What About Your “Third-Eye”?

In my blog, “20/20 Vision,” https://www.compumatrix.ph/2021/03/24/20-20-vision/, the discussion was around our TWO eyes and their ability to see.

Let’s go deeper and explore the “THIRD EYE.”

What is the third eye?

If you speak with most spiritual practitioners – a guru, yoga, mystic, etc., the conversation will nearly always go to the Pineal Gland or “Third Eye,” as it’s referred to. Every culture across the globe teaches about the “Third Eye,” and all seem to place relevance on awakening the “third eye” in the quest for spiritual advancement. Ancient Egyptians believe there is a correlation between the Pineal gland placement – between the eyebrows – which mirrors the Eye of Horus’s location. In Ayurvedic philosophy, the Ajna Chakra is taught to represent the “Third Eye.”

Erica Matluck, a holistic coach and naturopathic doctor describes the Third eye as an “energetic center or Chakra” and although it’s not actually existent it IS thought to be yoked with the Pineal gland which is located in our brain and you guessed it, right between our eyebrows.

Is the “Third Eye” beneficial in leading to greater heights of intuition, concentration, FORESIGHT, clarity, or imagination?

According to Erica Matluck, “It gives us the ability to see beyond what is physically present in the moment. Seers and psychics typically have highly developed third eye chakras.”

OK, maybe we need to understand the Pineal Gland a bit more:

What exactly IS the Pineal gland?

Well not surprisingly perhaps, the medical profession can’t really describe it’s function but tells us the gland is shaped like a pea and is a conical mass of tissue located near the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Research says it generates and regulates specific hormones such as melatonin which helps us regulate our sleeping patterns and protects us from certain cardiovascular ailments.

It seems when the “Third Eye” is exposed to light, this stimulates and regulates the body’s biorhythms. (perhaps this is why to sleep, I must have pitch darkness and ONLY white noise). I envy those who can sleep with music or the Television blaring and lights on. One study in Pubmed describes the human pineal gland as “an extremely active neuroendocrine transducer. Environmental light acts through the retina and entrains the pineal gland’s circadian rhythms by way of the hypothalamus and sympathetic nervous system… this tiny gland is considered to be the “regulator of regulators” and important in general homeostasis.

This all sounds very scientific and though I appreciate Science, I tend to look past Science and a bit deeper into the rabbit hole to “round out” my curiosity. It just rings true to me that this “Third Eye” has a much larger responsibility in the overall scheme of things.

What Happens when your “Third Eye” Becomes Blind?

It is said, when the “Third Eye” becomes unable to “see,” you lose touch with reality, feel as though you are lost, and become very spiritually inactive. This causes you to become negative towards life, anxious, and fear for your future. Aletheia Luna, writer and co-founder of Lonerwolf, suggests when your third eye is constricted, you will “struggle with narrow-mindedness, overthinking, insomnia, suffocating beliefs, lack of purpose, depression, and an inability to connect with your Soul.

Perhaps this is why we often lose sense of purpose, exhausted beyond belief, and basically hopeless? Maybe this is the reason for losing a zest for life, motivation to achieve success and continuously throwing blame to others for our lack?

A blocked Chakra or blind “Third Eye” it seems can have devastating effects on our physical health as well. We don’t sleep well, we experience lowered metabolic function, infections, neurological problems, frequent illness, higher blood pressure, lowered immune system, sinus problems, anxiety, depression, even addictions to alcohol and drugs will haunt us. NOT a pretty picture!

When the “Third Eye” is able to see clearly, you are insightful, open-minded, well connected to your inner intelligence, and very much FORESIGHTED. You rest much better, you are less prone to illness, and you have a much broader vision in life.

So How Can We Open Our “Third Eye?”

  • “Third eye” meditation

Meditate on your third eye or Ajna chakra. Meditation will help even if you are a beginner. Learn to be still and go inside yourself. Meditate on your “Third eye”. Holistic coach Erica Matluck says “Focus your attention on the point between the brows in meditation, and simply observe what images or thoughts arise.” By becoming increasingly aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will be able to open more spiritual space within you.

  • Breathing Exercises

Being intensely aware of your breath helps bring your focus to the here and now. Isn’t this all any of us have anyway? Yesterday is but a memory, and tomorrow never comes, so we need to live in the now. It so happens that paying attention and breathing with INTENTION helps to open our “Third Eye.” Erica adds, “There are many kinds of breathwork, but holotropic breathwork is particularly well-suited to opening your sixth chakra.”

  • Practice Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is very conducive to freeing your “Third Eye” and opening your spiritual mindset. Choosing the proper kriyas (postures, breath patterns, or movements) is very important, so do your research to determine which is best for you, and focus on the pituitary and pineal glands.

  • Eating a nutritious diet.

If you love pizza and latte’s, sipping shakes on the main, and you’re not into Yoga forget unblocking your gland!

Seriously, your diet plays a huge role in your overall health, not to mention “waking up” your “Third-Eye.” Eating sugars, unhealthy fats, loading up on carbs, and drinking sodas, shakes, and sugary juices may be good while they are going down the hatch, but in reality, they are the worst things for our bodies and health.

It is no coincidence that changing your eating habits to a more nutritious and sustainable diet plays a huge part in opening your pineal gland and your chakra alignment! Eat regularly an array of purple foods; purple sweet potatoes, purple kale, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, eggplant, purple cabbage; and this diet will boost your body chakra balance and help to open your “Third Eye.” Please take note, your diet determines your energy, and in the end, we are what we eat!

What is the condition of YOUR “Third Eye?”

Whether or not our “Third Eye” is open and focused, we know one man whose eyes are all open! Henry Banayat’s “Third Eye,” I believe we can all agree, has been open for a very long time. His ability to “see” beyond the unbelievable challenges, the pain of loss, the backstabbing, Covid19, and whatever else has been thrown in his way, Henry has risen above with grace and intense dedication! What amazing FORESIGHT!!

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Compumatrix, whether some would want to agree, is a divine inspiration that Henry “Saw” and adopted in his heart to see the vision of helping not only HIS country but the whole of the world and to Engage, Enrich, and Enhance every life that has enough vision and foresight of their own to achieve great things!!

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Beautiful post, Gail. Thank you! Funny thing…I’ve been thinking about the Third Eye a lot lately. I’ve heard that being in the direct sunlight for 20 minutes can decalcify the Pineal gland! I can’t prove that, so do as you wish 🙂 When I sit or stand in the sunshine with my eyes closed, forehead directly facing the sun, connecting my 3rd Eye…it feels amazing. Imagine how much more empowered humanity would be if we all did just this one thing! Although everything you listed to do is powerful, too. We just have to take care of ourselves and listen within more. Self care alone would bring on a lot more World Peace. We’re getting there.

  2. Gail the is a pertinent subject that pertains to us all. some have poo pooed the thought of the third eye for years. The lack of knowledge causes insecurity and lack of belief. We humans are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our creator was not neglectful in how He made us,
    so why fear what scientist or other spiritual gurus discover about our inner workings. I have understood our third eye is our spiritual eye that connects us to our creator who has given us the ability to create. Our creative abilities as well as physical abilities have become less and less apparent down through the ages. We can reverse these deficiencies by doing what you have commented in your blog. I am sure there are other things to help also. There is so much that can be said on this subject but I will only say, Thank God, He has awakened me to more than I ever imagined in the last few years. This knowledge brings peace. The inspiration of Compumatrix via Henry should if we open our hearts inspire us all. Enjoyed reading this blog.

  3. Something to really consider seriously. I have often thought of the third eye and how it pertains to my life, I do remember being diagnosed with Diabetes 2 nearly 20 years ago and being told by a specialist that I would be on insulin for the rest of my life. A week after coming out of hospital I made the decision to stop taking insulin because I JUST knew that I did not need it, 20 years dow the track by blood sugar is normal and I take no medication. I believe that was the third eye at work and Gail is right. Henry too has that third eye which is why we are about to see one of the world’s great company’s deliver.

  4. Ahhh, I love this one, Gail! 🙂 Glad you followed up your previous blog on “sight” and expanded your definition of what “foresight” is often considered to originate from – the pineal gland or “the third eye”. In my personal experience, what you wrote about how important the health of this gland is for every function of life is only too true. You went to a satisfying degree of detail in explaining how science and spirituality basically agree on the importance of this gland/chakra, and then gave us some practical tips on how to improve the health of it. And I agree: the healthy functioning of this gland/chakra is very important in business matters. Quite often, the “business mind” relies heavily on foresight, and keeping it healthy is of utmost importance!

  5. Thank you Gail a blog about Third Eye In the Medical circles The Pineal gland is still a mysterious gland which regulates several Hormonal,Circulatory and other functions of the body including Biorhythm.By meditative Techniques we can Awaken the third eye and thereby helping us to increase Perception,Foresight<Clarity of thoughts etc.Technique taught by Self Realization Foundation Founded by Paramhansa Yogananda is one outlet which people can look into if interested

  6. Thank you Gail for writing about the ‘third eye’. When the bible talks about the eyes of the heart and the like, I believe it refers to the third eye or the spiritual wisdom that God our Creator imparts to us. Carmen’s statement about much of man’s creative abilities not being made manifest in this life is so true. We need to connect to the source of Him who has all the resurrection power to flood our hearts with light and fill us with Himself.

  7. Yes agree about the third eye Gail which gives us a better vision of our inner self and belief.Our diet,yoga and daily exercise make it easier for us to concentrate better in our daily lives,and also helps us focus on our work and the things we do daily.

  8. Thank you Gail,Great article ,got a lot of information and specially Information about purple foods is new to me ,third eye is the pineal gland,this is the eye of insight, third eye is the path to higher consciousness that leads us to spirituality,It reflects enlightenment,It shows the depth of whatever image we have in our mind, connection of the third eye with spirituality and positive thinking also shows a very friendly attitude and generosity,of course, this attitude is present in Henry James.which will brighten the future of all of us.

  9. very intriguing and thought provoking read with a great amount of information to digest honestly — this like a couple of the later posts are multi readers — appreciate the effort and time that is taken to share — there is alot of talent here that is for sure —

  10. Very interesting article Gail. I have had my own experiences with my third eye. I go to a metaphysical church and we practice this type of yoga and teachings all the time. One time I was working one morning and everyone I looked at had a huge eye in the middle of their forehead head. I had been working on opening up my third eye chakra and all kinds of things were happening to me at that time. You will have very cool experiences when you start working on yourself and opening up your chakras. They can be frightening if you do not know what you are doing. The mind is a powerful thing. Life is good.

  11. Thank you Gail for your insightful(?) comments about the Ajna Chakra. Having practised Kundalini Yoga for many years I can tell you the benefits are enormous. The awakening of the sleeping serpent within one is a beautiful experience. Daily meditation and deep breathing bring peace and joy into your life.

  12. Love this post, Gail! In the main, the pineal gland (third eye) is often overlooked and unacknowledged. Your post is an excellent reminder of the importance of this area in our bodies. I too need absolute darkness and quiet to have a deep, restful sleep and that is a good thing for us I believe. We want to give this area the best support we can so it functions on full power. Prayers for Henry’s third eye (foresight)!

  13. Great post Gail and awesome tie in to Compumatrix. So much rings true for this glad in our bodies also. Many things clog it up from fluoride in the water to junk food. Very important for it to be working properly for optimum health. We all fall short of the mark because, well, sometimes a burger is what we want. Proper cleansing and activities take care of the odd craving. Just don’t go to McD’s for munch every day.

    As far as Henry is concerned… His must be working extraordinarily well with the vision that is fast coming to be a reality in our world.

  14. Gail, you always come up with the most interesting posts! Call it third eye or pineal gland, the body and mind can respond to it either negatively or positively. Sometimes just being aware of how you are responding to an issue can give you insight as to its ability to regulate how we feel or think.

  15. I often read about the third eye and one of the things is essential oils can stimulate the pineal gland. some of the oils used are lavender , sandlewood , pine , parcly as a few others.
    There Essential oils can be inhaled… the other thing i remember diet is very important and to stay away from fluoride. Thank you Gail for a very interesting blog’

  16. Thank you Gail for another very interesting blog .. I have always been interested in the third eye being located in your Pineal gland . The third eye is also called the inner eye or mind’s eye. some people say once they open their third eye , Some people also say they see ghosts once they open up their third eye.. Pay attention to your dreams , this is part of your third eye opening.

  17. Gail, your blog is the utmost importance in all our mental and physical demea.a. (I hope I am using the right word). As being able to sleep with lights on, absolutely not. Oh, but the TV that
    is a definite. Sometimes while the TV is on I cuddle under the blankets and fall right off and if the movie leaves a good impression, I dream of what the outcome of the movie is and sleep like a baby. Now the TV is on all night and no matter what time I fall asleep, I still wake up at 6:00am to watch the news from 6:00am to 9:00 am. After my coffee and Juice I am fueled with energy for the rest of the day.

    I read about the Chakra sometime in my past and was very impressed by the information, and now I am so excited about it. This information can be very helpful with challenges that some of us are experiencing.

    When you allow your chakra to work in a positive way, you capture long awaited dreams if you stay focus and open. That is the outcome of Henry’s Dream come true and it can happen for us all.

  18. Thank you Gail for the information regarding the third eye. Unknowingly I grew up with a knowing of things that only my mother shared. She told of family stories of a blind great, great grandfather somewhere in my history who was clairvoyant and always knew when visitors was approaching and other weird things.
    I didn’t get the connection until several years ago, in looking back at my own history. I was raised on a rural farm where we were isolated from others. I started seeing ghosts at a young age and I, too, knew when others were coming. I would run around and clean house before they arrived.
    My mother was always matter of fact when I would tell her that Uncle Ted and Aunt Nellie were on there way to visit. They lived well over a hundred miles away but they would show up.
    As I grew up these feelings disappeared. The most disconcerting was being able to see what people were thinking. As I grew up these feelings disappeared as well. I really didn’t think about them as strange or different.
    I knew about reincarnation at a very young age. I wasn’t told about it or taught. I just knew. I would say,” Oh, I will do that in my next life.” Whether it was the Third eye or something else I don’t know. Maybe the eye told me to just follow Henry.

  19. What an interesting blog, I call my third eye my conscience, I listen to it daily, I know others that will argue that I am missing the point as the third eye is something entirely different.
    But what’s in a name? My brother calls his Spirit, he sits most evenings and talks to his, Two nights ago my brother who isn’t a Compumatrix member, but will be, told me not long to wait now, spirit says it will open within the month, then last night we had the announcement and a date!!!
    Listen carefully to your inner self , it is waiting to chat back.

  20. I discovered years ago my parents had the “third eye” and the ability to see everything day or night. It kept me in balance while in my teen years knowing that “third eye” was working for them.
    I realized at a early age that some people could be on a special link and “know things” they were not taught, but learned from some mysterious place not in our physical world. Inventors, artists, doers and thinkers, very creative productive, fun to be around because the world they lived in what so interesting.

  21. Excellent publication, Gail. I love this subject. One of the main functions of the pineal gland is to participate in activities that regulate sleep. Spiritualist theories give an even greater importance to this organ. Some Eastern religions believe that it is our “connection” with another dimension, and responsible for “opening” the human being’s field of vision to the spiritual world.
    From the point of view of Medicine, the importance of the pineal gland is restricted to some activities of our organism, the main function of this gland is to help in the circadian rhythm and in the production of melatonin. The function of the pineal gland goes far beyond simply regulating sleep, the organ is called the crown chakra, the main energetic center of the physical body. Chakras are points of energy that circulate through our body. We have seven main points and the pineal gland consists of the most important: the third view.

  22. Somehow it was discovered that our pineal gland would be compromised by taking in the poison of fluoride. Most of us in N. America were inundated with this stuff, either at the dentist’s office or in our water supply. This was, in some circles, said to be an intentional attempt to break our connection with the Divine and keep us more easily enslaved and controlled on Earth by the usurpers.

  23. Great subject having my mothers side of the family with gifted talents

    I have seen coloured orbs most of my life, from the spirit world and knowing things before they happen which can be uncanny, but I have learned to trust source and my spirit guides.,.
    As your third eye expands, you will find that the light is sensitive as well
    Everything related to vision and light will be heightened.
    I wear polarized sunglasses to help with this.
    Trust your third eye or 6th sense and use it well
    for it is a divine gift.

  24. Thanks Gail, fascinating topic. Many years ago I found by chance an Indian Guru who taught about the power of the pineal gland. In a few words he claimed our pineal gland shrinks as we age specially if we don’t use it. He taught how to use it through chanting mantras and other things I can’t recall. Basically you can obtain anything you want if you put your pineal gland to work by repeating the mantra, there are many, but I remember this one “Bhreem Brzee Namaha” who can be found in youtube. I have my faith in Jesus, but I guess each one can find enlightment in whatever form they want.

  25. Interesting topic Gail, I see a few members here chiming in on your post of the 3rd eye, pineal gland. I concur Peter, that the powers that be knew all along that placing fluoride in our drinking water would in fact calcify our pineal gland, making it very hard for people to connect to source, and I see it’s working quite well. Right now I’m drinking a pinch of borax in a glass of water 3 times a day, which is to help de-calcify the 3rd eye. It’s the boron in the borax that we need.

  26. Very informative Gail. We all need to balance our bodies.( Mind, Body and Spirit) If our vehicle is not balanced we will be diverted
    anywhere. I was looking on the outside for answers, however I found them by going INSIDE. Yoga is a wonderful way to silence
    the mind and raise your vibration. Henry is probably already in the 5th. Namaste

  27. I love this Gail, Thank you. I was talking about chakras, and here we are again. They are like hardware to dumb it down. What you feel and send out you create for yourself. So if you feel hopeless, sad, etc., get those chakras open. The third eye is great, but if you have all 33 Chakras open, yes 33, you’re golden. I practice on mine daily. It’s like praying to me. Most people do not even have 2-3 open, so if you feel bad, that’s why.

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