Live Long Enough to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Compumatrix!


Say what … 100 years?  (This guy must be smoking something.) That’s not possible.  Besides, who would want to live that long?  As we get into our 70’s and 80’s our health declines significantly, chronic illnesses like heart disease, dementia, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc. debilitate our bodies and “life” becomes very unpleasant, even painful.  Ughhhh!  Besides, I would run out of money!  Then what?

If your internal dialogue in reaction to the title of this blog sounded something like the above, you are not alone.  

However, I invite you to “daydream” with me for a moment.  What if it actually were possible to live 100, 200, or more years and have the physical vitality and mental acuity of a 20 or 30-year-old?  Plus, what if you were able to retain everything you had learned so far in your lifetime?  Would my proposition in the title sound more appealing then?

When Henry was first inspired with the concept we now know as Compumatrix, where would we all be right now if he had dismissed the idea because it seemed too far-fetched or too difficult to achieve?  Hmmm.  Exactly.

Henry is our visionary for a path to financial abundance.  Allow me to introduce you to some of the visionaries who are lighting the way to an abundance of health and long life in this relatively new, but rapidly expanding field of anti-aging, or longevity.

One of the great challenges that has slowed the development of this new field is the belief that death is natural, everybody dies, that’s just the way it is.  Thankfully, some pioneers stepped up to lead the way and have persisted.

Think of it this way.  We spend an enormous amount of money in an attempt to cure or effectively treat the many chronic, and often lethal, diseases that plague many people in our modern world.  Yet, until recently, we were not investing any resources in treating the one health challenge that ultimately kills everyone … aging.  A major shift occurred when the leaders in this field, re-defined aging as a “disease” rather than a natural occurrence.

Fortunately, in the past several years there has been a strong surge of interest and investment capital in supporting research to stop, and even reverse, aging.  For example, Google and other major players are making substantial investments in the field.

In 1990, I made one of the best decisions in my life.  I decided to make physical and mental health a primary focus for me.  Today, at age 74, I am free of chronic illness, take no medications and work a full-time job and a part-time job.  I eat healthy organic), workout at least 5 days a week and go surfing when my schedule and surf conditions permit.  I got involved in the anti-aging movement in 2018 when I attended my first RAAD Fest (refer to Coalition for Radical Life Extension, below).Following are some of the organizations leading the charge to reverse aging plus some significant milestones.


  • Life Extension®  which started in 1981, “is the world’s leading innovator of natural approaches to healthy longevity.  For over 40 years, this company has identified scientific methods to control aging and reduce degenerative risks.”
  • The purpose of the Age Reversal Network is “to exchange scientific information, foster strategic alliances, and support biomedical endeavors aimed at reversing degenerative aging.” 
  • The SENS Research Foundation  (founded in 2009) “works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time.” The foundation hosts an annual conference in Berlin called “Undoing Aging”.  
  • The purpose of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension  is “to unite a critical mass of like-minded people who support radical life extension and physical immortality in order to inspire revolutionary change in how radical life extension is viewed in our world.” Since 2015 the organization has hosted an annual international conference known as RAAD Festival(Rage Against Aging and Death).  This conference features presentations of scientific research longevity/anti-aging.  It also includes trade show exhibitors featuring a wide array of products and services that support healthy aging and life extension.


  • The Manhattan Beach Summit (November 2009) was a conference for scientists and clinical researchers to evaluate the current status of research on reversing human aging.  The conclusion of the group was that not one potential strategy to achieve that existed. Today, many potential strategies for reversing aging are actively being investigated including:  Senolytics, NAD+, Sirtuins, mTOR-inhibition, Immune Restoration, Exosomes from Young Cells, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Mitochondria Restoration, AMPK Activation, and Umbilical Cord Plasma/Blood.
  • Unprecedented results from a published clinical trial were presented at RAADFest for the first time in September 2019.  This study was conducted by Dr. Greg Fahy’s Intervene Immune Group in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University and UCLA.  Conducted over a period of one year, the study used a combination of growth hormone, DHEA, Metformin (a diabetes drug) plus vitamin D3 and zinc.  The findings demonstrated a 2.5-year reversal in biological age in 100 older (50 – 80-year-olds), healthy men.
  • At RAADFest in October 2019, the first-ever, long-term (perpetual), human clinical trial, the Vitality in Aging (VIA) Longitudinal Study, was launched under the auspices of the Age Reversal Network (see above, Organizations).  The purpose of this historic study is to measure the efficacy of a combination of regenerative interventions on biological age.  [NOTE:  I am a participant in this study.]
  • In February 2021, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the SENS Research Foundation stated, “I think there is at least a 50/50 chance that most people alive today will live to 1,000 years old.”   
  • In February 2021, George Church, Ph.D., the pioneering Harvard geneticist who continues innovating CRISPR gene editing treatments, said he thinks a cure for aging by 2030 is entirely possible.

That’s an incredible amount of progress in just 12 years!

A motivational catchphrase often cited by people in the Longevity movement is, “Live long enough to live forever.”  This refers to the idea that, regardless of your current chronological age, if you can maintain your health long so that you are alive and well when therapies for stopping the biological aging process are available you can use those to halt your aging process.  Then, when age-reversal therapies become available, you can use those to reverse your biological age.

In conclusion, we are all here to support Compumatrix which is intended to be a perpetual system to support financial well-being.  So, how would you like to be there for the whole ride … healthy, vibrant and fully engaged in life?  You know my answer to that question.  What’s yours?

About the author

Dr. Paul Repicky has had a varied career in business and academia. As an instructional designer, he developed training programs for health care companies and commercial airlines. His business experience includes corporate consultant, project manager in several mid-sized companies and as an entrepreneur, as he founded and led six start-up companies. His passions include teaching, understanding human behavior, physical and mental health, and surfing.


  1. Interesting read, one that runs, up to a point, along the health and fitness path I’ve followed all my adult life; however, there is a dead end ahead for me with the idea (dream) that we can achieve immortality. As a Christian, that is counter to what I believe. We can live forever, but it will be in a different form in heaven. Only one condition exists to live forever in a glorious new body – one that will not get sick or age – and that is to believe in Jesus Christ as your savior.

    As for achieving maximum health and vitality for the years we have, 100% yes! Eat right, sleep well, get plenty of varied exercise, and in whatever ways possible, manage stress. Even doing these things all your life there is no guarantee you will live a long life or that it will be as healthy as you disciplined yourself to have. Things happen. A great, positive attitude supported by a daily attitude of gratitude is absolutely achievable and will make all the years you have worthwhile.

    1. Shelley, I appreciate your perspectives on this topic. I also value the attitude of gratitude I fully respect your religious beliefs and am so glad that we are all free to express what we believe. I expect we at Compumatrix are still in the minority in the world when it comes to the significance and viability of cryptocurrencies.

  2. Paul Repicky ,Something different but interesting,It is possible to live for a hundred years if God wills,If our lives are very long, it all depends on our health,what foods do we use to live a healthy life?what is our lifestyle with our diet?the way of thinking about life,exercising and getting up early can increase our lifespan,but still, according to the religion I belong to, we have to go from here to God,then we have to stay there forever,compumatrix system of financial well-being will continue for as long as we live and we will benefit from it and our future generations.this process will continue.

    1. Zahra, yes, I agree that maintaining optimal health requires a multi-faceted effort including diet, exercise, effectively dealing with mental stress, spirituality, relaxation and fun, and loving relationships. Given the choice of experiencing abundance in physical and mental health OR finances, I would choose physical and mental health. I believe we are all given the gift of an amazing body and mind, and I cherish mine.

  3. quite a good read to start my day here and to ponder a bit on longevity and living Healthily for long period — I have an Aunt who is 99 and still kicking perty well — go see her regularly even with virus garbage — what a sad part of living now —

    1. Congratulations to your aunt! She would be a great person to ask to what she attributes her long, active life. People who live long, active lives have a lot to each us if we just ask them. Also, I expect genetics plays a part as well. Both of my parents and all my aunts and uncles lived well into their 80’s and 90’s despite not focusing on diet, exercise, supplements, etc.

  4. Great post Doc. Life expectancy is getting longer and I also think that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will extend it even further. I also went toward a natural lifestyle about 25 years ago and have not been seriously ill since. So there is something to be said about the natural methods. After all, we can have all the lumber we need to build a house, if the nails are missing, then the build is not going to hold together 🙂

    1. Right on, Albert! As Zig Zigler used to say (paraphrasing). If you had a million dollar race horse would you take it out drinking and smoking and stay up till all hours of the night? Of course not. So, what about the billion dollar body you were given? I find that following a natural wellness plan requires a lot of self-education as well as the support of a good natural health care practitioner.

  5. Thank you, Dr. Paul – inspiring! To address your last comment “So, how would you like to be there for the whole ride … healthy, vibrant and fully engaged in life? You know my answer to that question. What’s yours?” A huge, huge, big YES for my husband and me! In fact, we have worked very hard to make this happen over the years. Chronological age means nothing with a positive attitude! We are working to be ready for the “Whole Ride”.

    1. That’s awesome, Janis! I believe it certainly helps to have a supportive partner as you travel down the path of wellness. So much of the “food and drink” we see advertised does not support wellness. Having a partner helps to counterbalance the peer and social pressure that surrounds us to engage in unhealthy lifestyle practices. Having said that, I respect everyone’s choices regarding their health and all other areas of their lives.

  6. Great article about longevity. I am fortunate to be from a long line of people who live well into their 90″s and 100’s. I think maybe having good genes also helps to live a long life. Now, about living as long as 120 or so, I need to really think about that.! I know there would be many things I could do that I have only fanaticized about because of Compumatrix coming to fruition. I think I will check out RAADfest and see how I can enhance my health and body.

    1. Absolutely Maxine! Sounds like you hit the genetic lottery! Congratulations! As you think about living to 120 plus, imagine feeling as good as you do today … or, even better, with more energy, vitality. And, of course, because of Compumatrix, having the money to do more of what you have always wanted to do in your life. I find that setting a clear intention like that, then occasionally daydreaming about it while allowing it to show up, is an easy and effective strategy.

  7. Dr. Paul, it’s hard to believe you are 74 (years young)! Your adoption of the age-reversal lifestyle has obviously suited you well in a very short period of time, and I appreciate your informing us of the organizations already in place that cater to this movement. It’s exciting to learn that there are companies dedicated to this phenomenon, and who knows….you may just be right at the top of the 150-200-years-old group! 🙂

    1. Zeejay, I appreciate the compliment. Just to be clear, I was 43-years-old (in 1990) when I was inspired to focus on my health. Overnight, I changed my diet, my mind and my body, as I began working out regularly. It was easy, and I never looked back. It was, and still is, the best decision I have ever made. I too was excited to learn of this movement. Adding the “longevity” aspect was clearly the next level for me.

  8. A very enlightening article! I had no idea that this kind of research and progress was ongoing. Yes, I believe it is possible at this time to reverse aging to a certain degree if one is thoroughly invested in all aspects of the lifestyle. I also do not doubt that it will be possible in the future to live far beyond 100 years with good health and fortune to enjoy life.

    1. Gloria, I’m glad you appreciate learning about this exciting area of research. It is very inspiring to be learning about all the new, rapidly emerging ideas and approaches to tackling aging. For example, a couple of years ago one of the presenters at RAADFest spoke about a technology for turning on genes that tend to turn off as we age, thus restoring their original function. They had chosen to begin applying this technology first to the skin. And, they estimated that within about 3 years they would be able to ask a prospective client, “How old would you like your skin to be?”

  9. Great Blog Dr. Paul. As for me I’m not sure if I my family falls into the longevity line. My great grandmother lived to be 90 but my grandparents died in their early 60’s, right now besides glaucoma I’m pretty healthy I don’t have any other issues, My mom is 68 and is prediabetic. I’m 51 but as long as I have my health strength and right mind I would love to live long enough to see Compumratix celebrates its 100th birthday.

  10. Paula, that you for sharing your family information. Keep in mind that genetics are only one potential contributor to wellness and longevity. According to the science of epigenetics, many other factors (attitude, belief, diet, etc.) can override a genetic predisposition that we inherit. Your desire to live long enough to see Compumatrix celebrate its 100th birthday is an important factor in you being at that party! 😉

  11. Thank you , Living a healthy life style is a must, I have had my share of medical set backs, but am on the mind now, Diet, Exercise, Enjoying life so i can live out live to my fullest. God Bless

    1. Agreed Dr Paul I had to take a look at our diet my son was told by his pediatrician that if he didn’t lose weight he would become prediabetic, so I joined a gym and removed soft drinks and a few other things from out diet and I will admit its hard, we are seeing some results but they are slow coming.

  12. That’s wonderful to hear, Robert. Glad you are enjoying life and living fully. It takes some effort but in the end it’s worth it. Some people used to criticize me for spending extra money on organic foods. My response was, “You can spend your money on health now, or spend it later. But later it will cost you a whole lot more to deal with chronic illness.”

  13. As always Paul you do your homework. Your students are very fortunate to have you as their instructor. Looks like you picked up a new crop of interested parties here on our Blog.
    I would like to live to the 100th anniversary of Compumatrix and like you working on it. It takes mental strength as well as the right foods and exercise in the right combinations to increase your longevity factor.
    Stress is a big killer of many things including those mentioned above. We have to Focus on the important things in life and remember to keep a calm and purposeful vision of tomorrow and beyond. Keep those informative articles coming! Surf’s up!

    1. Hey, Joe! Welcome aboard the Longevity Train! You’re right on about stress being a big killer. A few years ago I read that Stanford University Medical School had determined that stress is a factor in 97% of all illnesses. In general, being out in nature is a great stress reliever. One reason I like to surf is I always feel great when I spend time in the ocean.

  14. You out done yourself Dr. Paul Repicky , another blog that make one think … What , Think 100 years .. well just maybe .. positive thinking you know. lol
    The older we get the better we take care of ourselves … Focus on Compumatrix seems Henry surely has the handle on that .. Henry has more focus on making Compumatrix a life long dream of his come true and helping people all over the world to achieve their dream as well.

    1. Lorna, thank you for your kind words. Your comment that, “The older we get the better we take care of ourselves …” is particularly interesting. As we age, at some point we realize we better do something because our bodies are beginning to break down. Clearly, the best option is to begin taking care of our health early in life so can stay healthy and active later in life.

  15. An interesting subject, which the percentage of the human race do not even think about, As a Christian, my thoughts are always, what is our purpose here in life.
    I fully agree we have to have funds to live. To me funds mean nothing, I’m 84and have had my share of ill health. The pattern of Comp. is still a mystery to me. my mind boggles in what we should maintain, the question of living to 100 or 200 years.????? Ive probably gone off the subject , please forgive me.

    1. Thank you for your insights, Robert. It seems like in the U.S. we devote much of our lives working to have money, often sacrificing our health in the process. Then, in our later years we wish we could trade our money for health. Personally, I am very glad I made a decision in my early 40’s to focus on my health.

  16. Very interesting, I am 72 years of age , do not take any meds what so ever, eat reasonably healthy, no aches and pains etc, but my husband with the same lifestyle and diet as myself (I am the cook so he eats what I eat,)has been ill for at least the past 15 years, so genetics no matter what has to play the biggest part in ageing.
    Before becoming ill my husband was a fitness fanatic , always playing racket sports and golf, swam most days. not to mention walking probably twice as far as me in a day.
    Although so long as I am healthy would love to live until I am 100, but I also say live for today as you could be dead tomorrow.
    I hope we all live a healthy (and wealthy) life for as long as we can.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts, Doreen. Yes, genetics certainly plays a part. And, so do attitude, diet, exercise, and other factors. In fact, there is evidence from the area of “epigenetics” that whether our genetic predisposition becomes a reality depends a lot on us. Everyone has their own path and I fully support the people close to me in whatever they choose. All the best to your and your husband.

  17. Honestly, I don’t intend to live so many years, 70, 80, 90 then … no way! Today I no longer have the prospect that the world will be better enough to want more time on this plane, but what remains of my life I want to live in peace, health and harmony. Every day I thank God for the life of Henry and my brother Jeimes Uchoa who introduced me to Compumatrix, which is a dream come true. Through this I will be able to have the resources to help many people, and change many lives for the better, this is my life mission. From the bottom of my heart I say: thank you, Compumatrix!

    1. I agree with you when you talk about Compumatrix and Jeimes. We have to thank them for giving us a life-changing chance. I feel lucky and happy to be part of it. Thank you for this opportunity.
      Now, I am your friend and I like you very much, so I hope you will live at least another two hundred years!

    2. Danimatrix, I fully support your intention to live in peace, health and harmony. I believe that for this to happen, it is important to make a conscious decision to live that way, each and every day. Then, through our alignment with those principles, we essentially invite others to join us, and they open the door for others, and the ripple spreads.

  18. It’s a very interesting topic , I sometimes wonder if I can live to be 100 minus the aches and pains. I have been on organic foods and always try eating healthy but was in a car accident which has messed up my right leg and hence I am not able to workout as much as I would like to.I would love to join an organization which could help me live a pain free life then certainly live to celebrate the 100th birthday of Compumatrix

    1. Roma, I appreciate your desire to stay as healthy as possible and join me at the 100th birthday of Compumatrix. 😉 As for an organization to support you in reaching your goals, I have found the Coalition for Radical Life Extension very helpful. Also, being in the are of natural medicine practitioners helps. Finally, amazing advances in health care are rapidly developing, e.g,, stem cells, gene therapy, exosomes, energy medicine, etc. Be well.

  19. Well, a hundred years of Compumatrix – I’d like to simply get to 100! If I do, I’ll have been with Compumatrix for 54 years. There are myriad ways to maximize life expectancy – I even write about them in a book I am publishing this year! I’m 61 and in excellent health and shape. Outside of bone trauma, I haven’t even been to a doctor since 1993. May all of us enjoy so much great health we will all be around in 2105 to celebrate 100 years of Compumatrix!

    1. Peter, congratulations on your commitment to health and your success in optimizing your wellness. We are each given the gift of a mind and a body that are priceless. I believe it is important to honor that gift by treating my mind and body with great respect using all the knowledge that I have learned over years of study and research. This truly is a “gift that keeps giving” as I too am free of chronic illness and have high energy.

  20. My sentiments about the age reversal are much the same as yours, Paul. I have already reversed much in renewing my mind. I think on what so ever is good, positive and genuine. My physical being is renewing its self aided by Redox Signalling Molecules, an ongoing process. I also am restoring my financial situation by applying the education and training from Compumatrix and its members. Being the person in my mind now, a hundred years more to see how Compumatrix grows would be amazing.

    1. Carmen, welcome to the Longevity Train! 🙂 Investing in health and wellness is one investment that always pays off. I’m glad you found a strategy that supports your continued wellness and supports your body’s self-healing capabilities. Isn’t it great that we have Compumatrix as a vehicle for creating long-term financial health as well! All the best to you on your journey.

  21. I am with you on this seeing the 100 years of Compumatrix Dr.Paul. Since I am very close to your age already, I will keep this in mind. If you can do it, so can we or at least we can try. Being very healthy, active, and having my mom lived to the age of 97 when she left as. Going to look further into this foundation and the next upcoming RAAD FEST.

    1. Good for you, Gitta! It’s a wonderful advantage to have “good genes.” My parents and most of my aunts and uncles lived well into their 80’s and 90’s. Plus, it takes the desire to continue learning as new technologies are created and discoveries are made that support living long, healthy lives. And, of course, taking action on what you learn. Be well!

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