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Keep Yourself Stoked!

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the 2020 Summer-Olympics have been re-scheduled (tentatively) to August 23, 2021, in Tokyo. Watching the Olympic athletes is a real thrill. These remarkable people captivate and impress us as we watch them compete with other athletes for global supremacy, each at the top of their game! I enjoy watching athletes at the prime of their careers who have honed their lifestyles into years of training for one particular sole event. For some, that event only lasts seconds!

Winning a medal is an achievement in anyone’s life, but when that medal represents championing over the greatest athletes on the Blue Planet, that is glory!

To qualify for the Olympic games takes grueling day-in-day-out disciplines and strenuous years of training. One thing these athletes share is a passionate vision. They all have a dream, envisioning themselves as the next winner. Even if they never actually win a medal, many never relinquish the hunger for winning—that spine-deep, winning mindset.

It is the blazing dream of the Olympic athlete that fuels their appetite for “the gold.” It fastens and persuades them to stay locked-into a challenging career track for years.

The Book of Proverbs says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish,”; and as an old saying goes, “If we aim at nothing, we will hit the mark every time”!

Having a target and a goal is essential for anything worthwhile that we undertake in our lives, but especially when it comes to our business endeavors. Where do we want to be financially in one year or five years up the road? What about ten years from today? What do we want to accomplish with our business revenue? What values do we want the company to stand for? These are all essential questions about our future vision and goals.

When looking at successful athletes’ mental skills, one of the essential skills is to dream big. Goals and dreams are the train tracks that keep us determined, dedicated, and self-disciplined.

“Everybody says they want to be free. Take the train off the tracks, and it’s free, but it can’t go anywhere.” ~Zig Ziglar

Below are quotes about the power of dreams from two prominent gold medal winners.

“We all have dreams. But to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Jesse Owens, four-time gold medalist in the 1936 Olympic Games

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph, American sprinter and three-time gold medalist.

When considering my dreams and goals for my future businesses, I read some fundamentals that successful people have shared regarding how they attained their goals.

The list below is from Thriveglobal.com:

Eight ways highly successful people set and achieve goals.

1 They visualize their future ideal future. In other words, they dream big!

2 They know what they want to achieve. They have a vision of where they want to be one year, five years, and ten years down the road.

3 They write down their goals. When they have them written down, they can refer back to them and always remember where they are going. Those are the train tracks.

4 They set clear deadlines and measurements. They don’t just say I will get to it when I get to it.

5 They hold themselves accountable. For those working from home, this is especially important. These people make a work schedule for every day and stick to it.

6 They take big goals and break them down. They know that they can’t accomplish everything all at once. They make small steps every day towards their goal. An elephant can only be eaten one bite at a time!

7 They own their future. They take responsibility for their own business. They don’t just always rely on others to make it happen for them.

8 They use goals for every area of their life. They set goals not just for business but also for relationships, health, and personal growth.

“People don’t determine their future. They determine their habits, which determine their future”. – John Maxwell

Don’t’ look outside of yourself to maintain the fire and hunger for your goals. Reading through the list above, isn’t it interesting that not one sentence mentions co-dependency on others for keeping the vision alive and active? Others can encourage and mentor for a time, but you are the sole keeper of the fire! Your tenacity to reel-in your thought-life and daily habits will make you what you can be in the prosperous potential that Compumatrix sets before you! Let’s cheer one another onward.

The Finishing Line is in sight!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Reading about the Olympic athlete and the long time they need training is enormous and in the end, only one will get the Gold metal another one the silver, and one for the bronze. What about the others, they have trained as much as the winners, but for whatever reasons they could not make it. The same is in business, many try, many fail and only a few will make it. Will we be in that winning group? Only time will tell, but until we see that finish line it will be a dream that hopefully becomes reality one day.

  2. My country has won 10 different medals, 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze, which is a matter of pride for us.Here I have written only one Olympic victory,Winning the Olympics is a victory for any country.Winning is a natural human desire, but it requires determination.compumatrix is like the Olympics for us and our coaches Henry, David, Erline, Gail and many others are coaching us very well. We are learning a lot from them about cryptocurrencies and for a better future we can Gathered with determination.

  3. Jeff reading his article at the beginning of a new day is very exciting! Many of my dreams and my big goals are depending on the moment that Compumatrix will take us to the “prosperous potential” that you mentioned in your article. Gratitude to Henry, Gail, Erline, David and so many others, for dedicating themselves so that we can soon become great champions on this journey!

  4. very interesting read and how putting Olympic training and the competitive spirit of Olympic athletes is so very similar to many parts of life and business — may not be physically grueling as some sports are — but the mental toughness and persistence it takes to in life to succeed can be very intimidating to stay in the game — great read JP — n 8 great steps —

  5. Some very good points, even though I never watched the Olympics, I know of the tenacity it takes to get there, try special forces training some time.
    But Jeff, I totally agree with you on: “The Book of Proverbs says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish,”; and as an old saying goes, “If we aim at nothing, we will hit the mark every time”!”
    and also the statement, of having a target or goal, in all things especially in business endeavors.
    Mine is a target of doing for others, as much as I can!

  6. Yes Sam. We have seen your true heart over the years in many of your comments in the forum and statements about your life. You have that heart that puts others first, and all of that is going to come back to you. Too many people as you said are just, “going with the flow” and not aiming at anything. Just kind of letting the river of life carry them along, without any vision to steer their little boat in a different direction. Thanks for the comment.

  7. What a fun blog this is. I say fun because “Success” is fun !
    The list of 8 ways highly successful people set and achieve goals are in someways
    similar to making a “Vision board” ,there you have vision,know what you want to achieve,
    Written down, and own your future.With a vision board we complete 4 of the 8 listed.

  8. All the quotes and verses you have dispersed throughout your blog post are so encouraging and enlightening! A great start to the day. We’ve all probably heard at one time or another to “Dream Big”; however, people seem to hold back on the big part. Whether it is that they believe they are not deserving or perhaps that it would be greedy to ask for such a huge dream, their dreams are kept small. Let’s all change “If we aim at nothing, we will hit the mark every time” to truly believing “The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

  9. Thank you Jeffrey for the above blog, the Olympics games are great to watch the best of the best from every country, I have one concern which I have seen during my career in the fitness industry, some athletes and even regular players sometimes push their body too much which results in many problems when they hit their late 30th or early 40th. So i always advise people to don’t burn themselves too early, too much.

  10. You are so right, Jeff. It is up to each of us to maintain a positive mindset as we plan for our future. I have my goals on what I’d like my future to be like. And a big part of those goals is to be able to help others achieve theirs as well. It will make me happy not only to be able to realize my dreams but to help others have a better life as well.

  11. Interesting and inspiring blog Jeff!
    Logically, I may not have a very long future (measured in years), but I have visualized my Ideal future, which includes Compumatrix. I also have a clear vision of what I want to achieve, with goals, deadlines and steps. Sometimes it may seem like the goals will never be fulfilled, but that is just like the small stumbling blocks in life. One can decide to: 1 sit and mourn, or 2 one can take the slightly longer way around them and proceed forward. I know for certain I would choose the second alternative.

  12. Jeff another piece that is full of wisdom for living, dreams are free to dream them I’m reminded, but to actualize them it takes time, energy, learning, falling, rising, discouragement, encouragement, sometimes regrets of loss many other ingredients, in agreement with above points, we can all succeed by overcoming and allowing the lessons both positive and negative to push us. I say we tell the strength of a tree by how deeply rooted it is.

  13. Thank you Jeff, I have always loved watching the Olympics, in particular, the 1500 metre races…I always had a rush of excitement as an athlete paced their race rally well and then would ‘kick’ at the final bend to get the win. What many failed to appreciate was the amount of sacrifices and training to get to that point.
    To train and practice, there is a need for a purpose and goal.
    Thank goodness that we have a purpose and goal here at Compumatrix

  14. I love watching the Olympics and if there was ever a Cryptocurrency business event, Compumatrix would win it hands down. Never in the history of online businesses has any business been through so much training, preparation and hard work to finally open up to its adoring fans sitting in a Discord room…(ok pretend its in the stadium)! Slow and steady wins the race they say. And that is so true for Compumatrix. The dedication and hard work will eventually pay off and we will win the gold medals!

  15. Thank you, Jeff, I love the dream goal list. It is very powerful to have mind over matter with your goals and dreams. I loved watching my daughter write down her goals and dreams and watch them come true every year for Christmas. We teach children to write a toy list for Santa, they believe it and know it will come on Christmas Day.

  16. Writing your goals and then doing your goals are two different action steps…It can be like New Year resolutions….here today but gone tomorrow. It take’s sheer discipline and I believe you have to put them in front of you each and everyday and as the Bible says to “Renew the Mind”. It has to become a way of life

  17. Hooray Jeffery! I am cheering on all the athletes in our family Compumatrix. We may not be the physical bodies pushing onward to the goal line, we are, however, athletes of the crypto world of competition. We are mentally preparing and stabilizing ourselves for the last hurdle, the final jump, the final throw, going for the last push to the finish line. We are athletes from all over the world and are winners in every respect of the word.

  18. I think the summer Olympics is the high point every 4th year. To watch these athletes compete and give it all for glory and immortality…To become something for the history books..
    Just plain amazing!
    Been following them very closely since 1984 in Los Angeles, and I sure miss Tokyo 2020..

  19. That’s amazing Bjorn that you have been able to follow the Olympics since 1984. I have to admit that I am not as devoted of a watcher. I tune in from time to time, but nothing like you. I’ll bet the athletes themselves are having a hard time with all this Covid stuff and not nowing exactly what the future holds. Touch time for them to be at the peak of their game.

  20. Good word Alan. It’s one thing to write them down, it’s another thing to actually do them. It’s great to have a plan, until you never execute that plan. Amen to renewing your mind daily as we are told to do. The mentality of someone has everything to do with them truly reaching their goals or not.

  21. l think this quote by John Maxwell clears things up…..“People don’t determine their future. They determine their habits, which determine their future”. So, this means that once you have set a future goal, you have to work backward in order to achieve success. You must determine your habits in order to determine your success, so you must determine your capabilities and your ability and willingness to put them in play, and before that, you must perfect your ability and pronounce your willingness to start the wheels of the locomotive down the tracks to your future. Yes, it sounds kind of wordy and a bit confusing, so I just clear it up by saying “one thing leads to another”. You just have to find the real starting point toward success and make sure that your habits match up with that which you are trying to achieve. Although only you can achieve your own goal, you can always use the support of others to help you reach that goal. It is often through the thoughts and values and points of view from others that we grow and learn and achieve that which we have determined will be our future.

  22. Very nice educational as well as inspiration blog Jeff and thank you.A book bu Greg Walker is worth a read,title:How to Dream,Grind ,Hustle your way to success.A mindset towards winning and dedication and time spent is rewarded be getting to achieve your goal.Determination,sacrifice and sweat to get to your end is worthwhile in the success thus attained

  23. I totally agree William. It’s the daily habits that truly form our character, and it’s our character that we bring along with us in whatever we do. In my last management position, I have the privilege of hiring people and what a persons character was like would always trump their skill set or their resume/history of the work place. You can have the most brilliant people, but if they lack good habits and character, they will end up giving you trouble along the way.

  24. had to come back and read this great blog again — so many great replies but the blog with its 8 points and when you put those into everyday practice and you do not let the daily grind get you off on a tangent — seriously from a business point success should be seriously very close — stay focused stay true —

  25. The stunningly beautiful picture of the Olympic Rings got me stoked before I read a single word! I sorely missed seeing the Olympics this year, but I was glad that they skipped this year for the good of all who would have attended. Olympic Athletes are a rare breed indeed, with such intense focus on training long and hard for a once every 4 years event is quite admirable. Jeffrey, I like the list from Thriveglobal.com: “Eight ways highly successful people set and achieve goals.” Thank you for sharing it, Jeffrey.

    The world may have missed out on seeing the 2020 Olympics but they won’t miss out on the opening of Compumatrix! The once in a lifetime event that members have been training for here at Compumatrix, for more than four years, will be life-changing for so many! I am stoked about that!!! 😁

  26. So true Kevin. Many of us in Compumatrix have been training for more than 4 years. And we have learned so much along the way. This has not been a sprint by any means, only a marathon for sure. Seems like we have already run about 25 1/2 miles so far and we hope that we are near the finish. Marathon runners do know that there is an end at 26 miles. We are still hoping, but shouldn’t be long.

  27. Reading your blog about the Olympic Athletes, reminded me of a story I saw on the news. A retired Olympic athlete, 32 year old mother of 2 decided she had more to give, loves gymnastics and wanted to give it another shot. Because the Olympics were delayed it is now gives her more time to practice and get in the best shape she can be. Talk about drive, focus and goals, I give this woman a medal and hope she makes the women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team!

  28. What a great list to follow to the finish line the comparison of the Olympics to compumatrix. A very difficult deed to accomplish you have to be extremely disciplined to achieve such a goal you live and breath that goal every minute of the day and practice practice practice and more practice is the only way to make it work. I can’t remember the last day that I was not on the compumatrix site daily so I am practicing a lot these days staying and getting involved is key.

  29. back again to read and study and add great business info to my folder — have to keep my vision strong and my inner Heart stoked even as i learn to be patient better and quieter with each passing week — have learned in life not everything happens in our time frame — it will be in its Own Time — smiling because that fact took a long time to sink thru this thick noggin — thanks JP

  30. I like your analogy of practice for us being on the Compumatrix sites every single day. That is so true about the way things are. Even when i go on vacation, I still am logging on and looking for the latest update or what might be happening. Needles to say, we all have had a lot of practice at this. LOL

  31. I grew up during WW11. During that time we, as a people of the U.S., had one goal in mind and that was to win the war. We sacrificed many things for the good of the war mission. One that,I thought, was the worst was the lack of toilet paper! Of course there were many other things like ice cream, chocolate and different meats, but we willingly sacrificed for the war effort. As I grew up this became ingrained in me and that was to keep your eye on the prize and do what was needed to do to win.
    As I came from a poor background, I had to figure how I was going to pay for my schooling to become an RN. I started school without the foggiest idea of how it was to happen. When the time came to pay, a very nice older couple that I knew advanced me the money. I was so grateful and relieved. I could have stayed home and sucked my thumb but I knew somehow it would happen. My mother called it gumption or ‘Stick-To-It-Iveness’. We never heard of setting goals or planning or what you will be doing in five years. We knew what we wanted and went after it.
    So it is with Compumatrix. Many people have told me that I was following a dream that would never happen or that a ‘con man’ just wanted my money. But I knew in my heart that someday it would come to fruition and now we are on the cusp. I can hardly wait to see the next big step.

  32. Thank you Maxine for all you shared here. My generation knows nothing of the sacrifice of my parents generation through WW1 and WW2. We have been spoiled with peace and safety for all these years and didn’t have to sacrifice like you did. I like what you said about gumption or ‘Stick-To-It-Iveness’. Henry, the BOD, and ALL the members over the years have all had a good dose of this, or else they wouldn’t be here.

  33. I think goals are very important because without goals we would not be working toward anything specific. I always find myself being more productive when I am working toward something specific like a goal. I like how this article listed some examples of processes we can complete to reach our goals.

  34. thank you Jeff for the great blog, Setting goals it crutiall. especially with some of these kids that don’t have to check in until 10 and the 2 days they go they can’t make it in.
    If you have no goals you wont get up get started nothing will happen. Depression sets in and you feel bad. So set goals. What is your life going to look like in 10 years?

  35. Yes Tracy. I guess that the kids goal should be just to get there on time. When glowing up, my father went into work everyday an hour early. I know that is very extreme, but no matter what kind of traffic or something happening, he was never ever late. He said the quietness of the morning before all the hustle and bustle of the other workers getting in was the ultimate best atmosphere to really get things done.

  36. Great Blog Jeffery, thank you for reminding me that goals are very important in life. This is something we should set for ourselves as we age. Like anything you do in life if you don’t have a goal, you will never achieve anything. I can see this could be very helpful concerning our health.

  37. Yes Ronald. I like the illustration of stating a goal that you want to lose weight, It is better to say, I want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. This little stated goal, and written down goal is better, can keeps us from buying all types of junk food at the store that we shouldn’t be buying. This is really what the mission statement of a company is. It’s just a big giant goal And that mission statement keeps them on track and headed in one plain direction.

  38. Jeff the dream goal list is a great way to help yourself and then be able to help others. I love the Olympics in my household was always something we came together to see. I have copied all eight ways that you have given us to follow and I will follow them all. Thank you Jeff.

  39. this is such good info and usable info and it meshes so well with so many other writings in this area — I do have habits that I perform everyday like coming here and learning from some great people who share their time n wisdom — thanks JP for a great moment — n wisdom —

  40. When I was a young teenager, I use to run with what my friends called a mad look on my face. I may not have been an Olympic star but my fierce look meant that I had sort of the same “fire and hunger” needed compete and set my goals towards winning the race.

  41. Many of the athletes competing in the Olympics work in teams, sometimes cheering one another on to cross the finish line. I believe that we have that sort of team at Compumatrix in that the majority are cheering one another one, encouraging them and helping them to cross the finish line.

  42. Another great blog Jeff, reading about the Olympic athlete and the long time they need training is enormous and in the end, only one will get the Gold metal another one the silver, and one for the bronze. What about the others, they have trained as much as the winners, but for whatever reasons they could not make it. The same is in business, many try, many fail and only a few will make it. Will we be in that winning group? Only time will tell, but until we see that finish line it will be a dream that hopefully becomes reality in the near future.

  43. Great athletes are gifted people who also have endured years of hard work and discipline. Many of these athletes have become actually real heroes, there are countless times where one person or a team have performed unthinkable goals and won medals by sheer endurance and skill.
    Regarding the goals we set in life, I must say, you have to put God ahead in anything we do. We can learn and be inspired by others, study hard, have good people around us, but we must remember that with God anything is possible and if we put our trust only on our goals or rely on people, we are for a hard reality or awakening.

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