Merlin’s beard! Galleons on the DEX

As an avid fan of Harry Potter books, there’s nothing more magical among magical coins than the Galleon.

Blockchain technology has made the Galleon more secure, eliminating control from the goblins of Hogwarts or the middle earth and their dragon-slaves (Yeah! I feel bad for those dragons beyond the tunnels underground.)

Seriously, the Galleon token can thrive given that there is a potential community that could support and make use of it: The Pottermore Community.

Let’s dive into the figures.

The Pottermore community boasts an average of roughly 3 Million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to Scholastic, more than 400 million copies of Harry Potter titles have been sold worldwide, and they’ve been translated into 68 languages.

73,472,003 ‘likes’ the Facebook page Harry Potter Movie.

This is going to be a perfect virtual novelty item for all the fans to collect and use at the same time. Pair it with an app? And you’re in business.

Another notable feature is that there’s only 5,000 Galleons released upon the Muggle world every two years on every 31st day of July (Harry Potter & JK Rowling’s birthday) in the form of a cryptocurrency residing on the Bitshares platform. There’s only 1 Million Galleons that will ever grace the Bitshares blockchain and that would take 400 years to give out.

Now that’s truly what we can call “magic internet money.”

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Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. J.K Rowling asked What is Bitcoin ?
    It is a large fan community that I wish to see earning Galleons that only Compumatrix holds and distributes

  2. What a brilliant idea. To make a Galleon coin and tie it directly into a massive community that already exists. It would be like making a new super fantastic golf ball made available to all the golfers in the world. How big is the golfing community world wide ? Add Facebook to all of that, and your have something that can easily be mass adopted. Time will tell, to see where this actually goes.

  3. I am a huge Harry Potter Fan and I would love to own some Galleon. I love the whole concept of distribution in small quantities once a year and I do believe it would be a huge hit amongst the fans. We would all be fighting over them (pushing the price up of course!)! Richtisempra!! Alohamora!!

    1. I am a very huge Henry potter fan as well , even at my age , Life would be boring if one does not believe in magic. Magic is what you believe in and over a very long time I still believe in Henrys Magic and what he believes ..Henry is now Bringing on the Magic of Compumatrix.

  4. I am not a harry potter fan never have watched any of the movies or read any of the books or marketing products to further the name but honestly seeing this article and knowing people have their hidden passions and their side thoughts like me my comic books of a day gone by — I still watch marvel movies — probably should not but it is who I am — thank you will research

  5. This is why I love Bitshares/Compumatrix! The innovative ideas that form everyday on this platform are brilliant and have the ability to change the world. This is a perfect entrepreneurial idea that can 1.) make money and 2.) boost the popularity of Bitshares/Compumatrix! Thank you for sharing this idea and I will have to try and come up with ideas like this one!

  6. For all Harry Potter fans who are reading this, you may be happy to learn that GALLEON cryptocurrency already exists and is available for purchase on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange. If you want to buy some then you can set up a free DEX account on the Compumatrix DEX site.

    But first, you will need to buy some BTS, which is the core currency of the Bitshares platform. You can buy BTS on many different cryptocurrency exchanges; Once you have some BTS, you can use it to purchase your very own GALLEON cryptocurrency or any other asset on the DEX.

  7. Well I have to say I have never read a Harry Potter book or watched the movie series. But it certainly does seem like a fitting analogy. One would think that cryptocurrency is magic unless they take the time to read and understand the legitimacy of Bitcoin and other digital assets. The finite numbers of Bitcoin that will be produced is one of the most exciting features of this deflationary asset!

  8. I love this ideal I have read all the Harry Potter books and what a great concept. To have access to money at certain intervals would nave an impact on those that tend to live beyond their means. In other words a person cannot spend money that is not there. I know, that is somewhat of an oxymoron since people already live that way. But if you think about it people live their lives that way now. Spending more then they have, credit cards, personal loans and same-as-cash offers. Being that the GALLEON can only be accessible every 2 yrs in Harry Potter but not in Compumatrix and if all the Harry Potter fans bought up some GALLEON I believe it could really take off great blog!

  9. I had not thought too much as I entered the Compu world many years ago and then i started reading the blogs here and now to see how much the potter franchise is a vital part of what we are accomplishing here and the MimbleWimble n Galleons and the fact they are limited in their access and that makes the value stronger and same with BTC with only a certain total amount that will be mined – I am understanding more and getting a bit more excited quietly anyways — lol

  10. Galleon is so interesting! I think integrating a familiar coin name into the cryptocurrency world is a great idea! This makes the mainstream crowd more interested in learning what cryptocurrency is and how it works all while having a familiar name associated with a beloved film to comfort them through the process. Genius!

  11. here it is a couple months after reading this blog on galleons and the potter world — reading the other blogs and replies on how the crypto world has incorporated the potter universe into its finances and structures — will literally watch and hopefully learn what i need to make my own individual part a success — it is fascinating at the very least to see this be utilized globally — great read and thought provoking —

  12. Interesting blog.Galleon is in circulation specially in UK.the coins are also sold on Ebay. However there are a lot of forgeries,fake coins in circulation so be careful if you intend to buy any.The Galleon has lower value coins called Sickles and Knuts.I for one will stay with the Galleon Crypto currency and Compumatrix has that as one of the assets in Dex.

  13. Majic internet money? Just when you think you can’t confuse yourself any more than you already are, there it goes again. Someone once said that you can not spend money that is not there. Well, that is just not true. I seem to do it every week without any help from family or friends. All I need is a computer or an I-phone or an I-pad or an I-anything. Then find a sentence that starts with “crypto” or “blockchain” or “Galleon” or any strange looking word that has a “majic” look to it and you are in business. It is the most incredible concept I have ever encountered. Don’t take my word for it, just take a stab at it.  Don’t worry that the Galleon can only be accessible every 2 hours in Harry Potter but not in Compumatrix and if all the HarryPotter fans bought up some Galleon, I believe it could really take off. Confused? Yeah, me too!!
    So, this is the point where you might want to stop and ask a Compumatrix member that is really smart, like Kevin B. or Gail what the heck any of this means. Then you will know that you are either on to something or another idiot has lost his mind. Kevin, you are worth every nickel I have ever paid you. Sending best wishes from way down deep in the rabbit hole!!……. What the ____???

  14. got to love the truth and honesty when you read replies in so many of blog postings — I do agree with so much of the outlooks from so many as I try and actually understand all this Crypto n Cyber world for that matter — and how so much is intertwined and yeppers so much in truth to look for Pros in the fields and areas we can not seem to grasp — it is amazing and true —

  15. Very interesting blog Henry, I think we enjoy learning about all cryptocurrencies and especially Galleon.Like Kevin told us how to buy Galleon. The company that introduces various cryptos to the world is compumatrix. Thank you for an informative blog.

  16. It has been a long time since I read a fairy tale book and I never read Harry Potter. But I understand that Harry Potter is popular given that those books have been translated into so many languages. Hopefully, all Harry Potter fans will recognize the galleons token, become interested in Compumatrix assets and eventually become members.

  17. Thank you for this interesting Blog Henry,and good to know we can buy Galleons in the Dex. It seems worth a buy as we see the rise in most crypto currencies,and specially the cryptos introduced by Henry in Compumatrix will surely rise in value,God Willing.

  18. Thank you, Henry, for the great blog. I loved the books, so having Galleon is kinda cool. I remember my son in 3rd grade carrying that big book back and forth home from school. He loved them all. His photographic memory was eager for information even then. Now he reads the law and knows it in his head like a book. It’s amazing he’s so gifted. I would love to have that brain.

  19. Thrilled that we have such a fun name for GBP or Sterling. My daughter was and still is a huge Harry Potter fan. I am so looking forward to the opening of our fully functional business so that we can do as Coky says and get all those HP fans in on the Galleons and beyond!!

  20. Thank you for the article great read as usual. I was just watching the entire series of Harry potter this weekend and knew I had heard of the Galleons before. I own 7 galleons and have been trying to look into as many different cryptocurrencies as I can to try and stay on top of it.

    1. I have a few Galleons … but the connection between Harry Potter and the crypto ,I never made the connection .THanks for sharing this interesting Story Henry. I will look into it some more. Like you Tracy , I try to keep up with what is taking place in the crypto world and our cryptos on the dex and have a few .

  21. These are the coins we look for. Ones with scarcity and longevity. And who wouldn’t want to have a ‘piece’ of Harry Potter history 🙂

  22. I am a Harry Potter fan, read and have all the books. Have seen and have all the movies and as a bonus have Galleons as well 🙂

  23. I am a Herry Potter fan , big time. I never knew the connection between Gallion and Henry Potter. quite the interesting crypto on the DEX . story … magic internet money , now that is a fun and interesting story of the connection, I sure will look closer into this .and I Can’t remember if I have some of that or not. Going to take a look. If not ..I will.

  24. I think I will be a fan of Harry Potter forever. I watch the whole saga at least once a year. I need to reread the books too. This saga marked and changed lives. The day I can, I’ll try to buy a galleon, just to say that I have magic money.

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