Never stop learning something new

I love learning new ways of thinking about my life, work, and the world around me. To do that, I have had to let go of old belief systems passed on in good faith by my loving parents.

I grew up in a family with little money but an abundance of hugs, clothes came from the second-hand shops, and my mother would sit every evening mending the holes in my trouser knees after playing football and falling over numerous times.

My father would tell me repeatedly as I became closer to leaving school, ‘Learn a trade, and you will never be out of work.’

One evening, as we sat around the dining table, he announced that he had got me a job as a painter and decorator trainee, and I was to start the next week. The company closed after a year, due to a retiring owner, and at 17, I was self-employed and grateful that I could put my hands to most things. It kept me busy, and I was surviving financially but, only just.

However, as time moved on, it became increasingly clear that my father’s trades of plumbing and electrical services were becoming impossible to do. Sadly, his back would go out of alignment every time he twisted to look under a bath for a leaking pipe. We were spending a fortune with a lovely chiropractor who would put my father in a half nelson and crunch his back. Then the next day, his back would pop out again at his next plumbing job, and I got accustomed to hearing my father in the evenings pacing up and down in the sitting room and praying out loud, ‘Please Lord, bring enough money to pay the bills’

He was always looking for ways to bring in extra money, going around door to door with a big suitcase selling home cleaning products, selling alarm systems, MLM schemes, evening cleaning jobs, Calor gas heaters, delivering sets of cooking pans, etc

He would have loved to have had Compumatrix around in those days. He would have had an opportunity to create a wonderful business that would have brought in funds regardless of his health problems. He would have been able to help others to be self-sufficient regardless of age and health.

I have learned that I have had to let go of my fathers ‘affirmations’ that we would always be struggling financially. I learned to stop saying when asked, that “I am surviving financially” because it was stopping me from being financially free.

Learning a trade was great; however, going up and down ladders was no fun as I got older. I have friends who suffer from Arthritis, bad hips, and knees, etc. The trade that had got them through life no longer helps them. But what joy it will be to share and show them how to have their own online business! They can be self-sufficient financially, and yet they can sleep peacefully at night. They will be financially free and also have something to leave to their grandchildren.

Every day when I wake up, I try to remember before getting out of bed, just to say “Thank You” and then I continue through the day saying “Thank You” for all the things I HAVE in my life rather than focusing on the things I DON’T have.

Let me finish by saying “thank you” to you for reading this. Especially to all the Compumatrix staff who have never given up while dealing with every challenge imaginable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and thank you for all the encouragement and opportunity.

About the author

Peter is a founding member of compumatrix but also has spent the last 30 years dedicated to empowering individuals and freeing them from the emotional bruises of life. He has a huge client base all over the world where he has demonstrated his unique gift as an intuitive therapist working with young and old. His greatest joy is when a client realises that the wisdom they have been looking for, is actually within themselves.


  1. I look back and am thankful for the value’s my dad instilled in me. But at the same time knowing that I had to kinda dust my self off from some of them as well. My dad grew up in the depression and even though he did fairly well for himself and my mom and our family. He could never loose the poverty mindset.

  2. Peter, I appreciate your post. I have said many times that great minds think alike. I can relate to what you say in your blog, as most here will. We have experiences in life that have prepared us for this time, and the thankfulness for Compumatrix. I just posted a blog I started posting early this morning but had to leave for most of the day. I just came back and finished my post and came in to read and comment. In my post, I had some of the same sentiments about learning, just expressed differently. I appreciate you, and know from whence you speek. I am glad to be here with you and all our Compumatrix family.

  3. Good article, Peter. It’s definitely true that we should never stop learning something new. We live in a world where we see technological advances all the time. The online world changes so fast. The are so many new things developing that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. But it’s worth the effort since online business brings so many opportunities that we would not even have imagined back when we were younger. I too am grateful for this opportunity here at Compumatrix as we look forward to prosperity and the ability to help others.

  4. Peter, this is a wonderful, positive accounting of your life. From a childhood and early adulthood with many challenges that you used to grow spiritually and emotionally, to the successful business you operate today, as a healer-teacher! You sound like an amazing person, with a heart for being of service to many others. It was a pleasure reading your article! 🙂

  5. Sadly, most people go through life without learning this simple piece of information. You and I had the chance to recognize Compumatrix as an opportunity to learn another trade. We have another painter in Compumatrix that is also needing to give up those ladders. I won’t name him but I can’t wait to see his and his wife’s dream of that ranch in Nevada!

  6. Peter, I am so proud of you!! I love this blog and the testament that goes with it. Your father taught you well and you no doubt absorbed his character! You are saying in this blog (at least it means this to me) that we don’t HAVE to work so hard IF we work smart!! Love what we do and the money will come!!

  7. Peter thank you for sharing this beautiful story. So many people have to work in professions that their mind and bodies out grow. Here at Compumatrix we are so very fortunate to have the ability to work from any where in the world on a laptop. We might get a stiff neck occasionally but we can stretch it out. I hope to help others lives change with this company.

  8. What a nice bit of your history you shared with us. Sounds like you took to heart what your father taught you about life and applied it to your own. I can imagine how good you would be with those you work with, they are indeed fortunate for having you in their lives! Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to reading more from you!!

  9. I loved how this article emphasized how it is important to not just rely on being one thing in your life. Many people are taught to believe they have to dedicate their whole life and all of their time to one profession when really that is not true. The world is constantly changing, and if your profession one day is no longer needed it is important to have back up skills.

  10. Peter, I think you realized that although they certainly meant well and wanted the best for you, your parents are old school like so many others. They were taught to make a living we had to apply ourselves and work hard every day! We know that now, there is a better way to look out for our future, and we can even leave it to OUR children—work Smart, Not Hard. Use the brain more, and the back a LOT less!! Compumatrix will do this for us!!

  11. Petr, that was a wonderful testimonial for staying young at heart, as somebody long as we keep learning new things we stay young, it helps us to stay flexible and alert, our brain needs new stimulus in order to not to get lazy and stagnate. So even learning new language or some skills with our hands is hugely beneficial and as you said, makes us appreciate life better.

  12. Your story brings back so many memories growing up, the lessons learned are not from any class, the life itself helps us to find a clear path to follow, our parents are gifts from God and blessings to many who acknowledge of their times. their wishes are always at heart when it comes to us and now facing our own challenges as we try to advise our own. beautiful thing is that technology has come to help in many areas where we don’t break our backs but we can work smart.

  13. Peter I like your blog! We all learn from our parents in some way or another in our lives.The process of learning continues as long as we are alive. Technology has become so advanced in this age that if we do not learn, we will lag far behind in this age of life. We are also learning a lot from compumatrix blog daily.

  14. very good blog and the putting this blog into my own world of thought is so very easy and relatable — it is amazing when we look back and look around how many of us through all walks of life have traveled many similar roads and made similar moves and wind up so very close as time plays out — great stuff here much appreciative –

  15. Great article I have read here. To never stop learning is what we should a do and without knowing or thinking we also do just that. With our forever changing world I learn something new from my daughter daily. In some respects our kids are more on top of this online world then we are. I at times must ask what is this and how do you do that. I say thanks for your help sweetie. Very soon I will be sharing what I have been learning here in Compumatrix.

  16. Thank you Peter for the inspiring blog! I am very grateful that I have learned to wake up being thankful for a roof over my head, food, clothes, technology, but mostly I am grateful for all of you who remind me of how blessed I am with my Compumatrix family. We all come from different backgrounds and conditioning, and we are brought together by Compumatrix to learn a new way of life together. Thank you!

  17. Peter, you have named your blog post my motto that I have lived my whole life; that being, “Never stop learning something new”. I classify myself as a perpetual student. As I get older, I say once in awhile time to stop buying new courses, downloading new training, going down another avenue of training, and then whoa, that sounded too good to pass by – I need to learn this or this will clarify that which was giving me problems understanding, etc. That is also why Compumatrrix came onto my radar screen, and which makes me feel totally blessed

  18. Yes Peter. Having Compumatrix finally launch and us begin to be able to touch some tangible assets/money that’s all been essentially on paper for some years, will be a dream come true for all of us. As you know with any trade, you work for money. But if you have your own business and it begins to give you residual income, then your money starts working for you. That will be wonderful someday.

  19. I knew when I read the title to this Blog ,it was going to be a good one ! And it is.
    Never Stop Learning something new I believe is a “necessity” for living a truly “Good Life”
    And believe me we can learn something new from “anybody”. Don’t you just love a Multipotentialite ?
    This new generation already has the mindset and so called “Superpowers” required to be Multipotentialite’s,idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability. My granddaughter represents this potential,when asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says the same thing over and over again a dancer, a chef and a Lawyer.

  20. One of the things I very often hear myself saying is, “I learn something new every day!”, or, “Just when you think you have seen and heard it all”, another new sight or event occurs that is totally new and surprising. No matter how long you live or how old you become, someone or something comes up with something that was not within your realm of consciousness.
    I try to live each day as if I will learn something I did not know before. With age comes knowledge.

  21. So very true. Thank you for sharing your story. When we stop learning and keeping our mind open to new challenges, in my opinion, we become ‘dead’. Our bodies may still be functioning, but the heart and mind is closed to all the joys and wonder that surround us. Instilling a love of learning to as many as possible is something I try to do regularly.

  22. Nice post Stephen, as you so rightly say, never stop learning. Sometimes we have to re-learn, accept that there are different ways to get things done, adjust our mindset or thought process to include new information. Innovation is always there. The more we learn the more there is to learn, it is a lifelong journey. I am looking forward to doing so much more.

  23. I enjoyed this blog and it made me think how much I have learned through my life. I started out at 12 yrs old with a paper route and then washing dishes, as I got older I started buying my expensive toys that I liked and learned to work on them mini bikes and go carts fun fun and then I bought my first car and learned how to put alternators in and water pumps and brake master cylinder, ignition (that was a fun one) and of course brakes and bearings not fun on that one. I have had a variety of jobs through my life factory work, built bridges for 7 yrs worked on lens for glasses, did delivery jobs and pest control tech,fork lift operator, sandblasting and many more always learning is a great thing and my master piece is learning and keeping up with my compumatrix business.

  24. Very true Peter, if you want to avoid old age catching your brain in snooze mode, learning something new every day is so important. Two years ago, I completed my Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. I expected thought when I applied, I would be the oldest student in the course. I was surprised to find a gentleman in his 80’s doing the course too, as it was on the top of his ‘bucket list’ to do before he died. I was so impressed and enjoyed sharing his life’s experiences in life. Through his humorous stories the younger students were able to visualise the difference between modern and old policing and Criminal Justice practices. When asked will he ever stop learning, he replied with a chuckle only when they bury me deep, then again, he said, ‘I guess that will lead to a whole new learning experience as I learn to play my harp’

  25. Great post Peter. One of the best things about life is that we never have to stop learning, unless we ourselves choose not to at our own free will. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt to become successful. Many successful people know this and we should take inspiration from them. As the saying goes….”Give a (wo)man a fish and you feed her/him for a day; teach a (wo)man to fish and you feed her/him for a lifetime.

  26. Peter we should say thanks for sharing! It is always very good and necessary to learn something new, because the Universe is constantly changing and being synchronized with these changes is very important. Definitely Compumatrix has also taught us a lot and still has a lot to teach us, and it will be a fantastic moment when we can all take advantage of these changes!

  27. “Peter thank you very much for your detailed Biography of sorts and trials and tribulations in your life but more importantly in your father’s.As you pointed he worked several trades and was his effort to do the best for his family and put food on the table however hard was for him achieve that end.You have learnt well and have put to use your knowledge and experience to good use and presently helping family and friend to keep on learning everyday and achieve the goal they are seeking. The involvement that I have had with Compumatrix is teaching me a lot each and everyday and am thankful for that

  28. Peter thank you for your blog. The mind is a terrible thing to water, every day that passes by is an opportunity to learn something new. With your mind and thinking you can change the world.
    Thank online learning it has become the new classroom. And with Compumatrrix the learning and exèrience it has become the new business

  29. It all comes down to trust. There is so much misinformation and plain rubbish posted on the internet I ignore huge swathes of it. Who and what do you trust. Many scams and lies have probably affected all of us at times. The web has done wonders in many areas but created huge problems in others. The world has become smaller and the speed of communication such the the whole is almost ungovernable. Let us hope that when Compumatrix finally opens, hopefully this year, the security is such that our assetts are fully protected

  30. Great blog, thank you for sharing. Sometimes embracing new ideas can be scary because it takes us away from our safe place. Sometimes we are forced into change because of the events that life throws at us to deal with. I always admired other people for taking on new challenges and for a long time felt that all I could do is dig in, and just get through whatever I had to deal with. Now with the help of my grown-up children, I feel that I can enjoy the new ideas that they share with me and I look forward to compumatrix giving me the opportunity to have more time to relax and try things I haven’t tried before.

  31. Dear Peter as you thank us, I would sincerely like to thank you for sharing this personal story. This reminds me of my father and his dedication to being an underpaid educator. Growing up in a middle to low class family was often hard. However, we wanted for nothing and simply learned how to live without. As your father prayed in the hallway for other sources of income, he did what it took to provide for you all. The same stress weighed on me as a little boy seeing my parents struggle from time to time. At the tutelage of my Father in his searches of extra income, I entered the workforce at the age of 14.
    When most my friends were playing sports and riding bikes, I was studying sales and the art of closing; through the likes of Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins. My education and Frankly seeing my father’s struggles gave me a drive to succeed in life. Through these stresses I have become quite successful and owe it all to my Father and his trials and tribulations. We do all need to give thanks for what we have and what we may be on the brink of. Again, I thank you for writing this blog!

  32. Nice read Peter, as the work-a-day world changes at such a rapid rate these days, gone are the days of going to school ,getting a good job, staying with that company for 25 to 40 years and retiring, also gone is apprenticing in a trade and making that your life’s occupation. Both young and old had better establish multiple streams of income. Again thank you Peter for an interesting read.

  33. Thanks for your blog Peter! It makes me think of many things I have learned over the years with Compumatrix. Sometimes painful things, but for the most part things I have benefited from. I try to learn something new every day, even if some new knowledge is forgotten in the maelstrom of news.
    I would like to understand more of today’s Compumatrix, but trust that knowledge will come when Compumatrix is launched

  34. Totally agree Peter about the trades and how having a skill can get you through life. Nowadays it’s not enough to know one skill set, you have to have many. I used to complain that school teaches the same curriculum year in and year out. The problem is most it had nothing to do with living in the real world. Having worked in sales for half of my life taught me that being a salesman covers lots of ground not just selling a product but selling yourself to others, knowing how to close a deal and learning as much as possible about what others do for a living and is it applicable to me and my ventures.
    Compumatrix was another world to me when I finally got into all the different aspects. Fortunately we have Kevin who will work tirelessly through a problem that most us do not understand as he finds a solution that we can understand. Thank you my friend.
    The new system currently being finished by our tech team won’t be a challenge for most of us, but as always we will help others to make it a success in there lives. “Never be afraid of learning something new.”

  35. Peter, thank You for sharing this blog post with us! Your story is touching and also inspiring. Continuing the process of learning new things keeps us moving forward and even young at heart. I never did like that old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because I disagree with it completely, especially because as I’ve become like an old dog I find myself learning plenty of new tricks regularly. Lol

  36. Peter, the main portion of your blog is written almost exactly as if I had written it. My father’s financial life and his devotion to taking care of his family very much mirror your father’s struggles and my own beginnings in the adventure of early employment skills, failures, and successes. The only difference is that it is me and not my dad with all of the chiropractic visits and other associated pains. It can be difficult to find a trade in which you can be successful while avoiding the necessity of physical involvement. The best part is how much I learned from the struggle and like you, how I also learned to appreciate what I have instead of focusing on what I don’t have. We are now so fortunate to have the crypto currency world of opportunity in front of us. Compumatrix has great leaders, great vision, and great members that treat and help other members like family because family is what we have become. If you don’t know something you can call on any member for help and they will always assist you. And you don’t have to get your back out of whack in the process.

  37. Thank you for all your wonderful replies, it proves that we all have a story to tell and yet we each are working so hard to help our children and grandchildren to have freedom in their minds and hearts.
    There is a saying that I was reminded of recently., it was “Don’t die with your music still in you”.
    Compumatrix will give us the opportunity to be set free from the 9 – 5 job feeling stuck and unnoticed. And to have the opportunity to help others to express themselves and feel that they have a purpose rather than just surviving.

  38. Thank you for this informative and inspiring blog post, Peter. It is my experience in life, especially if you talk about work, that it is not an option to stop learning. If you stop educating yourself you will go in the wrong direction. It is important to stay ahead of your competitors and one way to do that is to never stop learning something new.

    1. Thank you, Patricia for your kind comments, I feel that the more I learn; I have more to share and my life becomes more fulfilled.
      The more fulfilled I am, the more inspired I am to learn more….it’s a never-ending process.

  39. Peter it is a very beautiful and thoughtful blog for me my life’s motto is that you learn everyday from everyday instances in your life . I believe even if you have not won in a game and you have lost it you still learn – the mistakes you made. Life is all about being open to learning It would be a very dull and dreary if we kept our minds closed and not learn from all the beauty surrounding us in nature and what God has created.

  40. Peter, thank you for your inspiring blog. I am still learning and that keeps me active and young at 70!. I’m interested in so many things at this time in my life, I find it hard to concentrate in one and wish the days were longer to give more time to study. At this time I am learning to read scripture and have a group to do a weekly study. I lacked spiritual instruction when I was young and I have lots to catch up. My true passion is painting and I am taking a brake for a few months, but would like to continue learning and painting nice landscapes. Lastly, I like natural ways to heal the body, I am reading and keeping up with newsletters and any information I can get in the Internet.

    1. There is so much to learn Aida and it would seem that with the internet, knowledge is at our fingertips.
      I grew up with both parents passionate about natural medicines and for the last thirty years has kept me busy helping clients with self-empowering techniques and resources using the ‘mind-body’ connection and a multitude of resources connected to natural healing and alternative therapies.

  41. such a pleasure to read this great blog and read thru replies for even more great perspective and realities of this truism — Learn and keep learning with new stuff every day or moment — the speed of the cyber world n also crypto world — we must continue our Compu learning — appreciate the effort n info of this great blog —

    1. Thank you, you are right. Finding new ways to be inspired and to do it because I feel more peaceful or happier within myself is wonderful. I always feel inspired by nature at this time of the year in the UK where the trees let go of their leaves, ready for new growth. I also find it is becoming easier to ‘let go’ of old dead energy than it is to keep trying to ‘Hold on’.
      Compumatrix is helping us all to do that if we allow ourselves to be.

  42. Thank you Peter for your wonderful story. It is so true you should never stop learning anything. When leaving school it is always wise to learn more than one trade. As you never know what the future may hold. With Compumatrix we will always have a great business which I truly look forward to…

    1. Thank you, Sherry

      I trust that the young people of today are growing up in this world where Cryptocurrency is ‘normal’ and at Compumatrix we have a business ready for them to embrace and be a part of.

  43. Thank you Peter for your wonderful article about never stopping to learn something new.As the saying goes we are always learning,which never ends from ‘Cradle to Grave’.

  44. My grandfather who had been a landowner said that for many many years which turned into decades, he had worked farming the land, and had only been able to pay the interest on the land. Then one year, he said the sale of beef went up and he sold many cows and was able to pay off the land. So I can understand and appreciate the challenges our relatives have had to overcome and it is inspirational.

    1. I agree Sherri and I look forward to helping the generations to come, have a quality life doing the things they love, because of Compumatrix and the business we have created.

  45. on this sunday morning reading and enjoying such great thoughts on Memories of where we have traveled or walked thru –or what we call Life and its adventures — I believe quality is doing Life with love of what we are doing each moment and the less time spent on Not and more time spent on Yes and Always Learning — the greater Life is — great read here Peter —

  46. What a lovely blog Peter that resonates with so many here. Learning new things has always been something I’ve loved doing. Most of all I’ve loved learning about people – and how each person on this planet has something to unique to teach us, not least about ourselves. Even when the lesson is deeply painful, there’s always learning if we have the courage and strength to look for it. I think one of the hardest things to learn to change within ourselves are the unconscious limiting beliefs we learned, often as children. Ones like “not enough”, “don’t deserve”, “can’t have” and “can’t do” are some of the most debilitating of them all, especially around prosperity, success and happiness. So thank you for the reminder to keep learning and growing and, especially, to be grateful for all the things that do bring us much learning, light, joy and hope in our lives. That includes the Compumatrix staff and everyone here in. We have so much to be thankful for.

    1. Thank you, Luisabeau
      I remember clearly being told as a child at the dinner table, “now finish everything that’s on the plate, as there is some poor family in Africa that is starving because they have no food”

      I have learned how empowering it is to stop eating when I am fulfilled, rather than feel that by finishing everything on my plate…some family in Africa will feel better.

  47. Good article Peter. It’s definitely true that we should never stop learning something new. We live in a world where we see technological advances all the time. The online world changes so fast there are so many new things developing that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up but it’s worth the effort since online business brings so many opportunities that we would not even have imagined back when we were younger. I’m very grateful for this opportunity here at Compumatrix as we look forward to prosperity and the ability to help others.

    1. Thank you Paula, there is always something new to learn it would seem.
      I was talking to my thirty-year-old son today who is doing an online course on computer and internet security with a view to getting a job in that field when finished. I told him he would never be out of work. I am certainly going to find his knowledge useful with Compumatrix business.

  48. Great blog, Peter,  the process of learning begins with our brain, as if the process of learning makes us realize that we exist in the world,therefore, the process of learning should be ongoing in life,It should never stop,learning any knowledge creates creativity in us which can help us to progress in different areas of life and others can also benefit from our ideas,I am proud to be a part of Compumatrix,which gave me a lot of learning opportunities.

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