Master your mind to make money & create wealth!

Let’s have a candid talk, assume this season we are all looking for money, let Compumatrix be your back up learning all the truths. This will allow us to prepare to allocate and see possibilities beyond small dreams.

Corona pandemic is shaking the financial health of many. It exposes the false sense of financial success in our society; unfortunately, our economy is still under the attack of mismanagement.

It pays no dividends to wine and worries over spilled milk, the fact is we are in this crisis and have to live through it, but it will also be the height of idiocrasy not to pick the lessons learned.

In the next few days, as time permits, I will share some key points that will help us to take charge of our finances, position ourselves for success as we shake off these chuckles of poverty, and remember we are students of greatness; we will sharpen each other with knowledge and information.

1) Your mind – the only limit to your wealth

October 8th -10th in 1871, a ball of fire-ravaged over 3.3 square miles of Chicago city, and with it went into smoke Field, Leiter & Co. departmental store Marshall Field, one of the proprietor’s refused to quit & in 3 weeks rebuilding his store on the same spot, he was to go ahead & revolutionize retail and wholesale trading across the world as we know it today.

During the turbulence of the 1982 coup in my own country Kenya, a little-known teacher in one of our county was rocked from the stability of his permanent & pensionable teaching job. He went into the dairy farming business with two cows. That teacher is the famous here who revolutionized dairy farming, rear over 60 dairy cows in about ¾ an acre, and has made millions over the years.

In every crisis, new ideas emerge. At this moment, we are waiting for the new pumped CDAP since issues emerged; Henry and his team are working on a solution. (I’m working on one too to stay afloat) Your mind is unlimited on the amount of wealth it can attract, but you must learn how to attune it and signal it to make money for you. (our crypto ecosystem, for example)The core difference between the few who accumulate real wealth and the majority of us who mark-time on our entire lives on the fringes of poverty.

Psychologists agree that our mind’s subconscious part is unlimited in wisdom & power and capable of connecting anyone to otherwise unimaginable opportunities. The question is, how do you tap into that wisdom & power?

a) Must have the right attitude –if you harbor any negative thoughts about money, forget it. I hear people say money is not everything. Money changes people; a lot of money is not good, and the like. Your mind will never attract and bring to you that which you tell it is bad. The subconscious mind is only wired to process & bring to reality the dominant ideas transmitted to it from the conscious mind.

b) You must have a definite number/desire;

Our sub-conscious never works with abstracts; being specific and sure of your path will make the dream come to reality. A million-dollar idea will be conceived in your mind when you have all the knowledge and information.

Join me for part 2 as I’m building it.

About the author

Vincent holds a key position as the gatekeeper of the African Region, representing Compumatrix to the wider community. He holds the belief that learning never ends, in this arena being one of the Loyal member and staff, much knowledge, skills is expected to give the right direction.


  1. Great thoughts, and up coming one as well, Vincent! From my studies in psychology many years ago, I know that humans use very little of their brain power, some say 10% but most far less than that. It is true what you say a person must know what they want, they must visualize it and they must study it to make it real. The mind will find aw ay to make that thought come into being. Negative thoughts do cause brain confusion, but then if one has priorities in their life, they can see if the negative thoughts need to be considered or not. I know a few millionaires, was married into a family of one. They do not think the same as most people, they live like us, but they do control their lives, by a set of values that should be considered and known in order to stay millionaires. A lesson taught by years of seeing people win the lottery and then be worse off than when they won all that money. Much room for thought my friend!!

  2. Such valuable points, Vincent! It has been spoken about over and over about how we use such a small part of our brain – thank you for pointing that out to us! For sure, I too believe that we need to be very explicit in what we ask or put out to the universe – something concrete not abstract as you mention; for example, use specific dollar amounts. Looking forward to reading Part 2!

  3. Good stories Vincent. Many people see crisis as just a crisis. Others see crisis as an opportunity. Not too much is talked about where those in the great depression invested when everything hit rock bottom and later made millions. Just acting at the right time is the key.

  4. You are right Vincent, having the right attitude is key. You are more open to new ideas and great thoughts to deal with what is dealt you and start over if need be. Many great companies have been started from a crisis and out of the ashes, so to speak.

  5. Another informative and thought provoking blog, Vincent. Yes, crisis does alter many things and especially causes mind sets to re-prioritize and to find new ways to accomplish certain goals. Priorities often change a we grow older, richer, poorer, etc. Being able to adjust and discover new ways is sometimes the only way we move forward.

  6. This article had many valuable points about saving money, especially when we are living through a pandemic that has hurt the economy. I think people should see bad times like this, and look at them like an opportunity to succeed during hard times like these. I think humans do not realize how important and powerful our brains are in making decisions, so we should use our minds more to create positive outcomes.

  7. Vincent, you always have an eloquent way of writing your articles, which are so positive-minded and unshakable in faith. I appreciate them, and the definite examples of some businesses of yesteryear being razed to the ground through unforeseen circumstances, only to return bigger, more progressive and better than ever! I am sure your upcoming recommendations on how to manage money will be equally valuable!

  8. My son and I were talking about this same topic just a couple hours ago. We were talking about what you believe in your mind the body will in a sense react to it. I have heard of people with major disease…the had all the symptoms but not the actual disease. It was all convincing the body by the thought patter that they focused on and the words that came out of there mouth. Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    And those who love it will eat its fruit. Speak Life

    1. So true, and I like Proverbs. It’s one of my favorite books in the Bible. We studied it in a class when I was young, and it always just stuck with me.

  9. Very well said, Vincent. I have always believed that attitude is everything. But with a good attitude, you also need specific goals. I think that in the middle of a pandemic that has already lasted longer than anyone expected, so many people have lost that positive attitude and sense of direction. This is a time to create new ways of achieving success, just as so many have done before us in times like this like you mentioned. I am trying to adjust and I appreciate your positive post to help me keep my head on straight.

  10. Thank you, Vincent,
    The mind can be a significant block. Some people have a lot of issues with this. But with meditation, you can get your mind out of the way. Attitude is another good one. It’s going to be fun. Thanks for reminding us.

  11. Well said Vincent, our mind and our thoughts are powerful tools in our attitude. Having a positive attitude makes everything so much easier, no matter if it is business-wise or in our own family. Many can see crisis as an opportunity or the other way around. It’s up to you at the end.

  12. Vincent, this is a very enlighting blog. I enjoyed reading it and am impressed with the people you exampled for the focus of your blog. Thank you for the reminder to be specific in our perception of what we desire and want to see in our lives. Yes, Compumatrix is the new beginning for me.

  13. Great read Vincent, Life is full of challenges,how to deal with them depends only on our thinking,the pandemic has created a global crisis,In this situation we need to consider our mind and attitude and only a positive attitude can lead us in the right direction for success in life.focus on it and move on,with a lot of money there are two ways, positive and negative,to adopt the law of nature and move forward with positive thinking,God will always help us.

  14. very good read Vincent — and so much agree with Attitude being integral part of any moment in life — how we see things leads us to how we live that moment — i taught my daughter thru life i call it a Heart Thing — Heart Moment — to me it is just that — Heart is Fantastic life seems to be same –thanks V —

  15. A very good blog explaining the power of the mind with negative thoughts, I heard of a man that froze to death on a refrigerated rail car that he thought was running but it was not the rail car had broken down but when they unlocked it and got to him he was dead and an autopsy said he froze to death just from thinking it, this is a true story and that is how powerful your mind is the temperature in that rail car never got close to freezing.

  16. Thank you, Vincent, for sharing such an enlightening topic. I find the mind has the power to create whatever your heart desire. However, we must understand it is like any other computer it must be programmed to bring those desires to fruition. I have learned that it is programmed by the words of our mouth. Our tongue is the creative force, so we must be very careful what we say. Because our subconscious can not take a joke. Our reticular activating system is designed to create whatever we say.
    Understanding this we also need to be very careful of our self-talk because positive or negative we will manifest what we think and say. When you really understand just how powerful your mind and your tongue combined are the worlds will be your oyster. Then we can do a lot about our Money Matters.

  17. Myles Munroe took a hand full of pine seeds and asked what people saw. They smelt them , felt them, said they see a hand full of seeds. Myles said he sees a huge forest of trees. He saw the end picture, the huge potential. Some folks struggle to see the doughnut for the hole.

  18. I like the title of this thread. Money does matter, critically for those that dont have any. I have no desire to be particarly wealthy just comfortable. I would like to be charitable and help those at the bottom of the ladder. Wealth sometimes brings corruption as does lack of wealth Greed must be avoided at all costs. Hopefully when wev are open many of these issues will be addressed.

  19. Think how many stories we have within our own community, and how many are to come? We are co-creating a New World together, one by one. It starts with a vision & unending perseverance. When we truly believe, anything is possible & any perceived set-back is always a gift. All ways. Thank you for the well stated reminder, Vincent 💫

  20. You covered so many good points, Vincent. I feel we as a business in Compumatrix are so blessed because we have each other to inspire. We are also lucky to have the executive body and state leaders to assist and share their experience and knowledge. The more that is shared the more there is to know about achieving financial independence. This becomes such a challenge and these few years its amazing to see the growth of so many expanding their ability to build a successful home business. I am so up to this fantastic opportunity to the digital world.

  21. Valuable and interesting stories. Definitely something to ponder and make more specific plans for myself. Looking forward to your next instalment and learning more that I can apply to my thought process. As a rule I tend to just get on with what needs doing rather than making plans but I am always willing to learn.

  22. Great post, Vincent,
    When one door closes another always opens and sometimes we may feel as if we are just going through the motions in life. Then we are pushed into asking, ‘who am I, really? And what can I do that will give me fulfillment? For me, that is helping others to be ‘free’ and inspired in their lives, and Compumatrix will help me help others be empowered and inspired.

  23. Always be careful what the subconscious wants because you WILL get it. Maxwell Maltz wrote a book on how to use the power of the subconscious to change your life. EVERY self help book is cased on this type of model. You are what you think. Don’t like where you are, change your thinking. It’s amazing even what listening to a couple of empowering videos or podcasts can do.

  24. Very interesting thoughts on Money Matters Vincent .. Things that most people just don’t think of .. When a disaster happens, We in most cases look at the negative and takes a lot of deep thought for most to see the positive .
    I myself am a positive person , but negativity seems to crawl in every now and then .. But soon disappears …Yes Money matters .that is what the world survives by..

  25. Well said Vincent: Thoughts become things, one must be very careful of what they think because they will get the corresponding results. Change is simple but not easy. Everyone has the capability of change and as my mother told me: “Where there is a Will, there is a way”. The right ATTITUDE takes you to the right place. Seek and you shall find. Thanks Vincent for sharing.

  26. Thank you for this blog it was very interesting. This blog reminds me of a deep philosophy of money initially being a non-motivator. No matter how much money one has it will never bring you true happiness. Serving others in a servant leadership capacity will bring happiness unlike one has ever seen. Being grounded in an area of wealth should be a primary concern both spiritually and physically. Who knows what monetary riches the world will bless us with.. If you put these things in place you will be happy in life, regardless of these riches. Positive manifestation is always something one should consider along with serving others.

  27. Vincent you are right on many points. We are truly in charge of our own destiny especially with money. We have to ask are we making the right decisions regardless of how much money we have. The mind is very powerful and we need to broaden our minds. I believe Compumatrix has opened my mind to an entire new world and I’m very excite to be here!!

  28. Yes Indeed. Its surely time to master my mind to make money & create wealth! I couldn’t agree more that yes, we will sharpen each other with knowledge and information especially in this time and age. Ones mind is surely the only hindrance to once financial success. In every crisis, new ideas emerge and that’s key for those who are not only willing to be financially free but also those who truly are fed up of being in bondage to the shackles of poverty. Yes indeed, one must surely learn how to attune the mind and signal it to make money for you. I also learned how the law of attraction works. What you put your mind too often is what you attract and one is where there are in life due to the thought process put into action. Mind renewal MUST take place!

    Kudos on this Money Matters Blog. Much appreciated!

  29. One main reason we don’t get what we want is because we don’t ASK for it. Our Creator is very powerful and wants us to have what we desire. And He says very plainly is all we need do is ask for it. Ask and ye SHALL receive. This has much to do with the subconscious and how it works. Many of you have heard of Steve Harvey – The host of Family Feud in the US. He is also a very good motivational speaker. His advice is to take a pen and paper and WRITE DOWN 300 things we want. Then read that list when we wake up and before going to sleep. Also make a vision board (Pictures) for those things also. Put it in a place to be seen often. Fridge magnets are very useful for this. 🙂
    What this does is to program our subconscious to the ‘mindset’ of believing it is possible.

    Very Powerful…

  30. what a great way to start my day — awesome thought material in Blog by V — and then replies also bring it a to a new level — Attitude Money Power — all parts of the equation and with true heart keeping you Positive on your days and not letting negative rule — Makes For Great Gifts Of Days from Creator — such good reading here n much appreciation — rj

  31. Vincent,

    Very insightful read. This Pandemic, as other times have rocked our world and our lives, will help shape and make those stronger who refuse to toss in the towel and feel sorry for themselves. We must all strive to survive, recover, and reach for the future as it is truly right at the end of the tunnel.

  32. Thank you, everyone, for your precious time going through the blog, we are learning and it’s motivating me to be better than yesterday, tune in for another piece.

  33. Thanks for the post. I have done a lot of personal work on the idea that money is bad….. an idea that I think came from my father. After identifying this history, I have worked to learn more and to change my own mindset. I believe money is energy and that the exchange of money is an exchange of energy. I can choose to use my energy in a positive energy exchange or a negative one. I can also choose to shift that energy with gratitude. When you have deep learning — it takes conscious energy to shift it. Thanks for the reminder!!

  34. Thanks for reminding me of the idea of keeping your money in your heart. I too forget in hard times and focus on the negativity. I have learned from the best about keeping money in your heart, like a close friend that you love and admire. You do have to be diligent because the fear of not having money is easy to spring into your mind when times seem hard. It was my step-father that taught me money was bad and people who had money were crooks. Sometimes I still hear his voice saying those things and have to remind me that those were his ideas not mine.

  35. Important points, Vincent! As demonstrated in the classic book on creating wealth, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, financially successful individuals have a number of characteristics in common. From the chapter on Autosuggestion, “Every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit.” Compumatrix has been finding those seeds in the adversities it has faced, and we are all about to experience greater benefits than we might initially have imagined. I expect that is because the leaders in Compumatrix were inspired with a grand vision and have remained fixed on that.

  36. had to come back and read this awesome blog posting — it has the ingredient for me to get me working again in the positive — and after reading the replies also –money is not bad but the greed n power and what the desire to control does to some makes peeps blame money –it is not — keep writing V — look forward to it — rj

  37. Thank you Vincent, 2021 is going to be a fantastic year. Divine Order Now is all we need to start the joy, happiness, and abundance. It’s coming and this will be a happy year for us all. Bitcoin is booming!

  38. Great Blog Vincent, you covered so many good points. I feel we as a business in Compumatrix are so blessed because we have each other to inspire. We are also lucky to have the executive body and state leaders to assist and share their experience and knowledge. The more that is shared the more there is to know about achieving financial independence. This becomes such a challenge and these few years its amazing to see the growth of so many expanding their ability to build a successful home business. I’m so grateful to be a part of Compumatrix.

  39. Vincent a very nice blog and is very much appreciated. As you say ,money matters and to achieve it one does need to have a positive mental attitude.Any adverse situation,crisis if taken as a challenge can surely change ones life ,just like the Teacher in Kenya startind with two cows and with resolve and determination becoming wealthy .

  40. We have two events that repeat as a cycle several times each day…a thought and an action. One can have thought with no action but one cannot have an action without a thought. Even a reflex (a trained action programmed into our brain that is almost automatic) is a result of thought but usually an unconscious one. Athletes are best known for developing reflexes via practice upon practice upon practice all involving a thought. Professionals, like surgeons and even financial managers, develop reflexes from making the same decision countless times all of which required a thought.

  41. As we draw ever closer to being more financially secure than we have ever been it becomes so important that we preserve that financial success. It is so very easy to waste money on things we think we need rather than things we actually need. Food is a classic example. How many buy leading brands believing that they will taste better. Research shows that is not necessarily true and the British television programme “Eat well for less” shows you can have a much healthier lifestyle without wasting lots of money. Seek the right advice.

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