c) Transmit signals & relax

 Psychology affirms that negatives thoughts & doubts are perpetuated to the sub-conscious mind automatically. Positive thoughts have to be pushed past the conscious into the subconscious mind. So before you sleep, when you wake-up & as many times during the day, signal the mind of your needs & desire, trust me, it’ll connect you & transmute it to reality, have lived it to know it’s real & true, this doesn’t mean that on the way we don’t meet distractors and challenges but remain focused.

d) Be alert for the answers

 The moment a definite idea is transmitted to the sub-conscious mind, it is in motion, no set time for answers, they can come as a dream, a strong feeling, or a connection from an important contact or network, when on the shower, or traveling, the beauty of it is that you’ll get the signal loud and clear when it comes don’t ignore it.

Now, ever wondered what the Bible means when it says whatever you pray in faith, it’ll be given? Ever wondered how musicians get their music? Or artists get their ideas? Or great innovators create their innovations? Or great writers & authors get the storylines? Or great coaches, mentors, speakers & trainers master their control? It’s the same primary concept that millionaires use to attract and retain money & wealth. I’m so much convinced and convicted that this is what our loved professor Henry James came to be.

Anyone who understands and has mastered this concept is not worried about what happens from this corona crisis. Their business may go down, their jobs may go to the winds due to the pandemic, the stock markets may wipe away everything, but they know they’ll not only recover but create much more after, for as long as the virus doesn’t take them to the next world!

Gather your thoughts together we have had live webinars with Henry and the BOD; the key announcement is with us, the use of our DEX and CDAP is making all of us feel unease; it’s knocking every cell of our brain to some extend our sleeping patterns are no longer consistent though I don’t know the term sleep ever exist to some lol.

It’s time to focus and do what is right and not mess up with our values. I see some complaining about why we are not doing this or that. Yes, the wait has been long, but we need the rights tools, training, and the information coming forth to build our capacity to handle the next level and usher us to what we have been waiting for. The protocols are keys to our success. Let’s flow with the updates and the announcements we are getting, lets act where we are required to, and it will benefit all the community.


1) For those who imagine betting, casinos & wheeler-dealing is a path to wealth, am sorry, this isn’t for you, there is no evidence throughout history of anybody who made sustainable wealth through such means, however here locally, we have two examples, who won some good cash in betting about $2M, he had good mentors, and for a whole year he never touched that money, till he was ready with the right information and plans in place, today, he has made tremendous growth financially.

# No matter what happens dare not loose your cool & mind, stay safe!

About the author

Vincent holds a key position as the gatekeeper of the African Region, representing Compumatrix to the wider community. He holds the belief that learning never ends, in this arena being one of the Loyal member and staff, much knowledge, skills is expected to give the right direction.


  1. Hi Vincent , Nice blog , Interesting and for sure we are living in a different world and we need to protect our on line Compumatrix business . Lowering our values is not the thing to do. We learn a lot with the live webinars with Henry and the BODs; Using of our DEX and CDAP will be the key point of a successful life long at home base business for many,many years to come. Looking forward to our on going adventure with our company.

    1. Very true Nick, everyone who worked on their accounts they will be free from the money issue and also create a platform for many to come.

      1. Thank you Vincent , Been here along with this ride for many years and and worked hard and the best I could to conform with all the requirements. I would of been so lost if I did not keep up from the very start ..I am so Glad I did .
        Thanks for your Reply Vincent..

  2. No, not messing up with our Values in the DEX Vincent ,,, We all have money needs and Compumatrix is going to help so many work from home, Jobs have changed sense Covid. There are only so many work from home jobs available. This is where Compumatrix come in. There is no limit of people that can make their own Home Based business. Really looking forward to getting the CDAP up and running .. Looking good for this happening real soon. I like the way you Blog Vincent ..takes a talent to put words together to resonate with people.

    1. In agreement with you Lorna, our lives will be transformed for the better, jobs will be provided, and everyone will be busy building their nest.

  3. Thanks Vincent for the words of inspiration. I do feel all will go on no matter how things turn out with our company, whether, as you say, this pandemic takes it all away of not; Our lives will continue down the proper path for each of us, and we will do just fine.
    But, if things are meant to come to fruition and Compumatrix, and it’s people realize great things take time, and then one still has to be patient to handle wealth, then we will see absolutely great things in a whole new light of life and I know God is in it! I made up my heart this past week end to sponsor several missionaries, and try to help a few others. I do not need the money or the power, but God knows who does, and I realize so many lie to get easy money, so now we will soon see!! Thanks again!

  4. We have to have some basic core values in life to live a good and healthy life.Compumatrix has taught me a lot of patience.The members and the BOD are very supportive and encouraging.Henry is trying to establish the business which we all can work from home and make a good living -hats off to him for his perseverance.

    1. Indeed we have grown, we are still learning a lot, and I agree with you on many areas we needed direction, the vision bearer has really pushed us to see the bigger picture.

  5. Vincent, I agree that what we focus on in life is what we manifest.
    Those who grow up with the belief that the world is against them, find their lives filled with adversity and frustration. Those that have a positive outlook on life conquer adversity and know that there are good things ahead.
    You can either be a victim or a victor.

  6. Life is an interesting proposal — you will learn through time that Life is and Life is again — I enjoy reading through parts of these and then I put in perspective — Life — this reality is Life — keep Truth at the forefront and Life is — great read truly —

  7. Vincent, so much to think about concerning the choices for our lives. Thoughts and faith give us hope. Being filled with gratitude and thankful for what is to come aids in the fruition of these desires. Money is a source of energy and will stir our hearts to generate a happy life within. The power will transfer to others an enlighten us to avenues of assistance in many projects.

  8. Once Gain Vincent you put out an excellent blog for which I thank you. Well put-No matter what happens you dare not lose your cool and mind. Imagining what you want and then seeing it materialize as reality is a real Entity and should be practiced by all.It was a Vision and Imagination for Henry to create Compumarix and he has brought it to this stage against all odds by his sheer positive attitude and perseverance .

  9. You write a good blog Vincent. And how right you are. We have come this far and there is now only a little while to go before the dreams and aspirations of so many, including Henry will come to pass. For so many their lifestyles will change forever and the lies of so many others less fortunate are likely to benefit. Just stay positive and keep on believing. It will all happen very soon.

    1. Right on Patrick ..Yes we have come this far .. and it looks like we are getting so very close we want nothing or no one to screw things up now … Am staying positive , because there are so many that are working so hard to get all the ducks lined up in a row , Excited ,yes I am!

  10. So true, Thank you, Vincent. Getting your body cleaned up and focused helps a lot. Thinking of what you don’t have or thinking negatively only enhances what your chakras send out and receive. Be mindful of what your sending out because your body hears it loud and clear? Is your life a mess? What are your thoughts? It’s a struggle to stay positive sometimes. Once you open up the possibilities to bring you more happiness and positive things, they will happen.

  11. I love the Dream Henry has created with his thoughts. It’s amazing being part of all of this, and to know someone always has your back in this huge family!! We are all learning together. Thanks again Vincent.

  12. Thank you Vincent, I totally agree that our unconscious thoughts are very powerful. As someone who trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy twenty years ago and keeps me very busy helping clients to clear their unconscious blocks and negative thinking. There are wonderful techniques such as NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and visualisation which can make a powerful difference to one’s thoughts and life in a powerful way.

  13. To follow a trail, someone went before you. To blaze a trail, one has to take the first step on faith that he will succeed to where he wanted to go. Not a straight line because nothing runs straight, creating many deviations and back tracking to find a better way. We are trail blazers and have to keep up with all kinds of info for making good decision’s deciding which way to go. We keep looking ahead, overcoming the rough terrain with the cliffs, wide rivers, and caverns we need to cross, necessitating building a bridge or two so others can follow our path.

  14. Another great blog Vincent, very interesting and for sure we are living in a different world and we need to protect our Compumatrix business. I’ve learned a lot from the live webinars with Henry and the BODs, but I’m going to leave the trading to the experts. When the DEX and CDAP open it will be the key point of a successful home based base business for many years to come. Im looking forward to the opening of the CDAP which is just the BEGINNING!!

  15. I love this thought: Be alert for the answers. So many times in our panic and impatience, we get so caught up in the question that we are not looking for the answers that are practically right in front of us.If we will just stop worrying about the question and open our eyes to what is around us and the Spirit of God, our answers will certainly be found.

  16. True Vincent, the most important thing is that we are alive, God has saved us all from this plague, we pray that we are all safe, over time, we have all seen many changes in compumatrix,as you can see, all these changes are moving in a positive direction, It takes time to complete any task. As such, compumatrix is playing a huge role in making us all financially stable,patience is necessary, only then can we move towards success, that is the principle of success, I have learned from Henry and all the BODs, members to be patient and patient and thus, we can easily reach our destination,so try to get your mind accustomed to positive thinking.

  17. There is an old saying – ” patience is a virtue, never found in men and seldom found in women”. However now is the time for ALL of us to exercise patience. We are on the verge of extraordinary times where all us us are going to benefit in a financial way that we never thought possible. We might have to wait just a wee bit longer but at the end of the day we will all share Henry’s dream.

  18. Thanks, Vince for the article. Having faith is a virtue they say. Many of us have stayed with Compumatrix for years and those who were looking for a quick buck or didn’t have the patience to see where it was going dropped out long ago. Its like some say,” when driving at night we drive as far as our headlights let us see then continue on our way seeing as far as we can go, and on & on until we reach or goal. This takes much faith to believe that the road does go where you want to go. In your minds eye you can see your goal and that is what keeps you heading toward it. Henry has always been there to help us keep the dream going.

  19. Good point Vincent, always spot on. Hard work will bring a lot of the dreams to the forefront that and through the efforts of Compumatrix filling in the financial side of life. We are blessed in having assets that are associated with BTC providing a lucrative investment over time. As the gate opens those values will soar to the magic 1:1 value. The key for all to understand is the process that is taking us to greater heights.
    Being able to help those less fortunate is a satisfying option we all have. Being able to help the hopeful to better their lives by increasing the staples that will enhance their daily living issues. Water, food and education, all have great value.

  20. Thank you Vincent – I made notes of what I really want to remember from your information; namely,
    – keep affirming positive ideas throughout the day in spite of distractions or challenges
    – don’t ignore answers you may be given in the form of dreams, strong feelings, etc.
    – always remember this strong reminder “Pray in faith, it’ll be given” So important!
    – Above all “Go with the flow”! In gratitude….

  21. Definitely waiting for the portal to open has not been an easy task, but on the other hand believing and trusting in all the work gives us the peace of mind of knowing that it is a solid and secure business. Every day I thank God in my prayers and I ask for the health and life of each one of you responsible for this great dream called COMPUMATRIX

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