Key things that govern success.

I will begin by quoting the Manual for life written more than 2000 years ago. The beginning of wisdom is to know the giver and understand the transactions there that govern that Kingdom. Having said that, we have a community growing into a kingdom. One that is determined; one that has faced and tested all manner of challenges; one that is flawing a virgin land and clearing thick deep-rooted bushes. We make new roads, build bridges, develop permanent maps, and landmarks that cannot be moved or shaken, and that is our great Compumatrix.

With that, it’s like a battle amid so many others that compete in the space. We understand no mercy to expect. Casualties are expected. Due to this, we require trained personnel who are the staff of Compumatrix and members who stand as the commanders in their own rights. In every group that is regionalized, there must be a leader to issue the command and give direction when it’s necessary. Like I’m standing on that gate of Africa, in times of crises and emergency, there could be no room to consult. A decision must be made. Therefore, wisdom, knowledge, skills, and understanding will play a pivotal role in beating the opponent.

There and things that should be held dearly by all, some are to remind us since they are not new. Others are to rebuke us where we have allowed slumber to catch up with us.

    Principles are the functions that change results. One plus one equals two. If you want to change the results, you must change the additional guide with another principle. Principles ought to be applied to get results. Remember where we began, Henry’s vision has codes, and every time there is a change, it must be a plus to us, you all know EONPAY, Selah!
    A covenant is a binding agreement between two parties. A Covenant is a ground that a Saint should stand on. Every member must admit and know that for us to succeed, that covenant is between Compumatrix and us. Otherwise, it’s hard for you to hold on to this point, it doesn’t matter how you think it.
    This is a giving that will affect your economy ( Compumatrix and all the associates). As a basic principle, nobody succeeded without sacrificing – developers, Admin, staff, and members to sacrifice your time, money, sleep, leisure, etc.
    A sacrifice will shift your economy by giving all that it takes for Compuatrix to open doors that will never be shut. This fight for the few to see us go down must stop unless you want to be the casualty and miss out.
    The strength of an altar is in the frequency of sacrifices, see number 3 above. in the Kingdom of God, An altar is a monument that legalizes transactions between earth and the spiritual realm. I will say this loudly, Compumatrix is the MONUMENT that will LEGALIZE our trade between crypto to fiat. This is our banks’ language from our crypto wallet, so ask yourself how you treat your altar from now going forward. I will say this about this point. In Compumatrix, we need to do what it takes to qualify and engage the transactions through the portal, CDAP.
    The greatest asset that a man can have is his network. Your network is your net worth. Blessed are we members of Compumatrix, we have a healthy relationship. Some of us here, we help each other in so many ways. A relationship that doesn’t benefit you is a liability. The most excellent relationship is your relationship with God first, then with your fellow member; let’s impress that always.

There is a place you will reach in life, and you will discover success is about kingdoms. Chose your kingdom wisely.

About the author

Vincent holds a key position as the gatekeeper of the African Region, representing Compumatrix to the wider community. He holds the belief that learning never ends, in this arena being one of the Loyal member and staff, much knowledge, skills is expected to give the right direction.


  1. Yes, Vincent, I think you covered all the areas for our success. Each one of your points are soo very important When I think of what it took for us to get this far, it makes me so proud to be a part of this special family. To think that all this time we have been on a journey. You know what? I think we had to do what we did to reach this mount, and would not have it any other way. Great job, Vincent.

    1. Thank you, Agness we can only say what we have tested, and all of us are part of this, and we will be okay in the long run.

  2. Very good Vincent. Certainly gives one a thought process. Also, interesting starting with the history lesson. The five keys cover just about every aspect while providing clear proven steps to success. It is truly a long journey through life and you blog hits some strong points. Keep them coming my friend.

    1. Thank you, Joe, for the realities of our lives ushers goodies that we need to look things different, I will strive to engage more in the coming days, one step at a time my friend.

  3. A very decent blog Vincent . you have pointed out the salient facts one of the about the business that is compumatrix and the journey we have taken to reach where we are now.As you pointed out we do have a great relationship amongst our members and endeavor to help each other and provide positive vibes in every which way we can.

  4. Very insightful blog Vincent! Your bulleted list covers every aspect of the business. Not only that; it is also what we as humans should strive for in life, between our fellow human beings and in our inner life. Your area is large, and you handle it with respect and firmness. As a “colleague”, I am proud that you are a leader in Compumatrix.

    1. Wow Inga, you make my work seem easier hahaha, indeed it’s a privilege and honor to be among great people both in heart and deeds, I appreciate you too in what you do and this will always be a combined effort and we shall all make it to the top.

  5. Combined from one point to another of this blog very well. In compumatrix sacrifices that the people of admin have made are truly commendable,If we ask anything anytime they help us immediately as well as members also.Following all the rules, we have to walk with the compumatrix family that will take us far.In this journey we should support each other instead of criticizing, so that we can walk side by side in this Kingdom.

    1. It takes of all us for sure Zahra, and together we are a powerful house that can never be defeated easily, the boat we are in cannot sink, we make sure no holes being pitched in it. we will do more than ever before when we are focused and not distracted.

  6. good stuff here Vincent — so many facets that most may take for granted in the world but as person who has walked thru different things so many of your list is so much the great list — hope that as time plays out those factors will be the best part of all of us here at Compu — time always tell the Truth —

    1. I appreciate so much your comment, sometimes it takes us to that point to reflect back and see what is worthy and what really matters for us, yes time is the precious commodity and it reveals a lot as it passes.

  7. What a beautiful post & reminder, Vincent, of what it takes when one believes in their vision & community. I’m so grateful for members like yourself who have stuck it out all these years, as I am only a 5 year rookie 🙂 We will grow the Compumatrix Kindgom and serve humanity’s unlimited potential to thrive. I am blessed to be a part of this endeavor, and to know how powerful we are…together, with Spirit holding our hands.

  8. What a pleasant and insightful blog. I partially enjoy the words use to bring this blog to life whereas it relate to me personally . The points 1 -5 are absolutely encouraging and uplifting. The correlation between “Compumatrix and principles , Covenant . Sacrifice ,
    Altars (my favorite) and relationships as described in this blog are impressive.
    Thank you for sharing Mr. Vincent

  9. Wonderful to think of Compumatrix as a place of kingdoms. I am particularly fond of # 5 – Relationships. That I feel is one of the great assets of compumatrix – we do have a huge net worth within all our members. I always feel safe contacting a member who I do not know with a question and have never been disappointed with all the help and advice given – this is such a plus within a company to be able to access and communicate with the members!

  10. Vincent, it is so true what you said about sacrifices. No one will really do anything lasting or worthwhile without making a lot of sacrifices along the way. There have been countless people involved in Compumatrix that have made so many sacrifices with their time and energy for almost a decade and a half now. I am thankful for those who have sacrificed.

  11. Thank you, Vincent.
    In my work of helping to empower people and heal from the bruises of life’s emotional events, one of the most common things that come up in a session is that clients are struggling in their ‘relationships’ with family members, partners, and very often with themselves.

    Many feel that they are always sacrificing themselves and nothing is coming back to them.
    How amazing and humbling it is to know that the sacrifices made by the wonderful people in Compumatrix, is FOR a purpose and many will benefit from it.

  12. What a great blog that is so easy to read and understand. It is so true that relationships are the key to success in any endeavor and that sacrifices people are willing to make along the way are a key factor to achieve success. It is so easy to see how Compumatrix has achieved success through great relationships over the years. We have seen so many members go well out of their way to assist other members in achieving their goals. Our leaders have spent so many years answering every question, addressing every problem, and guiding all the members to operate within the boundaries of the rules necessary for Compumatrix to succeed within the crypto world. With our strong leadership and membership that thrives on helping others, both inside and outside of the company, I truly believe that Compumatrix will be one of the most respected and well known companies in the world within weeks of our “re-opening”.

    1. Hello William, you are part of this great revolution that is about to happen and impact so many, I’m glad that we all together we can make many smile.

  13. Yes, Vincent, these principles to govern our lives and businesses are vital. These principles certainly need to be implemented into the lives of so many today. Especially, those who are only out to destroy. I thank God every day for the many who have a standard of good in their lives. Indeed we will be blessed as we follow Gods standards in our lives and our businesses with compumatrix. Thank you for your sincere words.

    1. I’m definitely humbled, I can only do my part and allow what have learned to flow and get in tune with what we love doing, thank you for the comment and also going the blog, I’m happy that it’s doing something in our little way.

  14. Vincent…may I say that what you wrote above is so very inspiring, and reassuring! Sometimes, it’s a challenge to see business or work as part of our individual contract with God, and the doing of it becomes an onerous chore. What you have laid out for us really gives deep spiritual meaning to ALL of life, and the way you have applied it to business (network = net worth) is just priceless. You have brought the soul back into my perspective here – thank you!

    1. Most welcome Zora, we are who we are by what we allow in our spirit and inspired to do exploits, iron sharpens the other and we are together to remind us and walk this journey of life.

  15. Vincent a wonderful article and connection to Bible concepts, esp. to Compumatrix and what Henry has tried to create and envision us all with; caring for one another, and doing what is right; as we should for this is a teaching of the Kingdom, and how to treat one another with love. Then you outlined specific traits, or concepts; Principals, covenants, sacrifices,altars, and relationships. Great Job!

    1. Yes, my brother Sam, the Manual for life has everything we need, the top list being wisdom to govern this kingdoms, we are truly blessed and we shall see the end results.

  16. Thank you, Vicent for your powerful blog on our chosen Kingdom. I truly feel blessed that Compumatrix has been my Kingdom and I was chosen to participate in our kingdom. I tell my daughter everyday, thank you for choosing me and that is how I feel about Compumatrix. Thank you for choosing me to be part of this family. WE are truly blessed.

    1. Most welcome Kristin, this journey is exciting and full of adventures, we learn along the way and above all count the blessings in our lives one by one, I’m glad the writing has activated a joy button in your heart hahaha.

  17. Very thoughtful Vincent, Thank you. I am going to offer something to add to your comments. Life is supposed to be fun. Everything we do, we do in the expectation of feeling better. It is our compass point. My personal mantra about success is summarised thus ” the feeling of joy is your ultimate destination, your ultimate destination is the feeling of joy”.

    1. Very well said Patrick, we thrive where we are joyful, the drive to do more creates the desired results, the impact is felt and fulfillment is your end product, lets keep on engaging.

  18. Well done Vincent! This is an insightful and valuable blog post that I will read more than once. You make many excellent points regarding Compumatrix as a whole and also regarding its’ parts, ie. Members, Leaders, Staff, and Henry. Thank you for “…standing on that gate of Africa…” to assist in our global success.

    1. Thank you Kevin, we are all learning, greatness comes with consistency, the more we allow ourselves to dream, the more it becomes easier to restructure.

  19. so enlightening to read here and see the replies of a great blog posting — yes i am reading for the 4th time — there is so many great parts and when you put this writing with a few other blog postings and do the math wow as a biz owner // entrepreneur the information in this blog is so beneficial — much appreciation — keep writing Vincent —

    1. Thank you, sir, I’m glad its stirring something in your heart, im the process of downloading from my mind what have learned and being tasted in the market place, we are supposed to be giants in our arena and not dwafts, together we will reach the top.

  20. Thank you Vincent for this blog post. It is very interesting how you have related the features of the to Compumatrix. This is indeed a company where sacrifices have been and continue to be made by the developers, admins, staff and members. I like how you liken Compumatrix to an altar or monument to legalize our transactions to from crypto to fiat. This analogy is very appropriate for Compumatrix will be doing for its members. The membership of Compumatrix is a valuable resource, and it internal and corporate relationships play an important role in keeping the company together despite of the challenges that the company has had to face.

  21. Most welcome and blessings follow you, my friend as I said, iron sharpens the other and in this, we can only say we will make it work for all of us.

  22. Great blog on key factors of compumatrix we as a team will have success you put all the key factors in a nutshell I like the comparison with the bible and business always remember your charities. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” This has been proven to me by God you get serious with him and he will get serious with you.

  23. Great blog and very insightful, you gave a meaningful description of what it takes for a company to succeed and especially give credit to its creators and the heart and brain behind this great company. It gives more meaning to the years we have been waiting for and the challenges conquered along the way.

  24. Vincent, great post and something to take seriously and at heart. One of the most interesting things that have happened in Compumatrix is to learn about the incredible talented people who form this company. There are the visionaries who built the foundation and the machine who never quits along the solid rocks who have sustained so many challenges and lastly us, the members who are still here and moving along the incredible changes. We are gathered at the monument called Compumatrix with expectancy and awe.

  25. This article talked about very interesting topics that I have not necessarily thought about before. Relating a covenant to gaining wisdom is interesting because it explains to us many times we do not have control over situations and we have an agreement between us and our maker to trust that everything will turn out how it is supposed to.

  26. Thank you Vincent for the great blog and adding the 5 points was great information. you hit a lot of great topics. I cant wait until we are alike a well oiled machine working together. We will be successful and we will do it together.

  27. so much great info here in the blog world — Vincent you have shared a tremendous amount of wonderful information in your posting and it goes so well hand in hand in other postings around the area — the points of interest for success in almost every business is so true and add communication of these points to the mix and such is the True points and each of us do honestly have the ability even those who don’t realize they do but every moment is a Choice — make that Choice wisely —

  28. “The beginning of wisdom is to know the giver and understand the transactions there that govern that Kingdom”
    The giver, Henry J. Banayat has revealed himself not only as a gran leader a knowing person in his field but a sharing person with his community.
    Compumatrix is his creation which he has shared with us in giving us access to be part of it. With what goes on, the transactions that take place, although not all revealed, for the protection of the company and its members, we come to understand the governess of this arising kingdom called Compumatrix.

  29. this is still a learning procedure for me but this is one great study tool — there is so much to digest here and when you put it in the overall Biz Idea n concepts of compumatrix and just wow is the answer — i am adding more n more each day and each read thru these blogs — so much appreciation —

  30. I saw the image of the key chain and it reminded me recently of having observed that the number of keys on my key chain had grown to the extent where it became necessary to remove some of them. So I see it as a perfect example as in the blog of when something becomes a liability it may be wise to get rid of it to move forward.

  31. You are a wise man hahaha, you have seen well, the keys we learn or acquire in life some become outdated, some no longer irrelevant with the current technology, some never make sense anymore, way forward, drop what is not useful, grab what will propel us to the next level. thank you for reading.

  32. Not having the keys to success is like not having the keys to the car in that without them, you cannot get going and are stuck in place.

  33. this is a 6th time reading here and with our feeling of being so close to Biz having keys — I am believing that the door is just about to open and these 4 keys are so important to practice and understand — and our Biz with Honor and Truth will go so far in each of our own Success — great stuff — n much appreciation —

  34. Awesome Vincent covered it all in your blog ( Key things that govern success. ) ..can’t even think of one thing to add to your thoughts. We are so very, very close to be fully handed our Compumatrix CDAP home based business. I am and I am sure every member of Compumatrix is feeling the excitement what is happening to Compumatrix.

  35. Great blog Vincent, I feel you covered all the areas for our success. Each one of your points is so very important. When I think of what it took for us to get this far, it makes me so proud to be a part of this special Compumatrix family, and to think that all this time we have been on a journey. I think we had to do what we did to be where we are right now, and would not have it any other way.

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