It’s all about Bitshares

Have you read it? One needs to review the brief backstory of Compumatrix in order to see how they continued to persevere, provide hope and enlighten everyone about their business.

What is your business anyway?

Compumatrix is all about Bitshares. In order for you to fully understand how to operate your business, it is a must that you understand the basics of Bitshares.

Bitshares makes use of the Graphene Blockchain Technology. The keyword there is blockchain technology. You should know what it does by now. If not, here’s a simple definition of it:

A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity.


In short, every program that uses the blockchain is guaranteed that everything is transparent and immutable (cannot be changed). This means that when you perform a transaction, it is undeniably final and verifiable. And no one can oppose this as what is recorded is the truth.

The Bitshares Mindset

Becoming a part of Bitshares Ecosystem means you’re putting it on the spotlight. For a moment, do not think of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS or any other ecosystems or blockchain technology when you are doing business within Bitshares. Bitshares must be first and foremost your priority. Bitshares’ core token is called BTS. Much like Ethereum has ETH. And like the latter, BTS is the token used to power up all other assets called User-Issued Assets on the system. These UIAs are the same with the Tokens you find on Ethereum. The only difference is that these UIAs can be created faster and thus a community can deploy it and distribute it according to their set goals.

There’s a lot of opportunities on Bitshares specially when you pay particular attention to its peer-to-peer capabilities. Like BTC, you can buy or sell via P2P. Don’t let exchanges fool you or dictate the price of each BTS. Always remember that a Digital Asset, Virtual Currency or Cryptocurrency is a property you own. Although, yes, you do need to consider supply and demand BUT that is not always the case. You have to think about the bigger picture. Don’t be cheap. Peer to Peer Trading is still best at this point in time.

Thus, your ultimate job must be dedicated to Onboarding Activities. It is called onboarding since this task doesn’t stop after they (your referrals or invitees) have signed up. You also need to orient new members on how to fully utilize the platform. Now, I know what’s on your mind. How can I orient someone when even you are not aware of Bitshares’ full capabilities. Let’s take it one step at a time. We will also post a step-by-step video about Bitshares. The Compumatrix community is also a great resource of information about Bitshares (if you know who to approach.)

And that would be on our next topic: The Bitshares Ecosystem and an Introduction to User Issued Assets from Creation to Liquidity.

About the author

Bitshares Labs contributes content pertaining to various topics and development updates about the Bitshares Ecosystem and Blockchain Technology.


  1. Great post Bitshares. Thank you for enlightening us about the true value of BTS,and it’s main function in Compumatrix. We are very lucky to become a member of the company which truly understand about crypto currencies,God Bless Compumatix and Bitshares.

  2. Thank you Bitshares Lab, for the good explanation of the Bitshares! The biggest asset of the compumatrix are the Bitshares,we can buy and sell peer to peer within the company,the trade of Bitshares should be done in such a way that its value does not decrease, I am looking forward to the video of Bitshares.I’m proud to say that in the world of cryptocurrencies,compumatrix is a very valuable company.

  3. Thank you for this excellent post! Hoping members will use it as a guide and a lantern to light their way. There is nothing to be afraid of, even if it is new territory as long as the map is followed and the pitfalls are avoided. The icebergs are always present in life; it’s just knowing ahead of time and not wearing the ego’s blinders that make us too proud to ask for directions that will sink the ship! Let’s set sail!!

  4. this ties so well into 99% blog post also — once again in this biz as in most all bizs –gotta be at 100% and knowing each part has a purpose and each part is mandatory for success — n in a great recipe follow the directions to a T n your dinner tastes perty darn good — great info here n true info — thank you —

  5. Very good start. Not too much information, gives newcomers enough to whet their appetite without being overwhelmed. Looking forward to the next blog.

  6. Thank you Bitshare’s lab for posting. A lot of people are scared to work on the Dex. You can explore the site and not worry about messing up your account. In order for you to lose any of your assets, your account must be unlocked. Then you have click on the confirm the transaction. So go explore the Dex and see what is going on. You need to be able to navigate the site. The staff is not going to do it for you.

  7. Thanks Bitshares, the definitions of things like BTS and their value in the system is always a good reminder (people may not like repetition but it is how the human mind works). Compumatrix coupled with Bitshares will drive us into the future. Indeed did love the definitions, and now I will always have a place to review.

  8. Ok, another guide to help us understand what we are doing here. All these guides are like having a set of encyclopedias that require a lot of reading and even more understanding. The good news is that at least they are there for all to reference. The not so good news is that we have a lot to learn and many of us are way behind the curve. But, this is almost always done in a manner that it is never too much to chew at one time. You have given us a great definition and explanation of Bitshares. Now on to how it actually works.

  9. Oh, believe me, I will be asking directions as I do not want to sink the Compumatrix ship! Also pleased to learn what the term “immutable” means – cannot be changed. Plus agree, that as we proceed we learn things step by step which makes it so much easier for people like me who needs things in small bites, put into action, and then next 🙂

  10. Thank you Bitshares Labs for an easy to understand, straight forward and not long winded explanation of bitshares. I am sure a lot of us here in Compumatrix will go : “oooh now I get it” 🙂 LOL

  11. A very helpful post, Bitshares. I look forward to further videos and information to help me and others to understand the whole platform more in depth. We in Compumatrix are fortunate to be leaders in the new world of cryptocurrency, and for you who make it possible.

  12. Very interesting post Bitshares .. I know now the true meaning of the value of BTS … When trying to learn something new , to me , and explanation of the value of what we own in BTS. is very important to me and I am sure to others , because this is a all new adventure to most of us. Looking ford to more info you may have to share with us .

  13. That was a very interesting , easy to read and understand what Bitshares is about .. ( sort of like ” The Meaning of Life ” in our Compumatrix and Bitshares involvement we are now part of . I to am looking forward to my journey with both Companies , Compumatrix and other things coming down the pipe line using BTS.

  14. Sounds fantastic. I pray everyone stays on the path; Bitshares is a considerable part, and so Thankful for each of them. I’m looking forward to the future. It looks so bright!

  15. Thank you for continually giving us these “nudges” on the importance of Bitshares, and the function of UIAs for our business operations. You could never repeat it enough, in my opinion. This is one business we do NOT want to make the wrong moves on, and some solid advice and guidance is always appreciated!

  16. Thank you Bitsharelabs I see your Blogs as revealing , pulling back the curtain so to speak. Although staff has been preparing us as much as possible, your blogs actually
    are creating a sorta picture of a “ business model within Bitshares” with Compumatrix assets on the Bitshare platform utilizing peer to peer bypassing any exchange, incorporating the barter system between peers. Don’t sell yourself cheap ! Looking forward to your next blog

  17. What an awesome post bitshares I am looking forward to your videos these post help more than you know I am so glad compumatrix is here with you may we have a long and wonderful business relationship I am excited about the other programs you are developing as well.

  18. Simple as it is and loaded with information, Thank you for continuing to enlighten us and making this so simple, it’s changing the mindset and allow this great information to help us to see the bigger picture.

  19. Thanks everyone! Hey! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I will be writing how you can start making money with what you have. It would really take a big leap of faith to do so. But if you’re up to it. I don’t mind sharing the secrets of UIA monetization.

  20. Happy reading over here as well 🙂
    I like these very informative articles that you share with us!
    I’m a bit reluctant to do any trades myself..Don’t want to mess up the price.
    Looking forward to be reading more articles from you in the future.

  21. Thank -you for your post bitshares it is always good to know you are with us and keeping us up to date on the activities, also realizing the value of BTS and explaining how it all works together, looking forward to your future post and the launch of your programs.

  22. Thank You Bitshareslabs. In the opportunity side of this Bitshares Eco System I find two very important concepts presented in this blog. One is the peer to peer capabilities, that is no middle agent and the other is the important truth that the crypto currency property is owned by the holder. It is these two concepts that demand one think and consider the bigger picture. If, there is true faithfulness to these two verities then it will eliminate greed and ignorant devaluation of an asset one owns. But, if an owner does proceed to devalue their asset driven by greed or some other choice, then there are only a few words to describe such an owner.

  23. Thank you for this blog. I’m looking forward to the following blogs to further explain the Bitshares Eco System. Looking forward to: The Bitshares Ecosystem and an Introduction to User Issued Assets from Creation to Liquidity.

  24. Thank you Bitshares labs! Another informative post that explains Bitshares, blockchain, and Bitshares ecosystem in a way that is easy to understand. I would like to learn to trade and to trade in a way that does not destroy the values we have. So please start a trading school for “trading cowardly” members.😉

  25. this is such a great and informative post and read thru the replies — so much Biz 101 type info and in a way that simplifies the actual knowledge to make it a true learning experience — and I for one also will look forward to more postings by BitLab — just such a simple learn — congrats n appreciation — rj

  26. It is a crucial matter that we are accurate in our decisions in using the Bitshares Blockchain Technology. As in Gail’s blog, Measure Twice and Cut Once, we must be cautious. We do not make a transaction unless 100% sure of our intention. We understand more the use and high standards of the BTS.
    I am looking forward to the next blog on Bitshares ecosystem and learning more about the BTS.

  27. Ever since Compumatrix jumped into the Bitshared eco-system we knew we were on the right track.
    Founded by Dan Larimer, peer to peer distributed ledger and network based on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).
    Compumatrix uses the Bitshares platform but is not governed by it.

  28. Thank you Bitshares for explaining about the value of BTS and the bitshares ecosystem. I am looking forward to more blogs from you helping our Compumatrix family move forward and how to trade in this new tech world.

  29. Yes please Btishares Lab we are looking forward to you sharing the secrets of UIA monetization as you commented earlier. “It would really take a big leap of faith to do so. But if you’re up to it. I don’t mind sharing the secrets of UIA monetization.” Thank you. God Bless.

  30. Thank You Bitshares Labs for this excellent post. I will use it as a guide and a lantern to light my way. I feel there is nothing to be afraid of, even if it is new territory as long as the map is followed and the pitfalls are avoided. The icebergs are always present in life; the key is knowing ahead of time and not being afraid to ask for help when needed.

  31. Thanks, Bitshares, for providing that information. It’s a good review of what Bitshares is and how it is an integral part of our business. Glad to know that there is or will be a step-by-step video which explains how to use the Bitshares platform. As Compumatrix members, we will be introducing others to the platform and such videos will be quite useful.

  32. Thanks for the explanation. I too look forward to the day when all elements come together and we can finally get the show on the road, hopefully without any more delays or changes of direction. I believe it has been about 14 years to get to this point.Please lets get the CDAP open so we can move forward.

  33. I can’t wait for the next blog about ‘The Bitshares Ecosystem and an Introduction to User Issued Assets from Creation to Liquidity”. I love the way you simplified that down for easy understanding. I love the knowledge here.

  34. Quite learning and exploring my minds about the Cryptocurrency Digital Business. Credit to Compumatrix Digital Platform. Looking forward to be a good student and ready to gain valuable knowledge and skills in regards to this amazing business. The future is so bright. Great ~Bitshares Labs

  35. Information like this, I believe, helps to sort of get rid of the blank stare that someone unfamiliar with what a blockchain is or how it works may get when it is explained to them for the first time, or second or third, and so on and so forth, if it has not been broken down to them as efficiently as it has been within this article. You used as simple definition of blockchain within the article that I believe sets the mind at ease and overcomes the mental barriers one may get in helping to understand the basics of how the blockchain works and works.

  36. The blog mentions that the Compumatrix community is a great resource of information about Bitshares. I have found this to be true and I have very much appreciated the time and attention that has been given to detail from the meetings that I have attended. Information can be easier to understand when a simulation is provided at the same time it is being explained and the meetings can be viewed as many times as needed to come to a good understanding.

  37. I am SO looking forward to learning more about how to utilize our DEX & P2P instant capabilities. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us along the way. Let’s sail the Compumatrix Ship into new horizons of thriving for all 🙂

  38. I think this article was very informative especially when it brought up the bit shares mindset. When we educate ourselves about cryptocurency it is important not to have a narrow mind set and only think about certain processes. We need to consider every avenue of doing things with Compumatrix so we can make the best possible outcome.

  39. Combining Compumatrix and Bitshares was a great idea to achieve the dream of sharing and caring, I’m very much looking forward to the step-by-step video about Bitshares and how they power up all other assets called User-Issued Assets on the system. these videos are great tools to easy understand the process. Thanks again.

  40. The blockchain technology and Bitshares are two amazing concepts. I’m always eager to learn more about both of these. I look forward to understanding Bitshares at greater depths. The Peer to Peer concept is very interesting and I look forward to using this in the near future.

  41. this blog so simple but so deep — the understanding of the blockchain with each read and after the last 2 webinars and listening over n over to them and putting in perspective and linking the user issued to bitshares and kinda drawing a mental picture — and keeping that simple but Real and seeing that the more computer controlled less person controlled — the better the True Course will run and stay True — jmho but greed /power has a way of destroying Honor n Integrity — jmho keep sharing Bitshares Lab please n thank you — rj

  42. Thank you Bitshares Lab for the very informative post. It explains very well the power of Bitshares and the platform it works on. The future looks bright and Compumatrix has adopted it. What else can we wish for?

  43. Once agian thanks to Bitshares for the blog, and looking forward to more on the subject of helping, or how to help others understand, for by teaching one learns more than the student if their information is good. Also, mentioned was a step by step video, I must find this and study it for myself!!! Thanks once again!

  44. After reading this again it makes more sense to me. Now that we at the “getting ready” to open Compumatrix I wish I had understood better. I thank you Henry for making this clear to me and now that I understand it better I will go forward with the business with less trepidation.

  45. Thank you Bitshare lab for the blog that is easy to understand and then impart that info to our friends and contacts who may be interested in our Compumatrix venture ,will look forward to you other forthcoming posts and videos that will hive us deeper insight into the ecosystem.

  46. Great article about Bitshare lab and specially for making it easy to understand. This is the first time for me to read and understand a little bit how Bitshares are tied to Compumatrix. It is really amazing we are in company of such advancement and how far Henry has brought Compumatrix.

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