Move Your Computer to the Woods

Compumatrix is a global company and has people in many cities and populated areas. Still, so many also live in rural areas. This article brings us to this article, where many want to leave the cities for a rural lifestyle and get away from the Rat Race.

Many people take advantage of the opportunity to move their business home. Most of these home businesses are operated through the Internet. Internet-based success stories continue to climb. More people are going to the Internet to create their own success stories.

Until recently, though, people who live in rural areas could not have taken full advantage of internet business. The reason is that people in rural areas lacked reliable internet access. Now satellite internet is available, people in rural areas can operate their Internet businesses just like people who live in metro areas.

There are several reasons why people enjoy home-based businesses. Number one is that some people do not like to have a boss telling them what to do every day. They prefer to be their own boss. And make their own successful company decisions. Another reason is that many people want to spend more time with their family. Self-employment allows people to do these things and more since they can set their own hours and choose how much work they want to take on.

Of course, all of this is only possible if you have the right equipment to get the job done. In today’s fast-paced Internet-driven markets, you absolutely must have a broadband connection to compete.

Some people who run home-based businesses are more focused on enjoying life, with less emphasis on being a slave to the grindstone. Many people want to live in scenic rural areas where they live in the great outdoors and far from the rat race of the big cities. Since cable or DSL Internet service is not available in a wooded cabin, this kind of lifestyle has not been a real possibility for rural business owners until now. With high-speed “always on,” broadband is now available to everyone in the continental United States. It is predicted that millions of rural Americans will access their services in the next couple of years. This will allow you to work from home or from wherever your heart may desire. If you want to live in the mountains of Colorado, the deep woods of the Ozarks, the cornfields of Nebraska, or anywhere else in rural America, you can do so, and you will still be able to take your broadband connection with you.

To successfully operate an Internet business, you don’t always need the best computer equipment. Still, you always have the best Internet access, that you can always count on it to work. Do you live in a small rural town? Then you have probably tried the unreliable dial-up services that usually have frequent disconnects and are painfully slow. Most people don’t truly understand how prolonged dial-up Internet is until they have had the opportunity to experience broadband for themselves.

Satellite Internet access can offer both speed and an affordable price. As a home-based business operator, you need to keep close tabs on how much you spend on your overhead. That is one of the attractions of working on the Internet, that you generally have very little overhead. The price of satellite broadband greatly outweighs even the smallest brick and mortar expense.

High-speed Internet is almost a requirement for the home-based business because customers demand it. Imagine running a business in today’s world that does not accept credit cards; that business would lose a lot of sales because of antiquated business practices. It is the same when you run an Internet business. Customers expect you to respond quickly to wants and demands, and they expect that you can be online a great deal of the time. Suppose a person’s server frequently goes offline, or they log off repeatedly to use the phone. In that case, that person will lose multiple customers. You want to be able to present yourself and your business responsibly and professionally. Having reliable access to the Internet is one important way that you can do this.

The faster your connection is, the more you can get done. Providing as many services as you can in as short of time as possible is simply good business. If you spend time waiting for pages to load, emails to go out, or waiting on your server to come back online, you are not getting the highest production level for your time.

If your dream job has been to work from home in the wilds of Wyoming or from the rural farmhouse that you grew up in, now you can. WildBlueYonder can provide this high-speed broadband across the continental United States at an affordable rate. It only requires that you use a small satellite dish to get hooked up to the Internet. With the higher speeds, you will make yourself and your customers happier with your business.

In the last few years, my dream job is to find a distant mountain and a cabin and work at Compumatrix for the rest of my life! If it were not for Henry and so many from Compumatrix, my dreams never would have been realized! For that, I am very thankful!

About the author

Sam and Jody live in Mena Arkansas and love Compumatrix. Life is simpler when sharing life with others, and being a Christian I see how being there with and for others enhances their lives. How can Compumatrix make your life better?


  1. Sam – you have explained it so well and I second you on that.
    We have Compumatrix ready to go – this is a blessing! Internet is accesible everywhere.
    Covid-19 has compelled us to stay indoors . We can continue working from home
    No need to be bound with a boss hovering over our heads, nor working long hours in a closed office.
    Shifting from new towns( big cities ) to tree dwellings( smaller towns) would be a good idea. Right time to go in for quality living and having time at OUR disposal, for a change. Don’t we all deserve it? Yes, we do!

  2. Thanks Raju! We do deserve a chance to shine and take things at a slower pace, and still provide for our family’s futures! Take care, and thanks!

  3. a great read and so very true on the advance of high speed internet and the movement out of the cities and to the rural or country life — I know I would not move any where near a metropolitan city — am very appreciative of my smaller town living and will stay here and use the newest hi speed connections– a very good explanation Sam — much appreciation —

  4. I am definitely looking forward to having better internet service that will allow my husband and I to fulfil our dreams. Satellite internet at an affordable price will certainly give us that option. Compumatrix when fully functional will allow us to fulfil more of our goals, which will mainly involve education and empowerment to those in the poorest rural communities as well as helping many other good causes.

  5. I will definitely agree with all that has been said. The blog post reminds us of how much more we already have and how much further we will be able to take our lives with satellite internet. It still makes me laugh (at times) when we moan about the speed now, do you remember Dial Up, we thought that was amazing. Time and technology flies along and it is great to keep up, but never forget that big wide wonderland that is nature!!

  6. Thank you Sam, Give us a very good idea, work calmly away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, covid 19 has forced everyone to work online and we all love online work.
    With the development of technology, internet facility has become available to the people in the village as well.
    Henry has given us a blessing for life time opportunity in the form of a compumatrix,we can go to a remote mountainous area and do our work in peace.

  7. Great article Sam and yes we are ready for our company Compumatrix to launch soon and help members sustain a regular income, God Bless. We also need high high speed internet globally,and mainly in under developed countries which would help people to do online work. And sustain an income by working from home,mainly for those who have lost their jobs due to the corona virus,and for people living in remote and urban ares of their respective countries.

  8. I have always been a friend of rural area. The country side suits me alot better than the hectic city life.
    Here you get fresh air and can actually listen to birds singing in the morning.
    Been working from home for 1,5 year now and its working great!
    The access for broadband and fiber cable to get a super fast internet has nerver been a problem here.

  9. I can understand this. We were up in Pigeon Forge Tennesee this past week on a family reunion gathering in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. Beautiful scenery but the wifi connection and getting my phone to work was very hard. I do not think I would like being high up in the mountain area just because of that reason not being about to have the use of my computer and phone on a now and then basis not being able to run my Compumatrix business or being able to contact my family and friends whenever I need to. These are things you really need to think about when you want to live in the wilderness. Visiting is one thing but a permanent settlement would be something else.

  10. While I am fully for more internet access for the wider population, I just wish there was another way to provide it. Unfortunately the thousands of satellites already in orbit and thousands more to be placed has now disrupted our astronomy’s visual capacity for the earth telescopes. It has been called space graffiti. Hard to find a balance for all.

  11. Thank you Sam for bringing this important topic to mind. For myself in rural Canada, we can now access Xplornet satellite. We are grateful there are no tall trees in the direction our dish needs to be pointed to block our connection. Thus, it is possible to work totally from home and be independent in our business choices. Being farmers most of our lives, this was a wonderful business to segway from to Compumatrix. Yes, we have the view and the peace and quiet of nature.

  12. Totally agree with Hendrik Pretorius, we have made a garbage heap of this planet and now the space junk floating around out there is something else.
    Oceans also full of garbage and now we are working on doing the same in space, will we ever learn??

  13. A thought provoking blog, Sam. I can see both sides of having rural internet connections via satellite, verses space junk becoming more prevalent. Prevalent thinking in the past is that If one chooses to “live off of the grid”, they must be willing to give up many things, technology included. If one chooses city living, then nature most likely takes a back seat. As technology marches on, one may not have to give up either, but at what cost?

  14. Amen to getting away from it all Sam! I think many of the members at Compumatrix are on the same wavelength. I am going to try to get as close to nature as possible without losing my connection to the internet. Maybe one day someone will come up with a totally new option for connecting from anywhere in the world. Looking forward to that day!

    1. There is one Vee, but I guess I can’t mention the name of it here. Very soon anyone will be able to get super fast (150 MBS) internet from anywhere in the world for about $150 a month. We all know the name of it as it has been highly advertised and is being adopted in many places right now. A friend in Norther Ontario has it and says it is AWESOME. Fastest he has ever had.

      I’m looking forward to the mobile version.

  15. Baby boomers who lived without internet like myself, are finding difficult to go back to the old time and remove at least partially from the need to be hook up to the internet all the time. Every time we want faster connection, when I started with my first computer browser it was AOL and I remember the noisy connection at the beginning, it brought excitement, but that belongs to museum now. I do wonder how we are invading every aspect of our beautiful planet, not only here on earth, but now in space. We are practically trashing our planet for the comfort and speed to be connected; as we go into the future, I wonder what will be in 100 years from now, will it be possible to keep our planet safe at the way it is going now?

  16. Yes it is an idea which is not always going to work. My sisters bought 5 hectare blocks and one has left already. She has gone to a semi City abode as she still lives is a small city. The other’s husband is from Texas and now wants to go back home to Texas. They are looking at going back from Western Australia in the next two years.The Texas ones are finding the looking after the property is a bit dauntig and getting unable to ;look after the property.

  17. Sam this article stirs the interest to be your own boss in all of us, and to do it at home makes owning your own business so compelling. My wife has longed for a plot of land near water and quitness. In the city, there is always traffic and loud noises from fire trucks and ambulances at all times of the night. Broadland will allow us to works on our Compumatrix business and locate that plot of land.

  18. Sam this article stirs the interest to be your own boss in all of us, and to do it at home makes owning your own business so compelling. My wife has longed for a plot of land near water and quietness. In the city, there is always traffic and loud noises from fire trucks and ambulances at all times of the night. Broadland will allow us to work on our Compumatrix business.

  19. I totally agree, Samuel. These days more and more people are seeking alternatives away from the typical 9 to 5 job. Having a home based business empowers people to be in charge of their time, work, and activities. Who wouldn’t want the ability to choose how hard they want to work or how easy they want to rest? Whether one wants to use the internet to enhance their productivity or to take advantage of the freedom it provides, it is nice to actually have a choice.

  20. Sam thanks for a very decent and uplifting post Extolling the benefits of living in the country and yet be able to do all that was earlier only available to the Urbanites. How wonderful to be your own boss,work at and within your own timeframe and at the same time have family around you.Your post does egg one on to think moving to the woods and enjoy all the splendors of the nature while conducting fruitful business.

  21. I feel very fortunate to be living in Perth, capital of Western Australia. With only 2 million people we are very away rom the multi millions living in Sydney and Melbourne. We have a wonderful lifestyle and whilst covid has intruded we are better off than anywhere else in the world. We maybe a world away from Compumatrix but a fast internet allows us to keep in touch and the exciting future that lies ahead of us.

  22. This article is interesting to me because with our moving I have to figure out what kind of internet I want to sign up for. I was thinking of other options because here where we currently are, the satellite option is Hughes Net and it apparently is very expensive and very limited on allowed usage if a person uses the internet for streaming and so on.
    So now I am wondering…maybe the satellite option in Nevada would be better than it is here????

  23. Sam, you sure opened our eyes as to the options we (all parties concerned) have to find out what we really want to do and love. I would like to travel, work and volunteer at something to improve lives on earth. Compumatrix (Thanks to Henry and the the BOD) will improve many things as we go along and we are poised to make a difference in many lives.

  24. I wanted to let everyone know I found an answer to cheaper satellite internet, and wrote a blog that will offer you the name and details but I plan on a follow up to it as well; so just be patient and wait for the blog it is finished; just not approved yet,

  25. So true Samuel, compumatrix is an international business that stems across this planet, and not everyone has internet, especially in the rural areas. Since satellite internet is becoming more popular now, those hard to reach places won’t be so hard to reach anymore.

    Soon, we can all move to the bush, the ocean, the mountains, and not think twice about, not having internet.

  26. Yup. It’s actually available in many parts of the world right now. They are even working on a mobile version so I can get it on my boat and work with Compumatrix from the middle of the pacific, when not on watch. Can’t mention the name of it here or this comment will get deleted too 🙂

    It is AWESOME from the reports I hear though. And cheap – for what it offers. About $150 a month after equipment purchase – about $1000. unlimited at 150 mbs

  27. Thank you, Sam. Lots of people are moving all over and in large groups. Many are leaving the US and going really off-grid but still able to communicate, as you said. The busy city life is fun when you are young, but then we all want to get away as we decide to relax. I prefer a beach. I love the sun !!!!

  28. Amen, Sam. I have been working on a blog for some time, but life keeps getting in the way. I am almost at completion. If you do not mind, I would like to reference your blog In my blog. The internet has opened many doors in communication, business, and knowledge. So much of this new technology Compumatrix has adapted to their platform. They have imparted knowledge to us via the internet, and more to come via blockchain.

  29. I agree with many here. Being educated in the pre computer era I am very grateful that my early life was not dominated by moble phones and on line “learning” The art of converstaion is declining and personal contacts are often only by text message.
    So where we live has little bearing on many aspects of our lives. Superstoes or as they are known in the uk Supermarkets tend to take preference over local stores. They fly food round the world so that our selfish persona can demand seasonal produce year round. It is often force ripened and tasteless. Live local is my tenet.

  30. My problem with all remote working is the lack of personal human contact and conversation.
    Most species thrive better with contact with others. There are very few loners that have long and happy lives. We all managed before the internet invaded our lives. I think it is a fantastic tool when used properly but unfortunately it has opened up a whole raft of opportunities for the evil doers. Likewise the so called social media has opened the door to a lot of nasty people whose aim seems to be to invade and affect other peoples lives and relationships.
    And all social media companies put profit before safety by making it far to simple to vilify others or post illicit images without the subjects permission Beware the baddies often win

  31. Great thoughts Samuel!

    Compumatrix and a good satellite connection should help up to propel our businesses into the mountaintops!

    As a minister, I have wanted to be able to operate an online business to supplement my income, so that I could go about ministry and not be tied to a 9 to 5 job, or be answerable to anyone else except God. This is a position that I really hope to be in, and CNI looks like it is going to be the vehicle to propel me to the top of mountains!

  32. Thank you Sam, I long to live in a more rural area but also need to make sure that we have a good internet connection as it is the way I connect with a lot of people particularly since many of us have had to adjust to working from home.
    For sure the internet opens up a whole new world for many however there is nothing better for children than being off electrical gadgets and just playing in nature.

  33. Thank you, Sam, for this blog. You captured the essence of what has been a desire of mine for a long time. Give me a place in the middle of the ‘boonies’ and as long as I can have high-speed internet I can work. The more things build up around us, the more I want to retreat. Henry James has given us this wonderful opportunity to realize our dreams while still being able to provide for our family and beyond.

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