Memory Lane

Today my purpose is to stir our memory and then to remind ourselves why we are here. It is sort of like a reconciliation of our mindset or rather the impetus of thought that inspired us for joining this “company” way back when. What was it? What is your memory of it?

I know for many it was the underlying thought that I am seeking? some program among the multitude offered back 10-11 years ago, that would help me get out of my difficult situation or help me improve my economic situation. Or, plain and simple, a supplement to my meager income of that time. The reality was I was searching for some, any program, that would help “rescue me”, one that would most likely only require passive participation of me. Part of that continuing mindset was because we had engaged maybe one or more of the offerings of that day on the internet.

There were so many out there, we had tried several and we would like to try more with the hope of landing the real “helping, rescuing me one. Is this close to your mindset 10-11 years ago? You were looking for something easy from which to acquire money and not something that required too much work, if any, much less the activity in doing a business or having such a mindset.

For many, if not the majority, this was the goal and the thinking process that helped make the decision of what program to follow and implement for myself. For most, it was not seeking out a company with which I could partner and then become a business myself using their protocols and platform. And yes, I understand that over the years much has changed from that first program you joined. But reflect on how many of those HYIP programs you joined or thought to join are existing much less operating today.

It is unfortunate that for many that is still the incumbent deciding factor (HYIP) of their continued pursuit of this Company “Compumatrix” and it is not really to become their own business with an inner motivation to make strides for success and also to motivate others to do the same. If that is you, how unfortunate, since the opportunity that today’s financial world offers is to made and to develop this new Eco world to fit our companies future and prospect for great and then greater success. There has never been a time in this global atmosphere of currency than the one of today that can make this really work for everyone’s success. The world of the Digital currency, the Cryptocurrency, the Decentralized and the Blockchain. In this new world possible changes and tweaks, -probable, minor adjustments to protocols and processes -probable even some of major degree again -probable but the underlying goals, structures and foundations are solid for today’s Eco world.

While I, overall, really understand that primary involving mindset for many that started, do find it disappointing that still for so many it appears to remain being that whole single idea and complete goal to just get (not really earn) a little bit of supplementing income and not much more. The consequence of this mindset has been the steady impetus of personal lacking and wanting among so many members and then followed by the growing dependence on this company rather than themselves to make their ends meet at the end of the day, the week, the month, the year. Yes, many of the circumstances of these members are sad, unfortunate and even distressing and yet would they be in any different state or at least a little different state if one would take the term Compumatrix out of the equation in the totality of their life, unlikely.

So, we do understand all these situations and stresses that each individual member faces. Nevertheless, everyone MUST re-direct their mindset and begin with an earnest commitment to adapt to the parameters and protocols of our business Compumatrix. While it has changed on several levels, one thing is certain it is still here and pushing ahead toward a successful future for everyone. As a business, each member can set themselves to earn, however the will, the motivation, the internal fortitude is something all must personally synchronize to the mind set of their realizing ” I can earn” from this platform offered to me, if only I decide to work it and develop it as my separate business. This means that you must realize and entertain the real value of your product. We must realize and agree that Compumatrix is not at all at fault for the conditions of where each of us are today in our life’s journey. Now it, Compumatrix, does help in the area of hope for the future, of faith that something good is coming into my life and that of engendering the atmosphere of family, whether a member is good or bad in their behavior or attitude.

We must believe in the future, for if we do not then we are dead and paralyzed in the state of present living and our tomorrows will never come, and that wonderful future will never materialize.

In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend to you and encourage you to read the latest offering from the Chairperson’s Corner. It will give a further nuts and bolts idea of the struggle our company has been dealing with in its push to succeed for our future.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. There are a lot of lessons that we have learned over the past few years. There have also been a lot of good and bad experiences. I think the most important thing about all that we have done and been through is that we use them as learning experiences that propel us forward to bigger and better;.

  2. It’s amazing how you mentioned those HYIP programs, that WENT just as fast as they CAME. With all the programs that I was involved in trying to make money on the internet back in 2006, only one of them lasted 3 years. That was the longest. Most never saw the 1 year mark. That 3 year company did pay out, and did pay out well, but then it had to close Now 14 years later, WE Compumatrix are still here and going strong. Longevity in ANYTHING is such a stabilizing factor.

  3. This post brought back a lot of memories for me. I went through years and years of trying out so called ‘businesses’ online and I never made a cent! Not one!! I actually have a folder on my PC in the archives, named Dead and Gone and inside that folder are 48 other folders of businesses I joined in the hope of replacing my portfolio that crashed and burned in 2008. I eventually gave up trying and one day I got a Skype call from a very excited friend who told me that she logged into this business that she had totally forgotten about and she had $10,000 in her account!! And she hadn’t bothered with it for the past 2 years, thinking it would go the way of the countless others, and while she was ignoring it all her VPC cards had been sold and she was really happy. Needless to say I was piffed into Compumatrix and even though it has been through some ups and downs getting started again, there is nowhere else I would rather be!

  4. Yes what a roller coaster ride it has been, I was in over a 150 programs and was ripped off over and over until I found compumatrix which was not called compumatrix yet, it was the only company I trusted because it was paying,I even talked to the founder of the company many times on the phone and the sincerity of his vision to help others to make money online was absolute so I stuck with it all this time because I knew in my heart this would be the best program on the net once he figured out how to put it all in place and get it rolling like a well oiled machine.

  5. This trip down memory lane was worthwhile. It is a great reminder of how much we as members have endured, while Compumatrix has evolved. Many changes have been required to get things to where they are today and that is the place that we all deserve to be. Having the right mindset is critical for the success of this company long-term.

  6. I apologize ahead of time for getting a little off the subject here.

    In case you were wondering what it is like to be at the top of the Compumatrix pile, re-read David’s post at the top of this page.

    I’m aware that as a rookie here I have a lot to learn about Cryptos, but having been in a leadership role as a former Hotel Manager, Director of Operations, Sales Manager, etc., you have to put up with a lot of guff from those who just pop in with a suggestion or want an answer to a question that for reasons of a Proprietary nature cannot be answered at this time or maybe never. Be nice to the ladies, they are not doormats! You know who I am talking about.

    As the saying goes somedays: “it’s stinks to be me!” To which I say “don’t kill the messenger.”

    I watch a lot of people in our group popping off about everything, mostly “when do we start?” Soon, is truly the answer. Like it or not! No, I hate seeing any kind of negative answer however, there is not much of a choice in the short answers you feel are just a diversion to make you go away. Back to the messenger statement. The go betweens, the group and the folks trying to clear the way for us to start, have their hands full with regulations: that change from country to country, dealing with the banks and financial institutions, setting up many different trading issues, keeping our products at value or above and what if’s along with daily.

    It’s a big job and while many of us are patiently waiting for the key to go in the ignition, we hold our heads up and dig in so we can be ready to go when this machine starts it’s forward progression.

    Sounds like Cheerleading? Well it is.

    The reality of all that is going on around us and quietly in the background is indeed very close at hand. Understanding that I am talking to some great people who have been here for years waiting. If I, the new guy, can see it all coming together, so should you. Being totally negative can ruin us and quickly. Be patient, I know it’s hard, but it has to be.

    It’s like the telephone game. One person puts it out that there is a problem and by the time the 10th person repeats the issue, it has grown to the size of a herd of Wildebeasts on the run. Forget the issue after the 20th person passes along what they think they understand. It’s now a massive Glacier moving quickly to destroy all in it’s path. David should not have to come in and voice his concerns about bad behavior. He’s much more patient than I would be in his position with the company.

    Be nice and at least be accurate when you have a question or statement. This is a business and every time you post something it goes around, and watch out for the Wildebeasts, they bite and will run you over.

  7. I am soooo glad that I landed on my feet here at Compumatrix. Like several of the other comments above, I have been in and out of many online business pursuits with nothing to show for it. Although friends have asked me over the years why I still believe in Compumatrix, I will stick to it like super glue.

    This morning on a YouTube video, someone was talking about this new app for investing in stocks. I shook my head and said softly to myself: “years ago, except for me, there goes I”. Meaning: these people will ultimately crash and burn just as I did back in the day!

    I have several future plans as well but instead of jumping in and out as I did in the past, I have studied these plans over several years and now, I am ready to make some moves, but slowly.

  8. Just as my husband stated in his comment, I (also) am so glad we landed on this island called COMPUMATRIX. Why do I call it an island? To me COMPUMATRIX is an island in the middle of the sea where all the “other” islands were “fake” islands. When the weight got too heavy, these other island sank below the sea.

    As David said in his post, Everyone must re-direct their mindset. The reality of this statement hits home as we stroll down MEMORY LANE where we began to grow as the COMPUMATRIX FAMILY.

  9. Great Post David, My thoughts..Memories


    Down memory Lane, I remember those early days, those day’s of remembrance.
    I remember the time in the year Approx 2000 I met a guy by the name of Steve on line, he told me to join a Program that would make me rich slowly. In those day’s everybody was trapping people into the get rich quick Schemes!!.

    Hmmmm!, i said to myself that’s different…so I went to the web site, joined the forum and met owner Henry James. A warm welcome. He was Happy to know someone from down under. He explained the concept, told me it would cost $99.00 and he would turn that into something that would last me for the rest of my life…I Thought about it for a few minutes, “Henry let me think about that…”Ok He said, You want to know how I’m going to do that ?”

    “Well, Henry that’s a lot of money to take out of Aunty Janices Pension Account, my wife”…. He Laughed, Well I use FOREX, I’m A professor of “IT” Technology at our local University…”Henry you have won me, how can I resist that…l.o.l….Those were the early days, I have many Memories. Wonderful dedication of one man that could see a vision for the UNBANKED.And the future for many people struggling.

  10. it is a great read and the replies are also and I have not been around like Alan but have been here at what is now Compumatrix but also have to add that even though we have not got through all the humps of actually running a paying and successful business many of us old timers have put forth a ton of effort and time to learn and try and get to the finish line but that line has moved more than once — but still here trying and hoping —

    1. Uncle , after reading your post more memories are coming back , since you where the one that introduced me to Compumatrix 14 years ago. You also made us join many others so called programs during that time witch all have gone down the drain in the meantime , except Compumatrix. Yes we had some fun times on our own forum at that time , but i never thought after all those years we would still be together in this . The best has still to come once all is sorted out.

  11. As I read more articles about Compumatrix, I learn about the rich history of the company. All of the struggles this company has gone through to get to where it is now is a remarkable achievement. From my understanding, soon, Compumatrix will provide people with the opportunity to make significant amounts of money if they have enough courage, passion, and knowledge to utilize this platform to further them in life.

  12. Wow, does this ever bring many memories of all the gold games with egold, ebullion and others at the time…Most were scams and ponzi schemes. I am so glad someone brought me into Compumatix as this is a great company with many opportunities and will be around for many generations…

  13. I had forgotten the gold ponzi games and so many of the other scams of the 90s and also 2000s — I do remember now how gullible and sometimes desperate I was back in those days — it is from those errors in judgements and not doing the proper Due Diligence that I did teach my child how not to be taken — and also now at my age I do not jump at all and I read and study and study and read more before I go anywhere now — and I am also very much appreciative that Compu has proven to be that Authentic — rj

    1. What a deep blog with such an earnest theme. To believe in something while striving for an end goal is what the early pioneers of Compumatrix seemed to have engrained in their minds early on. While struggling with the ups and downs of a startup they seem to have carved out a niche in the crypto space that is coming together as something that has been planned for a very long time. Yet new technologies present, the integration of original ideas combined with fortitude and passion have held the course. I’m proud to be a part of the future and the future is now!

  14. I was not around when Compumatrix first got started, but Compumatrix has been around for over a decade and it does not look like it is going anywhere. Compumatrix started humbly with HYIP programs, but has developed and expanded into an even bigger platform with more users. As Compumatrix continues tweaking its platform; I will continue growing my knowledge so I can be ready!

  15. yes reading and reading again as often as you enjoy will be a big benefit in the overall understanding of what we as entrepreneurs here hope to accomplish and Davids’ insights are just awesome and going thru memory lanes of here have been truly gratifying and to see how far we have grown is amazing — keep on keeping on and work honest and earnest and our success is already among us —

  16. Yes, Compumatrix has been the greatest gift in my life. As my own disappointments have turned into my patience and the love of all members. I have loved observing birthdays, anniversaries, babies, children, art, photos of traveling, healing, hopes, dreams, and death. I learned that the now moment, present, is the only way to experience joy and beauty. That is life and love. Thank you Compumatrix. What a journey!

  17. This brings back a lot of good and also not so good memories I think the later was the winner in the end. Yes i made some money with some of the HYIP , some just to brake even and with some others lost it all, but in the end really nothing big since i was also very cautious to invest more money then i was willing to loose at the end. So fare only 2 survived including Compumatrix . Hope one day it will bring the rewards we are all hoping fore and yes Compumatrix was paying at the beginning and once all is worked out it may be the best we have ever seen. .

  18. It so amazing to see the company has grown so much and achieved so many things. We even beat COVID19. We as a company are still here so it has been great. The ups and downs have always leveled out. I believe the company gets stronger with every set back because we all learn just how amazing we all are and how much we’ve grown. I’m excited and happy for us all.

  19. Great blog and I can recognize myself in so many things that was mentioned.
    I’m very passive when it comes to talking in Discord forum but I do follow the steps being guided out by our admin.
    I too see a brighter future coming for us 🙂

  20. Great blog and I can recognize myself in so many things that was mentioned.
    I’m very passive when it comes to talking in Discord forum but I do follow the steps being guided out by our admin.
    I too see a brighter future coming for us 🙂

  21. this is such a good read to put into perspective the overall gist of our Compu Biz — and realize just how much has happened changed evolved over the past 15 or so years and how maybe at points we have done things like the hyips and other get rich quik schemes thru time but understanding the speed of the Crypto worlds moves and ever increasing complexities unless you stay up on the evolutions — reading this and others here are a big help —

  22. Great blog David,A very beautiful memory,I would like to say here that compumatrix is a very valuable asset to me and I consider it the greatest happiness of my life,over time, this great business has grown in faith and trust,my sixth sense always told me to always be positive about the compumatrix  business.

  23. Well, it is true that I joined Compumatrix looking for a home based business that would I would be able to work at from home and make me more independent. I was tired of doing and making money for others. I thought it was my time. I am happy that I have stayed with them through all of the growth pains and am now looking at the success of this business.

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