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Investing can be very intimidating if you have never done so before. What company should I invest? How much should I spend or invest? If you look at the very rich that have gained from their investments, you may think there is no use to try. You may think you will never get to where they are. Don’t look around you; keep your eyes focused on what is for you. It should not concern us overly much how the wealthy got that way. The right course for you will be determined by who you are, and the amount you have to invest. Your monetary worth will grow as you can input more toward your investments.

From the time I was in high school, I wanted to make investments. I had no idea how. I would read the investment portion of the newspaper but could not make heads or tails of what it meant. I even purchased a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, to learn from its stock market reporting and information. Although there was something in me that needed to know, my brain would clamp up and block comprehension. Through the years, I have subscribed to every guru’s books and newsletters and watched business news. It was still the same every time my brain would seize up, so the words I read or heard were gibberish in my mind

In my seventies, A friend told me about Compumatrix. With all the help they offered, I have been able to comprehend many things about investments. The knowledge that I have gleaned from them has been mostly about the crypto and digital currencies market. I have made some investments and trading with instructions. The trading is still not completely clear to me, but I have a chance to now further my abilities.

How Compumatrix Networks International has allowed me to build my own business, under the umbrella of their concepts and ecosystem is a wonder. Their teaching has been invaluable and will be ever-increasing as new technology comes into being. We will be the beneficiaries of any new technology applied by Compumatrix.
It has been a thrill for me, after all these years to know why I had a seeking heart, to know about investments to better my life. I appreciate the experience Compumatrix has afforded me in making my investments. We are investing in cryptocurrencies and into our own lives.

Is my mind in total comprehension? No, but I am further along than I would have been, were it not for Compumatrix. As I free my mind of doubt in myself, I am learning more and will be able to make wiser choices in my investments and trading.

Along with the knowledge, I have gained being with Compumatrix, and the extended family members. I have peace; a peace derived from knowing I do not need to know everything at once. I can move at my own pace, steady and sure.

Thank you, my teachers, in Compumatrix. Your mentoring has brought me to a place I never anticipated. After all my years of yearning, you helped me to know what I did not know, and what I needed to know. Though the learning has been robust at times, there is an innate desire pushing me to stay the course and follow my destiny with Compumatrix.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Carmen you do great work in your postings — enjoy reading those postings and learn as I read your info — thank you so much for contribution to us all here at Compu and sure am hoping to keep learning each day here from you bloggers — rj

  2. Investing ones money is one aspect of wanting returns and gaining wealth. But how about investing in oneself? So how do we go about doing just that? There are college courses that can be obtained to reach that goal, or work experience that we gain knowledge. No matter what area of path one takes to always cost one something. College, work, life experiences, good or negative all are costly, but one learns and hopefully those negative times are few and far between, but always remember, investments are always something that will cost one something.

  3. Investing is scary business – Without the knowledge of hows and whys. And there are more investments than just monetary ones. Investing in yourself with education and seminars is one of the best investments you will ever make. Not only will your knowledge, on whatever subject your would be studying, improve but so will your confidence in yourself. Never mind that a side effect just might be more $$$ in your pocket also :-).

  4. as i read this blog posting again n then again — it is fascinating to see how putting the numbers into the overall equation and then i have to smile at the reality of the truth in the business — it is so nice to put truth with reality and then have actual dollars // numbers legitimately answered — and have time displayed the answers — it is real and honestly it is good reading with great truth — thank you

  5. I think we all, if not many, want to have a better financial life than what we grew up with. For me, was reading Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, was the book that started me in search of that financial freedom status.
    Other books, like, Rich Dad/Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason contributed to my knowledge.
    But it was not until I found Compumatrix that I took that ONE STEP.

  6. Great post and to be honest I always liked the idea of investing, but with limited funds, it’s not too easy most of the time. Very often in the past, it was more gambling than real investing and with the not so good ending consequences. Most are gone except for Compumatrix who is still here after so many years when I started this business. We seem to be on our final steps to open the doors to the world and let them know who we are. It has for sure opened the cryptocurrency world to me and I am willing to share it with others.

  7. Great post Carmen! Definitely investing is not for everyone. You must have very sharp emotional control and discipline if you want to embrace all the pressure that involves it. A great amount of time spent on research and study is also a must for those wanting to navigate those waters. But here we have Compumatrix that came to make us all successful where many would fail, allowing us to be very happy business owners.

  8. Yes Carmen. Compumatrix has been an investment in so many ways for a lot of people. Not only an investment of their time and energy, and patience (LOL) but many who “invested” or put their money into it over a decade ago, will soon see the fruits of their return. The longer their seed money has been in the system, the longer it has had a chance to grow into something substantial.

  9. Carmen I couldn’t agree with you more!! The learning at Compumatrix has been incredible. Every month I feel my knowledge on the crypto world is vastly expanding. Its quite exciting to be able to learn such a cutting edge technology as it evolves. This blog site has taught me things I didn’t even know I didn’t know!! Thats quite exciting to me and I’m very thankful to be in this position.

  10. Thank you Carmen for the great blog, I feel the same way so grateful I was introduced to this family. So many people out there wanting to learn to trade and those moving forward. But we have to remember in our system one wrong move can crash everything. Seems that’s why our currencies are having to be built up, then built up again and again. I’d feel safer if we had to go through a process before trading to make sure we know what we are doing. Something to make sure once its open we can stay open. Just my thoughts not trying to up set anyone. I just want everything safe and with so many on the outside trying to get in. We need to be present when making choices in our Dex. To leave on a happier note. I’m just so glad we are here and can see a light at the end of our tunnel. Not there yet but we are coming world!

  11. When I think about investing I think about how intimidating it is to see because of all the wealthy people that have done this. I like this article because it helps people realize that anyone who has ever invested in something had to take a chance and start from the bottom.

  12. Thank you for your insight. I am truly grateful to Compumatrix for accelerating my learning curve with crypto investing and space. I was completely out of my comfort zone and I felt I was in Las Vegas gambling, yet the more I learned from Compumatrix, the easier and more confidence I gained in the crypto space. My family thinks I am crazy, and I know I am crazy not to follow my heart.

  13. Very nice post Carmen. yes Investing is not every one’s cup of tea . It does take a lot of research,learning and self discipline to be able to benefit from you attempts at making any decent profitable There will be times when well researched investment plans will go against your plan and may be enough to dishearten you from doing any more investing. But perseverance is the ultimate motto to really make it good in the end

  14. It’s amazing Carmen that you had the desire to invest at such a young age. I actually had a knack for business when I was only 5 years old. I sold flower seeds like marigolds, petunias etc. door to door. If I sold enough seeds, the prize was to get a camera. El Cheapo camera for sure, but at least I was able to sell enough to get it. I think those younger years helped us to form so much of what we would do later in life.

  15. this is such a great reading thru the blog and the replies — investing not much up my area of interest and i do know many others like myself the same but do know a few who are legit in the field and wow can they do what they do — it is impressive but for me above my line — so one thing in biz — when you can’t know –then find legit who do know and build a relationship of trurt n respect n honor — jmho —

  16. I lost a few thousand dollars in my early years of “investing” in HYIPs. I fell into the trap of making a quick buck, but fortunately one day I ended up in Compumatrix, thanks to my mother who was already invested in. I’ve learned that investments to be profitable take time, you have to do research and have patience. If not an expert, hire a professional, if you want to invest in the stock market you may be need a strong stomach and always look for the long term.

  17. Great article Carmen! Investment is such an asset that everyone thinks of improving their future,there are a number of concerns that come to mind in anticipation of future payments,but compumatrix is free from all these fears,where we can invest our cryptocurrencies for a better future,can trade but still need to learn a lot.

  18. I believe that investing in yourself is the best investment a person can make. It puts the pressure on yourself so that you make sure you are successful. It is really the only way to learn about investing money because if you are not successful you are out of options. If you can make money work for yourself, you create a lot of opportunities to open up the world for yourself AND others. You have no choice. Run out of money and you are dead in the water.

  19. this is such a great info piece and so true in the basis of learning and being welcomed in by the Compu Biz Peeps who just Help each of us who have asked or honestly were just here — the investing info you can learn here is awesome — but honestly the Help from the Heart from great peeps here –just Awesome imho –rj

  20. Great Blog Carmen. I feel everyone wants a better financial life than what we grew up with, just as I want my son to have a better life than what I had a a child, don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful childhood I had everything i needed and most of the things I wanted even though I did not ask for much. I believe that investing in yourself is the best investment a person can make. It puts the pressure on yourself so that you make sure you are successful.

  21. As a young professional years back, I invested in myself at work by diligently performing my duties the best I could and gained the trust and confidence of my superiors. I also invested in my own health doing aerobics, jogging, and attending health seminars. I believe in supplementing and not waiting for health issues to set in before taking care of one’s health. More importantly, I invested in my spiritual health

    Except for a minimum investment in an asset, only because of the urging of some friends, I have not taken interest in any financial investment for wealth growth. The reason could be lack of knowledge/training. But with Compumatrix, there is support. Information related to the business is available at the Blogsite; BOD and members-experts are ready to answer queries posed at the Discord Helpline. Compumatrix is heaven-sent especially for those who are still learning the ropes. This may well be one of the best investments I did for myself.

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