Is Bitshares a Game Changer?

Bitshares (BTS) , formerly called Protoshares, is an open-source financial platform and decentralized exchange on the blockchain. Launched in July 2014, it seeks to remove much of the risk involved with centralized exchanges. Over the years, we’ve seen high-profile hacks on exchanges such as Bitgrail, Bitstam and not to mention the notorious Mt. Gox. Such incidents have resulted in many users losing their funds from these third parties. A decentralized system such as Bitshares cannot be as easily compromised becuase the data is not stored in only one central location.

Bitshares was conceived by Daniel Larmer, the cofounder and CTO of Steemit and EOS together with Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano. Larimer posits that mining was flawed due to the network centralization that followed and because of the unfair entry requirements for miners as a result. This led to the development of a new consensus algorithm called the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). This allowed the Bitshares platform to provide greater speed, efficiency and flexibility.

How it works

Signing up for a Bitshares is not that cumbersome. Users doesn’t need to provide their personal information in order to register and trade on the platform. There are no gibberish payment addresses. Just your favorite mnemonic. This is far way better than using centralized exchanges where you should provide all your information to comply with government regulations. Bitshares is more resistant to failure due to its decentralized feature. Users are in control of their own security rather than having to rely on a third party.

One of the main advantages of trading on Bitshares is that it takes away some of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market with the use of SmartCoins. This is where one of the main differences between Bitshares and Bitcoin lies. Bitshares aims to be an exchange system for value tokens (aka User Issued Assets) that are tied to real-life assets.

Users are able to stabilize their investments by converting to stable cryptocurrency assets that are pegged to fiat currencies. Since there is no need to convert to fiat currency at any time, users have greater anonymity as a result. Bitshares has its own token of the same name. Converting Bitshares (BTS) to bitUSD works much like converting to USD except there’s no need to leave the security of the blockchain. By design, 1 bitUSD will always equal 1 USD. This allows users to be protected from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market since fiat currencies are much more stable than newer digital currencies.

One particular feature of Bitshares is its scalability and ability to process transactions. In 2015, Bitshares made use of Graphene, an open-source blockchain implementation that acts as a consensus mechanism. Graphene is used by several other projects, including Steemit, and is said to be capable of 100 thousand transactions per second. This is greater than the transaction volume of Visa and Mastercard combined.

Bitshares also offers a multi-currency wallet, which is available for web, desktop and Android Mobile Phones.

Currency and Currency Support

One of the key ideas behind Bitshares is that it’s available to anyone, anywhere. Bitshares is understood to be available in all countries at present, with a greater share in South-East Asian Countries and China. It can be used to trade for anything such as gold, silver, gas, oil, national currencies and cryptocurrencies.


One of the best reasons why you should be on Bitshares is the when it comes to trading, there are no limits imposed on the user. Indeed, a user can trade any amount.

Every operation in the Bitshares ecosystem is assigned an individual fee with fees subject to change depending on the consensus. This allows the committees to change the fee structure to an amount acceptable by all Bitshares holders.

Summary and Conclusion

Bitshares is still very much an infant, and as such, there isn’t a huge number of people who have fully experienced the platform and what it has to offer. Users tend to praise the transparency of the DEX but argue that it’s more complicated to use than centralized exchanges the likes of Binance and Coinbase.

The DEX provide a whole host of benefits, such as greater user privacy and lower fees. You can even earn from the overall income by becoming a Life-time member. Bitshares is the way forward.

Have you used Bitshares? What do you think of this decentralized exchange? Let us know in the comments below!

About the author

Bitshares Labs contributes content pertaining to various topics and development updates about the Bitshares Ecosystem and Blockchain Technology.


  1. This topic of Bitshares is a fascinating one to me, as it’s the first experience I’ve had with a totally decentralized exchange. The fact the coin BTS is communally used to facilitate trading and other transactions (including fee payment) has made my novice forays into the cryptocurrency realm a much smoother ride. It’s convenient, relatively stable and strangely, because of it’s consistent usage, provides a sense of security in this ever-evolving, crazy ride of “Crypto World”!

    1. Thank you for opening my eyes in reference to bitshares – I knew very little about this system and now I have a much better understanding.
      For me, I am drawn to:
      a) security – much harder to be compromised as data is stored in more than one location
      b) in order to use the bitshares platform, we do not have to enter personal information
      c) bitshares is superman in regards to processing transactions using a system called Graphene which is capable of handling 100 thousand per second leaving Mastercard and Visa in the dust!
      d) Bitshares has lots of room to grow!

  2. I agree that Bitshares is the way forward. There is no doubt that it is far safer to use than other exchangers due to its decentralized nature. I also appreciate the opportunity that Bitshares has given us to be able to use its decentralized platform as a useful component in our Compumatrix business.

  3. I have been using the Bitshares DEX for several years. I am very pleased with the way it functions. It is very fast and secure, I like the fact that it gives me full control of my assets and that it is private. The combination of the Bitshares (BTS) core token and SmartCoins, on this global DEX has staggering potential to financially empower many people who cannot get a bank account but who CAN get a cell phone.

  4. I believe the “game changer” is more due to decentralization than to Bitshares itself. Meaning, decentralization is the KEY to what makes the Bitshares platform very attractive to those who love to trade without limits and who value their privacy. Bitshares in that sense IS a game changer because of the flavor the decentralization leaves in the pallet..Becoming a member and learning to trade is actually easy and simple. A person can learn at their own speed as well.

  5. I am glad to be involve in this type of education and follow this company that I have confidence in. The company really goes out of their way to educate you and put you in the position to study and learn with the tools you need to know. “Bitshares” – I heard the word all the time but was not sure what meant now I have a better understanding.

  6. I have been using the Bitshares DEX for a few years now and I think because I have never used any other exchange it has become very comfortable for me. I know my way around and I find it very user friendly. I love the Personalisation feature and I have set up my trading page so that it is extremely easy for me to operate.

  7. I agree that Bitshares is a game changer, mainly because its technology enables a multitude of decentralized solutions that are accessible to anyone.

    I also agree with the statement of the post that there are still few people to see its value (even people who already use it).

    I am not an expert on the subject, but I think that there is a great challenge of engagement on the part of the developers in relation to the people who look for Bitshares solutions.

    After all, digital currencies are still a novelty for the vast majority of people. Bitshares, Bitcoin, in short, for many people are the same thing. Investing in more knowledge, making materials like this post feasible so that more people can gain understanding may be a good way to go.

    The human being is driven by rewards and that is how the wheel turns. I believe that as long as there is no well-defined engagement initiative that promotes more knowledge to people by rewarding their evolution through legitimate contributions to the ecosystem, we will still have very low liquidity and some opportunists will benefit.

  8. Decentralization is the key for future expansion and adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Due to their privacy and security nature, decentralized financial platforms and exchanges like Bitshares are suitable to a wide range of users starting from small cryptocurrency players to the big companies and corporations. It is exciting to follow the intense development of this new and powerful industry.

  9. Nice, simple explanation & history of the Bitshares DEX! It’s the only decentralized platform I’ve used over the past few years, and the only one I know of in existence at this time. We will see a lot more true DEX’s in the future, as the value of decentralization becomes more well known and chosen above centralized exchanges/trading platforms. It’s easy to learn, fast, low cost and I have control over my wallet! Although it’s still “becoming,” I only see great success for Bitshares and those involved with it’s forward movement.

  10. Bitshares, a common name we come across, whenever we think of Cryptocurrency. Widely used in most Cryptocurrency trading platforms, it was a game changer. With highly volatile price fluctuations, though Bitshares are widely used, are no more a game changer in the days/weeks/months/years to come. This is purely my personal opinion, although Bitshares are still my favorite. May be I am wrong and I wish to be wrong, in the context, whether Bitshares are still a game changer.

  11. I found Bitshares to be very inviting because it does give you a good level of anonymity. I didn’t have to give any personal information when setting up a new account. I like the fact that you can have multiple accounts too. The fact that it is a more stable system that is tied to real life assets also gives me a level of comfort. Game changer ? We shall see.

  12. Very easy to understand report.
    Am still learning something new about bitshares and how its all put together in a nice little package.
    The low fees is one of the best advantages I think!
    Pretty user friendly platform to understand, for a rookie like myself 😉

  13. I’ve been watching a group of about five major companies that claim that they will be the “decentralization” crypto service. Bitshares with Compumatrix just might beat them all and become the “Napster” of cryptocurrency. Incredibly the crazy fees and slow transaction times for trading would disappear.

  14. With everything going on in the world today (June 4th, 2020) getting
    decentralized with a portion of your money / assets is absolutely vital!
    The Bitshares platform in my opinion is “one” of the answers. We need
    to secure our assets by spreading them out in a portfolio that covers
    cryptocurrencies, real estate, hard currencies etc. DON’T depend
    on just one of the above… DIVERSIFY!!!

  15. I have read a lot about Bitshares but have never used it.I shall try it and find out. However, it looks to be easy to use and simple to operate. Looking forward to my new experience. Thank for for this opportunity.

  16. Bitshares has been a nice tool. I have used it for storage and to move funds around. It is rather convenient. I appreciate its annominity. It has been successful so far in its day to day business operation and will probably continue to be a valuable tool in the world of Cryptocurrency!

  17. The bitshares platform in itself is the ideal decentraised tool (DEX). It is easy to find your way around once inside. Secure, yes but still not perfect as accounts have been hacked in the past. It is ideal to be able to change passwords on a regular basis to ensure account safety. However, I find that it is not an easy process to do this.I have tried, and made a mistake, which took some time to sort out. Luckily I was able to recover my account. To change the password you also have to change the keys attached to it. It would be better, in my opinion, if we were able to just change the password and that it would be automatically tied to the owner and private keys.

  18. Bitshares platform is the first DEFI ecosystem. When I began to play with Bitshares in 2014, I was really amazed with its fiat stablecoins and its performance. But it is a pity this system stops the innovation these years. I think the functionality of bitshares system is fully qualified for industrial usage and if there exists the high-quality reliable gateway in it, it will certainly have the nice future.

    1. The evolution of the defi and dex space will be what people are talking about for the years to come. I feel privileged to be growing a business in concert to these technology platforms. Smart contacts evolving through the likes of Ethereum and Chainlink may be the next hot topic. Or should I say, now is the hot topic for all of these. Keep the blogs coming. I learn something new on each post.

  19. As a new to the Crypto World user, I spend a lot of time in the DEX and find as everyone above has, that it is an easy program to use. Just getting into trading but for now have been Hodling. I look forward to future advancements utilizing the Bitshares program. For the most part I also find the direct purchase of BTS to be a huge advantage. Looking forward to learning to trade and invest in Cryptos.

  20. I have been dabbling around with some games I have run across on the internet and they are using the bitshare platform for their games and I found that interesting since our company Compumatrix is also using bitshares and its decentralized tools. It\’s a great decentralized exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies also a great tool for the new games coming out without leaving the blockchain. Still confusing to me in many ways because I am really green at this but so highly interesting.

  21. I have come to appreciate the Bitshares platform regarding an educational component of the Cryptocurrency space. I felt as though I would have difficulty understanding the concepts around cryptocurrency with regard to individual cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and the like. Each currency and each platform, THEN there are the Exchangers where you can go and feel like you just went thru Security at one of the major city airports. With Bitshares, following various crptos is not difficult.

  22. Bitshares should excite any retail organization around. Companies spend an absorbent amount of money on credit card fees. Covid has sparked the cashless system even further and Bitshares is a great alternative. It also appears to be a safer transaction.

  23. It seems as though we could be moving toward a cashless system in the very near future.

  24. As far as I know, Bitshares is a safe media for us to use because of its centralized nature. I agree with your opinion above that using bitshares is much safer than using other exchangers. And I personally strongly support if Bitshaes has provided the opportunity to use this platform as part of the compumatrix’s future business.
    Maybe on the side of the shortcomings of Bitshares can still be fixed so that we as compumatrix members will be easy to run. Hopefully this will run smoothly in accordance with our expectations together

  25. The appeal of being decentralized is always a priority for users of crypto currency users. The right of privacy protection and real ownership of one’s assets have become a privilege in the day we live in. Taking ownership of securing ones assets may not be simple anymore, but learning how to use available steps to the best of your ability is excellent education and practice that is always on going.
    Great to be part of Bitshares and looking forward to the future.

  26. I think this opinion is important — The Markets Insider currency calculator offers a currency conversion from BitShares to EOS within seconds. Vacationers in Krypto can make conversions at the current exchange rate. The currency calculator provides an ideal tool for investors investing in international stock exchanges with different currencies.
    Conversion from BitShares to EOS can be done at current rates as well as at historical rates – to do this, select the desired exchange rate date. Today’s date is set by default. Additionally, the currency calculator shows the closing rate of the previous day as well as the highest and lowest rates of the conversion BitShares – EOS. The results are displayed in a clearly arranged table. In addition to the BitShares – EOS rate, the Markets Insider currency calculator also offers other exchange rates for about 160 international currencies.

    1. BitShares – EOS Currency Calculator
      You have currently selected the base currency BitShares and the target currency EOS with an amount of 1 BitShares. In the menu, you can select the desired exchange rates of about 160 international currencies from the two lists. Additionally, the currency calculator allows you to calculate historical exchange rates in addition to the current rate. The results are displayed in a table with the closing rate of the previous day, the opening rate as well as the lowest and highest rates of the respective date.

    2. I found some important to me anyways historical info on Bitshares —

      -Here are the first parts of a planned series of blog articles that will appear on the website as soon as I am sufficiently pleased with them. This series is intended to be a resource for newbies and a summary of all that has been accomplished in the past year. Think of this as the Official Year One Newsletter.”

      1. On the second day of June 2013 is the anniversary of the invention of BitShares. That day, a rogue entrepreneur named Dan “Bytemaster” Larimer was struck on the head by a proverbial migrating coconut. When he regained consciousness, he realized that he had invented bit-USD, the key insight that makes BitShares possible. Before sundown he had reworked his original BitShares whitepaper and published the whole new concept at

        Creating a Fiat/Bitcoin Exchange without Fiat Deposits

        1. Over the next five weeks, Bytemaster engaged in a series of vigorous forum discussions defending and refining the concept. There he met Charles Hoskinson who helped to vet the idea and develop a business plan. Charles presented the plan to Li Xiaolai in China who agreed to fund the development. On American Independence Day, the Fourth of July 2013, Invictus Innovations was incorporated in the state of Virginia.

          The next several months were spent bootstrapping the company and publishing articles, many of which may be found on the thread at Advice, Tutorials, and General References for Newbies.

          In September, the concept of a Distributed Autonomous Company (DAC) was invented and introduced to the world in two groundbreaking articles:

          1. nvictus introduced the BitShares Vision to the world via presentations by Hoskinson and Larimer at the Atlanta Bitcoin Conference in October 2013. It is here that the plans for Keyhotee were first introduced – an integrated multi-wallet, communication, and DAC interface application intended to defend privacy and help spread knowledge of BitShares technologies outside the crypto-currency community.

            Hoskinson and Larimer parted company at this point. They each agreed to keep their reasons confidential and there is no bad blood from our point of view. The only official statement on the subject was made by CEO Bo Shen to end a minor forum firestorm here:


            It is our opinion that Charles Hoskinson is the best dealmaker we have ever seen, and we miss his vision and talent for recruiting allies. No doubt he will help make his new Ethereum team very successful.

          2. It is our opinion that Charles Hoskinson is the best dealmaker we have ever seen, and we miss his vision and talent for recruiting allies. No doubt he will help make his new Ethereum team very successful.

            Despite this loss, all of this activity was beginning to create a buzz that would soon explode on the scene with a sequence of revolutionary innovations at roughly monthly intervals that continue to this very day.

            The first was ProtoShares…
            Part Two

          3. more of history really feel interesting — November’s Innovation – BitShares PTS

            BitShares PTS (formerly called ProtoShares) was developed for an entirely different reason than what its paradigm-shattering role became shortly after launch. In fact, every one of the subsequent breathtaking innovations came about from reacting to opportunities and lessons learned from the previous month’s breakthroughs and, um, screw-ups. Necessity is the mother of invention. I wish we could say we had it all planned out in advance, but no business plan survives first contact with the market. We are merely blessed opportunists.

            Initially, we were just looking for a way serve people interested in our first objective, BitShares X. A way for them to start mining and trading it early. BitShares X was first viewed as a coin backed by a built-in business that gives it more worth than the speculative value of a meme or some alternative technical implementation. In this first case, that integral unmanned business was a decentralized bank and exchange.

            Yep. Your coins would now contain a bank, not the other way around.

          4. Needless to say, this kind of second-generation crypto-company takes a lot longer to build and early adopters were growing impatient. So our plan was to just offer a plain old Bitcoin clone whose coins would be a BitShares X prototype – upgradable into BitShares X “bitshares” when it was ready to launch. We would simply initialize the first 10% of the bitshares to match all the public keys of PTS holders, giving them instant matching control of the same number of bitshares in BitShares X. This is how the concept of a protocoin was born

          5. We envisioned many exciting uses for protocoins. For example, they could be used as A way to separate investing in an idea from investing in one or more implementations of the idea. An incentive for competitors to cooperate on building an implementation because they could all be common stakeholders in the idea. A way to vet an idea and attract venture capitalists based upon prediction market evidence that the idea has value. A way for developers to invest in an idea and raise funding by generating growth from showing more and more evidence that they will successfully implement the idea in a way that benefits investors in the idea. A way for someone with a good idea but lacking the ability to implement it to share it and benefit from its ultimate implementation by somebody else. A way for an entire community to participate in “pre-mining” in a way that might be deemed fair (e.g. for unmanned businesses that must start out with enough currency to operate and enough credibility to get market depth on exchanges from Day One.) A more graceful “soft fork” way to upgrade to version two of a DAC by instantiating the new in parallel with the old and let the owners (shareholders) not just the employees (miners) decide when and if value transitions from the old to the new. A way to build a community and get them to cooperate on the implementation because they all have a stake in the idea. So you see, right off the bat we are talking about two assets: PTS and BTS. Before long, we would be talking about entire families of such assets. Second-generation crypto-currencies that we began to call crypto-equities because the coins also seemed like “shares” in the underlying unmanned business that gave the currency value – BitShares.

          6. Since then, we have come to prefer the inverse of this dual metaphor:

            Bitcoin is a type of crypto-company that implements a coin not BitShares as a type of crypto-coin that implements a company.

            Of course, BitShares are something very different than shares in a government-created and therefore government-regulated organization. We are speaking metaphorically to help people understand how they work and what gives them value. They can still be viewed as ordinary altcoins (ok, incredibly powerful ordinary altcoins) as far as their underlying technology is concerned.

            Charles Evans explored this dual metaphor in this delightful blog article:

            A BitRose by Any Other Name.

          7. We offered a bounty for an experienced coin designer to build the PTS protocoin for us. A developer known as FreeTrade answered the call. It took him about a month to clone it from the Bitcoin library. Then, while we were still evaluating his code, another independent entrepreneur known as Super3 downloaded the open-source from FreeTrade’s library and started it running. On November 5, 2013 Super3 went down in history as the miner of the first protocoin block in crypto-equity history!

            POW! The rest of the world (who had been eagerly awaiting the launch based on the several months we had been writing about it) jumped on it with everything they had. It took just a few days before the competition became so intense that people had a hard time mining solo with their individual computers. They started joining pools that several enterprising businessmen quickly set up and then everyone started renting cloud computers to remain competitive. By the end of the third week, there were hundreds of thousands of mining nodes competing. Several independent coin exchanges jumped in and listed PTS, driving it immediately into the top ten of the over 100 coins listed on at the time.

          8. So you see, we really don’t own PTS. It was launched by the industry for the industry. We just described what ought to exist, and a decentralized industry of entrepreneurs produced it practically overnight.

            Of course, that moon shot may have had something to do with one small suggestion we made literally at the last minute: we decided to recommend PTS be the basis for more than just BitShares X. PTS should also be used to initialize all of the other second-generation assets we had been writing about. Mine once for a whole family of assets. Why should you have to keep mining over and over again to get a “fair” distribution?

          9. In fact, we recommended that other developers do the same thing. Suddenly BitShares PTS was backed by more than thin air. More than just one unmanned business. More than just one company’s product line of unmanned businesses. It could well become backed by a good portion of the unmanned business industry!

            BitShares PTS was valuable because as a universal prototype it was upgradable to multiple future releases like BitShares X.

          10. Just like a good deal on Microsoft Office 1.0 might get you free upgrades on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the rest …for as long as you both shall live!

            To a community willing to speculate on any altcoin with a cute name, that was all it took. Now there was something tangible to speculate on. Soon crypto-currency speculators would be demanding to know every new asset’s business case.

            Imagine that! We had almost accidentally changed the crypto-currency industry forever.

            It was just our opening shot.

  27. Coming into the trading game through BitShares is a great tool. It was always something I was interested into looking into and I am now able to do so without breaking the bank as I try to learn the ropes.

  28. I have to come back and read and read again… I have to learn about everything, before I can comment, make a good comment. I am one of those ‘non-English’ speaking people… and I use Google to work here at Compumatrix. My mentor does help me, but I want to do everything by myself with no error someday. So… this article teaches me a lot, about what Bitshares is and how it is a great tool for us to work, with its decentralized nature.

  29. There are many things that I like about the Bitshares DEX. But at the top of that list of things is the security that it provides by being decentralized and also by offering two different ways to access the accounts. The first way and the most common way, that people access their accounts, is by using the cloud account access. This method allows the user to access their account from any computer or device with the use of a long system generated password.

    The second way to access the account is by the use of a local wallet, which uses a .bin file. This method is actually the most secure of the two, but it has its challenges because the file can become corrupted. If an account holder does not have a backup file and their one and only file becomes corrupted, they can lose control of the account and therefore all of the assets within that account!

    I have found that the key to effectively using local wallets with .bin files is to generate numerous copies of that file and to keep them all offline on multiple thumb drives.

  30. I have been researching for more info in on this subject and there is lots of converses on this comparison between Bitcoin and bitshares and the goods and the bads depending which idea you agree with — I agree that it is ultimately the smartest way to go with keeping multiples and keeping as much offline as can — thank you for articles

  31. Bitshares and platforms like it is the very reason Bitcoin was created in the first place. Decentralized, personal control over our money. Bitcoin itself was created after the crash of 2008 specifically for individuals to have something different from the banks. BitShares is nothing but a super useful platform that has the same philosophy.

    Why have money in a bank where it can be freezed and seized at the whim of a phone call, when we can store, trade and earn outside their jurisdiction? As someone who had his bank account balance stolen by the government once – Based on a sales tax bill that was paid at the agreed on amount – I HAVE the cancelled cheque, but have never got any money back.. Never again will that happen. DO NOT trust the banking system.. Bitshares is one of, if not the best platform to trade and earn. Crypto is the best way to store your money.

  32. The crypto world is coming to a station near you at a very fast pace and as more people latch on it is going to become more apparent that crypto is here to stay. Using the bit shares platform is a fun way to learn to trade at your own pace and as we move forward with our compumatrix assets it will be a very fun place to start and finish your day.
    Still a lot to learn but it sure beats trading hours for dollars.

  33. New doors opening to a new world of how products and services will be paid for is here today! Bitshares is the game-changer. When speaking of Bitshares the optimal word is decentralization. The added privacy and extra security on the Bitshares platform is a huge bonus. The addition of having no limits while trading makes this a stand out service which will be sought out by many as more and more people are introduced to this crypto world. Being able to trade for gold, silver, gas, and oil is the icing on the cake. It will be interesting to see how this “infant” company grows in the coming years.

  34. I like the fact that there are new ways and eventually will be accepted ways to move on in the future with multiple ways to expand each of our portfolios — but much research and fact finding and truth must be part of your Decision which ways you go with your portfolio — Do your Due Diligence

  35. I read this article again after reading a couple articles on different ways to online make your portfolio a strong and money making venture like differences between ethereum and bitcoin and how that can play into what you do with your portfolio here and how being secure and safe in your transactions are as important as anything you may do — keep aware and keep studying —

  36. Bitshares, is a platform still evolving. With each update, new horizons open up to your trades. Easy to operate, to view graphs, order books, wallet …
    But I believe that the platform will still grow a lot, given the innovation in the way of trading values anonymously, giving more security to the user. Many people do not want to be seen for their financial movements in certain activities precisely because of the lack of secrecy and security.
    “With support from the goolgle translator”

  37. Using the DEX to make a transfer or trade and in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… shazam another confirmed transaction – every time, within 8 seconds. Like a Swiss watch to carry on the time analogy, she has worked as advertised every time, and I trade 24 7 365. The potential to extend the platform such that it can be tied into other applications is magnitudes higher then what we expect from BTC, yet it’s remains undiscovered thus far, almost like a beach treasure. Many walk by the spot yet few will see what lies at their feet. BTS has a strong online community and support structure and much potential as a decentralized crypto platform. Hopefully she will stand the test of time. Creating accounts is easy and free, and each individual can choose the name of the account such as crypto-fun-3 and begin exploring. . Get started today!

  38. Bitshares is indeed a game changer. It is a decentralized trading platform that has a very fast transaction speed. It allows for user privacy and anonymity, and it allows for trading in any volume. The use of cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat protects users against the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Bitshares also by its very structure of being a decentralized provides a higher level of protection for the user from hackers. The security of a users assets on the Bitshares platform depends on the user and not on the exchange. So Bitshares has changed the game.

  39. For me not having a financial background, the introduction of centralized exchanges helped familiarize me to the likes of decentalized exchanges and trading. The trust level for centralized exchange is not there for me. Fees are too high and the countless status updates, trade pausing, and not to mention Mt Gox debacle, really gives me pause. If BTS and decentralized exchanges can keep the stability of the platform secure and we over time, namely Compumatrix, can make the end users experience a seemless, secure and easy trade, the sky is the limit in this crypto era. Did I mention making it easy for the end user:). As such was the case going from “Dos” to the apple platform? As Rome was not built in a day neither are our beloved Dex’s.
    Happy Trading

  40. Bitshares has given many a friendly decentralized platform to trade cryptocurrency without having to leave the blockchain. This has proved to be an easier introduction for individuals looking at jumping into what is undoubtedly going to be the new norm of buying and selling in the future. Anonymity is a big draw to Bitshares.

  41. I’m just new to the Bitshares trading and hope to learn more about it and how to trade to increase my holdings. I like the security and anonymity that this platform offers. It appears to be reasonably easy to understand and simple to use.

  42. I think Bitshares is definitely a potential “game-changer” because of DPoS, which will allow for quicker transaction fees while still not having to trust someone else. I also think Bitshares is different from other cryptocurrencies because it is less volatile and can be converted into USD, perfect for a company that wants to still participate in smart contracts, but does not want to participate in the volatility of BTC.

  43. I agree Bitshares is fascinating and a game changer. Being the first decentralized trading platform it gives me control of when and how I trade.
    Its bts core token is easy obtainable at accesable price and its transacciones operations is as fast as graphene allows it to be.
    Our Compumatrix DEX operates on the bitshares blockchain but is seperate from Bitshares entity as such

  44. what a fascinating read this blog and replies has become — I am learning every day and I like the anonymity and security that — that anonymity gives each of those who are trading and working in this format — I am not sure of the game changer factor but if it can accomplish cheaper fees or more secure ways to be in this type business and give people that quiet sense of yes I can and 10 years from now have made the investments or business moves to accomplish a family legacy to pass on — then it does become that “game changer” time will tell —

  45. I am learning every day and I like the anonymity and security that bitshares creates — that anonymity should give each of those who are trading and working in this format a sense of safety — not sure of the game changer status yet ? but if it can accomplish cheaper fees or more secure ways to be successful and give people that peaceful sense of yes I can and maybe 10 years from now have made the business moves to accomplish a family legacy to pass on — then it does become that “game changer” time will tell —

  46. Im looking forward to see if Compumatrix teams up with Bitshares. Sounds like a scalability dream of a partnership. I’ve only been reading about Bitshares for a little under a year, but it seems like a really solid platform for decentralization and security. Especially as referenced is the other dex security challenges that have happened on other platforms..

  47. My maiden voyage into trading cryptocurrencies and UIA’s was accomplished successfully through the Bitshares DEX. It has been challenging at times as I am mastering what seems to be a rocket made for galactic travel! Scalability, speed, transparency and decentralization are most important for longterm viability on a platform. It is a Game Changer and I believe there is so much more to come with many ecosystems making it their trading platform of choice. Long live the Bitshares DEX ! To Infinity and Beyond!

  48. I think the game changer factor is that the Bitshares platform is decentralized. That is a very big deal. Sure, the blazing fast speed of the platform is very impressive but it is the safety factor brought about by way of being decentralized that is most significant, IMHO.

    Beyond that, the Bitshares platform still has plenty of quirks and bugs that are annoying to me, but I’m willing to put up with them in return for getting the benefits of decentralization. I respect and appreciate the Devs who continue to improve the functionality of the Bitshares platform on an ongoing basis.

  49. Bitshares could be a game changer, but nothing is certain (positive energies and fingers crossed). Though, I think it will be a force to be reckoned with because Compumatrix combined with Bitshares is quite the team up. What I like about bitshares so much is because it is decentralized, less volatile, and can be transferred to USD.

  50. have not looked at this part of crypto world in a couple weeks and then i come back and read this great posting and the replies and after studying more and more on this crypto dynamic — bitshares and decentralization and also putting it possibly with legit fiat — it is definitely a mover in this new world of finances and also global parts — also learned that i will read this many times over — its that good —

  51. As several have already commented, I think decentralization is a huge factor why Bitshares could be considered to be a game-changer. To list some of the other features that make Bitshares stand out: added privacy, extra security and no limits while trading. I haven’t used the platform that much yet but it seems very user friendly to me so far.

  52. Like was said Biance or Coinbase might be easier to use; but with just a little experience with the DEX and the decentralized exchange makes all the sense in the world; safer more secure, and being decentralized, means so much in the long run, over and above the things above it cost less to trade, and to exchange cyrpto-currencies. Bitshares lke has been said often here is a Game changer!

  53. I really like this platform bitshares and I think it will be a game-changer and since this blog came out in June there have been even more changes. We have more avenues to choose from to earn income which makes it even better and more intriguing to people who start to experiment with it and see all the benefits. Best of all compumatrix is on it too.

  54. Thank you, I am new to trading, so I think Ill stick to what I do know until I master all the facts then move into the next thing, but as the CDAP opens, I want to make sure it’s all crystal clear to make me happy. One goal is to build the company.

  55. Thank you Bitshares Lab for information,I know that Bitshares is the main assets of compumatrix,our source of income, the best platform for trading that provides security,I’m trying to learn trade,the future looks very bright for compumatrix members.

  56. I believe Bitshares is one of the best crypto currencies I have come across after Bitcoin.It is very convenient and safe to use.We have been using Bitshares mainly for charging commission etc when buying and exchanging different cryptos in Compumatrix.I found it very helpful.We should try to always keep a balance of Bitshares in our Dex for the future.

  57. Bitshares platform is indeed and always will be a game changer. Love the system and the decentralization of it. Safer and what is yours is yours.

  58. bitshares is a very efficient crypto platform,which is used for very secure crypto trading,bitshares is a very important asset of the compumatrix dex account, bitshares is decentralized crypto exchange,when we started using it in dex account, its importance is well understood,bitshares is really game changer.Than k you bitshares lab.

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