Make the Chili

A shared memory this week on FaceBook touched my heart so much that it just had to be shared here.  The message was titled Make the Chili

The opening portrays two ladies running and mindlessly chatting.  One of the ladies was a recent widow while the other was trying to decide if she would make chili for dinner as requested by her husband.  The thought of having to shop for the necessary ingredients was not winning votes toward the requested meal.   

The widowed lady listened to the excuses for not fulfilling that wish.  After a few minutes of silence, she softly whispered, “Make the Chili.” 

That message was not referring to the chili as a meal but was a gentle reminder of what is important.   The realization was that of going out of your way to do something for someone you love before it is too late.

My mother lived with us for the last two years of her life.  She would come into my office to sit, just to be near me while I worked.   I wish I had pulled my head away from the computer more often or gotten up and watch that soap opera she loved.  That time missed can never be relived.  We all think we have “time” but are clueless about how much time we actually have with our loved ones.  The biggest regret is that I didn’t stop to “Make the Chili” often enough. 

To connect this story to our Compumatrix business was an easy task. 

We have had many years together working as a team.  Our team doesn’t just consist of the members here at Compumatrix but extends to our families and friends.  Making chili is a daily adventure we must share. 

How many times have you been laughed at or ridiculed because of your business choice?

Those of us who do have your loved one’s support should never take this priceless gift for granted.  If for whatever reason, there are only negative vibes from family and friends, then we may need to ask ourselves a few questions.

1.     Do I take time to educate my loved one on what Compumatrix is all about?  If we don’t educate, then how can we get them to understand?

2.    Am I giving off negative vibes?  Needless to say, our emotions are felt by everyone around us.  Negativity breeds negativity. 

3.    Do I believe in what I am doing?  If the belief level is not there, then how can you get anyone else to believe?

4.    Have I taken the time to learn what this type of business entails to be successful?  If we don’t understand our role or functionality, how can we perform our duties?

5.    Do I take the time to do in-depth research? Watching YouTube videos, searching Google, attending webinars, taking classes, and asking countless questions are just a few steps that can help bring the business into focus.

6.    Do I follow directions when the company presents information?  It is a straightforward guarantee to fall behind quickly when not keeping up since this type of business changes frequently.

7.    Does my attitude need adjusting?  Hum, now this is big.  One of the most important things about you is your attitude. Being confident, motivated, polite, friendly, helpful, and happy are characteristics needed for a fantastic attitude.  An exercise that may help with a bad attitude is to write down the exact words that you want people to say to describe your personality.

Be mindful of words and actions.  In other words, there is no need to be a big complainer. It’s very unappealing to be around people who are always complaining about their life or even changes within a business necessary to move forward.  Sometimes it takes something as simple as giving people the benefit of the doubt.  Find positive things to focus on and discuss it with those around you. Staying professional and positive is a virtue.

 Being interested in people you meet every day can be very motivational.  The first “hello” set the greeting, but how that hello is delivered will propel the conversation and attitude.  When asked how you are doing, try saying fantastic instead of stressed out!   

What about a simple smile?  Smiling is one of the most potent attitude adjusters. Observe how this projects happiness to others and your happiness.  Why not make your smile the default expression on your face.

8.    Am I taking the time to take care of myself?  Whoa, that is one question that hits home.  Taking care of ourselves is usually the last thing on our to-do list; at least it is for me.  Worrying about everyone else and neglecting ourselves is detrimental to our health.  Take a break, get some sleep, exercise, watch a movie, read a book, or sit quietly and reflect on all that is good around you. 

9.    Last, but not the lease, am I taking the time to take care of my family’s needs? The simplest answer to this one is, Make that Chili!


About the author

Erline is an experienced and efficient leader who oversees ongoing operations and procedures of Compumatrix and Networks International. As a key member of the senior management team, she maintains control of diverse business operations. She has excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics.


  1. Erline, Make the Chili is a good blog and I think that we all should read this. Then we should check ourselves and look at the way that we do things. We should ask ourselves do we have time or do we make time for our friends and family. Make the chili and follow this blog.

  2. Thank you, Mary. I appreciate your feedback. So many times we forget to give those closest to us the time they so deserve. We stretch ourselves to the limit trying to cover a large area only to forget what is the most important – family. It is never too late as long as they are still around us so let’s Make the Chili today! Hugs

  3. Very good reminder to take care of what is most important in life. I’ve been a member here for a very long time, just as many others have. And there were times when I did share my enthusiasm for this business and told them how lucky I felt to be a part of this company and this opportunity because it would give me a chance to not just improve my life, but to help my family and friends. It will be awesome when I can show them that I’m ready to start doing that for all of us.

  4. As pioneers in this business, it has been an uphill battle at times. We can only look around at many other companies that could not stand the test so folded from the pressures. I feel proud that each of us have stood strong and will reap the rewards together.

  5. Thanks Erline for your blog Make the Chili, I agree with you that a simple smile can makes a big difference and can open a decent conversation, stay away from negative people, we have been at Compumatrx for almost 15 years and we kept the faith, and we made the Chili, now is the time to reap our rewards.
    Thanks again.

  6. Ragai, I read a story years ago about a young man who was bullied at school. On his way home after a particularly hard day, he was planning on taking his life. As fate would have it, he dropped his books. A young classmate ran over to help pick the books up, flashing a big smile. That smile led to a life long friendship. It wasn’t until years later that the classmate learned that his big smile had actually saved a life.

    The lesson here is we all need to smile on a personal level or a business level!

  7. Great blog Erline and yes why not, just make that chili, even its not my favorite, too spicy for me to say I could ever like it.
    Thinking about our business here, I will wait until we are seeing the results we were waiting for almost 15 years, and then only I can share it again. Family and friends don’t want to talk about it anymore nor willing to learn yet. Sad but true, no matter what I can tell them. The day will come when I can tell them,…. I told you so before……

  8. It is very good to be well balanced with family and your business, most important is to stay positive and yes smile a lot. I like your 9 important points very good reminders to. I am showing mine some to give them an ideal of what compumatrix is about, can’t wait to show them how to purchase cards and make a profit that should really get there attention.

  9. Erline you have been rightly chosen as our COO and Leader,as you truly justify your post. And your interesting blog here has got us chilled whilst making the Chili,Ha,Ha,Ha.
    Your skills to work directly and understand peoples thinking and Psycho is surely very good, and you have the skill and patience to tolerate and work with all types people with a positive mindset and also negative thinkers.And that is how you can handle all kinds of situation.

  10. Erline great topic Make the Chili,Talking to someone with a smile and realizing through your behavior how important it is for us, we win the hearts of others with this positive attitude,we all know how hard work is being done in compumatrix,we should encourage all those who are working day and night for this company,we also know that one day compumatrix will be one of the most famous and big company in the world.

  11. It is so important to make the chili with every aspect of our crazy world we live in right now. We are people of the earth who know how to bounce back at the worst life can throw at us. At times we need to rise up above the norm and accepted statics quo and lead in the change needed for our positive outcome.

  12. So true about keeping positive Erline. I find listening to good uplifting music is a great source for bringing down inner tensions. Living in forgiveness to others and our self brings much healing to your soul. Being grateful for the small things in life gives reason to be positive. Now we look forward to the start of our business.

  13. yeppers a great read — and very thought provoking as I look at the past 10 or so years and how certain things can get in the blockway ?? I have over the last yearish or so taken time to realize some things but still have many more to go — thanks EM great stuff–

  14. Great Blog Erline. Number 7, I believe is the driving factor of our life, our health, and our future. If our attitude is crappy, then our health will follow right behind it. If stress is beating you up then your problems will just get larger. It is time to start waking up and let this take your attitude seriously. It is such a little thing to do with very little effort to wake up with a positive attitude. Let’s change the world by starting with ourselves.

  15. I’m heading to make the chili, to have time for myself, my loved ones, I agree with you, time lost cannot be recovered, I like this blog, its a reminder of our daily life, questions which matter, and what bleeds to us. Thank you Erline, for sharing this.

  16. My sisters and parents always laugh at the “little saying” that my wife and I repeat over the years. They can’t believe how we remember a little saying that their kids said years ago and still repeat them when something associated comes up. Now we will have another one that we will be saying whenever someone isn’t stopping to “smell the roses.” Make the chili!;)

  17. Wonderful post Erline. That’s touching about your mother living with you for those two years. And withing you could have some of that time back. I can’t tell you how many times my wife has asked me, “don’t you wish you could just pick up the phone and call your mother sometime ?” Both of our mothers went home to be with the Lord and we miss them. Makes you think a little harder about how you want to make sure we are not neglecting that God given time with your loved ones.

  18. We always need that reminder to “make the chili” because at times we can get drawn into circumstances and neglect our loved ones! And oh so true, that they are gone, and we still have some things to tell them or perhaps we feel we didn’t tell them enough we loved them. And boy does that chili picture ever look good – just like the people are going to feel when you give them your attention and love!

  19. Wow, great article Erline, I am going to Make the Chili tonight and think of you! That is another gem I learned from my dolphin trip, they have an inner smile. I can’t help but smile when I think of them. As for Compumatrix, I have learned more about people and business these last few years than I had in my adult life. I am truly grateful to you all and I bring that joy and gratitude to my family and friends.

  20. Thank you for this message today, Life goes by way to fast and we all forget the most important thing of all is family, time spent with our loved ones, We need to cherish each day that we wake up and Make the Chili, So many people i have met over the years who have lost loved ones and wish they could of had that extra minute or time with them, We are never promised a tomorrow as God can call us home at any time and we all need To remember to Make the Chili! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

  21. Beautiful story, Erline. And a beautiful reminder to s.l.o.w down. My Pops passed last year and I often think I would have liked to make him more Chili; sat down with him more, asked him more questions about his life. Mom is still kicking butt at 80, and I’ve taken my learning from Pops to heart. I sit with her more, ask more questions…and it’s truly a wonderful thing to experience. Thank you for sharing your story, too.

  22. I think that ” Make The Chili” is a great example of how we should deal with our loved ones in life. Reality is that life is but a blink of the eye. To many times people close to us leave this earth at the blink of an eye and there are so many things we wish we could have said. Take the time now to forgive and let go…..hug some one and tell them you love them……tomorrows are not promised.

  23. Thanks for the blog, Erline. It made me realize what I really need to do at this point in my life, even if I never do it. At least I have decided that I need to Make the Chili and that I need to do it pretty soon. It is a very “involved” task that will not be easy, but I am determined to at least lay it out and talk it out and try to pursue the possibility of making the chili. I know that Compumatrix will play a big role in making my chili, and I hope that this proves to be true. I will need the income to do it, not just for myself but to share with my family and others in order to make this work.

    1. Bill, just take it one step at a time. Like Compumatrix we each have to work to perfect our “chili” until it is ready to be served. The end of our trip has been well worth the wait and hard work. There is nothing sadder than not taking the time to enjoy each step. Learning is part of the process. When we have any thing that needs building for the long term we go in with caution and a willingness to see the job through. Being ready on day one is necessary in today’s world since the competition is so great. I know you will take the necessary time to spend with your loved one or simply make the chili. No regrets and a lifetime of memories is so worth doing.

    2. I agree William , It takes a little soul searching . We all got to take things one step at a time. I found out in my lifes little hassles .That is the only thing that can get you through. I am looking forward to getting Compumatrix rolling . My life little hassles will be that much smaller.

  24. I think cooking together is one the building blocks of a happy life together. It makes me quite concerned when people say I cant cook or I dont cook or I havent the time to cook. They end up living on junk food and miss the taste of freshly prepared meals and the social interaction that goes with it. When CDAP opens .a lot of my kitchen equipment will be upgraded

  25. Thanks for that story Erline. It is always a good reminder to not ever take life for granted. We cloud our mind and heart with so many things that need to be done to make our lives work, now and in the future, that we, too often, forget to see and take time to appreciate what is right before us.

  26. Great blog and a great reminder Erline. I have been in that frame of mind the last few years to Make the Chili All my close, long time friends and family live in other states, my main contact is phone calls or messaging. When ever anyone sends me something or calls I stop and give them my full attention. I have no idea how much time we have and I want to enjoy them as long as possible. I have a few close neighbors, one of them has been wheel borrowing yards and yards of dirt to his backyard for a new lawn, I literally Made the Chili for him so he wouldn’t have to make his own dinner, he loved it and made his life a little easier. Our attitude, attention and help go a long way to make others feel appreciated or loved!

  27. This is a beautiful metaphor for life, Erline! While I was reading it, a few memories flashed through my head that felt like I hadn’t taken enough time to “make the chili”. While the memories mostly involve loved ones that have passed on, or are no longer an active part of my life, I’m reminded that there are still plenty of people for whom I could do something to brighten their lives in some way. It’s a bittersweet, poignant reminder that, although we cannot go back and add to our previous stories, we can always carry our lessons forward into the stories we are creating. And of course, that absolutely applies to how we approach our business with Compumatrix (especially with our fellow family/members!).

  28. Thank you Erline, I think I need to go make Chili right away. You do have to have balance and life. The blog made me think of canning with my Grandma. I loved using the strainer with that big wooden smasher. My favorite part of it all. Plus that’s where Mason got his name from the Mason jars and now he watching us all from heaven. I know he’s pushing to get us all going!

  29. Thank you Erline for your blog. It made me smile as it reminded me of when for some years I was performing on stage in the local amateur operatic society musical. The director said one evening before the show. “I will give a prize to the one who smiles the most on stage, as you all look so serious”. I was the one who won the prize. A smile makes such a difference to those around us and when I surround myself with smiling people, I feel on top of the world.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing your story. I had no idea you were a talented singer! Your story made me smile and feel very blessed to have you among our membership. These blogs here at Compumatrix has brought our so many who share a piece of themselves. I see from your photo that you are still smiling which is such a blessing to all who know you. Hugs

  30. Liked your blog very much Erline. I agree with all of what you said. Lets make Chili!!
    Even today with Covid19 you can smile and a lot of people do not. When you smile you can see it in your eyes even if you can not see you smile on your face. Been here a long time
    with Compumtrix and I believe! You can not be around negative people they just bring you down. When I was in school and I was not smiling everybody thought I was sick, so I liked to smile and everybody knew that! Just being positive!! I have always taken care of myself last,
    but now that I am retired I take the time to take care of me. I love Chili I do not make it hot just tasty and full of flavor.

  31. Erline this a hearting read, a simple example of being gracious and kind in the face of our digressions. Selfishness is never the best attribute. Life is short, and I try to encourage my children and grandchildren to be considerate; it is not all about you, and it is more rewarding to put others before ourselves. The story may appear to be simple, but the message is loud and clear and very potent. We lose loved ones unexpectedly or after a battle with their health. We always regret or wish we had given them one more hug or cooked that last meal for them even if we didn’t feel well. It makes us stop and think, to be aware of what we want compared to what is best for our love ones.

  32. just a fantastic read and interesting how so much of life or many parts of everyday just fall into the thought process of this blog and the replies fit so well — do not have the overall absolutes but dadgum gonna make the Chili and share — much appreciation to this great Company of Good Hearts here — rj

  33. Erline, thank you for the remainder of what is important in life! I know I have not always shown gratitude for what I have and have not always appreciated my loved ones as I should. Life goes by so fast, and it costs nothing to smile at someone you meet and say a kind word. From now on, my loved ones will get hugs every time I meet them.

  34. I do understand the analogy of Making the Chili but when it relates to my family or friends and putting them in the same sentence as Compumatrix, I think I am going to have to Make the Chili when Compumatrix opens and give it to them to eat while I am explaining why every second word I am using is WoooooHooooo!

  35. That is so funny Vee! I am sure there will be many that are waiting for that day also. The funniest part is that those family members will need to line up to make you that chili. It is actually sad to think that some can’t see the forest for the trees. You have seen and believed so your business is ready when the company has done its part. Congratulations! Hugs

  36. Wonderful post Erline. Loved it. The main ingredients for my perfect Chili is a Positive ATTITUDE alone with GRATITUDE and LOVE. The points that you made are excellent
    and I am going to improve my chili and share it with all my people. Thanks for your

  37. This article helped to bring focus on what is really important in life while we have chance to do so. It is a reminder to take the time to make memories in life that will be important to have been known by or for. I am glad that Compumatrix has provided an opportunity to be the basis of making more important memories that will benefit our families and others.

  38. It ironic for me to say that I am the chili-maker within the household and I appreciate being known for it and making it for the household. There have been times when I may have preferred to eat something else, but I will go ahead and make the chili if the household prefers it and it makes everyone happy.

  39. Hi Erline, this is a good read and gives me confidence in what I have been doing over these years building this which is mine. I have been called a fool for my strong belief. I have been able to get some family to step in, unfortunately they didn’t have my patience. I was able to get one to understand as I “Made the Chili”. She’s still here and we work together to get it done and pick up what we don’t understand

  40. Thank you for a most wonderful article! This Christmas is turning out to be filled with amazing gifts. First, there is the gift of Compumatrix, which offers the greatest gift, Hope. Then there is the gift of the people; I have never met an unkind person involved with Compumatrix. Recently my husband and myself were diagnosed with Covid-19, so the comments about making chili rang all too true. Looking down at the positive test result, I was suddenly confronted with my own mortality. Thankfully we are both doing well, staying at home with Covid-19. Our only symptoms are a cough and a runny nose. Our daughter has been delivering food for us since we cannot go out. Thank you, Lord, for those who care enough to “make the chili.”

  41. just a great read and so much to put into perspective — and in retrospect looking at the fact that each of us are just a drop in the scope of Life — having lost Family thru time do realize the mortality of Making the Chili — do wish would have realized so many of these Recipes earlier in life — God bless n Thank you EM — rj

  42. Great blog Erline, yes why not, just make that chili. I just made chili on Monday of this week, the spicier the better. I LOVE CHILI. Thinking about our business here, I will wait until we are seeing the results we are waiting for almost 6 years, and then only I can share it again, family and friends don’t want to talk about it anymore nor willing to learn yet, but I’m so ready to serve up some Crow Pie LOL. I’m waiting for the to come when I say I told you so.

  43. What a beautiful story Erline , kind of made my eyes leak . Some of what you were posting took me back to my child hood ..Funny what can trigger a memory. Go figure. I read it twice just to let it all sink in .

  44. this conversation is so touching — it is about the Heart and Truth and honestly as each of us Breathe in and then exhale — all I can do is Smile — I have read this several times over and it is still sinking in !!! so much Joy !! and so much Appreciation !! rjh

  45. Hi Erline,
    I have only just come across this blog, and I have to agree with others who have commented that it sends such a positive, but thought-provoking message.
    It is absolutely correct that we all take our time for granted, and don’t always stop to make time for those around us. We are usually so wrapped up in our daily routines we forget to look up at what is going on around us.
    Your blog has certainly made me think, and will alter my day ahead in a positive way.
    Thank you.

  46. Thank you for this wonderful post, Erline. In a life in which there always seems to be so much to do and accomplish in a day, it’s such an important reminder for us all. It’s also so important to remember this with our children (and for those who are lucky enough to have them, grandchildren!) as they are growing up, as their childhood goes by so fast and we can never reclaim those years. With my own sons, I’ve always felt the most important thing of all is to express how much I love them and how proud of them I am – and, yes, definitely to keep remembering to ‘make the chili’. What a great story!

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