Marketing the unconventional way

A few years back, I was returning my native village to the city by my car. The sun dawned and night took the place of day light. As I was approaching the city, I saw a big crowd assembled at a busy junction, all looking towards the sky. Everyone is asking the other as to what happened and why they are looking at the sky. By the side of this big crowd, a little away from the junction, there was a makeshift stage and some people are arranging some products on tables that were arranged on that makeshift stage.

Coming to the crowd again, the crowd started growing and there was literally a traffic jam in that junction. The traffic polices entered the scene and started asking the assembled crowd, as to why they assembled there and why they are looking at the sky. Everyone started telling that they are looking at the sky, because people who gathered there prior to them were looking at the sky. Finally the police reached the center of the crowd. They asked the person looking intently at the sky, “Hey, what are you seeing in the sky?”

That fellow replied, “Sir, when I started at my village, the moon was seen in my village. After reaching the city, when I saw the sky, I was surprised that the moon came along with me and I could see the moon here also. The police and the crowd got a mixed feeling of joy and anger and on the orders of police started moving away.

At this time an irresistible offer started coming out of the speakers kept on the makeshift stage. Most of the crowd moved towards the makeshift stage. The company who used this method to collect the crowd started promoting their products. Like everything is fair in love and war, every legal method is fair in marketing.

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Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. what a great post Murali and at 60+ — I actually have a comprehension of what You are talking about — Life is such a Majestic and so Often Peculiar happening — we as People should always be searching for purposes and in my own thought process Truth — i truly believe that TRUTH is most Important in all I do and I believe You are working towards that same type Purpose in all you do — Great Read Sir — God bless and stay True n Happy — rjh

  2. Good analogy Krish! I can see many businesses who now are presenting themselves with new thought and new looks to coincide with the changes on the horizon. Compumatrix has been and still is leading the way with new ideas and ways of bringing those ideas across to the masses. Our futures here look better than ever before because WE are willing and able to “roll with the flow”.

  3. Krish, this reminds me of a story my husband told me. One time he was visiting New York with a friend that had never been there before. She was gawking up at the sky and the tops of the buildings. He told her to stop gawking because she looked like a “damm touri”!

    When you think about it, these “touri” (tourist) get hit every day with the electronic billboards on the side of the buildings “while they are gawking”.

  4. Great thought provoking blog! This goes to the thought process that people don’t want to be left out of the newest greatest thing going on in society. People might not know why they want something but they know they don’t want to be left out of that some thing.
    I believe this is very similar to crypto. Many people are not even slightly informed of how it works, what it does, and what it can do for them. The future looks bright with adoption of crypto‘s and at one point everybody’s going to want in just because others are.

  5. since I got started back into this part — I love coming back and reading the Blog again and also the replies from different folks from all over the world and get their perspective on what they read also and so many great ideas and thoughts are part of this re-reading and researching — i do not a reason to stop Thank you All —

  6. Nice post Murali ! Its amazing how marketers will use anything and everything, honest, and dishonest, just to get people to glance at their ads in hope that they might read, or listen on further. I am shocked at all the snail mail that I get and the wording on the outside of them just to try and get me to open it. Nothing is changing. I am glad, that we here at Compumatrix have something real and tangible, and will not have to rely on any gimmicks like that.

  7. I can still hear the words: “9 out of 10 Doctors recommend Lucky Strikes”

    Those commercials that used those words haven’t run in nearly 50 years. I can still see the lady with a black eye holding her Tarrington cigarettes with the caption: “I’d rather fight than switch”.

    The power of Marketing, conventional or not is a remarkable thing. Over the years, we lost the concept of conventional. If it pulls the prospects, it has promise. Lately, I have seen breathe taking advertisements. However, what is the value of something that is breathe taking when you vividly remember the advertisement but can not recall what the product was that was associated with the ad?

    1. Stephen, I had to laugh when reading your response. I also remember that commercial all these years later. There is some marketing advertising that gets very frustrating when the product or service is presented over and over again to the point of bringing a negative reaction. Branding is key to being remembered in any arena. Remember Kleenex? To this day I call all tissue Kleenex. Bottom line is that the brand has to become a household name.

  8. That is a great way to give an analogy of a marketing strategy. All products and services need a “hook” to attract the masses to their businesses/products. Something as simple as this example drew the crowd. Getting the attention is the beginning foundation in the presentation to take a company to the next level. Making a grand entrance need not be elaborate but leaving a lasting impression is extremely important.

  9. holy cow — Steven my Dad used to smoke those lucky strikes — dies 12 years back of lung cancer courtesy of those 9 out of 10 commercials and so much Marketing and Salesmanship — it fascinates me now to go through regular tv and see the major changes in hollywood and tv commercials fitting this new age global unity or as i call it liberal socialism — and to all the Dads here Happy Dads’ Day

  10. I really admire marketing professionals, as GOOD professionals have incredible ways to attract the attention of the consumer and be able to sell the product or service.

  11. I enjoyed reading this article. This kind of marketing reminds me of stories my dad told me about how when I was little, my family and I would go out to the lakefront for a free concert sponsored by a casino. The stage would be set up right in front of the casino. Then after the concert finished, everyone would go into the casino for drinks or to play some slots before heading home. A business is a business – businesses want to make money, so they take whatever marketing measures necessary to gain the most profits.

  12. The way I look at it is you do what you have to do to drive traffic to your business. Initially, all it takes is for one person to be interested and then after that more people start to get interested. If it takes one person to say a thought provoking statement to get someone else to think and then bump into the thing a person is trying to sell, so be it.

  13. yeppers came back and read this posting again and still am learning — in business whether on or offline you must have a proverbial Hook or Selling point to bring the business to your ” door ” perse’ — and i look at regular tv now and see tremendous political correct change in the new advertising — and it does have a hook for me I stopped watching — lol and it also allows me to streamline my own interests and get back to important — its like in a free society less govt. regs better your Freedom — less tv better Life — jmho —

  14. In my opinion, do whatever it takes to bring potential customers in to buy stuff. I find that many times people are shy in asking for things, marketing themselves, or taking an action that will benefit themselves. If someone has to make a thought provoking comment on something out of the ordinary to draw customers, so be it. Happy marketing!

  15. Marketing is something of precision. You can have the greatest advertisement but produce no sales. I remember my mom pointing out a commercial on TV many years ago. She said the commercial was so cute and totally described it. When I asked her what the product was, she didn’t have a clue. The cuteness of the commercial may have brought in the eyes but no one opened their wallets. The commercial did not link well to the product.

  16. The best marketers have great imaginations I like some of the Geico commercials they are hilarious and liberty mutual to. I think the Engage, Enrich, Enhance is a great market tool for compumatrix it says it all and it will work out the order it is in if you use the tools given to you.

  17. Thank you, Krish, sometimes. You have to think outside the box. I’m sure when Henry mentioned his plan, some were scratching their heads while others leaped in. I would have been a leaper.

  18. Murali, Very interesting article! Unconventional marketing method costs very little,it is presented to the people in a very eye-catching way so that people will be attracted to it,unconventional is a creative marketing tool,use for small business,the  compumatrix business is so strong, true, real and genuine business,which is progressing with success,a transparent business that people are moving towards,a light for the future.

  19. this is such a good read and makes the thoughts come alive in the marketing arena and then ideas for products and how to get the masses interested and involved in the market — I look past the now and see the future of a few new things with a twist or 2 and sales will happen — Compumatrix is also part of this just great thoughts n thanks again Krish —

  20. watching this take place over the last bit of time and knowing how close the answers are and the techniques being used –it is such a fascinating thought process and the marketing involved –it is just a wow factor and moment — much appreciation truly —

  21. Whatever works is a good way. As long as the offer is as it is made out to be in the promo. the best marketing techniques are the most creative ones. We all need to look outside the box when promoting anything we do.

  22. Marketing the unconventional way. What a interesting way with words you have there Murali.
    Your words in your blog are just beautiful and they really got your point accross to me in a very interesting way.good job Murali ..I will look forward to reading more of your beautiful blogs.

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