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Is it only by Chance ?

Is it only by chance that you found someone or something that changed the entire course of your life? Or, could it not be by chance at all, but rather be a divine coincidence that you just happened to find that life-changing someone, or a great, innovative, cutting-edge company like Compumatrix?

In 1981, I made my first and only trip to Tokyo, Japan. In my short six-week stay there, I met a lot of new acquaintances. I ended up spending much of my time with one particular Japanese man that eventually became a very good friend. His name was Tadashi Sasaki.

After flying back to the States, Tadashi and I kept in touch with each other by mail, (snail mail at the time since there was no email back then). We were able to stay connected for about three years, and after that, as life happens, we lost all track of one other. With the complexities of life and changes of addresses, reconnecting with each other met an impasse.

Then one day, eight years later, the surprise of a divine coincidence interrupted my day as I busied along at the Seattle Center Food Court in downtown Seattle. I rarely ever went there. I usually only went there about once a year. While leaving a building that day, walking out of the swinging doors, I ran face to face with a man walking directly in those same doors. Guess who? Tadashi Sasaki! He was in Seattle on a student exchange program for only a month. He lived on one side of the earth, and I lived on the other, and with 7.6 Billion people on the planet, we just happened to run into each other again! Such speechless happiness to see one another again!

Coincidence? I think more than just coincidence. I think that something divine was taking place. I also feel that those of us that have just happened to find someone or find something that changed the course of our whole lives is also part of a bigger picture. I believe that destiny is not just happenstance. How thankful my friend and I were for that moment in time, when what we could not do, something out of our control and power, was arranged for us, effortlessly giving us our heart’s desire!

Most all of us have a story to tell about how we found Compumatrix, or how Compumatrix may have found us! The man who sponsored me to join, many years ago, decided not to continue with the Company. But even at that time, so many years ago, I saw and felt that there was something special about the Company! There was something solid, decent, and significant about those individuals operating it. I sensed unique integrity, honesty, and transparency that I wasn’t finding  in many of the online programs that I was a part of at the time. What a journey this has been so far, and I am still so thankful for that particular day that I had found it.

What is your Compumatrix story? What do you tell others about the Company that you are involved in?

Often my family and friends ask me about Compumatrix and what I do with the Company? 

Depending on their digital currency aptitude, here are a variety of possible discussion points that I may I offer to them:

Compumatrix is a crypto-currency distribution network. It is not a multi-level marketing or network marketing company. It is also not an MSB (money service business).

I work as an independent sales associate for a company that is a distribution network for digital assets.

I manage different types of digital assets and tokens. 

I co-produce(generate), market, and distribute Virtual Prepaid Cards(VPCs). These cards store a value of digital currency. 

I am also involved in the online trading of digital assets and currencies. 

Some accounting is involved. All of the transactions must be meticulously accounted for. There are multiple files to keep updated, and many spreadsheets to manage.

Here are a few different ways that I can earn through Compumatrix.

I can earn by:

* Obtaining the Company’s distinct digital assets, profiting from their rise or exchange.

* Investing in digital currency (i.e. buying Bitcoin or some other well-traded crypto/asset) and profiting from its rise.

* Sharing content by blogging and commenting on blogs.

* Trading digital assets on the Bitshares platform, (which is called a DEX. The DEX stands for decentralized exchange).                                     

* Selling high and buying low any BTC amounts found in my CDAP (Compumatrix Digital Asset Portal) and profiting from its gain.                        

* Purchasing Compumatrix Bundles with assets I earned in my CDAP.

* Direct and indirect sales of VPCs.     

* Getting involved in smart contracts through the buying of the BTC plus asset on the Bitshares platform and placing orders that fulfill the terms of the contract. These are called “Triggers”.

I also tell people that if they were to join Compumatrix, they are not just participating in a company; they are engaging in a family. They would be joining a large group of folks from all over the world who truly care for each other, pray for each other, encourage one another, and help each other in as many ways that they can. The staff of Compumatrix truly wants everyone in Compumatrix to succeed, and to secure for themselves a bright and hopeful future! 

I believe that you and I have been privileged and that it is not by random chance that you are involved in Compumatrix, or even that you are reading this post right now! I hope to stoke your belief that divine coincidence has intersected with your future for the good! Something beyond chance has guided you to this special time and place, to bring about something impossible for you to bring about on your own. Like the meeting of my friend on the busy streets of Seattle, some things are given to us and arranged divinely to bring us into greater awareness that our lives are larger than ourselves.

 How did you find Compumatrix? What is your story?

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. most definitely Jeff that belief in divine coincidence is almost an absolute in life in general too many times in the past going about daily work and then boom out of quote unquote Blue something happens or someone haven’t seen for years or this or that — gotta believe also for me it is part of my Belief in the Almighty and Savior just too many coincidences for it not too have happened — great stuff here do appreciate your blogs —

  2. Jeff, I want to thank you for your brief explanation of Compumatrix. Sometimes I have a difficult time trying to understand what it is much less trying to explain to another person. Soon, very soon we will all have the opportunity to share our experiences with newcomers. It will be so exciting watching as the light turns on in their eyes.

  3. What a heart warming story to read, Jeff about your re-connection with your Japanese friend…Yes I do believe that this was divinely inspired! One thing I also try to remember is to ask – put your questions out to the universe and wait and see! Also, great list to remind us of what all Compumatrix offers. My biggest love about Compumatrix is that we are all family with members all over the world!

  4. I believe that everything happens for a reason. There is something in this crazy universe that sets up events a certain way, makes people meet certain people, and has certain people have certain experiences. I believe I was called to this company for a reason as well as every other member of this company.

  5. This is very inspiring to me that we, as Compumatrix members, have all of these opportunities to make money and contribute to the company. What really sparked my interest is that you said you are involved in online trading of digital assets and currencies. I am fascinated by that and hope to get to the point where you are in saying that I am involved in online trading of digital assets and currencies. I try to research about the topic, but normally come up with very little concrete advice. I would love it if you could write an article about the topic! Thank you for the post!

  6. I believe there are no coincidences in life. I strongly believe that everything is done for a reason, (call it Divine Intervention) in our lives. Even some of the bad stuff that has happened in my life was sent to make me appreciate the good stuff. I let life take me where it wants to. I know my maker has my best interests at heart and that wherever I land up, it’s because of Him. I believe that Compumatrix was also sent. It was done through a friend who I am sure would have been slightly hesitant to even mention another online business to me after what we had been through. But it was meant to be. The minute she told me, I agreed immediately and signed up, and I never looked back. I have believed in this business, its creator and its people ever since that day so many years ago and I will never stop.

  7. What a inspiring blog about Compumatrix I have been been in this since the beginning I am a founding member and I have experienced all the avenues of businesses they have created so far, it is exciting to see what is coming next. You never know what might pop up next in discord with instructions. I found Compumatrix by accident when exploring compounding your money programs.

  8. I loved your story of Divine Intervention. It has happened to me several times in my life and every time I have just been in awe of how surprised I was. It happened one time when I needed a large sum of money. I had a few items left over from one of my failed MLM attempts and put it out that I had a few things to sell. A woman called and told me that my product was just what she needed for her business. My products were different types of magnets for painful and aching parts of the body and she was a massage therapist. We agreed to meet at a certain time as she agreed to buy a pair of magnetic shoes from me. I was on my way out the door when she called and asked me to bring everything I had as she felt she could use it all. I was so excited and ran around getting it all together for her. We met and she took it all. I then counted what she had paid me and it was the exact amount of the money I owed. I knew then that sale had been put together by a higher being. I still am very grateful.
    I have always thought my meeting Deloris and being introduced too Compumatrix was another serendipity moment. I will always be so thankful to her and always think of her with much love.

  9. isn’t it GREAT all the ways we can earn? Henry and his team have really made it easy for us to be and have our own business.
    I loved the chance meeting you had with your friend, Jeff. Of all the places on Earth you both decided to be at the same place at the same time…that is serendipity!!

  10. While I was in another program that failed, I was told of the next best thing and I said why not.
    14 years have past and I don’t regret a moment of it.
    Henry called us Founding members, that showed me his unselfishness being.
    Love your points on what is and what is it that you do, in Compumatrix,

  11. Jeffery, I enjoyed your story. I have had similar things happen to me; none quite as dramatic as your experience. I agree that being brought to Compumatrix was divinely appointed for me, as I had determined to do no more MLM companies. My friend and mentor Kevin introduced me to compumatrix at a crucial time in my life. Thank God for compumatrix and all our friends and family here.

  12. Jeff I really believe in Divine Providence! But I am also aware of the free will that God has given us, and that can make a big difference in the lives of all of us. I joined Compumatrix through my dear Dora Lô, and I am very grateful to her and to God for being here, looking forward to and hopefully the time when we will enjoy everything that Henry and his team are preparing for us all with much affection and commitment.

  13. You are welcome Catherine. I am anticipating talking to a lot more of my relatives as soon as Compumatrix blows wide open, and I want to be ready to be able to explain it all in very simple and practical terms. We can take this time to make a lot of preparation for the days ahead. I know that God led me specifically to this company I and I am forever grateful. I think it’s interesting that my sponsor who brought me in seemed to be there just for me ! LOL

  14. Divine intervention or Divine Coincidence? What is it? Who knows? But there is something amazing about this universe and I don’t believe it originated from a big bang. My Compumatrix story. Hmm, in short: Met my wife at the beach and fell in love. She introduced me to her friends and I became as close to one of her friends a she was. My wife’s friend even became my roommate for a while. These lifelong friends came to be more then friends. We consider them family. We are closer to them then some of our blood relatives. These non-blood relatives are a part of the Compumatrix family. We have always felt they were the salt of the earth and most honest caring people we knew. They introduced us to cryptocurrency and the Compumatrix family and we have been trading ever since. I’ll close with, I too agree divine coincidence has played a role in being a part of the Compumatrix family.

  15. just so inspiring reading the stories thru the replies to go with a great blog posting and kind of fun remembering some of those moments in my own time — it is fascinating to me that people just do not see the Divine Hand Print on our Life — got to smile when I take time to appreciate the reasons we exist — great stuff — really —

  16. Agree totally with Jeff and everyone else in here. We all have stories that are sometimes hard to believe unless you have had them happen to you.

    I was stationed in Cebu in the mid-sixties and had been in the US Air Force for over three years. Loved the Philippines as it was not as crowded as it is today, mostly jungle on Mactan Island in those days, as I was walking along a path to a little restaurant run by a great family, I heard my name called out.

    It was one one of my buddies from basic training so we had dinner and a few drinks. It was great to see my friend Jim just didn’t know it would be the last time. He went off to Viet Nam the next morning and didn’t make it back.

    So, while not all coincidental meetings turn out to be successful they are non the less important, I’ll always remember my old friend. 54 years later that quick visit will always have value to me.

  17. Circling for a landing, I came back to this field of study. Again, I want to thank you for your blog. In the last 2 weeks we have been putting future plans together. The focal point of these plans is the Compumatrix business. This is what will make everything else possible. We have been discussing the Engagement part of our plan. This has been a Great reminder.

  18. Thanks Catherine. I just submitted another blog too entitled “The heart of a teacher”. It also walks you through the very first steps of teaching someone the basics of the basics of compumatrix. I thought of my brother-in-law as a good example and came up with a plan of how I would get him started in the crypto business. I think it will be helpful.

  19. I am a true believer that every single decision we have ever made in our lives, big or small, has led us to the exact place in our lives we are today. I also think everything happens for a reason such as people coming and going in your life, and everything that ever happened to us. Every person brings their own strengths to Compumatrix and is here for a reason.

  20. How wonderful Carmen that you had your friend and mentor Kevin introduced you to compumatrix at a crucial time in your life. The man who brought me in was named Norman. But I too lost total track of him. He didn’t go on with Compumatrix as far as I know. But again, you never know. I could still run into him somewhere online, or even in a grocery store. I never put these things past God. He can make anything happen if He wants to.

  21. Jeffery Phelps. a very informative story re Compumatrix. very nice about the chance of few things happening in your life esp regards your Japanese friend. I understand it to be SerenAt one time I gave up only to be covinceddipity —the occurence a development of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way.good fortune good luck with eventual wonderful outcome.I have been in Compumatrix from may be day One.I had then left it for a while till my friends brought me back in the loop and I am happy.

  22. so much interest in looking past the actual 2 plus 2 theory of how people go thru each day — or in my mind each moment — however there is so much this or that or as peeps call it coincidences — i just feel that with each moment of each day there is some kind of involvement that is not just something that happens ?? appreciate so much from so many — hope that as moments become fact that our Faith and belief carry us over the finish line and to Success —

  23. Thank you for sharing Jeff. This is a great story and everything happens for a reason. How you bumped into a man out of all the people on this earth. That would have been a big “Hey you wake up” for me. This company is going to offer so many ways to make money. If you can’t do one, you can definitely find a way to make money so many faucets.

  24. Thanks Tracy. This actually happened to me one other time too. I knew a man from Bible School and we were actually good friends. My wife and I were in a big long line at the Tokyo airport once, and I looked off in the far distance at another line, and said, “Hey, that guy looks just like Mike G. ” Well, it actually was. He was on the same plane going back to the States. I had no idea he was in Asia, and we ended up even being able to sit together on the plane. Small world when God orders your steps.

  25. Thanks for the clear bullet points you provided on how you explain Compumatrix to others, Jeff. And I appreciate the simple explanation of how you can earn as well. Though I don’t talk about our company to others just yet, when this blows wide open it will be very easy to talk about it. My “sponsor” in this program is long gone and so are most of those I brought in many years ago. What a shock when they find out what’s been simmering on the Compumatrix burners all these years!

    1. I understand about you not mentioning our company to others until it launches and we actually have something we can spend in our hands from it. I kind of feel the same way. I talk about it, but I am a little uneasy about getting them involved till we really see it launch. Then I won’t be able to hold back I’m sure.

  26. Jeff, I am quite sure that you do not believe in chance or luck. Everything happens for a reason; in your case I believe it was a divine appointment.
    I was a young high-speed driver before and on two occasions I would have been completely smashed inside the car or violently thrown out of it due to impact. Thank God He intervened. He was not through with me yet. He still has a divine assignment for me, for you, and the rest of us in Compumatrix. I believe God has put us here in the middle of difficulty and economic uncertainty so that we might become a blessing, a resource of life and living for many others. What a wonderful privilege that we have this business to look forward to in faith.

    1. Yes Veronica. One of my very favorite Bible verses is, ” God has established His throne in the Heavens and his sovereignty rules over all”. Ps. 103:19 He controls it all even to the very atoms and molecules. I was spared also from death once and I know that God had his hand on it all. It makes you so thankful for every new day doesn’t it ?

  27. i so much appreciate coming back and reading this blog and replies also but JP keep up the inspiration and keep the truth in your writings — can not look past the help in all your postings — it is basically simple straight forward facts and how to use them in your life and business — just darn right good stuff —

  28. There was certainly a lot food for thought on your article Jeff.
    Many things in our lives we at first usually take as coincidences and only years later we can actually see the distinct pattern, one thing leads to another and so on..and then we was just meant to be.

    1. God said, I know the plans that I have for you, plans for welfare and not calamity to give you a future and a hope. Jerimiah 29:11. We truly will look back on all of our lives and see that it was fully directed in a perfect plan. I never would have planned for my mother to come down with MS when I was 11 years old, but looking back, it led my whole family to have to search and reach out for God. Because of that, all my family became Christians.

  29. Great blog Jeff,Many years ago when I connected to compumatrix, the sixth sense sounded the alarm that there was something new in it,time had passed and a wave of light was seen in it. This is a different crypto world with learning in it,online trading and a very strong financial future and very good compumatrix  family,now it is a clear vision  to us that we have reached the heights of the sky.

    1. Yes Zahra. It was kind of a 6th sense for me too when I kept sticking with Compumatrix years ago. From the very beginning I sensed something different about this company and the people running it. Even though my sponsor who brought me into it, didn’t continue, I sure did. I had that sense that “something good is happening here”.

  30. this is still such a great inspiration — I continue to grow and learn in this Compu Biz and it takes reading n re-reading so many great blogs and trusting in their truth and as time has moved forward so has my understanding of this great online biz –that many years ago I was just kinda put with from a friend — n most definitely this is not mlm or ??? — but great read —

  31. I was introduced to Compumatrix by a family member that has since passed. Most likely I went over there that day to help her with an issue she had been having with her Computer and while there she told me about about Compumatrix. It was in the early years and as the company evolved she and I would talk on occasion about what our business approach would be for the company. Although she has passed, she has left a great business opportunity for her family.

  32. The graphic in the blog is of a couple of dice. As is noted, the basic premise of the dice is as follows: you roll six dice; you take out the dice that have scored points; you then decide whether to keep that score, or re-roll the remaining dice to try to score more points. This is similar in some ways to how Compumatrix has evolved through the years. It has thrown out or moved on from what has not worked and reworked what remains into a successful business opportunity.

  33. not sure if there is such a thing as Divine Coincidence ? however I do get that feeling that there are reasons and ???? as we go thru Life — I love coming back and reading this great story and it really does my Memories working again at how often thru Life so many ????? happen and Happened in my own time— just great stuff to Ponder —

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