Looking back and moving forward.

In my first blog post, I stated I am part of the over the hill group. I meant that to be a positive statement. At this point in my life, I realize that the distractions of youth hinder a steady climb. Now I am distracted by something else, pain, and inflammation. I don’t like that one bit. My pain was no stranger due to a pole vaulting accident I had when I was 17. That forced me to turn my attention, at that tender age, to seeking relief from pain.

I’m not talking relief in terms of drugs or surgical procedures. Compared to a human-made machine, the body can repair itself over time, given the right circumstances. To what extent the body would repair itself other than a cut would heal, I didn’t know at that age. So I turned to the basic idea of building a strong core. But if I can’t put weight on my spine, then what was the alternative.

We lived on a farm, so I got my Dad’s old boots and hung upsidedown in the loft, and this way, there was no weight on the spine when I exercised. So being in pain a lot forced me to look to others to find a solution, and we didn’t have Google in those days. As it turned out, I did get temporary relief over the years, but it sowed the seeds of looking for a permanent fix. So at that time, I gravitated to any information that would lead me down the path to that relief. All I had to do was supply the body with the right healing formula, and the body would repair itself.

A lot of water under the bridge since then and life and living kept me gathering knowledge but no long term solution. The solution in my mind had to be non-invasive, something that would help the body help itself.
Don’t get me wrong. It did not slow me down from having a full athletic life. I was always prepared to turn to some alternative area for a tune-up from time to time when the need arose. I also discovered that not all alternative practices procedures end in relief. Sometimes they make it worse. Oh well, more fuel for tweaking my search for assistance.

I find myself now over the hill, and as quickly as I got up the incline in my youth, I am now having a hard time walking down it. Lol
I also find myself at this time in my life being part of Compumatrix and ready to turn my gathered research into much more. Compumatrix has a way of making you change your mindset and allowing you to throw off the limitations. I look forward to being able to put together a team of qualified alternative medical people. That team can take us to another level of health and healing. That will be important in this age of blockchain and new technology.
I started this blog to cover some other ideas. I will continue those ideas in my next blog as I feel sad for those who also have pain in their older years.
Apart from financial wealth being a good goal to have, health is very much part of my equation of wealth. I suspect most of you will all agree with me on that.

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. Patrick, I will most definitely be keeping up with your blog posts. Having a lot of pain at an old age is something I can definitely relate to and welcome any information I can get on this subject. I know that there are a lot of us in this situation and most don’t talk much about it. I never did either until the blogs came along. I have responded to a couple of blogs that include this subject and can’t properly express how good it feels to know that I can find information now through others. If nothing else keeps me reading these blogs, that one subject will. So, thank you for writing and for the valuable information you are giving us.

  2. Thank you Patrick for sharing your experiences with us.
    Pain definitely causes problems in ones health, especially at old age .
    As time goes by, our resistance decreases and with sheer will-power we are able to move forward..
    However, as strong as our minds may be,our bodies are prone to fatigue, as time goes by.
    Financial wealth and physical health, are indeed a blessing for those who are fortunate enough to get both of them in the correct proportions.

    1. Patrick you are so right health is much more valuable than wealth. If we only had a crystal ball in order to gauge at when our health may go awry. But until then we need to put our faith and positive thinking into our family, friends and our business partners within Compumatrix. The clouds are about to part and we’re going to change the world with Compumatrix.

  3. intriguing blog posting and extremely thought provoking as an older guy also with some factors of pain thru my spine and fingers and so the like –it will be helpful all around to stay informed on alternative ways which over the last 30+ years have found and still today practice — good read Patrick and hope you and others with pain continue to work thru —

  4. Thank you for your blog Patrick. You sure have made many people curious to know more abour your solution against pain. I sure am.
    This world is suffering and so are many people on it.
    One thing that is very clear to me is that a lot has to do with our diet of processed food and the way our food is grown.
    Without any respect for the soil or the animals we consume.
    I am looking forward to your next blog.

  5. Good Post
    I think one part of the solution to overcoming pain is to remember what youhave done in the past when different brickbats were thrown at you
    I was born just before WW2 and we had all sorts sent our way, 6 years deprivation, food rationing, blackouts and bombings to name just a few. Most survived thanks to the actons of those who champione freedom.We now have a different battle on our hands and I reckon the oldies are well equied to cope. In reality probably better that the youger generations who complain about wearing face covering and the occaional shortage of toilet rolls
    I am so pleased that HJB stuck to his guns and has hopefully given us,old and young alike, great hope for the future. Thabks CNI

  6. I loved you post Patrick. I love the knowledge we can all gather on things. I had sick kids so I spent my life trying to keep them alive, so everything natural down to special holistic Dr’s, some had never heard of. I started with N.A.E.T. Its was great for my boys. Most people don’t even know what these people can do, But its amazing if you get a good Dr.. If your body is having problems healing its blocks that can sometimes be removed. Like Compumatrix we have had our blocks but we are moving forward.

  7. As we get older, our body has a tendency to let us down – lol. I find I simply don’t have the stamina or the energy that I had, even a year ago. I also am on a farm, and it seems my skin as gotten paper thin and as i work around here, I look down and there is blood dripping down from a poke or scratch that I did not even know I had gotten. But, Compumatrix is healthier with age and just about ready to open its doors and explode! Really looking forward to our rewards!

  8. That was a great post Patrick and an interesting idea about putting together a group of people knowledgeable in the area of alternative medicine and treatments. I’m sure we have quite a few experts here and even more of those genuinely interested in learning everything there is to know about the subject.
    Looking forward to reading your next blog.

  9. I agree with you Patrick, to get rid of pain will be a dream come true. I hurt my back about 15 years ago getting a patient out of bed when my helper did not carry her weight of helping. I had to stop working and so I understand where you are coming from and I will also look forward to your other blogs.

  10. Compumatrix has had its way of collecting us “old-timers” and showing us the way back onto the path. Growing up, we were always told to respect your elders. With Compumatrix in our “wallets”, I think a lot of the youth of today will be willing to listen to their elders again. Of course, that predisposes those elders they are listening to are Founding members of Compumatrix.

  11. Thanks for the great post Patrick. It’s not easy making it to old age. We all did things in our younger life that comes back to haunt us. There is an old expression that says, “If I would have known I’d live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” I see now that you are over the hill you are having a hard time walking down it, well I tripped and fell and am now rolling down it at an accelerated pace. Let’s all that it easy and one day at a time. God Bless.

  12. This blog gives a unique perspective of one who has determinedly stayed in the game. The pain suffered from pole vaulting in the young years has obviously left it’s mark. The search for healing and health seems to have given a form of strength and determination in itself. This author views compumatrix as an avenue for revenue. This writer prays that he can create this medical team to share good ideas for health and wellness.

  13. Yes, Patrick, I know from whence you come. I went through my searches also. Thank God he led me to what I needed at every turn. Maybe not as quickly as we would like, but He is on time. I am in agreement with you on the fact we need our health to get and to enjoy our wealth. Having wealth also allows relief in our bodies and gives us a desire to be more healthy. Your statement; Compumatrix has a way of making you change your mindset and allowing you to throw off the limitations, is similar to words I meant to write in one of my posts. How true your words are because Compumatrix has been a Godsend for me.

  14. 100% behind your project of putting together a qualified team of alternative medical people, Pat Man 🙂 That is a wonderful thing to provide to those living with chronic pain whether old or young or in between that also wears one down mentally. Wealth to help gain and research health will provide many rewards to you and lots of others who follow your lead. We too spend a lot of time focusing on health so we are open and prepared to fully enjoy and use what Compumatrix will bring forth!

  15. Nice blog Patrick, I know of the pain on ones body. I have been in pain most of my life and I have learned how to deal with it. I have gone through a lot of procedures, not a pretty site. I have learned to move around more at least until it hurts and then rest until it gets better. As you get older it is not so much fun. These are suppose to be our wonder years for our best lives and best times. I think my best years was when I was young. From there it went down down and down further. Compumatrix gave me something good to think about instead of thinking about myself.

  16. Patrick, most of us in India were born in villages, as India’s 80% population lives in villages. People who became famous in different fields have their origins in villages. Even today, villages are pollution-free and any day better than mechanical city life. But for employment people are constantly moving to cities, making them more jam-packed and more polluted. Way back in 1975, I organized an exhibition in Bangalore, India on the topic, “The survival exhibition.” The main focus of the exhibition is that with the tremendous growth of population and no increase in natural resources, we will all face a crunch for natural resources. At that time, we all will be forced to bid adieu to the latest technology and needs to g back old technology.

  17. Your article speaks volumes about how big your heart is, Patrick. Even though you have been dealing with severe pain for most of your life, your focus remains on helping others! As Compumatrix blossoms, you will get the resources you need to help many others. Your plan to put together a qualified alternative medical team is a good one!

    I’m looking forward to the day when you will get relief from Your pain. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone and for being such a caring, kind person.

  18. Patrick a very informative and encouraging blog and I sincerely look forward to you future posts and the ways and means you were able to overcome pain to an extent.Pain is in itself a nuisance but in other situation is a warning to pay attention or have serious consequences. One example may be burns with flames .I do want very much to know more about your experiences and remedies you might have uncovered to alleviate the pain.thanks for your post.

  19. I like the line Never over the hill. I have got to 83 and seen a lot of quite nasty things goiing on around me but have managed to survibve and will hopefully prosper again thanks to Compumatrix.I have in the past had a few business ups and downs but have managed to maaintain a sense of humour. I have respected authority whether police or politicians and I look forward with expectation as the elusive CDAP opens the doors to a new era.

  20. Interesting post. I try not to look back as generally I find it counterproductive. I dislike the current crop of critics that are saying we should have done this or that. They have the benefit of hindsight which as we all know is a wonderful thing. but to preach to others using hindsight as a reference point ia trait I do not like. There have been many who have crisicised HJB but he has doggedly pursued his goal and we are all now well placed to benefit hopefully for many years to come Thanks Henry

  21. what a continuing great read patrick and the replies here are just fascinating to say the least — to see and hear from so many and how they also have fought and found relief thru effort and a multitude of not normal perse’ ways — like compu alot of us here just keep pushing Correctly Forward and it is awesome to be a part of this magnificence — jmho —

  22. Patrick, I really enjoyed the reading of your blog. I came to find some similarities in my life although over a shorter time. The human body does push through to increase or maintain your health and some wealth surely does help that to proceed. Since my MS started for over 15 years now, some wealth is needed to at best maintain the level it is at now being it is relapsing/remitting disease. We continue to move forward as best we can.

  23. Looking back, sounds like most of us seasoned manly men who worked extra hard to abuse our bodies when they were young. One thing we all have in common is the sports and all that goes with it.

    While striving to be the best or at least competitive, we all went the extra mile to succeed. Sometimes it worked and other times it was like getting a beating. Through in a few fights, working as a bodyguard and bouncer and racing motorcycles, playing hockey (spent some time in the penalty box), and full tackle football.

    In a nutshell we all did what we thought was necessary and in that, caused some damage that is now showing up as we get older.

    Life is catching up, the good news is: there are many new and very interesting inventions that are helping to clean up that damage. We all pray for the day when the afflictions are gone. We stay positive, forget the alternative. Today is happening, tomorrow, well with some luck the sun will shine on our smiling faces. Remember, we are not alone, we have a bunch of fellow travelers here at Compumatrix.

  24. I did not find your last post negative Patrick. We all struggle with pain of some sort in our lives .. I never think of myself as old . If I fined myself going down that road I have good long talk with my self and think of myself as younger .. Strange thing , that works for me .. LOL
    I agree with others in here , I found your Blog an encouraging blog .
    Will be looking forward to more of your postings.

  25. Thank you Patrick for sharing part of your life testimony here with us.
    It seems that old age and pain go together, I am now 60 years old and yes, I can not do the things I did when I was 20.
    But I learned to live with it and with the right attitude and taking care of my body with exercise and nutrition, I can enjoy life to the fullest.

  26. Thank you for your wonderful message. You really have a very altruistic attitude and I admire you for that. I hardly know what pain is but it must be something terrible. You deserve all the praise in the world that despite your own suffering your priority is to help others. I wish more people would do this. The world would be a much better place.

  27. Pain is very real as we get older. Over all, I am very healthy, but I do have joints that have worn out and therefore cause me pain! I broke my back years ago, and have screws in my spine now….and I find that in damp weather, those are beginning to give me grief – lol.
    I have heard of MED BEDS. I sure hope at some point, I can afford to take advantage of one! I believe that financial stress from lack contributes to our pain. I look forward to Compumatrix opening its doors to solve that issue!

  28. I think we learned the hard way when it comes to taking care of our bodies: we overeat, we don’t exercise too much, don’t eat balanced and proper meals, we stress too much and sometimes like in my case, I used to smoke on and off up until I was in my early fifties. Our bodies are resilient until pain and discomfort start to show its ugly head. Fortunately to this day, I don’t have to take pills, neither have to take extra measures, but I do need to have a balanced diet and take care with little exercise, and drinks lots of water and try to get a good night sleep. I have had periods of time when I have been in pain and inflammation. The number one thing now is to have less stress and be emotionally calm.

  29. I have been a naturalist when it comes to medicine for many years now I noticed the medicine i would take over the counter would make me feel worse and fogged my brain up like I was spaced out it might clear your sinuses but the after affects are worse. My mom made her own herbs, she put herself in remission for 10 yrs against estrogen breast cancer but it came back from stress in her life and she died from it. She told me once for every prescription drug there is a natural herb that would work better.
    I love your thinking on starting a new line of natural medicine with professionals financed with compumatrix funds. Great blog looking forward to the opening of the CDAP.

  30. Patrick que linda história de superação! Parabéns! Achei fantástico você pensar em construir uma equipe de médicos alternativos qualificados. Excelente ideía! Eu pretendo cuidar de crianças em situação de vulnerabilidade social. Atualmente já faço um trabalho voluntário aqui no Brasil que cuida de crianças nessa situação, através de um programa educacional. Mas com as possibilidades futuras que teremos com a liberação de nossos investimentos na Compumatrix, quero expandir muito essa assistência, provendo educação para as crianças, pois acredito ser uma das principais primícias para um futuro melhor!

  31. Bodily pain sometimes can be overcome with manipulation or medication. But mental pain is one that many times effect more than the patient. A progressive mental illness wears down the care givers, but in many cases the patient is not aware of the effect that they are having on others. Many times even professional care givers need to step away from the situation and regroup. But what happens to the ones that can not get away from the patient? Things happen to them that are not measured with medication or therapy. Many times the care giver goes before the patient, and then what happens to the patient? Extreme planning and preparation is required in order if there is to be a happy ending. But it seldom is happy. All one can do is enjoy the good times and remember what once was.

  32. Well said Patrick about true health and alternative therapies.. Yes, I believe living in pain can not be fun, have not experienced it yet my self, or only temporarily once in a while but I see or hear so many complaints about chronic pain. Swallowing a pill is for sure not the right solutions, just a temporary pain suppression witch in the long run will create other side effects problems.
    I love your idea to put together a team of qualified alternative medical people. Yes, wealth is important, but having good health is even more or could be achieved much easier once we see our long journey with Compumatrix comes true.

  33. Patrick,I can feel your pain,living with pain is one of the most difficult stages,every human being suffers from some form of suffering in the world,the nature of each is different,that is why it is said that health is a great wealth,It is not possible to live a long life without wealth, but with health, life is doubled,we are all together in this journey of compumatrix,Patrick, I pray for you and all compumatrix family, may God guide us all on this journey in good health.

  34. this great thought read is so inspiring to me and to see others reply and tell their stories and read the uplifting and perseverance displayed is so nice — I have thru life gone thru a few things but as this posting shows You just get up again and push rightway forward — it is awesome imho rj

  35. I have had surgeries a while back where I was provided pain killers that I tried to take as little as possible because I did not want to become dependent upon the pain pills. I tried mostly to rely on over-the-counter pain relievers, if possible, and managed to end up discarding the subscribed pain pills.

  36. Every now and then my fingers start to ache. I find that at night it helps to soothing oils along with a finger massage device. The overall point being to use my hands for working during the day, but pamper them at night.

  37. here we push forward into another new year with so much to be imo thankful for and so many parts are intriguing to say the least — and each day seeing the parts involved and how to go at it positively and if we can working thru pain and smile a bit and just know He has us covered — again jmho — great read here !!

  38. Great Blog Patrick, you are so right health is much more valuable than wealth, it makes me think of some lyrics of a gospel song by Kirk Franklin “What Does it profit a man gain the world and loose his soul. I’d rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold” but as for me I would like to have a combination of both Health and financial freedom.

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