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New Bitshares Rising

The Bitshares China Association posits that one of the core developers hired via DPOS onchain concensus tampered with the voting system code of Bitshares Version 4.0 without the voting approval of the community. This created a huge controversy in the Bitshares Community. According to BCA, all parties in the community have made a lot of effort in the past months however the incident has not reached an acceptable solution for all parties.

In order to adhere to the DPOS consensus and maintain DEFI credit, while protecting the interests of investors and avoiding impacts on the stability of the existing BTS network after discussion and voting by all members of BCA, BCA decided to fork BTS. The fork will be executed at 21:55 on September 10, 2020 Beijing time (CST). The new coin symbol is “NBS” and come with a full name as “New BitShares”.

Proposed Timeline (BCA)

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  1. thank you for the info — will take me some time and research to get the full impact of this information and will presume this has something in the overall performance of the Compumatrix part of the day to days — and possible moving forward of our actual business?? do appreciate the info and explanation —

  2. How interesting that Bitshares is going to fork. This is definitely the first I have heard of this. I hope that all of this turns out favorably to us who have a lot of assets in on the Bitshares platform. We are so glad that you guys there at BLINC know what you are doing and have the full scoop on all that is going on. It’s so great to know that we have partners like you that have our backs on things like this.

  3. Thanks for this information. Now we need to determine how this will effect us here at Compumatrix. Hopefully this will help in getting the markets corrected. It’s vital that we take the necessary steps to keep this community protected.

  4. Thanks for that information. That is interesting that Bitshares is going to fork on September 10th. I read a blog on this site about forking a few months ago so I’m glad to have some knowledge on the subject. It will be interesting to see the result of this forking and how it benefits the Compumatrix community. Looks like we are moving at a fast pace!

  5. Thank you Bitshares Labs for keeping us alerted to these huge changes within the systems we work. Although I don’t understand all of the nuances, I’m grateful for a new opportunity to thrive in the decentralized markets. I’m so grateful you’re our partners on this journey!

  6. Thanks for the open sharing and integrity of informing Compumatrix of the problem that had arisen….plus that you thoughtfully came up with a solution – forking – well thanks to Gail I am not completely in the dark with that term though have to confess still at the amateur level. One thing I am sure we will be kept updated as to whether this will solve the problem and be a good working plan.

  7. Thanks Bitshare Labs for the info…It sounds very exciting to me, maybe the solutions to our bts problem on the Dex for us at Compumatrix. I also find it exciting that this “Fork” is about 24hrs away. Must get ready to purchase some”NBS”. Looking forward to seeing this unfold and what it means to Compumatrix and holders of bts.

  8. Very interesting. Will obviously have an impact on Compumatrix and our Dex accounts. Not clear to me which version of BTS we will adopt. Hope this does not turn out to be forking nuisance!

  9. Much appreciated with the updates and the changes expected, sure enough it will be of benefit to us on this arena, the folk that we where not expecting but looks like it will be of advantage to us.

  10. Thanks, Bitshares lab for keeping us up to date on what is going on in the Bitshares platform. It will be interesting how this plays out. I hope it is for Compumatrix’s and the member’s best interest.

  11. Thanks for the great information Bitshares Lab. Would never have thought there would be BTS fork. Sounds like something the members here at compumatrix will really benefit from. I really look forward to see how all this will play out. Having a new coin is exciting…

  12. We are all, I’m sure, wondering how this will impact our functions here at Compumatrix. However, it’s good to know that the relevant people are on top of these problems. It appears an interim solution – in the form of a new coin – has been found. Thank you for keeping us all on top of this!

  13. Bitshare Lab thank you very much about the upcoming fork of BTS and a new entity being created namely NBS. I am happy to learn that it will benefit all of us involved with BTS.Only regret I may have is that very little heads up was given and a lot of us could not add to their portfolio any more BTS to avail of the Fork and the advantage thereof .

  14. Thank you Bitshares for the information, if I go back only a few years…a fork to me was what I used with a knife and ate my food with, or even a fork in the road. Now a Fork has a completely different meaning in the cryptocurrency world and I am grateful for the knowledge that is shared. Thank you

  15. Thank you Bitshares Lab for the important update and explanation. It confirms the ever-changing crypto space and the importance of staying alert of the forks and news within the space. I am grateful for the blog space to learn of informative updates, as well as Discord. It has been my daily habit of keeping up with the changes that have been kindly posted for our benefit. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Bitshares Lab for this informative post. When I hear the word fork it always gives me the shivers because I always have the idea that something can go wrong terribly, which is mostly not the case. But changes need to take place and I hope that we will benefit from this fork.

  17. This post was very informative because Bitshares and Compumatrix both have aspects that are linked to each other. This article further proves the point that heavy security following these businesses is crucial in order to keep everything safe. The overall concept is sometimes confusing to me, but articles like these help me further understand it.

  18. Thank you Bitshares Labs, for sharing this very interesting and useful information here for all to see in time to be able to DO something with it! In previous years, when Bitcoin forked most of us didn’t know enough about cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency forks, to be able to take any action to maximize the benefits of the event. This time things are different!

  19. this is definitely a go back and read and research more on the fork and then studying how this is or will affect us here at Compumatrix and does it have any immediate impact on the CDAP and it does really out in perspective just How volatile and ever-changing the Crypto and Cyber worlds really ARE — thanks again for info Bitshares Labs —

  20. Thank you Bitshares Lab for the blog post and updates on the new Bitshares rising which we learn is called NBS (New Bitshares).I pray this new Bitshares rising is successful and benefits all members by the Will of God,who are involved and invested their hard earned money.

  21. Articles like this are like Greek to me. I know what ecosystems are and what a blockchain is, thanks to explanations from other bloggers and from other leaders in Compumatrix.
    However, I have no idea what a fork means in this context. For me, it is something I use when I eat.

  22. Interesting change of events for BitShares. Thanks for letting us know. I hope the fork helps clear the way for forward movement. Also looking forward to the upcoming update 5.0.0. Being progressive is the sign of a company following it’s platform and acting when it is necessary for the good of all.

  23. It is always reassuring that companies with which Compumatrix is in partnership, are moving forward to solve problems and issues which arise as the digital world transcends into the new world. Without your diligence, Bitshares Labs, we may be caught in a vortex from which recovery may be difficult.

  24. Thanks for this informative blog post Bitshares Labs. For me, it is a complicated blog post and I have to read the flow chart a few times more to understand it. I know about forks that happened in the past in the crypto world and it is my understanding that these forks were necessary and useful. I hope that this fork has the same effect.

  25. Thanks for the info. It seems important and the transparency great. For me, I have to re-read it and do some more reading to fully understand and grasp it. But I appreciate the info and cue to continue learning. I look forward to seeing the impact as this moves forward.

  26. Much appreciated, we are kept up to date with the changes, the learning never ends, this will help us as a community to make informed decisions at all times. I’m reading further to understand the impact, and how applicable it will be to our benefit.

  27. I have so much to learn. I hope that over time I will understand it all because it will be essential to how my business grows. I enjoy reading the blogs as they do help me slowly understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem and how it applies to me and my business.

  28. Forks are great. New ideas and new coins. AND tremendous advantage for those that hold the coins/tokens being forked. Always happy to have more than what is started with. And shows progress in the whole chain for bigger and better things to come. All good. Keep doing what you do. 🙂

  29. Thanks to Bitshares Lab for the important update, it confirms the ever-changing crypto space and the importance of staying alert of the forks and news within the space. Forks are great and a tremendous advantage for those that hold those coins being forked. I’m reading further to understand the impact, and how applicable it will be to our benefit.

  30. Appreciate the information from bitshare labs on being transparent of how they are solving the obstacles which are coming their way .I hope it is advantageous to Compumatrix. Learning about the fork is something new to me,but these blogs have kept me informed about the crypto world. This fork in BTS must have helped a lot of members who were holding BTS in our company

  31. Thank you Bitshares Lab for the information. It is amazing how having the tools and knowledge needed ahead of time allows those who want to take advance of these forks can change ones life. Many have never dealt or understood how all of this worked but just sat back in the dark. Now that the “light” has been turned on this adventure let the fun begin.

  32. Thank you for the info we will be watching to see how this turns out hopefully this will be for the positive and be better then ever. It is nice to know this was caught before to much damage was done to the system I am glad it is being taken care of.

  33. Very Interesting info Bitshares Lab ..Things I just did not know before . As stated these Blogs really help members understand what is going on in this industry. I too was grateful to find out the upcoming fork. This info info was very useful knowledge .. When other Crypto forks happened such as Bitcoin ,I never knew what that was all about ,less know about very much of crypto currency was about ..Thanks for sheding light on the subject.

  34. Thanks Bitshares Labs for this information, wondered what a fork would do, and now I have a partial understanding. Good thing those at BLINC, know their business. I always equated a fork with a split in the stock market, now I see I had no clue. New direction and improvements in structure are often a fork too. It is nice NBS knows what to do and with numbers in the millions it is vital.

  35. Thank you Bitshares Lab,to update us,all this is happening for the benefit of our company,I never thought there would be a fork of BTS,this is very good news for all compumatrix members,there are new bitshares rising,bitshares are the main assets of compumatrix.Thank you for an informative article.

  36. Did not realize that this took place. It must have worked out alright and everything seems to be functioning well. I’m glad you went into such detail explaining it as it helps to get everyone involved updated on the workings of Bitshares. I think this is all positive news coming out and keeping us informed.

    1. I agree Alan , This has answered a few questions I was thinking about and the Bitsharelabs and answered some of those and made things clearer. All answers and knowledge comes in over time.

  37. Thank you for the information. I hope this does not effect the compumatrix community in a negitive way. I will be watching with huge interest as I am sure everyone else will as well.

  38. I must admit, I don’t have not even half the understanding of what’s going on. However, I’m very proud to be at this stage with Compumatrix thriving and breaking ground. Thank you Bitshares, I guess we have entered the big leagues and now I understand Erline’s excitement. I’m from another generation and technology is very challenging to me, but I’m so glad I have waited 15 years. I hope 2021 is our year of breakthroughs.

  39. Congratulations Bitshares Lab on completing 2 years. We pray Bitshares and BLINC are here for all time to help all members to benefit and profit,by the Will and Grace of God Almighty. And we are also looking forward to our Compumatrix to help all members earn well,God Willing.

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