vehicle. I honestly don’t think it does much good. So it’s up to you. Lock your doors. Don’t leave articles sitting outside. Just hope and pray you don’t get a knock on your door at 3am. You might also consider a sticker that says, “THIS HOME PROTECTED BY GOD, SMITH & WESSON”

  12. Home security is a very hot topic. When someone says that crime doesn’t pay – Ask a security company how much money they earn in a month :-). I am only being partly funny.. It is a big part of being safe. Personally, the 4 legged alarm is still one of the best early warning systems there is.. If you can’t afford the monthly fee for the cameras and monitoring… Put a sticker on your windows. This can be as much a deterrent as the entire system..

    The biggest thing we all can have a better understanding of is WHY crime is on the rise.. One reason is well, some people are just criminals and they tend to value your stuff more than their life. One BIG, perhaps bigger reason, however, is the need to feed their families.

    With Compumatrix on the verge are going live here – we have one of the best opportunities to help alleviate crime there is on the planet. Education about and a method to earn income from anywhere on the planet. When someone doesn’t have to think about how to feed their family – Crime goes way down.

    Will we get back to the 50’s or even 70’s again? I hope so.

  13. an interesting look at the possibility of America and going back to simpler times of the 50’s not sure as i grew up in the 60- 70s if that is simpler times ??? but do know that as a 60+ adult like hearing Truth from all sides — But do not honestly know for fact that Truth is ???? guess time always tells Truth — great read thats for sure — rj

  14. Sad but true, home invasion is on the rise for sure, especially now even more than before since so many have lost their jobs or had to close their business for good after the forced close down worldwide. Yes, they are many options to keep our home more secure like you mentioned cameras or smart locks or alarm systems. Something to consider once I have a profitable home business, many things around here need to be changed then but it has to wait for now until I am able to do them. Love all the suggested ideas you mentioned in your blog. Many to choose from and they all sound pretty safe.

  15. Great blog, Gail. The security of home and office is critical. We were discussing the other day about how to secure us better. In the face of all that is happening in this time, we feel a need for it. I was never one to look for trouble, but, it seems it will find us whether we look for it or not. Our choice at the time we discussed the security, was it or a new roof. The roof won out. We are still waiting for them to get it done. A better security system with secure windows in my office is next on the list. Hopefully, this will transpire soon.

  16. . Nice to see this being addressed here about online Security as well as computer security. Long gone the days when we left our doors open in our home and our car . I remember many ,many years ago , the fish dealers use to go to the bank to draw out cash to pay their workers. Open the back door of their car . Throw thousands of dollars in the back seat and go into the store . They did not even lock the car door. or cover over the cash.
    Long gone are those days of trust . Our car was broken into for a few dollars in change .

  17. Gail, those are some very smart and helpful ideas and advices and the new technology can certainly be very useful in that area.
    We already implement some of them, like the smart lighting. In addition, there are some easy things anybody can do like e.g.
    to ask your neighbours to leave garbage in your trash can, to collect your mail etc.

  18. Thank you for the informative blog, Gail. With all of the security devices available today, we can make our home reasonably safe.
    I say reasonably, because it seems that no matter what new devices we install it seems that the thieves are always figuring out ways to over ride
    the system. Even so, it behooves us to do what we can to keep the things we hold dear safe.
    Those who are looking for an easy score will often bypass homes that look like they are using devices to keep safe. They are looking for the
    easy target.

  19. Thank you for this blog post. The subject is good and the advise useful. We have always paid great attention to the security of our house and we took some good measures. I think our house is secure but you never can tell because crooks are very inventive in their methods.

  20. Since we are in a time where more and more people are beginning to work from home, not only are people’s materialistic items in their houses, but also their confidential work and finance materials. This means if someones house is burglarized they are now able to steal more important items than a purse. I think this article gave many great examples of new ways to store and protect our products in our homes.

  21. It is just unbelievable to me that you can now control just about everything in your home remotely from your smartphone. I remember when the first “smart homes” came on the market a good while back. I thought that was so cool. What worries me about this is that it seems like a really good hacker can take control of your home. I can see myself sleeping comfortably one night when suddenly I wake up sweating and it is 95 degrees in my house. I go to leave but can’t unlock the door, and on and on. The nightmare of all nightmares. I don’t understand why everything good that comes along has to have a potential dark side to the story. But, I still think it is really cool, and intend to have a smart security system installed. I know I am supposed to be able to do it myself, but I think I am just too busy. I am pretty good at things that only require that I hold one tool, like a broom. If you put two tools in my hands like a hammer and a nail, forget about it. It ain’t going to be pretty.

  22. as we go forward it is just important to be aware of as many of the new ways to go about business and life — each day there is something that is automated that was not or at least it appears to be that way and have to stay abreast to all the movements so read and research but also do not forget to breathe and enjoy a bit of it also — great read —

  23. Gail this is a great and in depth review of all types of security. Times certainly have changed in the last few years in regards to our options for security. This technology allows us to take security into our own hands and monitor the coming and goings of our house holds. I personally like the electronic door locks. In the past many people including baby sitters, house workers and friends had copies of my house key. Now we have one electronic set and we can control who can enter.

  24. Thank you, Gail what a great blog. I agree. these days we all need security. People use to think guns and dogs were enough. Now we get hit from home, through computers, credit cards, it’s disturbing how many criminals we have. I’ve been robbed twice. the second time they took memories of my baby that passed. So lock things up, some things can’t be replaced. It’s horrible so lock your homes. Protect your computers, have secret words for online bank calls. You can add extra security, just ask them.

  25. Just as criminals have become smart, we cannot be left behind too when its comes to where we spend most of our lives, home security and everything that comes with it should be our top priority, making sure that you have done your part will avoid many exposed dangers and loss. thank you for this advice and other great inside presented.

  26. I agree security is very important and I pay a lot for just my computer I still need to do more work on my house though. There is so much more than there use to be with all the technology we have in todays world with smart phones and even door bells now. I will be doing more research in this area for my house and garage.

  27. Thank you for your very informative and useful post, Gail. Both our house and the laptops have good security. Security for a house is important in Brazil because there are many home invasions, happily not in the area where we live but that is no excuse to secure the place where we live. So ours is equipped with an alarm, solid locks and an electrical fence. That should keep us safe.

  28. Great blog Gail. yes in this day and age it is becoming more and more important to secure your home or business and take advantage of all the various options available to safe guard your home business etc.I came across a smart bulb that is very interesting in the sense that it monitors the areas around the house and records the events. have to look into this further

  29. this is such a great read — and when you put all of this into perspective — security and safety are just part of the winning combination in todays’ existence — as I read through and study and learn — it does amaze me how much the small parts of everyday life has changed from simple to what it is today ?? yeppers’ amazing —

  30. Thank you for the informative blog about the importance of security and safety. I am always amazed with with sophisticated new security technology. A family member has the state of the art technology with home security, they had a guest visiting and forgot to tell them about the alarm system. The guest opened the from door to pick up the newspaper and the federal marshalls were at the house within 5 minutes.

  31. Great information Gail…truly informative and helpful especially during these uncertain times when there can be the possibility of heightened criminal activities happening, be it a home invasion or cyber invasion…these are all not what anyone wants to happen to them and we have to take all measures to ensure we and our family are protected from these evil-doers.

  32. Gail, Very useful information regarding security,security is very important,there is no place in the world that we can call safe,we have to think about our own safety,by adopting these security systems we can make our home and business safer,to avoid cyber crime, very advanced technology has to be adopted.

  33. so much great info in this blog — and how it fits into what i have been reading this morning is incredible — the days of old on protecting and security are not feasible measures any longer –if you are active in the cyber world of Today which is all part of everyday living actually unless on a deserted island with no internet then of course you wouldnt be reading this nor would you even need your door locked — lol

  34. I a not sure what concerns me most invasion of my home or internet fraud. I have only suffered two home invasions bot occasions were isurance covered so the only losses that mattered were personal and sentimental items.The internet fraud element I find very troublesome. I know someone whose home was wrecked by people reading a post on facebook regarding a birthday party to which they were not invited but turned up anyway and jus wrecked the place, There is so little regulation that i make stringent efforts to keep my asset info well away whenever possible.

  35. I will agree home invasion are on the rise due to covid-19, job loss and permanent business closures. I have an alarm system it is simple and to the point, when I can afford it I will purchase a smart doorbell and maybe add a couple of cameras to the system. Also as far as my computer is concerned I use Norton Life Lock and I also make sure I DON’T click on links in emails, I seem to get a lot more phising emails now, so I’m extra careful.

  36. Thank you Gail. Great post. Neighborhood watch groups are really great because people look out for one another and create a safer neighborhood by committing to work together since you all have a common interest. It also builds friendship bonds.

  37. Very interesting article, one thing that most people forget when it comes to keeping their home secure, it keeping trees and bushes trimmed so that they can’t become a hiding place for criminals. All the security in the world can not protect you or your home, if you have over grown bushes and trees that can become cover to criminals to hide in. Making sure you have no blank spots where the criminal can safely climb in and out of your home without being seen is the first step in setting up any home security. The second is not giving the criminal something to desire. Don’t flaunt you good fortune, I am not saying don’t have nice things. Just don’t display them for all to see………security begins with you!

  38. It is sad that we have to think about all types of security be it your home, your vehicle, your work tools or your privacy but it is always better to be prepared and organised. Some good ideas within this blog, some I use, some I may have to consider sooner rather than later.

  39. This was really good information. I thought the information about the smart locks was interesting as I have been known to carry around too many keys on my key chain. If any of the keys are lost, then there may be security problems that could happen with the wrong person finding the keys, or being locked out of the home or car. A smart key could eliminate such concerns.

  40. As the smart lock technology seems to connect with the smart phone, it would seem to be a good alternative for remote monitoring which is always good to have for protecting assets.

  41. such a great informative read on many of the newest or safest Smart ways to keep any good Biz and monetary good fortune –protected quietly and Safely — this new age of technology +++++ is definitely a wow factor as i work to at least get a functioning amount of legitimate info and workable also — time always tells whole truth — however great info here fact —

  42. Thank you for the very informative article on safety and security. We rent and to me it seems unlikely that we would be able to put into place all the safety items that were covered. I am sure my landlord would object and then of course we will be moving as soon as feasible when Compumatrix is up and running. Then in our new home we will be financially able to secure those many items for our safety.

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