Keep on Swimming…!

If you have children or grandchildren, you probably recognize a certain.line from a popular child’s movie. The poignant advice doled out by an absent-minded, brave little fish is a lesson for all to learn and apply!

What lesson is that? Well, the gutsy little fish learned early in life from her parents that no matter what life throws at you, keep on pushing forward; take the lemons, and make lemonade! Don’t slow down, and never quit! Just keep swimming!

If you have been a member of Compumatrix for a while, you could certainly vouch for the “swimming” ability of the members, staff, BOD, COO, VP, CEO, and most especially the company’s founder and President, Henry J Banayat.

With any start-up business, especially one as unique and cutting edge as Compumatrix, you naturally expect a slow start with many stops along the way. Frustrations were often high, and morale sadly low—so many laws, regulations, filings, deadlines, and fees coming from all directions.

But THIS company never quits. In the face of many adversities Compumatrix just kept Swimming and Swimming. And as we all knew would happen, Henry is about to take us over the finish line!

Actually, the “finish line” is a misnomer because THIS finish line is actually just the beginning of a grand adventure.

What Compumatrix offers:

  1. Earn from the Compumatrix Portal

To learn more about Compumatrix, here is a short message describing this company that can be found on the Company’s “About Us” page on

OUR COMPANYCompumatrix was established in November 2006 as a global, multinational, web technologies Company.

Managed by Compumatrix and Networks International, Inc. and based in Wyoming in the United States, Compumatrix is
dedicated to enhancing all aspects of the lives of ordinary individuals through social media monetization and online advertising as well as information and financial technologies.

Compumatrix provides knowledge and business process outsourcing services; promoting home-based employment in areas such as
software development, website development, and management, online electronic content distribution, database activities, live
support and helpdesk management, online advertising and listings, and other profit-generating enterprises.

Compumatrix offers its members a WordPress Blog and a Social Network that allows them to earn through the company’s Revenue
Sharing Program; as well as a Portal for the distribution of Virtual Prepaid Cards.

The Compumatrix Portal is a self-managed online platform, which can be utilized by members of Compumatrix to stimulate growth
on their savings: Affording ordinary individuals the ability to earn an excellent online income.

2. Grow your portfolio on the Compumatrix DEX (Decentralized Exchange) at

The Compumatrix Community promotes the use of the decentralized asset exchange (DEX) that supports trading of various cryptocurrencies, user issued assets, and tokens. The DEX eliminates a single point of failure while trading cryptocurrencies. It also features a multi-signature federated gateway software used by various trusted gateways worldwide.

With the DEX, we have the opportunity to increase our portfolios by buying and selling our accumulated assets. Once our assets are on par with the open markets, we will be able to move assets out of there too!!

Below is a chart showing the graduating size of fish and the size fish corresponds with the number of Bitcoin (BTC), This is just for fun to compare our assets to.

With the launch of the NEW UPDATED Compumatrix Portal, along with being able to grow our assets on our Compumatrix DEX through trading, buying, and selling, we can create an increasing income, work from home, and work at a pace and time of our choosing.

A quote from Henry Bayanat, president and Founder of Compumatrix:

RE: Our Upgraded Portal – “CDAP”
It is decentralized. (Meaning) No more websites to visit after downloading it on your PC. You control your own information. Verification data stays on your PC.

Is a Humpback Whale in your Future???

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Thank you Gail for a “fun” learning blog post – particularly the BTC value relating to the size of certain fish. A few humpback whales would be a great investment! Now looking very much forward to learning the different ways to earn an excellent online income from the Compumatrix portal. Particularly love that everything is all in one place!

  2. Thank you Gail. Just take what our company website has to say about what we can accomplish. We have all longed to swim from the starting point. Our work from home business is about to change many lives. Thank you Henry and your team.

  3. What a great blog Gail… So true this company has so many ups and down but Henry has never given up and neither has the admin, staff and many many members. This company has so many things to offer which you can choose from to earn…Looking forward to all that is offered….

  4. Oh my gosh! How exciting is that last line from Henry! I’m so glad I can swim 🙂 Well, actually, all of us are pretty darn amazing swimmers, don’t you think? Henry is like Dora, leading the way as fast as he can. Eventually, we catch up…lol… Thanks for a fun post, Gail!

  5. Thanks for this blog Gail. Members now have a clear idea what they can do to earn assets with Compumatrix. Members can use this blog to recruit new members when we get that blast off horn. There is excitement in the new CDAP, we are all on pins and needles waiting for it to open.

  6. I remember all of the growth pains this company has gone through over the years. All of the highs and lows that the older members went through were a test of our belief in Henry and his vision. I really like the analogy of the big and little fish as to where each of us is positioned at the moment. Yes, I hope and plan to be a Humpback Whale before long.

  7. What an exciting blog I am so ready I can’t wait I loved your outline that will really help the newbies coming in, won’t they be shocked to see what an awesome company they joined I think we all have a great future with compumatrix and we only just begun, it is going to be fantastic.

  8. Short, and VERY sweet, Gail! Great to get an upbeat recap of just what we have going here, with all the potential at our fingertips. It’s very beneficial to have the bird’s-eye view of this business, especially at this turning point! It acts as a compass to refresh our memories, if need be. Not only will it help newbies, but it helps those who have been with the company a long time.

  9. This is the perfect blog to share in all of the social media areas. It is a great synopsis that explains where we have come from and what it took to get there. I love the analogy of Dory the little fish that never gave up trying to find her family after getting lost. Although she suffered from short term memory she used her heart to find her way home with the help of two friends, Marlin and Nemo. Marlin was a bit pessimistic, always finding the worst in a situation instead of the best which is sometimes found in groups in any business. The team in this story allowed for a happy ending just like it does here at Compumatrix. We are a great team, a family who are pulling together until we get the job done.

  10. Way to go Compumatrix, so many ways here to earn an income. Yes, it was a very long way to swim to get to where we are today. Looking truly forward to see all those offerings and being able to use them. We all started with being a shrimp and only our members know how far they reached already over the years. Being a Humpback whale one day can be everyone’s goal.

  11. Thank you Gail, reading your blog, it seems like spring has come to life, compumatrix is a company that sets an example, countless online ways to make money, no one before anyone haven’t seen a lifetime membership of the company, salute to Henry J. Benayet, all those who worked with him who did not give up after many ups and downs and today success is with all of us,there is a message of success for newcomers.

  12. great read here with great info that is usable and is really legit for others who need to learn what we are doing here can read this and this will be big help to understand and get biz going in right direction — so much to use in this blog posting and much thanks to Gail for the posting — will read a few times over next few days —

  13. Thank you Gail for a fascinating insight. There is little doubt with such instability in the world caused by covid and elections that people are apprehensive and just a little scared. However the efforts being put in by the Compumatrix team mean for many of us we do not have to be apprehensive but optimistic that there is most certainly a very rosy future ahead of us and our families.

  14. I loved the blog Gail Thank you, I also loved the break down and I remember seeing that picture at some point. I’m so happy to be here now. I still feel like I have a lot to learn.

  15. Well….We certainly have had a WHALE of a time learning, and waiting, and learning some more with all the changes that have been thrown our way. I would love to think that many members will be much more than just shrimp or crabs. There is too much potential here to settle for just the small fish. When I go fishing, I like to just throw the small fish back in the water but keep the big ones. Nice post Gail.

  16. As a longtime Compumatrix member, I am so looking forward to that humpback whale! The upcoming launch of the new CDAP will be the beginning of something great for all us current and future members. I look forward to participating in all that the new portal has to offer which will help us achieve financial freedom.

  17. Currently….a shrimp!! But not for long. I am glad I kept on swimming but having said that the Discord room is home and its people have become my family, so no option but to keep on swimming! You do not walk away from your family, especially when they are all about to benefit from the most amazing business online! I really do not mind going from a shrimp to a crab…to an octopus etc, what an amazing journey it’s going to be!

  18. Wow! Gail, you can make things sound so easy the way you explain them. What blows my mind is that once we follow your instructions it ends up just like that, easy. Thank you for sharing your gift because it rubs off on us. It leaves with such excitement too. Looking to read more and more.

  19. Another great blog Gail, I really love this from Henry regarding the new CDAP “It is decentralized. (Meaning) No more websites to visit after downloading it on your PC. You control your own information. Verification data stays on your PC” Can’t wait for the new CDAP to open so we can resume business! Thanks again

  20. Great read Gail, short sweet and to the point. It’s great to read an upbeat recap of just what we have going here, with all the potential at our fingertips. It’s very beneficial to have the bird’s-eye view of this business, especially at this turning point! It acts as a compass to refresh our memories, if need be. Not only will it help new commers, but it helps those who have been with the company a long time.

  21. I love this blog, Gail, because I love Compumatrix and what they offer us. I am thankful for the training they give to be sure we work to our maximum capacity and generate what we choose from those efforts. We are blessed to be here at this time to watch this blessing unfold for us. Oh, the beauty of operating our businesses through the CDAP built by Cmpumatrix. Thank you Henry J Banayat!!!!

  22. That was a great Blog, Gail. I love how you compared it to swimming. It does remind one of Dora in Finding Nemo as she keeps swimming, getting lost, then swimming again and doing this over and over. But in the end she ends up saving Nemo. It’s not unlike Henry working and having to change directions and then having to change due to government rule changes. It has been quite the trip but the light at the end of the tunnel is here. I am very much looking forward to being a whale.

  23. Sometimes one gets lost in all the techno gibberish that one get thrown at one, but Gail brought it to a simple state that even everyone can enjoy and understand. Yes, I too am looking forward be becoming a “whale”.

  24. As a Pisces, I can relate to the fish metaphors for BTC HODL’ers. We’ve all been swimming upstream for many years, struggling against the current of rules and regs to finally spawn (succeed) and obtain the financial flexibility we all have earned and deserve. The DEX and esp. the CDAP are the Big Catch that will enable us to swim the seven seas!

  25. Thank you for your post Gail. Is a Humpback Whale in my Future??? I really don’t know but the signs for a wealthier future are all good. Thanks to Compumatrix, the BOD and the team of developers that are working very hard. to bring us this future. I would be very happy to be a “dolphin” .

  26. Waoh, that’s so fantastic post Gail. Yes, at the moment I might be a Shrimp 🦐fish. But, that doesn’t describe me neither does it hold me back. Am in and in, I will never give up. Having and being given all the strategies and requirements. I will try all the odds in progress until to success. Special acknowledgement and dedications to the President and founder Henry James & all the protocols observed for an incredible journey. We are here because of your hard work. Prayers, that may your cups Never run dry. Be blessed.

  27. this is such a fun read on the third read thru — and fun is a good Biz thing — that is one thing I have learned –in Biz any biz not only do You need passion Heart thing but having Fun /enjoying the biz is also major ingredient in success — and yeppers am hoping a whale is in my Compu Biz future ??

  28. As you are speaking of fish, It brings to my mind the popular pastime of actual “fishing.” Fishing does require a lot of patience. Someone new to fishing may find out that they really do not care for it because they do not have the patience to sit still and wait for the fish to bite. So just as the big fish is actually approaching their bait, they withdraw their line and go home due to lack of patience and miss out on opportunity.

  29. When you think of fishing and catching fish, I guess what comes to mind is after catching the fish do you think, this is a good fish that has matured and is ready to be brought home or, this fish has not yet grown enough and needs to be thrown back into to the water before it should be brought home. Just like in Compumatrix, it just keeps growing like a fish in the water until it reaches its maturity and is ready to be brought home.

  30. Throughout my life, when I have gone through long journeys and processes with anything, including Compumatrix, it is hard to keep on swimming. Sometimes we think that long journeys are bad and that is not true at all. Good things come to those to wait and work hard, so if we would stop giving up so early on things we would be way more successful.

  31. Let’s go Fishing…..Many a moment in past history that it seemed like we let the fish get away.
    Or we broke the line or the drag wasn’t set good enough. It was like we almost had the fish in the boat and then it got away and we had to wait for fishing season to open back up. I think we have been chumming the waters well enough that the fish are in and they are in plentiful for the catch.

  32. Thank you for your story Gail. It is wonderful to realize that in the very near future we can start our own home-based business and we have to thank Compumatrix and all the people who work in the company for it. I don’t have to become a whale, dolphin is also good for me.

  33. Excellent explanation Gail. Patience is a Virtue and along with a bit of knowledge leads to success. My aim is to be a whale, and may become
    a shark, but sharks will be able to help many people. Thanks to you and the BOD for showing us how to swim.

  34. There are many minnows in the sea and when you watch under sea programs on TV .you will notice that the minnows will swim in huge schools to together to make them look bigger so other fish don’t try to eat them. TEAM WORK for survial . I feel that is the way Compumatrix is .. WE are all involved in Compumatrix as a single business person . … But we all work as a team to help each other out as a team.

  35. Nice blog Thank you Gail.By your writing it makes us great swimmers by now practicing over a number of you pointed out Compumatrix had to overcome several hurdles and jump through several hoops never giving. I can also liken it to Salmon jumping to go upstream to spawn despite several failed attempts.My aim is to reach the higher level over a due course of time.Lets see.

  36. You noticed that fish swim in schools, and never quit learning and adapting to many scenario’s to keep moving forward safely, protecting themselves from the hungry bigger fish that need them for food. Smaller fish run in large schools and do not have a great life expectancy in the food chain. Same with Compumatrix, we started out as a large school of small fish, now we have a smaller school of large fish with some whales involved at the very top of the chain. Members don’t feed off members as many vanished over time because of various causes. Time, some ran out of time, some just walked away losing faith, getting lost due to not keeping abreast with changes moving us forward.
    We are slated to open out doors in the near future starting a new large school of new fish creating a new batch of larger fish that will grow at a rapid rate with many becoming whales in our cyber world we swim in.

  37. Great Blog Gail. There has been lots of swimming, treading water, and searching for a life vest the last 14 plus years. Seems at times the water keeps getting deeper for us to navigate, but at last maybe we have entered into a tranquil bay that will allow us to set sail and help us all find out just what size fish we want to be.

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