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Is Water Wet?

I do not know if any of you on this website remember the water bottle flipping challenge, but I certainly cannot etch the memories of those days out of my mind. Trapped in a classroom, I was like every other bored student tossing water bottles into the air, hoping it would land upright on my desk. Because everyone in my class was immensely fascinated with water bottles, this evoked the question, “Is water wet?” Simple but very thought-provoking. Think about the question for a few moments because it is a tricky one and can easily be overlooked as silly. Technically, it can be debated either way, and both sides have quite the argument as to why their side is correct.

People who state water is not wet argue water itself is not wet. The logic behind this claim is that, for something to be able to be wet, it has to be able to be dry. And water cannot be dry! Supporters of the “water is not wet theory” also argue that, when water is applied to something, it makes that person, place, or thing wet. Still, the water itself was never actually not wet. “Okay, so then, water is not wet! It makes sense, right?” Not so fast, don’t jump to conclusions.
People on the other side of the argument base their facts on different sources and data – major shocker. The definition of “wet”, according to Merriam-Webster, is “consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (such as water)”. Merriam-Webster’s definition of water: “the liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes, and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter and that, when pure, is an odorless, tasteless, very slightly compressible liquid oxide of hydrogen H2O which appears bluish in thick layers, freezes at 0° C and boils at 100° C, has a maximum density at 4° C and high specific heat, is feebly ionized to hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, and is a poor conductor of electricity and a good solvent”. So, based on the lengthy definitions above, water is a liquid and wet means “consisting of a liquid”; therefore, water is wet. “Ugh, this is so complicated. Final answer – water is wet!” The world may never reach a universal conclusion.
No sweat! Because no matter what you choose to believe, I am moving on! The reason, this is not the main point of my article, and I do not want to bore you. But, if this debate interests you and you have the time, you can research more on the subject later. A helpful video I found on the “Is water wet debate?” can be found on

The point is, after all of that reading, you now have a better understanding of the topic being debated. You understand both sides of the argument. You know the precise definitions of “wet” and “water”. I remember mobs of students chanting in the school courtyard, “water is wet!” and “water isn’t wet!”, but yet few had any information to support their claim. Now that you understand more, you don’t have to be like those students. You can make your best-educated decision. I think this point can be useful in everything on which a person has to make a judgement. How can someone make an educated decision, statement, or claim without doing any prior research or being given any prior knowledge? The answer is that they cannot.

Too often, people act upon what others are doing or saying without first assessing the situation themselves. For instance, since the beginning of the cryptocurrency era, people have not understood what Bitcoin is and how it works. Unfairly it is labeled a scam (obviously, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this claim). These people put themselves at a disadvantage because they do not put in the effort to learn about the very thing they are bad-mouthing. Do not be one of those people – you are too good for that! If you are unsure of something, find out all the details before making assumptions or panicking (trust me: You are not alone! We have all done it before) You have the power at your fingertips with the help of computers, the internet, mentors, etc.! You can learn just about anything you desire with a few clicks of a button! Happy learning!

About the author

Mary Rose Neumeyer is a high school senior with 15 college credits already earned. She is aspiring to earn a BBA with an emphasis in Finance and a law degree with an interested in the financial side of law.


  1. Hi Mary Rose! First of all, I LOVE that waterfall!! I am a huge fan of waterfalls and that one is very nice to look at. I can close my eyes and imagine the earthy smells and hear the sound of the water rushing and cascading downward then splashing in the pool below!! Water may not be wet, but it sure will get us wet if we get in it! which by the way, I would have to in that pool!! But back to the story, and I agree that many try to find fault with things they don’t understand. I hope they don’t write Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies off before taking enough time to totally understand it!! They will be pleasantly surprised I’m sure!!

  2. I like to think of water, wet or not, as ‘the’ universal love affair. Two noble gases choose to come together to create the one substance that life is dependent upon. And while I’m at it, the Periodic Table is backwards. Everything starts as dark matter with all elements known and drops electrons to ultimately become hydrogen. When everything is reduced to hydrogen the universe will compress itself and rebirth itself in the same moment. Science calls this, without knowing it, a Big Bang. What does this have to do with cryptocurrencies? Nothing. I just found the research about water interesting. 

  3. I’m with Gail regarding the waterfall. At first glance, I felt as though I was back at school. We had a gorge on both sides of our campus. Unfortunately, we also had a high suicide rate because of this convenience. I spent a summer working in one of those gorges rebuilding the trail that was washed out from flooding. It was a major transition in my life. Thanks for the reminder. Your story reminded me of the science I was in the middle of studying at the time. I could almost imagine being back there at that waterfall. I felt from your title that I was walking through the waterfall and not getting wet!

    1. Yes Mary Rose, the world is our oyster right? You may be too young to know this quote. But you understand it already based on what I just read within your blog. There is no debate here. We have the tools made available to us in order to learn every facet of cryptocurrency and the opportunity to be able to establish a successful business within Compumatrix. Thanks for challenging our intellect and moving our corporate needle forward.

  4. I would be of the school of thought that believes water is indeed wet. Along those lines though, is air dry? That one is much easier to prove I guess with humidity readings and such. I know around here the air is NOT dry at all. Neither are you if you are out in it long. lol

  5. When I first heard about Bitcoin I thought it was a scam. I didn’t see how it would ever be accepted by the masses who have now accepted it AND lots of other cryptos as well. There is room in the world for growth and prosperity for sure and to spread the wealth would be like Jesus feeding the masses with very little fish and bread.

  6. …Too often, people act upon what others are doing or saying without first assessing the situation themselves… For me this the key sentence of this article.
    To know something is to learn about it. The definition of “To Learn” is to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.
    When it comes to Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, people don’t understand it because they don’t know what and how money works.
    Oh, I’m on the “Water is Wet” side.

  7. Love your story about the water being wet or not , so i looked it up to read some more or different opinion. Found this and it confirms your story. .

    According to information obtained from a scholarly database,, “In a liquid-liquid interaction, such as water by itself, we can say that water is not wet, as molecules are all bound together and not wetting one another.” … Though water has the ability to make other materials wet, the liquid itself is not wet.
    When it comes to crypto , people who are truly interested will take the time to learn , otherwise if they don’t then its not enough important to them. Not everyone has the same interest and thats how the world goes around and around.

  8. absolutely agree with MRN on getting all the details of what you are working on before deciding which way to move forward — you keep giving us thought provoking information and i have to smile because it really doesn’t matter if water is actually wet or is air dry or is life a reality based event ? each of us makes a conscious decision to do and hopefully we have taken the effort and time to know we are good to go — move correctly and keep writing mary rose — rj

  9. Interesting article Mary! Many of us have strong convictions about concepts and aspects that we do not always know in depth. In this case, having the opinion that water is dry or wet is not likely to change our relationship with it. But the same cannot be said of many aspects of life. It has been said that knowledge is power and freedom. This is particularly true when it comes to business. If you want to expand your business and make it prosperous you need to acquire knowledge about your area of expertise. Only in this way can you make conscious decisions based on real knowledge that will make a difference.

  10. The idea of this blog gives a lot to the process of thought. The average person would state it is obvious that water is wet! By definition, this is a basis of reality. The scientist would say to prove it! This is the basis of science. There is always the argument that above a certain temperature, water is a gas. Below another temperature, water is a solid. Have you ever asked on the atomic level what the difference is?

  11. Talking of the bottle flipping challenge, it had an amazing ability to allow people of all ages, races, and gender to try and conquer this challenge.

    There is a lot of failed attempts, many close-calls as the bottle lands but then decides to romance with gravity and fall again.

    Yet at the very end, you eventually get the perfect flip and the bottle rises into the air, somersaulting until it finally lands and you complete the bottle flip challenge. Overcoming hurdles, a never give up attitude, you will finally get your reward and have a feeling of immense success.

    Relatable to most aspects of life but especially Compumatrix and our journey so far.

  12. So would it be true to say that in the “is water wet?” debate that both sides can be proven; that is, the no and the yes? This is where I find myself becoming very confused when I apply researching something that isn’t understood regarding Compumatrix – can there be more than one right answer? Time to go have a rest – a small headache coming on 🙂

  13. I have a little crush on discussing things that it isn’t normaly discuss (around me). If water is wet or not, I really don’t know, but I just love the fact that we can agree with both answers. I’m a little Schrödinger’s cat theory crazy, I love paradoxes.
    For the mainly reason of the topic, if someone had the pacience and time to research, tried to elaborate his or her theory with coherence and logic, respecting every other opinion, knowing that there’s no universal conclusion for the question, bringing to the water’s topic, I’d be happy and satisfied to think that water is and isn’t wet!
    Of course, this is a crazy and impossible (impossible? Maybe…) thought, but, as I say, I like crazy thougts. Crazy is the new normal.

  14. I have never heard of an “Is Water Wet?” debate in all of my advanced years. My interest was piqued when I saw the title of your blog. Of course I never questioned water being or not being wet. It just was. This got me thinking of what else over the years I should not have been taking for granted. I think I will be more thoughtful now, knowing that there are almost always are two sides to every supposed fact.
    I loved the waterfall too!

  15. Mary Rose, I was very entertained by your writing. This subject is amusing and one I had never considered, is water wet. I remember the water bottles being flipped by my older grandchildren and their friends. They flipped them incessantly. I was sitting on the porch last week, and one of my great-grandsons was flipping a water bottle on the table beside me. I have to smile as I think, this trend of the flipping bottle may never stop and I will always wonder, is water wet?

  16. Great blog Mary Rose. You sure had me confused and second guessing myself at first. I’ve never contemplated if water is wet or not. Of course I quickly thought “well of course its wet” then at the end of the blog you made me stop and think again. Maybe I should not have such a strong opinion on something that I really haven’t taken time to research before. I too have had individuals snap about Bitcoin stating various negative thoughts. They probably have never even done true research like you were suggesting.

  17. That lovely picture certainly brings Niagara Falls to my mind.
    What a wonderful feeling it is – to see water flowing downwards. So Refreshing!
    Water could never be DRY, as such. What makes water wet, then? Some people may ask. Nature itself does that. God’s creation. Like the scorching sun and the dry wind that blows relentlessly when a storm is about to come.
    Our cryptoworld is new, interesting and with so much in store for us. Lets learn and move with the flow..

  18. Mary Rose this waterfall looks so beautiful , just like your beautiful smile.Seeing this waterfall is a very pleasant feeling of life.
    Water is a liquid and it is not wet by itself but it can wet other things but people have different opinions about this.
    Some people don’t want to know about crypto currencies because of their low mentality and they have no interest. But compumatrix has encouraged all its members to move forward with crypto.

  19. I remember this phase of school when if water is wet or not was the most talked about subject the whole day. In any argument or debate there is always those people who throw out huge claims or “facts” without any substantial information to back it up. I think in any debate people have their own opinions, but at some point there needs to be hard facts and evidence to support your claim.

  20. Thank you, Mary Rose. What a great analogy. I agree water may not be wet but it sure gets you wet and feels great on a hot summer day. I have to agree dig into things, learn. My son was earning Devcoins writing articles when he was 15 that was in 2006 about the time he told me about Bitcoin. Unfortunately for me, I laughed at him. Asked him who in the world would ever use this concept. I’m now eating crow and still kicking myself but I’m in now, and so proud to be here. Your parents must be very proud of you.

  21. just a great thought process as we look past the obvious — water is only wet when it is applied to particular scenario that has parts that can be answered ?? if none of us has a part in the water then no one answers that question ? so much Joy in the thought process and as we progress in our own small biz –are we Successful ? or are we a failure ? back to reading around the blogs it is a Personal Heart thing ? each look is individual — same answer as to water wet or not??

  22. Very interesting blog yes water is wet. no it is not .Niagra falls are not wet but lake Tahoe is. dry ice? hot ice cream all are anomolies perceived by different people in their different upbringing and culture and are at at times different from the person next door. Some folks to this day are asking Is earth round? . go figure.

  23. it is amazing to me to read thru the replies and see how peeps look at the simplest of thoughts ?? and honestly it is good to see or feel that some are actually working each moment past the obvious — and simply with mrn asking that question ?? which is ?? that simple part gives all the answers that are needed — each moment of each day is all about the Choices // Decisions we each make ?? answers are always right in front —

  24. I have never thought about whether water is wet or not, but it interesting to see how two people can look at the same picture and see it in a different way or experience an event with someone else but be affected in a different way.
    In my work for the last thirty years, I have been able to help clients see their life with a different perspective and when they do, they feel less anxious and are more positive about their future.
    It is so good to have balance in our lives.

  25. Thank you, Mary Rose. Very entertaining writing An other question that comes to mind is, is matter solid or do we perceive it as solid and is it actually space?

  26. That is a very tricky question when you look at it scientifically who would of thought it is not wet how about that. Reminds me when they said bitcoin was of no value and then they looked a little closer and started to tax it hmmmm don’t figure, but that is government for you and now they are making there own….lol

  27. I am of the belief that water is wet. Even on a “dry” day on the humidity scale, the air is still wet here is south Lousiana. It is funny that so many people view the same thing in so many different ways and are willing to stand there and argue with you about it. And if people are willing to argue about water and whether or not it is wet, just throw Bitcoin out in front of the group. Let’s see how many opinions you get on that subject. If you try hard enough, you can make just about any opinion make sense.

  28. this is such an entertaining thought process read and when you come back and put new perspectives into this great blog and just ponder a bit — you can have many different views or opinions — but still I keep coming back to Simple — simple Plans simple Bizs simple ways of living and when I’m thirsty it sure seems water is wet going down my throat and quenching my thirst/dryness ??? who knew — great stuff really —

  29. It seems the jest of the article falls within the notion that too often, people act upon what others are doing or saying without first assessing the situation themselves. As far as this relates to Compumatrix, when people act upon what others are doing or saying without first assessing the situation, this can result in chaos and misinformation.

  30. Perhaps there is some debate about whether or not water is wet, all I know is that if water is poured on the body, then the body gets wet. It reminds me of a time with my young nephew finding out that fire is hot when before I could get answer his question about if the car cigarette lighter worked, he had already dislodged it and stuck his fingertip on it. So we learn from our experiences and try to move forward as positively as we can.

  31. such a fun read and so informative in the thought process that almost anything in this world has sides to the discussion –just as Compumatrix does are we successful entrepreneurs or have we failed?? guarantee you that there are many opinions on that — gotta love this — keep learning and succeeding or ????

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