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Is the world soon going cashless ?

Did you know that among the countless prophesies in the Bible that has been already fulfilled, there is a future prophecy still yet to be fulfilled that may interest us. A cashless society, a cashless world. Regardless if you do believe the Bible or not, I find it fascinating that it does speak specifically about a one-world ruler in the last days who will have total control over the world’s economy. It prophesies that there will be a one-world economy; a one-world system, a one-world government in which one man will be the world’s leader. He will have a specific “mark” and no one will be able to buy and sell without that mark. Specifically, the Bible says, “No one could buy or sell anything without that mark” (Revelation 13:17). If all of that proves true at that point in a future time, and there is still cash(fiat) floating around, the “mark” would not have a full impact. There would be no possible way for anyone, or any government, to be able to stop people from buying and selling with cash. For example; If my neighbor wanted to sell me his old lawnmower for some price, I could simply hand him the cash, and no one would have to ever know about the exchange. But, if in the future, every source of money will be digital, like cryptocurrency and credit cards, then it could very well be possible for a one-world government, and one world ruler, to control it all.

When you do a simple internet search about a coming cashless society, you read headlines like these:

Get ready for cashless society — Chicago Tribune
Millions choose a cashless lifestyle — BBC News
The Coming Cashless Society — constantcontact
Cash-Free Society and The Future of Small Business — businessnewsdaily
How going cashless allows Big Brother to spy on your every — dailymail
India Is Likely to Become The First Digital, Cashless Society — forbes
The World’s First Cashless Society Is Here — proactiveinvestors
The Coming Cashless Society — catholic apologetics
7.4 million in UK living an almost cashless life, data shows — thegaurdian
Is the Coronavirus Killing Off Cash? — politico

The below is taken from website, April 27,2020:

“Covid-19, if anything, has been a “catalytic event” for cashless payments, which can rely on a digital currency with fears of the virus spreading via bank notes, “The normal way I used to interact with people for the exchange of services or goods is not working anymore”, Gaurav Dhar, chief executive of payment technology company Marshal told The National, “Consumers will be forced to change their habits”, he said, “and I predict that they will.” Last month, the UAE Central Bank encouraged the use of online and digital services “as a measure to protect the health and safety of UAE residents”, increasing the maximum payment limit for contact less bank cards.

With the arrival of the Covid 19 crisis all around the world, we quickly are seeing all kinds of things pop up in our daily lives that shows we are moving in a cashless direction faster than previously calculated. When you want to order some fast food takeout, you now see the option in many of the restaurant apps for cash free or contact-less payments. Lately, I have been to many stores, and it’s interesting to me that often there now is a sign on the credit card machine that says, “no cash back”.

What an exciting time it is to be a member of a company that is all about crypto ! The key to all success is simply to be in the right place at the right time. I believe we truly are. Don’t you?

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Jeffrey, in your lawn mower example, I immediately went into defiance mode! I thought if every purchase is going to be recorded because it would be digital, then if I intend to purchase that lawn mower from my neighbor, maybe he would be interested in “bartering” for something I have.

  2. Very interested blog indeed I know Revelations very well with the mark of the beast which I believe will be digital currency and some type of chip in the mark that will be GPS and all of it together with transparency of all. I pray I will not be here but with Jesus in heaven by then. The ones that will receive the mark willingly will be doomed forever (spiritually ) but very happy while here on earth. It is moving in that direction rather quickly it seems but I think it will still take years.

  3. Jeffrey, I am actually not quite sure what you are getting at in the article!

    You start out by saying that the Bible prophesies that in the end there will be a single digital currency, operated by a single global government, under the control of a single world leader and this would be a sign of terrible things that may be forthcoming!

    While I for one am not a follower of that philosophy, in that analogy, the use of fiat, in defiance of the New World Order, would be something that would be considered as a defiant act and therefore subject to punishment under that regime!

    You then finish to say that Compumatrix being part of the Digital Revolution is a good thing, which I do agree with, but still am somewhat confused as to the point you are trying to make.

    So is going fully digital a path to our damnation and we should keep fiat, if so, then supporting Compumatrix would seem contradictory going forward one would imagine?

    Just me thinking out loud really.

  4. I totally agree, a cashless society is almost here in the US.I am not sure if the new currency is best for a Republic/ Democracy. Looking at it from a health point of view, it may be a good thing especially with a virus present, but It also poses a lot of potential government control and abuse on the negative side. On the positive side, payments can be faster and at a lower cost using the blockchain. Time will only tell if a cashless system is best for America

    1. I also agree that a cashless society is almost here. I went to a pet store the other day to self wash my dog, “I’m sorry we don’t take cash” the cashier replied when I wanted to pay. “We only take cards”. I have almost stopped carrying cash. In my area (San Diego), Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America will not accept large cash deposits (I tried 700.00). Navy Federal was the only one who would. The reason the Wells Fargo gave was that it was because they wanted to stop money laundering. Well, that’s not what I was doing but I had to change my habits. Is cashless a good idea? Do we even have a choice at this point? Are we already there? As Robert said, “time will tell”.

  5. Since a long time we do refer to money as “cash”. Some of us even say – HARD CASH. Actually, they refer to solid currency .Cash symbolizes paper notes and coins. However, times are changing and new spending habits are being formed. The digital currency is becoming popular and we are learning to use it. Why not avail of the opportunity to be part of this new system and use crypto for our operations? Instant, time-saving and precise..

  6. I don’t believe we will ever go to a one-world currency. Even is we go totally to a digital coin only, I think we will have many digital coins to choose from and much like they are today, each carrying a value decided on by the people, demand, and end-users. We are already seeing the trend of using digital banking with credit and debit cards; it wouldn’t be much of a leap to go cashless. Just not to “one” type of digital cash, in my opinion.

  7. I like this Blog Posting Jeff P — it definitely gets the thought process working and ideas and possible outcomes to come to the forefront — i am not sure honestly if the world could go totally under one cashless type umbrella I believe there are enough Egos out here that want that Power but not sure — but this blog definitely gets me to wanting to research and dig around for more Facts and Information — thanks JP

  8. We are already so near a cashless society it won’t be but a step until we are there. We use bank debit cards, credit cards, loadable debit cards that are bought and loaded from our banks or payroll. Then, in turn, use them for nearly any purchase as we have done with cash. I can see us going to a cashless society within the next five years.

  9. With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading all over the world, I do believe this is accelerating a shift towards a wholly cashless society.
    However, going cashless does have its disadvantages.
    It can make people less aware of how much they’re spending and that can worsen certain behaviours such as compulsive shopping or gambling.
    And of course, there’s the risk of online glitches and hackers…

  10. I have to laugh. The other day, my husband found a $5 bill on the ground. It was almost as if someone through it away thinking it was worthless. I said I have to laugh and here is the funny part. We went to several places and on the way, he would state, “this $5 bill is burning a hole in my wallet”. We would walk out after making our payment “with” the $5 bill still in his wallet. THEY DON’T TAKE CASH!

  11. One of anything I feel only creates a monopoly – there is no choice; thus, the opportunity to become non-thinking and being lead comes to the forefront! To me this would be a tragedy to be part of a world with only; for example, one currency….a huge chance for corruption comes to mind, and if past behavior is any indication, the odds of this happening are huge!

    1. I was in the grocery store and they had a sign hanging up stating there was a coin shortage, no change available so have exact cash or use credit.
      Many companies have points and ‘miles’ to use to buy products and services. We have been moving to a cashless society for some time, add in cryptocurrency and it will push it right along. But I can’t see one man and one government running the world, each country wants their own power and control which they won’t give up easily. Compumatrix is in the right place at the right time for this cashless society on the horizon.

  12. I first heard it from my Chinese teacher when we learned about the units of money. There are no cents or coins in China.
    Yes, a cashless society is not only going to happen, but it’s a must. With the entry of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin this is to happen when people start to accept it . It is precisely what Satoshi Nakamoto wrote as title to the white paper Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system

  13. I have already seen several places lately that they do not want cash only a debit or credit card especially since Covid-19. So the idea of becoming a cashless society would not surprise me at all…Seems more people are using cards as oppose to cash now.

  14. I think this is a very interesting article. Makes you think where we are heading to. I don’t think we’ll see a cashless society any time soon. The world is not ready for it. I myself don’t use much real money anymore and use a card most of the time. There is also a difference between a cashless society and a society that only has crypto currencies and blockchains. In my idea these are two different things.

  15. I have run across way too may articles talking about a cashless society, etc. and seen more than a couple of check-out terminals in grocery stores that say “no cash accepted” or “credit and debit cards only” not believe that cashless is coming, like it or not. I have actually had several hundred dollars in my wallet for about a month now and have not been able to spend it. I almost deposited it the other day but couldn’t make myself do it. Not yet ! But, if you haven’t given much thought to Revelation 13:17, I think that is getting pretty close to becoming a reality.

  16. I think there might come a time when we will be a cashless society. I do however feel it might be awhile. I still feel like I need to keep a little cash on hand. Maybe I’m old fashion but it did take me quite awhile to get a debit card.

    Now the younger generations like my sons, and older grand-kids, use debit and credit cards for almost everything. Even spend just a couple of bucks at Mc’D’s.

    I remember when my kids were little and wanting me to buy them something but didn’t have cash on me. What was the famous line? “Just write a check.”

    Thinking of this, maybe we have come a long way Baby!

  17. To add to the discussion, there is a group of people who are affected in a negative way with this development, namely the old people. Some of them are not even comfortable with using atm machines let alone computers. Well bad luck for them in my country since most of the big banks do not handle cash anymore.
    Then there is another danger, the situation is being used as another s.c. anti money laundering tool, there has been a case of an elderly lady who wanted deposit some savings, the amount was not bigger than her monhly pension, but the bank refused to do so without any specific proof of source.
    Another quite appalling case still ongoing of another old lady who had all of her and her late husband savings in cash..the central bank took the money for an investigation and since she was as well unable to present any documentation, they basically confiscated her money. Her lawyer has filed an appeal but the outcome is still anybody’s guess. So this is being used as another tool to control the population.

  18. what an awesome conversation going on here — it is amazing to me how far the buying sequence has become almost cashless as far as using actual paper dollars as such — but i do believe as being an older part of society –I do not really want a totally cashless or coinless or Goldless or Silverless type society and i think — not sure if correct — but with physical metals still a part of the financial system going cashless is almost ??? but i do believe the Powers of the world would love a totally cashless system because it gives them More Power — jmho rj

  19. That the world will eventually become a cashless society is clear for me. However the speed in which this transformation will take place differs from continent to continent and country to country. In my view it is a process that will go slowly because there are many countries that are not prepared yet for this transformation.

  20. I think it is a big possibility that the world will go cashless soon. With covid-19 happening, no cash transactions are the preference because it is more sanitary. I also think different technologies such as Square make it easier to do cashless transactions. Completely agree – it is a good time for cryptocurrencies!

  21. Once, a long time ago there was a cashless society. In the beginning of civilisation people lived form what they found in the area where they lived and the prey they could hunt. There was no money at all. That was a true cashless society and it was quite different from the cashless society we shall see one day in the future, because it will be cashless but not without money or whatever will be used to express how rich or poor people are.

  22. Digital payments for everything…. Well, Bitcoin is Digital. So is Ether and Monero and every other crypto out there we can gain from the DEX. So the nest time they say no cash (FIAT notes) ask if they accept bitcoin. Or Ether etc..

    See, blips in a bank account can be seized and freezed, if one were to piss off the government for any reason – I know – it happened to me after following the letter of the law.

    Having that kind of control over our money is not right and not conducive to a free society. Bitcoin et al.. IS conducive. We the people are always in control with it.

    I like the convenience of a digital money. I LOVE crypto’s because of that.

  23. I’m excited to see that there are new multiple companies accepting and paying their employees in digital currency. In addition to this, PayPal just recently had an article published that it may engage in digital currency. These all are good signs that fiat could very well be a currency of the past one day. These deflationary vehicles like Bitcoin are the wave of the future. Having a finite number of BTC and hedging against the fact that inflation can never set into this digital currency is what I am most excited to see. Wait and see when mass adoption comes to fruition and the supply and demand of BTC rule sets in and we see a moon shot on BTC prices. This will be a glorious day. 🙂

    1. I’m excited, some are scared but it is exciting and the times are changing. We have to just go with the flow fighting it won’t help. My son was paid in Dev coin years ago writing articles he lived on it back in 2007. He told me about bitcoin back then and I laughed at him. He was 14, I should have listened. Thank God I woke up and jumped in. This company is going to change so many amazing lives.

  24. Too much input! I do not recall the movie as it was many years ago. I can almost see this robot that is being given all this data. All of a sudden, the robot yells, “too much input”!

    I see going cashless as a similar situation. We are taking something that is simple as in paying cash for something and trying to make it simpler by making it an electronic payment. Does going cashless make life simpler or does it provide more means to track financial transactions more efficiently?

  25. Jeffrey, I can’t see us in a one-world order under the influence of 1 human man or a group that would control our lives and finances. I agree we are evolving into a cashless generation worldwide. The convenience of using digital payment methods is becoming prevalent. Will cash be done altogether? I don’t know. I do see the loss of the value of our money is decreasing and we need to move to cryptocurrencies. Our company, Compumatrix, will be a leader to bring cryptocurrencies to the world with its one-stop shopping platform. This platform simplifies the earning, purchase, and use of cryptocurrencies. I am so thankful for our company.

  26. Glad to live in a country where cash is still king . Not that i am against using cards to pay sometimes , but i prefer to have the freedom of choice and whats best for me. IF ever i run in a store who is refusing my cash, they will loose my business for sure . One day when crypto is more widely accepted worldwide then it will change many things , but in the meantime i hate the idea to give banks and governments too much power or control over my hard earned money.

  27. I totally agree with you. As we go through these crazy times get ready. The world does seem to be going cashless. With all the rules in place about touching and keeping distance and wearing masks. We cant eat in a restaurant unless there tables away from each other. Makes sense the next thing to go is cash. People who save it better dig it out, and get ready to give it up. We are going digital. The first bitcoin ATM just popped up in Castle Rock. People had no idea what it was. These are exciting times.

  28. “Is the world soon going cashless?” is a really interesting question, but I do not think there is a definite answer yet. My hope is that the world is soon going cashless, but there are no guarantees. I think the general public needs to know more of the details about bitcoin before they start adopting it as the new method of payment. Until that happens, a cashless society is most likely out of reach. Luckily, companies such as Compumatrix will make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the average person.

  29. I also read recently there there is a federal agency that actually tracks the usage of coins in circulation. There is a huge percentage of coins now not being used. Many bars are refusing to take them, and I know that so many merchants see the coins as potential Corona Virus carriers and are now saying, “hands off”. The signs of this going ALL digital are starting to pop up all over the place.

  30. what a great look again into what may become the facts of this day ?? but as I grow within and learn and then learn some more — this virus and how the global markets respond to the issues that are now part of our everyday existence — hope that as time works through America as a Free Country stays the course — it is my hope and as technology becomes more and more — i do hope that we can not be able to transact through multiple acceptable avenues ?? will see ??

    1. My wife just received a new credit card in the mail updating her old one, and the chip and all the design of it is all about hands free scanning and not even having to slide your card or inset it. It’s all about scanning through the air. Things are all falling into place if you believe what the Bible says about a one world system in the end days.

  31. I don’t understand why it has to be either one or the other. Why can’t we continue to have both systems working as it is now. if you want to pay cash, be that your option, not anybody else’s rules. Both have advantages and disadvantages, money laundering is one of them, as it’s easier to track it down. It will be harder for criminals to steal of rob banks, but what would it happen if we have an electric grid failure and you can’t go to the bank or ATM machine or simply used your phone to make a purchase?

  32. Great Blog Jeff.Yes we certainly can see the world going cashless.And specially with the Covid virus people are needing to stay indoors and buy most stuff even groceries etc.from online stores by paying with either Credit,Debit Cards or Virtual currencies.And it seems this trend of going cashless and shopping online will continue even after the virus has gone.

    1. You are right Ali. All of the things that are now being set up because of Covid like the touch less payments. LIke you say, all of this will be in place still regardless if Covid hangs around longer or not. This is all leading to a whole different way of paying and a whole different was of moving funds from here and there. More control too.

  33. Interesting article,Jeff,the time has come when the world is really cashless,cashless ness will end the monopoly that some people have in their possession,the era of digital currencies  has begun,which is safe in a short time,compumatrix is helping us move forward in the digital world.

  34. have to admit I almost always start my day off right here reading in this blog area and it really gets the Mind to open up and seek answers and seek Truth — i am still leaning more to the reality of a Cashless society or at least like a 95% online biz level and with very little peep to peep in a day — I am actually sad on that — this is great read and thoughts are plenty — thanks again JP

  35. A cashless society is good for various reasons. Safety could be a reason in that a person does not have to walk around with cash-on-hand. Privacy in that the amount of money someone has can be kept more private. Efficiency and speed is the digital advantage in that the financial transaction can be fast and accurate.

  36. When I look at the photo, I see how the Benjamin Franklin US $100 has been so easily absorbed or hidden within the other type of currency. It is as if the message within is to have other options other than the USD to invest in that may not necessarily have very much interest that can be gained from it.

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