Much Ado About New Technology.

There is much ado about technology increasing in our world. With lightning speed, it propels us into the twenty-first century with robots, self-driving cars, and more. The computer has excelled from its beginning from a huge monster filling a whole room, some times an entire floor. Younger minds started to bring in fresh knowledge of more efficient methods of operating computers. Some like the smaller motherboards and chips. The mighty computer owned only by governments and the wealthy companies became smaller and smaller The Technology has become so streamlined and produced smaller desktop computers, laptops, and cell phones. We now have computers in abundance. By the time you get a new one, it is almost out of date because of the growing technology, which makes them smaller and smaller and more readily available to everyone, the internet connects everyone and every country. Now computers have infiltrated home appliances and all aspects of running your home. As the minds run free, and open up they will create unbelievable things in the future. It is incredible how far and fast knowledge has increased in the last 20 yrs, even in this last year.

What has the development of new technology done for us, other than those things mentioned above? Businesses operate at greater efficiency, video chats and meetings including associates from all around the world are used, and now they are using virtual reality applications to screen employees for how their interaction with one another, and to monitor their abilities in the workplace, just to mention a few.

Schools and classrooms have benefited. Teachers now teach using whiteboards, personal pc, and laptops, and tablets. Students can go to school web sites to check what work the teachers have assigned them, test scores, and much more. The laptop, with the inner net, has opened up the possibilities for poor countries to be privy to the increase of knowledge. The applications are endless.

Then there are social media; what more could I say about that? Its an explosion. The sites are used for good and evil. Just not my cup of tea, I only use them when necessary.

This brings me to security More is needed on social media sites, as well as on all computers, and all devices we humans transact business, banking, and emailing. etc. The technology allows for the security of homes. Ther are many different types and forms of home security….one of my favorites is the doorbell video camera.

Law enforcement companies, and police departments, employ the new technology to keep their files on the computer and can be quickly shared with different departments all over the world. Face recognition is one of the newest applications that is being implemented. Law enforcement use surveillance cameras, gunshot detection systems, automated license plate readers, body cameras, drones, and more, in their effort to keep us safe.

Power companies get their sources of power from, nuclear energy, coal, gas, steam turbines, etc. and from these sources, electricity is introduced to the customers. This electricity compels and operates just about every aspect of our lives. Most of us do not know how electricity works. We know it is connected to our homes, businesses, ballparks, street lights, and so on. we do not need to know the technology or the how and why for, we just flip a switch and it is there. Electricity is a crucial technology for everyone and everything.

Several applications of diverse technologies are being implemented and interconnected into the echo-system of Compumatrix. Compumatrix will always be at the leading edge of these types of improvements. Our company has several avenues of income sources and an efficient way to use them. We are learning about digital currencies and how they go through the systems, but we do not need to know all about everything to use this system called CDAP, this is Compumatrix Digital Asset Portal. It is like electricity, we know it works when we flip the switch, and it comes through the wires. This simplistic approach is how Compumatrix works, they have a complex system, but all we need to do is flip the switches, push the buttons, and we complete our transactions. I so appreciate our digital company, it is complex and intricate behind the scene, but easy for us to utilize. Compumatrix is the business of tomorrow, today.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Great post Carmen! Yes technology is here to stay I believe, and with the multitude of applications we use every day, I don’t know how we would do without it at this point. think of all the many tasks technology makes it easy for us! I don’t even want to try to do without my automatic washer and dryer, lol. I remember when my granny washed with a washboard! That looked like something I would not want to do!! Thank goodness for modern conveniences brought about by technology!!

  2. Thank you Carmen for great post about technology. As the world progresses we are seeing  a new invention every day and now we cannot live without it and we have to keep up with it. We are seeing a lot of modern technology in compumatrix.I agree that we should use social media only when needed.

  3. yeppers it has changed dramatically in the last 20 years or so and it changes faster now than it did 20 years ago — the speed of technology is almost non explainable — it travels so fast it is difficult to keep with or even comprehend some of the technology — I am old school and prefer Simple but am trying to become more detailed — time will tell –great blog — great info —

  4. I can still see our first personal computer. We had to clear the desk so it would fit. It was a monster! Now, our desktop is so thin and has so much more capacity.

    We talk about personal computers as if they weren’t here when we were born! LOL! The thought of computers being out of date is a perception. However, too many Millenials, this is their reality. They may have one sitting in the corner but their computer is handheld. They also talk on it and text friends. Boy, are we way behind, still!

  5. In Canada we had a comedy show that was from our province where we live. One episode was about the new cell phones, and the point was the bigger the phone, the more cool and “in” you were – of course it got exaggerated to a very large size which was very funny. Now we are going the opposite, the smaller we get the more “in” I too enjoy a lot of the new computer technologies, but also feel comforted that my husband and I can also survive by having knowledge of what to do if there is no electricity, etc. The best of both worlds!

  6. Great post Carmen! And now a new technological wave is coming: 5G technology. This technology will allow new integrations in communication and extremely high data transmission speed. This will make it possible, for example, to popularize autonomous cars. There will also be a great development in the field of the Internet of Things, where you will have, for example, a refrigerator connected to the Internet where the refrigerator itself can connect to a greengrocer and buy what is running out. And with the popularize of cryptocurrencies, these two technologies will be integrated for sure.

  7. Yes, we are ahead of the pack with our technology. It is an exciting time with the digital currency industry. With the rapid changes in technology, you ‘snooze you lose’. I learn something new about the crypto/blockchain industry from reading posts in our Discord. I am grateful to the resource of posts that keeps me up to date with technology.

  8. This is an excellent post, Carmen. I was glued to the words, reading with anticipation! I related to your comment about a computer being, “…a huge monster filling a whole room, some times an entire floor.” I remember seeing a computer for the first time in 1965, while I was on a school field trip to “THE Telephone Company”. It, in fact, filled a huge room and was noisy with many large spinning data disks and blinking lights.

    To put things into perspective, relative to your article, I now have far more computing power than that machine had, right in my pocket in the form of a smartphone! The distance mankind has traveled in technology in the past few decades is, without a doubt, stunning.

  9. In late 1970, I was taking computer programming classes at college. The university had this big mainframe IBM computer that took up the space of 2 classrooms. As soon as I submitted my first program, my nightmare began. It’s been a long time since then. Although I swore I would never go near a computer again, I look forward to buying my next one just for my Compumatrix business. As long as there are tech people, I am confident with my computer these days.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful blog Carmen. I am so ready to push the buttons flip the switches and start making the transactions. I think I can speak for all of our members, that the time and efforts that the executive team has put into the Compumatrix platform in order to secure the Cdap and network is much appreciated. Now it’s time for us to put the same levels of security on our platforms personally.

  11. So great Carmen, the technological advancement is really transforming the world. It has made the world to become a Global Village. Imagine files documents being stored in the cloud? Or using your own eyes to log in to your computer or any other hand set. On my side, I have never stopped wondering on how the WiFi works?

    The amazing part of technology, is when we talk about the Crypto Currencies; the Digital Money. This’ the best opportunities from Compumatrix Digital Asset Platform. And, for me as a young Financial Accountant am so optimistic and enthusiastic to learn these great advancement. Very soon, in the field of Financial Analysis or Stock Markets we shall be talking about “Values rather than Bulkiness” 🤦

  12. Great post, Carmen. We need to stay at par with all new developments and be well.versed with its operational systems. The example of being able to use our CDAP, enables us to familiarize ourselves how some operations can be done easily and systematically. It is a matter of getting into the flow, understanding and tying up the loose ends. Not forgetting to get ourselves a real good computer to work the business well, keep intruders at bay, and our assets safe.

  13. When I graduated from college, I took a course in the IBM keypunch card machine. This technic was used for registration at University and Government offices, but these machines became obsolete.
    My first home computer was a Commodore 64. That was long ago and indeed new and better technology has been brought to us, needless to say.
    But not only machines, the Internet, and now the blockchain.

  14. yeppers it does seem to change and advance seems like almost every day something different or new or an enhancement to this or that — it is not simple work just to stay up let alone catch up — it is a challenge for sure however with diligent effort and a bit of take action game plan — can be accomplished I believe ??

  15. Technology is our best friend. Technology provides us with the tools to create more technology – it is a ripple effect. I think that digital currencies are a technology that will revolutionize the world as we know it and enhance the future. It is quite easy for us to take advantage of, but we need to utilize all the tools to do it most effective and efficiently.

  16. Spot on Carmen. For those of us who helped Noah build the Arc with hand basic tools, having the ability to flip a switch or push a button is amazing. For the youth of today, it’s all taken for granted. They have no idea what a cassette is or how it works.

    Many of us remember the 1940’s when we gathered around the radio and then on to the tiny screen on the big box – television – followed with the electronics in smaller radio’s, even had one that worked off of a crystal leading up to today’s micro computers.

    Watching what has happened over the last 70 years with the advancement of technology and as recently as yesterday finding another that will no doubt move the medical industry to the top of the days news, I have to say, “bring it on.” There’s a lot to learn everyday!

    Some of us are “tech hogs” and I’m not complaining about all the time I spend in front of this screen. Our situation provides us wit “knowledge” as we have a company that will likely provide the unique ability to help others transform the next great idea that will help “mankind.” Be amazed, I am.

  17. interesting look at so many parts of the last 50+ years — life is so full of mystery and as each moment of each day plays out in the thought process of our days — putting each moment in perspective and also in my opinion –Enjoy the moment as each moment is particular in the history — breathe in and enjoy — the next moment may not be —

  18. I agree technology is moving super fast, I watch a lot of syfy on tv and have seen tech on a movie and a year or 2 later we actually have that technology invented. Henry posted the link to the transformer robot in Japan taking its first steps now that is really something that thing was huge I think 9 stories tall who would of thought you could build that.
    I know tech creates tech and I read an article about the quantum computers the scientists fear it because it learns as it goes and could possible take over the world being 1000’s of times smarter than us.

  19. Do you remember Dick Tracy talking into his watch or Maxwell Smart using his shoe as a phone? At least we don’t have to take off our shoe to answer a call! Now we have all this technology sitting on our wrist! At least the younger generation does. I still want a laptop and a cell phone. I’m not looking back to those days any longer. I am looking forward to the new technology we will see with Compumatrix.

  20. The current COVID19 pandemic changed society. It highly restricted the kind and how much social interaction we have with other people. Technology, in the workplace, school, home, and social settings presented answers to questions we saw in the past but about which we didn’t think. Businesses are discovering they may be able to cut substantial costs by setting up work at home scenarios instead of having offices. Schools, while they knew they could do home learning, shied away from doing so but learned this Spring costs and flexibility could be improved. The one aspect about moving the classroom to the kitchen table is the loss of social development in our children. Seven to eight hours per day with dozens of other children who come from different backgrounds provide a learning opportunity we may have taken for granted. Restricting our children from interacting both socially and academically could stunt their ability to adjust as an adult. While technology makes it less expensive and convenient, the one thing that one cannot learn on a monitor is how to interact effectively with other people.

  21. agree that this virus pandemic has caused so much damage worldwide –and unfortunately it is not being covered any where near as much as it needs to be — but yes the long lasting effects of no social interaction of our youth thru schools and such will cause a tremendous down side change to humanity — this is my opinion yes but knowing the last few months of basically being separated from contact — it Makes a Major difference — sad actually in reality — again jmho

  22. Carmen technology is changing like the speed of light. New cell phones, computers, new cryptocurrencies all change almost daily. I have decided I cant possible keep up with all of it but I need to be very proficient in the apps that apply to my jobs. By knowing a lot about a few things I can do my job really good. Every year I also challenge myself to learn a few new applications. This year I taught our team how to use OneNote to better do our job.

  23. Thanks for a wonderful blog Carmen.We all know that tech advances are moving at warp speed and the latest computer is obsolete in a few days of purchase. soon enough with introduction of 5G and 6G all our cell phones and other gadgets will be redundant.If you imagine our dependence o the new tech. what will happen if electric grid goes down for a few days. Utter chaos on the planet were the grid is down.Scary. But I do want a Automotive driverless car when Compumatrix let me have a bit of Moola LOL

  24. Thank you Carmen, I totally agree we need to watch our security and Compumatrix has given out lots of information on security. What to look for, don’t just click things if you don’t know who they are. Easiest way to get a virus. Trust me I know I’ve done it. Between password savers and computers trying to grab your passwords its crazy. Who do you trust? As I said Compumatrix offers a lot of information. So read up on the information in these posts for security. Above some one stated technology changes daily and that’s right it changes so fast. its hard to keep up so make sure you carve out a little time to take some precautions.

  25. just read Gails blog on preparing for and read this great blog by Carmen and so many parts are ever changing and with the online world it is even that much faster in its changing — so much is almost a daily challenge but starting to get that inner feeling that it is more needed for most of us than it is needed ??? time does tell Truth

  26. here we go 6 weeks later and the Changes are even possibly faster than they were earlier this summer — just amazing as a slightly older type lol n not as tech savvy as many here — but am solid biz type from old school — but Dadgum the speed in which we move today just Phenomenal –imho — great read — great lesson —

  27. this is such a great analysis — and it really boils back down to this thought process — in Biz Keep it Simple Stupid or the KISS method not the band — but honestly they did well in the heyday — Beth still one of my favorites — but back to this posting the speed of technology is that fast — but we as biz owners must stay ahead of the changes and keep learning and as we breathe stay aware and stay focused — KISS works still today — great read —

  28. I am a big fan of electric cars. I have gone to the model locations and looked at a few of them and they are great to look at. I also like the idea of solar energy and would like to generate solar energy in my home someday. I am glad that Compumatrix has kept up with technology as it will benefit its members.

  29. I have been an Android user and only recently switched to iphone. It took me a while to figure out how to work the flashlight feature on the iphone, more so in getting it to turn off. Much to my dismay, my toddler niece, only was able to turn it off right away and took a picture of me in the process.

  30. As technology advances,that is why the world is getting closer to us,distances are running out,advances in technology will open up opportunities for learning,technology has made life much easier,there is a lot to learn as technology advances,compumatrix is also an advanced technology business,in order to keep up with the growth of this digital company, we need to understand the different digital currencies.Thank you Carmen.

  31. My problem with the technology takeover is that the poor get left behind making them poorer.
    Until this inbalance is corrected we are not really creating a worldwide revolution. There are still far too many conflicts whether sparked by religion, ethnicity or location, nations seeking to invade or control others or a huge variety of reasons. Until the internet can offer all people the opportunity for advancement the current status will probably remain and the rich get richer and the poor get left behind

  32. There is little doubt that the advances in technology are moving at a frightening pace. Literally every week there is something new. I agree with Jeffery that unfortunately it is the poorest members of our society who suffer. How we address this inequality is another question, the problem is who is going to address it ???????

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