Is it true that you are an Entrepreneur?


How would you know whether you have the stuff to begin a business? There’s no real way to know without a doubt. Be that as it may, I do discover things in a manner among the enthusiastic and family texture of individuals prepared to think about a pioneering adventure.

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Do you have the correct character type to maintain your own business effectively?

It takes a pioneering fire in your gut to begin a business and cause it to succeed. Not every person has it.

How would you know whether you have the stuff to begin a business? There’s no real way to know without a doubt. In any case, I do discover things in a manner among the passionate and family texture of individuals prepared to think about a pioneering adventure.

You don’t need to fit every one of the seven of these classes to be a decent contender for the enterprise. In any case, it presumably wouldn’t do any harm. As a rule, the more you share practically speaking with these qualities, the closer you likely are to being prepared to give going a shot all alone.

  1. You originate from a line of individuals who couldn’t work for another person. I don’t imply that in a negative manner. Individuals who are fruitful at building up their organizations will, in general, have had guardians who worked for themselves. It’s typically simpler to find a new line of work with an organization than to go into business; individuals who strike out all alone frequently have the immediate cause of a parent to look to.
  2. You’re a lousy representative—no compelling reason to gloss over this one. Individuals who start their organizations will, in general, have been terminated from or stopped more than one occupation. I’m not saying you were laid off for the absence of work or moved from one employment to a superior paying one. You were approached to leave, or you quit before they could fire you. Consider it the commercial centre revealing to you that the primary individual who can successfully propel and oversee you is yourself.
  3. You see more than one meaning of “professional stability.” I am genuinely desirous of a couple of individuals I realize who have remained with one boss for 25 or 30 years. They look secure. In any case, what number of individuals do you understand who can remain with one organization for that long? In a quickly evolving economy, professional stability can be alarmingly passing.
  4. You’ve gone to the extent that you can go, or you’re not going anyplace by any means. At times the inspiration to begin another endeavour originates from having arrived at the head of the heap where you are, glancing around, and saying, what’s straightaway?”
  5. You’ve done the statistical surveying as of now. Try not to converse with me about your incredible business thought if you haven’t put the energy into making sense of if there’s a business opportunity for your item or administration. As the individuals behind any number of bombed Internet adventures will let you know, “cool” doesn’t convert into “productive.” Don’t try building it on the off chance that you haven’t made sense of whether there’s a decent possibility the clients will come.
  6. Do you have the help of your family? Beginning a business is distressing under the best of conditions. Attempting to do it without the help of your life partner or other critical relatives or companions would likely be terrible.
  7. You realize you can’t do it. You may exceed expectations at advancing a business. Possibly you love running the money related finish of the undertaking. You could be somebody who begins a business since you have extraordinary imaginative or specialized ability to make an item.
    Any is conceivable, yet it’s improbable that you will exceed expectations at all of these errands — or at all of the undertakings associated with maintaining any business. Disregard all that doing only its stuff. You are going to require some assistance at some point.
    The eagerness to get that help — having workers, accomplices, or specialists for those regions in which you are not a specialist — is one marker of likely future achievement. “No effective business visionary has ever succeeded alone,” advancement specialist Ernesto Sirolli writes in “Waves from the Zambezi.” “The individual who is generally equipped for enrolling the help of others is the well on the way to succeed.”

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Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. I think everyone has the ability to be an Entrepreneur if they choose to be… Part of being an entrepreneur is taking that leap of faith into the unknown and giving it all you possibly have. The seven qualities listed above are perfect tools that every entrepreneur should have in the back of their mind when they doubt that they should have become an entrepreneur in the first place.

  2. The great thing about joining a pioneer business is that we can participate at the level that matches our personality and our skills – we don’t have to think we need to do everything that the business offers, though at the same time, we can be adventurous and learn new skills if this is what we desire. The love of being “your own boss” is a definite asset.

  3. great read Krish — and so true on your 7 points to be a guideline or a start point to make sure You have these before you go to far into Entrepreneurship — also I call it Passion but you must have that Burning Desire to make your business a real business — call it passion or burning desire or feeling in your gut — but it best lead to Persistence and Perseverance — business success is part of that recipe —

  4. I am glad that Compumatrix gives everyone of its members the chance to be an entrepreneur. I love those seven qualities provided in the blog post to help people get started in believing they can be an entrepreneur. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and have the possibility of changing people’s lives in future. Time will only tell! 🙂

  5. I like the details you put down in the 7 steps but I think you should at least try new things or you may never know if you could of done it or not. I know fear keeps a lot of people from even trying to start there own business that use to be me but I lost my fear and that is the most important step of all, since then I have started several businesses and was successful at some and some failed but you never give up you just keep trying.

  6. The 7 items listed are very suitable for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is fantastic, and I am happy to know that we are all on the path to entrepreneurship at Compumatrix!

  7. A very awesome article indeed filled with many ideas. As I am getting older, I have noticed something that I didn’t expect. I see people with very high IQ’s doing absolutely nothing; I also see people with low IQ’s doing a great deal and making a great deal of money. What is the reason? I have to ask myself. Why do some people succeed, and others do not? It can’t all be IQ because many have proven this premise wrong. In the end, I think it’s motivation. It’s not IQ at all. I asked one person I knew who was very successful why? She replied, “I didn’t know that I couldn’t be. I didn’t know that failure was an option.

  8. the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Henry! it can’t help but rub off on all the members too!! That is a welcome event! I believe we can do anything we want to do in life if we are willing to work and wait for gratification. The sky is the limit!

  9. Compumatrix doesn’t give you a job, it gives you business.
    You see a job is when you work for someone so that he/she may prosper.
    Compumatrix is a platform with many tools to use for your benefit as a business person. Producing, distributing, and selling a product, you become an entrepreneur.
    Good points with your 7 points.

  10. I enjoyed reading this blog. It makes me think about passion. If a person has a passion for a certain industry or company, certain things may fall into place a little bit easier than if the individual may not have been a suitable entrepreneur for an unsuited industry. Passion, determination and humility; all of which are key elements for success. Did I mention being a servant leader and having a high degree of humility??!! These are extremely hot topics that many Fortune 500 companies are looking at. There are several data sets written about individuals that run have run these successful companies. The similar personalities of these successful CEO’s have been identified as possessing a high degree of humility as well as preach servant leadership.

  11. I ask myself this question every day.
    Do you have the correct character type to maintain your own business effectively?

    I think anyone can start a business. The issue is can you maintain it? When 95% of business start-ups fail within the first 5 years, there has to be another answer. In Step 7, you make the following comment.
    You are going to require some assistance at some point.

    A big part of my business plans is related to this statement. Who you will be working with is a determining factor for your success. Are you picking the right attorney, accountant, tax services, employment resources, and the list goes on? I know I can not maintain the plans I have without the right team.

  12. Well written on entrepreneurship, as far as everyone being able to do it is a tough call. It takes a ton of dedication as well as organizational skills and casting vision for your future. Great thing is as long as you can cast the vision you can bring others into the mix as well that are skilled in the areas that you are not.

  13. love reading thru the replies and getting their feedback and thoughts — it is a highly personal choice if you go in any business and start and become an entrepreneur — one of the long list of to do’s is how long are you going to be that Business owner you have to measure it all and this blog posting is a great part of overall looksee at being that Entrepreneur ??

  14. Not everyone is cut out to start a business from scratch or for that matter have the ability to follow a “cookie cutter” franchise program. While all of the basics are a good template to follow, it also takes some understanding of the human reactions that are part of life.

    For starters the heart of your new business is going to quickly rise to the top of your list of things to do everyday. One of the most crucial is your ability to understand how your employees will react to rules or functions that are not normal to them. This can be a full time job from day one and why it is important to cover all the bases. You will have to work with each and every one of them teaching them what you expect from them on a daily basis.

    I took over my first hotel and general manager’s position going from my comfortable office in Florida to a cold snowy town north of Albany, NY overnight. My buddy walked into my office just as I was heading home and said, “you know that inn in NY you just finished the demographics on, well it’s yours.” When the sun came up I was getting off a plane in Albany then on to facing 18 employees that had been kicked around for years by the previous owner.

    After the donuts and coffee, everyone had a turn to tell me what they would like to see changed so together we started formulating a plan to address each issue. Five days later, I still had all of my employees, they were mine! All smiling, all happy.

    Personality works every time especially when you keep everyone happy. Not always an easy task, but it made life a lot easier. Believing that management is there to guide them through their functions in and around the hotel added confidence to their lives. Yes, I spent a small fortune on donuts and coffee, but gained respect from everyone at the same time.

    Want success: instill faith in those that work for you, spend the extra time listening to their concerns, help them to be happy involved employees and they will do whatever it takes to enhance the company mission.

    We here at CompU have a group of dedicated people that are working diligently to get us into the next phase of our company. They are our leaders in this business and we need to support them.

  15. I love the article. Thank you. Compumatrix gives everyone a chance to do this plus its good to start teaching. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy but if you follow the directions we have in place, you can’t fail. Time will tell but so far we are happy and cant wait to see the final product. very exciting!

  16. on this Sunday morning –i have been studying and reading thru the blogs and replies here and — had to come back and read this again and the new replies and it is fascinating to me just how much Business Entrepreneurial Spirit and Wisdom is here in so many of our partners here — having been a small biz owner in my younger years and in management later on — entrepreneurs are the backbone of any Free Society and seeing this here at Compu everyday — is nice and Awesome

  17. Well thought of and presented clearly. Krish thanks.Seven traits that you mention to be a successful Entrepreneur are essential for any endeavour specially if it has no predecessor or a roll model to follow.I think a detailed feasibility study and in depth due diligence will also go a long way to make your venture a success.
    tenacity and perseverance along with hard work will definitely help.
    at present we have a business in Compumatrix and as Henry has pointed out to some that when cash out begins we should look to branch out in other

  18. such a good read and such good info through out the posting — you get a confident thought process when you put these thoughts into a biz plan and add a couple other parts from elsewhere and by doing the research and due diligence the success equation is that much closer — it is awesome honestly thanks Krish

  19. after reading some of the newer blogs and then coming back to read some of these and putting the info together — it is a major help to push me forward on what we are doing here — but as I just wrote as I read these I fall behind actually because so much of this crypto world n cyber world changes on a dime and bam you are behind — that fast —

  20. this blog is so enlightening — I just re-read the 7 points and after 40+ years of some type of biz participation — every one of those 7 is a factor in every part of my look back at my successes n even more so at my failures — which with legit appraisal learning from those miscues will be a catalyst to future success — at least my hope anyways — great info Krish n thanks sir —

  21. Yes Mural , I have what it takes to be in business for myself. I have had and run 3 businesses in my life time. Compumatrix being one of them. I think you have to be a special person and have a different way of thinking and also not to be afraid to face the difficulties of owning your own business. Most people like the safety of someone else taking the chances. I am not one of them.

  22. Great article Murali, Very useful 7 step for any entrepreneur,these can be very beneficial for any business,If one does not have the ability to entrepreneur,then he can learn by watching others business,chose right business,if any one have creative thinker, competitive nature, hard work,sell idea then he is a true entrepreneur.

  23. I think I would fall somewhere between number six and number 7. I believe I have the help of my family, but I see this as the Compumatrix family from I am eager to get the help from the workers, accomplices, or specialists for those regions in which I am not a specialist.

  24. The Progressive Insurance Motaur fictional character is said to be for those who are born to ride. Comparatively, I believe there are those that are born business leaders and can run a business effortlessly. Others may have to work harder at it, but can succeed if they stay focused and work hard to achieve their goals.

  25. Is it true that you are an Entrepreneur? … I sure was, nothing could stop me .. If you don’t try .how do you know you can’t never say ,never. I run and opened 2 businesses ..started from scratch .. Hard yes .determined yes. I started when there wasn’t any internet .People in other stores would not even tell you where to buy paper bags. Now that has all changed. Internet is a world of info .Wish I had it back then.

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