JK Rowling doesn’t understand Bitcoin? It’s a Galleon.

For someone who created a currency in the magical world of Hogwartz, why is it so hard to understand? Are we speaking parseltongue when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Even Elon Musk had his fill of interacting with Rowling with the hopes that she gets it. Several other bitcoin personalities like Tyler Winklevoss, Brandon Blumer, Vitalik Buterin, and Daniel Larimer tried their best to explain.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tokens, altcoins, and other digital currencies are money on the Internet. Think about it like the Galleons in Hogwartz. Magical people use the galleons to buy stuff in her magical world. The same is true in cyberspace, another world invisible to the naked eye but everyone is on it and everyone values it. You’re just in a different magical world called the internet.

UPDATE: After much fanfare, J.K. Rowling finally bought her first Bitcoin at an exchange rate of $9,429.94 on May 16, 2020. It’s like another pizza moment in the history of bitcoin. NOT.

a fake account actually did buy a bitcoin or not.


Are you a bitcoin fan? What would you say to J.K. Rowlings to convince her to buy a bitcoin?

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  1. No she didn’t ( it was a Fake JKR that said)
    Well for any Harry Potter fan , good news #Compumatrix holds and distributes Galleons to be traded Compumatrix DEX

  2. There were plenty of people trying to explain to her how Bitcoin works and why is it important. However, she was obviously not interested in learning, deeming herself as unable to comprehend such a complicated concept.

    It’s quite sad, seeing that some simply refuse to put a few hours into research even after asking the question themselves. Who knows, those few hours could’ve turned out to be the most worthwhile few hours of her decade.

    Anyway, what’s important that most millennials and Gen Z understand what Bitcoin is and why it’s significant enough to pay attention to, which makes me believe that J.K. Rowling is just another person who will start owning bitcoin later when everybody else already owns it.

  3. If Bitcoin is to be used widely, or if any cryptocurrency is to be used widely, it has to be easy for the masses to understand, at least on the surface. I don’t know all the ways cars or refrigerators or computers work. But I know how to use them.

    That is the point of Compumatrix, at least in my opinion. Those who don’t understand or don’t want to bother understanding thoroughly cryptocurrency can still participate, contribute, and profit.

    There are plenty of people in the world who will not be at all interested in learning much about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. But they still would be interested in working a business where they profit. And Compumatrix is set up so that if you are willing to take the time to learn the general flow and mechanics of the system, you can work and profit in Cryptos without having to read everything and know everything about them.

    It is a learning curve, still, of course. And something new that can feel scary to a lot of people. But if Compumatrix and it’s partners do things well, the masses will be interested.

  4. Well she finally got an explanation she was pleased with;
    “Imagine that something exists which doesn’t actually exist. That’s Bitcoin.”
    For what it’s worth, after reading a few other articles, there’s ALOT of celebrities out there with far less knowledge of bitcoin than JK Rowling 😉

  5. Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a dozen or more articles about this and I just kept skipping them. I felt that the headline said ALL that I needed to know about the subject, because many celebrities don’t understand Bitcoin. The fact is that “most people”, famous or not, don’t understand Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. That is changing slowly though.

    Bitcoin is still very new in the world. The FEW who DO understand it/cryptocurrency, and also blockchain, are in a GREAT position to do something with that knowledge. Fortunately Compumatrix provides members with an excellent vehicle to really “do something significant” with their understanding, that can benefit the world, local communities, as well as families and individuals.

  6. Oh boy! There are hundreds of thousands of people like JK Rowling and one day….they are all going to be collectively kicking themselves! What a pity some of them show their ignorance on an international platform, for all to dredge up when finally the penny drops and they have to eat their words. Oh well, when they finally do get the picture, they will be paying a LOT more for their Bitcoin. LOL

    1. Beth, you are right about that. However, IMHO, it is not she CANNOT understand Bitcoin… it is that she chooses to not accept the idea. I say that because she is clearly a very smart person, but her ignorance is on display in social media. Ignorance is not stupidity or a lack of intelligence.

      I like this particular definition, from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition”, because it best fits this discussion: “The condition of being ignorant; the lack of knowledge in general, or in relation to a particular subject; the state of being uneducated or uninformed.”

  7. I would tell her that she really doesn’t need to understand how Bitcoin works but just get on with it and buy some!
    Or does she want to miss this opportunity now when the experts say it will rise and possibly double in the near future?
    After all money speaks sense in a language everybody understands.

  8. J. K. Rowlings is a smart woman so I think eventually her eyes, along with many others, will be open to cryptocurrency not just Bitcoin. Memories of how my parents viewed credit cards back when they were first introduced makes me chuckle each time. My father was convinced that no one in their right mind would ever use such a thing. He lived until he was 90 and never would get one as he still believed it was a fad. Bitcoin to some is at the same place/level in their minds. Some will never give in. They can’t wrap their heads around that concept. The one thing that stops them is the virtual part of it. Not believing it is real nor giving it value stops them in their track fed by fear of an unknown. We, the people, give value!

  9. J. K Rowlings is a classic example of hundreds of people that don’t want to miss out on something good, but are way to afraid to jump in wholesale. They need it first to become mainstream, and adopted by all their trusted entities like banks, TV news, the Stock market etc. But those who have a little bit of insight into where things are truly going in the future, don’t need anyone’s big opinion. They are brave, intelligent, and will win BIG in the end.

  10. I agree Erline, some people just can not wrap their head around something new. One of my elder friends was the same with a debit card, she wrote checks in the grocery store, didn’t understand using that little card to pay for her purchase from her checking. Bitcoin can be a big reach for some, especially if they are not interested in learning.

  11. Interesting article that reminds me of conversations I have had with friends and family. Some people are open to learning about new ideas and some simply don’t care to learn a new concept.
    What I try to do is educate those that are interested and spend my time with them. Send occasional YouTube videos, blogs or news. I have been very pleased with a few people that want to stay up to date with important topics such as Bitcoin or crypto’s in general. I’m always excited when someone shares a bit of information with me!

  12. I would tend to agree with all the replies from an interesting article to say the least — I really never thought of exploring the celebrity world and what their opinions of bitcoin or the world of investments were or are — but I guess to an extent we are all part of the same crypto world and maybe at that moment we can learn and further our own quest for success ? time will tell always —

  13. it is ashamed that this blog is not being read but I agree to extent with Ms. Erline’s Dad — I am not very tech savvy myself and I do not really see myself becoming that way — I tried the glass screens and such and I honestly am not able to make that work — i use an old keyboard computer and I actually have to buy a new IPOD for music but am afraid because of my inadequacies and shortcomings in the virtual world ?? great read though

  14. JK Rowling, although late in the game, is finally joining in on the future! Bitcoin and altcoins are here to stay and are making waves in the transaction world. I cannot wait until the day where all my friends and I are paying for our snack and drinks with bitcoin instead of fiat!

  15. If influencers such as JK Rowling are finally backing bitcoin by buying into it, then that is a sign that bitcoin is strong and not going anywhere anytime soon. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general used to be unknown, then it became almost a meme, and now it is starting to be taken more seriously. Thank goodness!

  16. oh it is definitely an overall positive push ahead if more of the known individuals do experiment or learn more and more about Bitcoin phenomena and seriously with each passing week and month and blockchain dex decentralization become more and more the conversation — in legitimate finances and business talk the more the truth of bitcoin will be here today and even more so Tomorrow ?? hope so — great read —

  17. still have to look past the obvious and put each day of bitcoin in perspective and it odes appear that the reality of the real world will and is putting positives to the this new type of monetary tool — and after reading this few times even tho it may be?? i think the less bs celebrities get their name involved the better — jmho —

  18. It took me some time to begin understanding bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It is great being part of this community of compumatrix, where people share their expertise and continue to educate those of us that jumped in later. It is a journey of learning for sure….. but one worth pursuing, fully!

  19. As a fan of Harry Potter and the magical world of J.K. Rowling, I am in awe that one person’s imagination could possibly bring to life a whole imaginary world like that. I also am in awe that one/many person’s imagination(s) could bring forth the magical world of cryptocurrency. Thanks to Compumatrix, I can begin to understand some of how this cryptocurrency world works, and I am very thankful that I am a part of this world.

  20. I’m a little unclear but it looks like JK didn’t actually take the plunge, some imposter did. Nevertheless, a very entertaining article by Henry about it, and he’s totally right about the Galleons being available to those who participate in the “alternate universe” of the magical world, just like we do online. We are part of the magical world and thanks to Compumatrix we have a new sort of access and education about how we will participate.

  21. I think some of the celebrities are getting into bitcoin now but they are going with centralized instead of decentralized. I have seen ads with them in it, advertising centralized programs my guess is they have not done their research in all areas and they just want to make more money. Always do your research it will pay off for you

  22. JK, If she had been fascinated by the magical world, she would have realized the value of (Galleon) Bitcoin, but unfortunately it took her a long time to understand. But compumatrix  has given us a very good idea of the value of this precious (Galleon) bitcoin. Thank you Henry and compumatrix.

  23. It has taken me some time to get to know BTC, but I am hoping it will all become clearer when I can say “my car cost me 3 Bitcoins”. I can then compare it to what I am used to: U S Dollars.
    Not knowing hasn’t stopped me from obtaining assets in the Cryptocurrency world through
    Compumatrix, because I know and trust that Henry will never lead me astray. Everyday when I read the paper I’m more sure that it really is the money of tomorrow.
    I think, when I can show my family my new car and how I paid for it, they will be willing to get with the program. I’m sure they will be all over it.

  24. oh it is so true not just in the Compu world but in everyday living –the Proof always ends up being in the pudding as they say — lol — I do know also as we continue to push forward here in our Biz that when we are able to show physically what our Biz can do — it will make simpler the spreading of the Biz word — I stay faithful for sure and am also more agreeable with celebrity influence with the online presence –it does give parts of biz more validity — at least I hope so —

  25. Thank you for the great blog, I really hope she did buy the coins. That would be amazing to know she is jumping in with us all but she doesn’t need it. But would still be very cool.

  26. as we continue to move forward in our Crypto Biz of Compumatrix — this is a great read to show there are many parts to not just Biz Success but also keeping safe / secure with so much of everyday existence is started and spent Online — and if / when we as Compu Biz Owners start to show our success you better have your real and Back side covered from fraudsters and ????? thanks again HJB —

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