My Business Vision and Planning

This thought came to me when I baked a swiss roll the other day. When baking, you must plan. You must have the right ingredients. You must do things in the right steps.

Mistakes punish you immediately. The result will be completely different than you expected. If you have the energy and necessary ingredients you can, of course, start all over again and make a new Swiss roll.

In a Swiss roll, you can use many different things. You can use cocoa, cornmeal, fill it with whipped cream, berries, jam, or anything else you like. There are many combinations.

But no matter what you choose, planning is required.

So, I started by checking what ingredients I had.

Eggs, baking soda, butter, and flour. Should I make a chocolate swiss roll? Or should I make one with berries and cream? I had lemons, oranges, and bananas in the fruit basket, didn’t I?

How would I be able to plan when I had such a variety of options?

I sat down and thought about how I would plan my business. I saw myself creating a product that I could market using Compumatrix. What if I were to create several different products and let Compumatrix customers choose. Would it be possible?

I also got a vision of how people wondered why I baked so many swiss rolls and how I would use them. I thought I would answer “If you join Compumatrix, you will see what they are used for!”

But how could I compete with local bakeries and cafes? Simple! If any local bakery or cafe would complain, I could always tell them that Compumatrix is a global company that also has solutions for local businesses. They would only need to register their interest in Compumatrix, and they would be able to sell the same way I plan to do.

I said above that if I made a mistake, I could start over and do a new Swiss role.

Does this also apply to my Compumatrix business?

Mistakes in business can be very costly. Thanks to Compumatrix’s foresight, a system has been created where mistakes are prevented even before they are made. The new “revised” CDAP is said to contain features that prevent or minimize mistakes.

Let’s see. Now I have baked six swiss rolls. A chocolate swiss roll with whipped cream as a filling. A vanilla swiss roll with vanilla cream and berries. An ordinary sponge cake swiss roll with whipped cream and jam. A lemon cake with orange jelly, a Coffee swiss roll, and a swiss roll with strawberry cream.

Can I put them up for sale on Compumatrix?
What if no one wants them?
What if someone says they want one, how to deliver?
How to price the swiss rolls?
Bitcoin? Or any other cryptocurrency?
Many questions to answer and planning to do.

I do not think my business will include selling Swiss rolls immediately when Compumatrix ​​launches. But my planning is as careful as if it were about selling goods.

I cannot afford to fail. I hope the new CDAP will include the ability to create and sell Virtual Prepaid Cards, which today are Stable Cards. Then I can slowly but surely build my business and maybe eventually sell swiss rolls locally and persuade more local companies to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

About the author

BrittMari is a founding member since 2006. She has many skills and baking and cooking are only two of them. She also likes driving and to travel around the country


  1. I’ll buy your Swiss Rolls BrittMari.. With Crypto I gained through Compumatrix. You just have to figure out how to ship them to the Stone Age, Wherever I happen to be πŸ™‚ Yes, the planning that has gone into Compumatrix has been second to none. Causing delays, but I’d rather wait a bit than have something go wrong while making a transaction. Great read.

    1. Thank you, Albert John Willms, but as I wrote
      I have not yet started to sell them. I agree
      that it is better to wait – and not cause trouble by
      doing something wrong.

  2. Who could ever resist Swiss rolls? Count me in for at least an order, when this get “roll-ing” πŸ˜‰ Wouldn’t that be awesome – if this opportunity includes the immediate ability to sell our own goods across the world, utilizing the functions of the CDAP VPCs, and other modalities. I enjoyed your blog article, Britt-Mari – here’s to enjoying some homemade Swiss rolls! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Zora, yes – I am eagerly awaiting
      to see the CDAP. I do hope we can start creating
      VPCs and other functions immediately when
      the CDAP launches. That would be awesome!

  3. BrittMari, I am trying to keep up with your blog as I read it but having a little trouble. It is not that I don’t understand your desire to sell your Swiss rolls and use cryptocurrency as payment. It is everything else. LOL You are so right that planning is required and I am planning to sell a lot of VPCs once the new CDAP is ready. And, I had not considered the idea that we may be able to sell our own products as well. That could make things a lot more interesting but will also take some planning. I am also planning to read your next blog because they are so entertaining.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, William Farris,
      I do not know what my next blog will be about, but
      I do hope I can come up with a subject that reflects
      the possibility we have by using the Compumatrix platform
      to build our businesses.

  4. β€œLooks absolutely yummy” as my family would say when one of these special treats appeared for supper.
    You have made a good comparison of planning, preparation and production of this delicious sponge with getting started in a business.
    Both require patience to learn the system and then trusting in those who have given you the recipe.
    Our Compumatrix business is just about to come out of the oven and we will simply need to finish off the decorating to enjoy it. There are lots of hungry people waiting for this delicious desert and business.

    1. Thank you, Bev S. Yes I am eagerly awaiting the new revised CDAP to see the functions we can find there.

  5. Well Brit, I truly hope that your Compumatrix business does not include having to sell Swiss rolls. It looks very delicious, just looking at it I see all the calories who would stick on me in the wrong place ha ha. No offense on your baking with that said. Trying to avoid sugar whenever I can is my goal.
    Selling prepaid cards sounds much more reasonable to me and I am looking forward to it.

    1. LOL Gitta, I do not think I would ever force anybody to
      sell Swiss rolls. I just used it as an example of a future
      possibility to sell my own goods and services. I wish you a healthy
      life avoiding sugar and other things not good for you.
      Yes, the cards will be a great way to get other people
      interested in Compumatrix. Creating them and selling them will
      build our businesses. A win-win for all of us!

  6. BrittMari,I would love to buy such a delicious roll,I am ready for Virtual Prepaid Cards,Waiting for new CDAP,I make very good paintings and I have worked very hard on it. Can I sell it here? If so, I would be very happy, if everything is done according to plan, it is sure to succeed, the vision of the compumatrix is deeper than we think,I can say for sure that this path is leading us to success.Thank you for sharing useful article.

  7. Thank you Zahra Zulfiqar for your kind words. I am looking forward to seeing your paintings, Zahra! I guess we will both have to wait until the platform is ready for uploading goods and services. I agree that we are moving into a very successful future.

  8. what a great read with great inspiration — Britt Mari you keep baking swiss — sweet — rolls of all flavors and You will learn how to sell thru internet and as you can see there will be many here who will try and buy Your Rolls — love that entrepreneurial spirit and love that baking Ability — keep blogging too —

    1. Thank you, rjh59. I am glad if you found it inspirational. It was just an example of what I hope we can do in the future – with help of the great Compumatrix platform.

  9. Inga, what at a great way to compare your baking and tying the company to it. If we think about it, everything intertwines with the other. It is sort of like evolution. The theory of evolution is based on the idea that all species are related and gradually change over time. A new concept in business also changes over time. Our monetary system is way past due for a change. We are in the right place at the right time, waking the world up to a new era. The evolution has begun.

  10. Thank you very much Brittmari, that is great information, especially the importance of PLANNING the outcome of whatever you want. Keep on Baking and enjoy every moment of this jouney called life.

    1. I am happy if you found my simple blog informational Carlton Aman. I will most certainly continue baking as children and grandchildren love my bread and cookies. I wish I were more fluent in English so I could write more content-rich blogs about our Compumatrix company.

  11. Thank you for this informative message BrittMari. To be successful in business it is essential to have good planning. If you don’t have that your business will never take off. I see that all with my own business. If I don’t plan things carefully the harvest of the vegetables that I grow will not be good.

    1. I totally agree with you, Pedro Nogueira Diaz. Planning is essential in whatever we are doing, be it business or daily tasks at home.

  12. BrittMari, I’ll take one of those as well. I’m not a good baker, so I always enjoy something yummy. It will be like the CDAP cards and who knows what else the company has in the making. I can’t wait to get going again on the dashboard. And everywhere else.

    1. Wish I could peer-to-peer one of the swiss rolls to you Tracy Wight! πŸ™‚ Yes, I am also eagerly waiting for the launch of our new CDAP.

  13. We are into keto way of eating, but your principle is correct. Once the new CDAP platform is released, we will all be able to sell accumulated inventory to a hungry world wanting to run a solid business in the comfort of their own homes. Our partners have many people waiting in the wings to purchase what we have.

    1. Hi, Hendrik Pretorius, I have no idea what keto eating is. I do agree with you though about your statement about our new CDAP.

  14. I believe you could possibly be a contender, BrittMari for one of the best looking photos at the top of your blog πŸ™‚ Totally agree with you that planning is a huge part of any business – a guide on how to proceed can help keep things on track, and also perhaps not miss out anything or steps that need doing and when. So much awaits us on the other side of the CDAP platform being ready for use! And I’m sure your swiss rolls could be made gluten- free, sugar- free or whatever was required, just as our business can accommodate different tastes!

    1. The photo I used is by courtesy of the copyright-free images uploaded by Chernetskaya @ πŸ™‚ and yes Janis Reese, I have baked both gluten-free and sugar-free swiss rolls.

  15. Send your Swiss rolls to me Brittmari. They look so good. You instantly have a market for them for sure. Include a few BTS with each roll, and they will be flying off the shelves. You bring up a good point about Compumatrix. The market is already there. People want to get into crypto. but don’t know how, or their country regulates them not to. Compumatrix is a good answer for that.

    1. As I told somebody else above – I wish I could peer-to-peer them to you Jeffrey Phelps πŸ™‚
      You gave me a great idea by suggesting to include a few BTS with each roll! When I can start selling locally that will be a very good marketing tool.

  16. I love this, Britt, as I also am a baker. I assembled all the ingredients before I started mixing. Your algorithm is in process and will carry you to the completion of baking your Swiss Rolls. By the way, they sound great, and I will take two, please. I think we all come back to a comparison to Compumatrix. Their plan has put many algorithms in place to operate the company. A company that we are proud to market to the world.

    1. Great to find another baker here at Compumatrix! I guess there are lots of bakers actually – although we haven’t seen them all yet. Yes, Carmen Prevatte, we do have a great company that we are proud to market to the world!

  17. Thank you, Brittmari, for sharing with us your idea of comparing the planning of baking your delicious Swiss Rolls with what we may remember when using our VPCs. By the way, save a chocolate roll for me, please! πŸ˜‰

    Once within our CDAP, we will have to have it all well planned, for sure!
    You won’t believe the ‘planning’ I already have dancing in my head!!!

    1. You are welcome, Dora! You can have the chocolate roll. I’ll try peer-to-peer it to your home…lol Good luck with your planning – and I will continue to plan for my business.

  18. Thank you Brittmari, for an interesting blog and a great picture, I had to stop myself from taking a bite out of my laptop.
    I love swiss roll and for myself this week I took some cooking apple from our tree in the garden and made a yummy apple crumble. So maybe we need to join forces..ha ha.
    I look forward to the opening of the new CDAP as I know it will get the creative juices flowing.

    1. Thank you, Inspired Insights! Wow, apple crumble. I had to look that word up in my dictionary. Here we say apple pie. Now I will probably have to make an apple pie for next weekend πŸ™‚

  19. Very good insight. We can learn a lot from your blog, it gives us every day circumstances on how to plan. While baking a Swiss roll can be complex if you plan it by making sure you have all the ingredients running a successful business. Compumatrix is a complex business and it requires planning, study and execution. If we follow your example we will all be successful.

  20. Brittmari , I am so looking forward to selling prepaid cards for the Cdap .. Though your Swissl logs are really inviting as well. Cdap will be a very busy and a very rewarding home based business once all is set up and ready to roll. Brittmari , I think once Cdap opens to the world ,you will be so busy ,you will be able to hire someone to do all your baking for you . Cause you will be so busy selling your prepaid cards in your Compumatrix home business and having so much fun doing so.

    1. Lorna, you are probably right! When we get the new CDAP cards will fly off the shelves and we will be so busy creating them – also selling by word of mouth – so I may not have the time to do any baking πŸ˜‰

  21. Your right Brittmari , no matter what we choose, planning is required. I owned two businesses three businesses when you count Compumatrix. and planning is the most important part of any business. You more than likely will fail if you don’t plan . Though I must say if one plans out day to day , there is always something that changes to change your plans . Such is life in the business world.

    1. Yes, Avery Nickerson, I have learned that from life. No matter how much you plan – things change and plans must change too.

  22. Things may go sour if you use the wrong ingredients. In order to accomplish something, you must know first what is needed or where it is heading.
    a plan, the route to follow, a destination to arrive all-important, if you don’t want to end up wandering in anywhere land or to obtain a useless result.

  23. Yes, Jorge Guevara, and that is why I start by checking what ingredients I have and what may be missing πŸ˜‰

  24. I have been working on the ingredients for quite a while and have had plenty of time to get them ready but still adding a few spices here and there and it keeps getting better and tastier. It will be very exciting when we fire up the oven for the final product with everything in place called compumatrix can’t wait.

    1. I can understand how long you have planned your β€œbaking” πŸ˜‰
      But you may come up with the very best product when ready!

  25. Count me in when and if you are able to bake, sell, and ship those delicious looking Swiss Rolls! I too am eagerly awaiting the opening of the new CDAP so our imaginations can expand and soar with possibilities to create new ways to make life better and more tasty to the world.

    1. Yes, Gloria Gilmore, You are now on my customer list 😊
      Could not agree more about the CDAP! I think we are all eagerly awaiting the opening of that one.

  26. BrittMari Your blog was quite the hit – there are so many responses, or maybe the picture made everyone hungry. I couldn’t help but think bout the old saying -” Don’t get the cart before the horse,” and “First things first.!!” I’m the worlds worse at following the recipe when I bake – I never read clear through the recipe before I start in – sometime I pay for it BIG time too! My mouth is watering for a bite of your Swiss log in the picture.

  27. Hi Brittmari I have a weakness for sweets and the picture of the Swiss rolls have made me crave for them.I like the way you have compared making Swiss rolls by making a plan in getting all the ingredients and then the step by step procedure of making them, in the same way here at Compumatrix where we must have to plan for our business when it’s

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we must make good plans for our business when Compumatrix is launched.

  28. Oh, Britt we have to find a way. My mouth is watering for good pastry cakes, cookies etc. Lets put or business senses to gether to make that happen. We have to remember in this pandemic we will have to start business strategies out side the box.. If we can imagine, we will be able to make our dreams a reality. WoW! Is all I can say.


    1. I wish I could peer-to-peer one of them to your home! From the Compumatrix platform, we will be able to do lots of things in the future (at least I think so!)

  29. BrittMari, I love Swiss Rolls, and would get fat if I did what you do as a baker!
    But what you say about all the ingredients, then the planning and the final product can be crazy enough. But then where to sell? Worldwide what a great new concept in small business!! But Compmatrix can do this and more, plus with all of our new innovations and protocols it is so much safer since going into business as you said; is so risky!
    My hat is off to you and your unique article and point of view…Now I am so hungry for a box of swiss rolls

    1. Thank you for your kind words! There are solutions also for not getting fat πŸ˜‰ like sugar-free swiss rolls, or just simply eat smaller pieces of them.

  30. I want your swiss rolls brit Mari, please please please, I will buy every week, and if you sell it for CBTC or Compumatrix crypto it will be good(but the price must include shipping as well).
    your biggest challenge would be to get a shipping partner and also will your rolls holds good in transit for more than 1 week? does it need extra care or special packaging?

    I think your BIZ will be a Grand box office moneymaker if you could incorporate it with CDAP.

  31. Thank you, Anil Sharma Ganesan, I wrote my simple blog just as an example of the similarity of planning, whether you are planning for business or everyday things.

  32. oh just love to imagine how as a baker you could incorporate the shipping of great sweets to the Compu Family — but from Biz standpoint it is so awesome to realize just how similar the two worlds of Baking with following recipes and such and the Biz concept and following the recipe here at Compu for success — read study listen and Learn n Success will be soon to follow — jmho great read still Britt — rj

    1. Yes, rjh59, I wish it was possible to ship the swiss rolls to all the members in Compumatrix.
      Unfortunately, it won’t happen for quite some time. First thing first – which is to get our new CDAP opened!

  33. Okay now my mouth is watering for some good pastry cakes, cookies etc. We have to remember in this pandemic we will have to start business strategies by thinking outside the box.. If we can imagine, we will be able to make our dreams a reality.

    1. Yes, Paula James, you, me, and probably most of the Compumatrix members are eagerly awaiting the new CDAP!

      1. Yes and It seems with the most recent update we should not have to wait much longer. I’m so excited words can’t express the way I’m feeling right now.

  34. Mmmmhhhh…. Swiss Rolls. My goodness. Mouth watering for sure! Beyond a doubt producing and selling VPCs is a dandy euphoric way to make some amazing income while attaining time freedom to pursue our dreams and desires. On the other hand, as one makes money though CDAP, it will be great to come up with great business ideas especially for this 21st century that will definitely Enhance and Enrich the lives of others. Thanks BrittMari Mostrom for your enlightening blog.

    1. Thank you, Joy! I do hope our new CDAP will still allow us to create and sell VPCs – or as they are named today – Stable Cards. But if not – I’m sure we will find functions that we can use to help our Compumatrix as well as our own businesses.

  35. I enjoyed your β€œtasty” blog! Our new CDAP holds so many creative opportunities to bring into reality whatever we can imagine. I, for one, find your perspective refreshing. It gives me a sense of excitement, thinking about how close all of our dreams are to being fulfilled. It’s fun being on the cutting edge of an industry that will change so many lives for the better!!

  36. Great analogy I do a lot of baking from scratch and it does take a lot of planning and so does canning I also do that, there are many steps in compumatrix to keep up with and I agree it takes planning and checking your updates regularly, my husband keeps me on my toes.

  37. Very nice metaphor BrittMari. It is indeed very important to have the right planning and ingredients when you want to make a delicious cake. And of course, that also applies when you want your business to be successful. When everything is well planned and organized Compumatrix will be a big success.

  38. Thanks for this nice story BrittMari. To make a good cake requires the right ingredients and the discipline to follow the recipe. If you don’t do that the cake will fail. I think Compumatrix at this moment is organizing itself in a professional way and I am expecting a delicious result.

  39. What a mouth watering blog. If I had such a talent for baking I could use it to help with networking for business opportunities. I could hold meetings and discuss business opportunities within Compumatrix or I could become a vendor and depending upon the repertoire with my customers, discuss business opportunities with them when I made drop offs.

  40. I unfortunately love this type of a desert, so it would not take much to get my attention about what you had to say if I was offered one. I kind of view the assets within our Compumatrix portfolio as delicatessens that the members are eager to savor and enjoy.

  41. I think in Compumatrix, since everything is so new and exciting to everyone, sometimes we forget to plan what we are going to do and how we are going to work to help make this company succeed. Planning is important and sometimes it seems like the boring step that no one wants to do, but it is crucial if you want what you are doing to succeed.

  42. This cake looks delicious and I am sure it tastes delicious. You can only achieve this with very planning and the right ingredients. And of course good skills of the cook. In my view there are many capable people in the kitchen of Compumatrix to make a delicous cake for us.

  43. had to come back and read this great blog and also the replies and see the Hunger factor for a great dessert and also for the 3 E’s of our own Compu Biz taking off and the CDAP opening soon and the Stablecoin factor — so much to put into a proper recipe perse’ and we go forward to Success — thanks again great read —

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