New Technologies from the SpaceX Program

Previous blogs on the Compumatrix Blog site, such as; ‘Move Your Computer to the Woods’ and ‘A Server is’ among other posts to Internet access, anywhere in the world. We find these new technologies improving our business here at Compumatrix. So I wanted to delve off into technologies to drive us even farther into the future.

How many of you know about Elon Musk and his Tesla company? Yes, Elon is famous for buying vast amounts of cryptocurrencies and speculating to make more profits. But, Mr. Musk has another project that has operated for some time in the back round, called Space-X.

So I want you to see a summation of this lifelong objective of Elon Musk and why he will change our very way of life.

The year is 2001, and Elon Musk conceived the Mars Sanctuary project. To land a small greenhouse and then grow plants on Mars. Surprisingly enough, Mars does have a partial atmosphere that could allow plant life to exist (see his website). Musk announced that this would be the farthest man has ever traveled to restore public interest in space travel. Elon also expressed and knew that lowering the costs of space exploration would be a major issue, so his idea was born. Elon first tried to find cheap rockets for his project and went to Russia, but they were not cheap.

On the flight back from Russia, Elon recognized he could start his own company to build rockets inexpensively and at higher standards. He wanted his rockets to be reusable, which had never been done. Elon wanted to use a modular approach and use many proven off-the-shelf items to lower costs right away. Using this way of purchasing many commercially proven items needed, rather than bringing in many private contractors such as the government does, Elon saw great cost savings.

So with all the ideas he had, Elon started searching for people to bring his new company to life. The new business would be called SpaceX, and Elon asked Tom Muller, a rocket engineer, to be his partner. So SpaceX was born and first headquartered in a storage facility in El Segundo, CA. And by 2005 they had 160 staff.

Musk has remained firm in his intentions to lower the costs of space travel and enhance its reliability by a factor of tenfold! So to move the world along, Elon also gave his rockets a job to prove themselves by sending them to space to establish a global satellite network. This global satellite network would allow the Internet worldwide to the most secluded areas of the Earth. A couple of Compumatrix blogs has referred to this satellite network, but not by name. Elon’s satellite program is called Starlink, and it circles the entire Earth with satellites. Putting thousands of satellites in orbit would be the supreme test for Elons’ reusable rockets.

So now comes the final phase of Elon’s dream to build and test planned trips to Mars. It is a multifaceted project and maneuver to launch, refuel, and then land a space ship on Mars and then back to Earth to be reused many times.

So I give you Elon’s dream. I hope you will see where one man’s dreams; much like Henry’s dreams with Compumatrix will help others through a process of engaging, enhancing, and enriching people and spreading hope to all, and this leads to technological advances for the entire world.

Take the time to visit Elon’s various web sites, like spacex dot com.

About the author

Sam and Jody live in Mena Arkansas and love Compumatrix. Life is simpler when sharing life with others, and being a Christian I see how being there with and for others enhances their lives. How can Compumatrix make your life better?


  1. Nice linkins’ Sam. There may be some negatives to all the junk in the sky but the comparison to Elon’s dream and that of Henry’s is strong. Henry wants people to be able to connect and earn a little and with Elon’s Starlink, this will be help Henry take his dream to more people worldwide!

  2. I am really excited about all this new technology .. Elon’s Starlink will bring the the world to higher heights and let new internet business be created and grow in remote areas . I never thought I would live to see the day with this kind of innovation ..
    Thank Sam for an interesting Blog …

  3. Interesting Blog on Elon Musk .. what a interesting man. I bet his mind never sleeps ,thinking about his next project. Elon starting PayPal and working on SpaceX in innovating to helping with people walking again and curing peoples woes , with bad or no internet. Star link is just amazing. What a concept .. I can hardly wait until one will be able get StarLink to travel in an RV .. Bring it on Elon.

  4. Thank you Sam for a very interesting blog post. That picture was very impressive. Elon Musk has far-reaching ideas and didn’t just have the ideas but set about to make them happen. Personally, I reserve my kudos until he has proven that his company isn’t only self-serving, but to better his fellow mankinds’ lives in a positive way.

  5. Interesting and informative blog Sam. I believe that new geniuses are being born every day and that these are the ones who will be in the forefront of humankind living on other planets. It takes a person like Musk with the resources, skill, and mindset to make such happen. I doubt that I will be around to see it, but I wish the best for those who are.

  6. Thanks for the very informative blog Sam. I like the comparison of Elon Musk & Henry having big dreams. One of the things I have been told more than once it is our dreams that propel us in life. The bigger and scarier they are the better. I know that I am honored in being able to hang on to Henrys coat tails while he brings Compumatrix to fruition.

  7. a very good read and literally very interesting as we watch and learn how history does play out ?? being a part of this Dream for as long as I have and seeing and experiencing the fruition of so much great effort — for right now just very much Appreciate all the honest parts of this Compumatrix !! rjh

  8. Thank you Sam,A perfect subject in the world of new technology,Elon Musk is a very talented person, if a person with a very genius mind is the inventor of spaceX,a great revolution in SpaceX space technology,just as the success of compumatrix is only Henry’s genius and talented mind,this ability will be appreciated in the future.

  9. Good post Sam. Having followed Elon for many years I know he is a huge visionary. Same with Henry. I for one look forward to the internet access for the most remote part of the planet – Middle of the Pacific Ocean. With the Starlink Tech, this will be possible in just a year or two.

    That way our online businesses can indeed be worked on from anywhere, which is exactly what is needed.

    Mars? Wow – a huge project and INHO one very much worth pursuing and very happy Space-X has developed a truly cost effective way to get this done.

  10. There is a lot of activity in space as of now! Richard Branson beating Bezos by 9 days blasting off in his own ship. I didn’t realize Elon Musk was working on flying to Mars, what an undertaking. I drive by the massive plant that Elon is building here in Austin, now he’s looking to build another one, he is always on the move from one project to another. What a mind all these folks have.

  11. Thanks for the post Sam. The similarities between SpaceX and Compumatrix are apparent. Henry’s vision and objective is is obvious and beneficial to us all here. We serve as his “Bitcoin Network” and have proudly done so for many years. I must check out the SpaceX site

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