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Ninety feet of growth in five weeks?

Proverbs 27: 21
“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth “

All of us on planet earth has the same amount of time marked out by 24 hour days. Provided we spend about one-third of that time sleeping, we truly only have about 16 or 17 waking hours to live and do something significant and purposeful towards our future.

Usually, for most, many of our days are just ordinary days. What we decided to do in those regular days may make all the difference leading to that future ONE DAY; that single day when we see and experience the fruition of all the seeds, we have planted—day in and day out— over the years. The day finally emerges from the unseen to the seen, bursting forth and sprouting upward into a magnificent plant or tree.

In Asia, there is a remarkable tree called the Chinese Bamboo Tree. While the Chinese Bamboo appears to be like any other variety of bamboo trees, this tree grows strangely different. Many trees have a growth period that is very consistent for years, but the Chinese Bamboo does not begin to show itself in any way above ground until the fifth year. For four full years, the seeds lie beneath the surface, and then “ONE DAY’ they suddenly appear. What’s impressive is that once the tree finally breaks ground, it shoots up at an alarming rate! It can grow up to 90 feet tall in just five weeks! Nature’s drama can be breathless in pace, and people have even claimed that they watch the Bamboo growing before their very eyes!

What seemed like a forever waiting time, in just One day, that waiting will quickly fade away in the robust growth’s marvel!

For many of us, ordinary life is just like this. We can work and be faithful to something for years and years just going about doing our little tasks in a seemingly obscure and unnoticed way. For that matter, we often cannot see anything extraordinary resulting from the fruit of our “seed-sowing” and work. We all need the reviving encouragement that comes from visible signs of real progress.

But what if we adopt the inner conviction that it only takes ONE DAY to bring about changes that will never again resemble the days of old routine! One contact can cause your business to take off after years of laboring with it finally! One chance encounter may result in a new marriage! A lifeless relationship can eventually be revived after years of prayer, waiting, and hearing those much needed-to-be-heard words! Is there something that you think has been too delayed for it ever to take place?

These things can happen, bringing new adventures and revealing latent talents inside you, the expertise growing all these years, and only now visible. As you continue faithfully, suddenly, there it is! “One Day,”!
Consider the impact that the days below have had on our world:
February 4, 2020: Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook social media website for the first time.
July 16, 1995: Jeff Bezos launched the Amazon website that, at first, only sold books.
May 30, 2020: Elon Musk’s SpaceX became the first private sector company to launch humans into orbit,
Something that began on those days has forever changed the present and the future. Things will never go back to the way things were again.

Now we didn’t see where all the countless hours, weeks, months, and years that the people behind these outstanding achievements put in. They just labored diligently quietly in obscurity behind the scenes. These men repeatedly performed their tasks until finally, there was that ONE DAY of unbelievable success and victory.

Let’s encourage one another not to despise the small beginnings. After being faithful in the little things, we will be entrusted with more important things, dynamic things! Stay your course, (and I will stay my course too), with expectation for wild, raging growth like the Chinese Bamboo! Ninety feet in five weeks?

Say not, “Today and tomorrow will be the same as the many yesterdays of old. ” We do not know what a day can bring into our lives. I love that! Do you? It is the not knowing makes each new morning like a gift waiting for us to open it! It only takes one day, and there will be no putting you back in the ground! You will have emerged, a new glorious life, and there will be no turning back to the old life!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Hey Jeff, that is quite a observation of how Compumatrix has worked through adversities to start to shine. The growth that will soon be on our front door steps, will be so worth waiting for. It will seem like all the anticipation for what we will receive and help other relies their dreams after we see the huge growth, will help us push forward to great accomplishments.

  2. Thanks, Jeff, that was really interesting, thank goodness my two sons didn’t have a growth spurt like that.
    I love trees and I love nature; it teaches us so much if we choose to notice. I love the idea that what gives the tree strength in the storm is the part you ‘don’t’ see…the ROOTS….In times of challenges in my life, I try to remember my roots and what gives me strength, and I then actually feel like I grow taller.
    I think we, as members have grown a lot in recent years, learning to think about money in a different way, being aware of members in different countries experiencing, and sharing the challenges they are going through. But the combined prayers and well-wishes help all of us to grow stronger and taller and nothing can stop that.

  3. my Mom used to tell me long time ago learn something new everyday and for the most part of Life i have accomplished that feat — and now today learned on the Bamboo — once again here at Compu great people with great thoughts and actions to go along with — just awesome —

  4. Jeff thanks again for sharing such interesting topics with us. In my opinion, Compumatrix seems to be in the same process as Chinese bamboo, and will soon be flourishing and immediately leading us into a state of ecstasy!

    1. Inspired by Jeff’s post, I researched further to find out its growth spurts. On the 5th year, over the 5-week period, the tree grows 48 inches in a 24-hour period and can reach a maximum growth rate of 39 inches per hour for short periods of time until it reaches 90 feet (1080 inches) tall! Amazing!

      The same analogy can be applied to Compumatrix. We have a dedicated team who have continued to stay laser focused on working towards opening up the business. When this happens, our years of lying dormant will suddenly explode with immense growth – just like the Chinese bamboo tree!

  5. Jeff, a very interesting blog! We learn new information and knowledge from blogs. Like bamboo, the Compumatrix is moving far ahead. Compumatrix members are helping each other for a very strong future. One day the future of all of us will be as bright as the Compumatrix.

  6. I love the quote, Jeff! Thank you for sharing your wisdom of patience. I wake up every day asking for magic and miracles. I receive them daily as I see the magic and miracles in the daily moments, not just big manifestations like cars, houses, or boats, yet the laughter of my daughter, nature, and my dog chasing lizards. Then I look at the progress of Compumatrix and I am flooded with gratitude.

  7. What a wonderful thought Jeff- wake up expecting this is the day my Chinese bamboo tree will rise above the ground! Secretly, I sure wish those trees would grow in our cold climate -what a marvelous shelterbelt that would be! However, I do plant seeds every day with the idea that eventually one of them will pop up and change both our lives! This can also describe so well, our Compumatrix – we just all need to believe this.

  8. Great post and I love the story about the Chinese bamboo Tree. The time is really not that long if you say it takes only 5 years to grow above ground. Yes, things can change from one day to the next if we are in the right place at the right time.
    Something here in your post seems a bit wrong with those dates.

    February 4, 2020: Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook social media website for the first time.
    July 16, 1995: Jeff Bezos launched the Amazon website that, at first, only sold books.
    May 30, 2020: Elon Musk’s SpaceX became the first private sector company to launch humans into orbit,

    Worth to check it out again.
    In the meantime, I am waiting for the seeds I planted a long time ago to sprout and see the growth in full.

  9. Jeff, you are spot-on; this reminds of a scripture, “Lord teach me to number my days” this something diligently need to ask ourselves if each day counts, and you can smile when you look back. Everything we do and impact the generations to come must be deeply rooted, and for sure, it takes time. Thank you for this, Jeff.

  10. Thanks, Jeff, for that inspiring message. Yes, let’s keep encouraging one another. In our own ways, we can help and encourage each other to continue those “ordinary” days until they lead to that wonderful moment when we reach up to the sky! I like to look at each starting day, as you suggested. I wake up with the attitude that that day may bring a surprise that rewards us for all the small tasks we did during the “ordinary” days.

  11. Jeff, I will never look at Chinese bamboo the same. Thanks for that beautiful analogy. I think that description fits Compumatrix perfectly. For many years the company has been nurturing the parts that needed to be fed. One day it will fully launch, and we won’t keep up with the demand and the pure excitement it brings. It will grow faster thank we can keep up with I/m sure. I can’t wait!!!

  12. Great post, Jeff. The minor issue, as Gitta pointed out. Face book was launched in 2004. I did correlate your analogy of bamboo with I think to be Compumatrix. It really has taken its time to sprout, and we foresee it grow like the bamboo. The bamboo is not only endowed with strong roots but shoots with the ability to sway and bend and be flexible to weather any storm. Having withstood the various obstacles, hindrances, and stumbling blocks in every which way it has come through with flying colors, I see that in Our business Compumatrix.

  13. I DO love that! It’s such an uplifting example to use the Chinese bamboo tree. Many of our desires take their own unique (sometimes very long) times to come to fruition. I wonder how many times we give up just before that “bamboo” moment when it comes shooting through to the surface? In fact, pair this example with “having unquestioning faith,” and you’ve got a winning formula for most goals and desires in life. These are arguably difficult to achieve and sustain, but absolutely worth it! Thanks for posting this article, Jeff!

  14. Jeff, I LOVE THIS!! It spoke to me as I was reading your words. I knew bamboo grew fast from seeing it in a friend’s back yard. Her yard was all bamboo; she produced for Chinese restaurants. It was of great interest to me that bamboo took so long to grow from the seed. By the time it came above ground, the base was already strong and developed stronger to support the tall stalk like trees that grew so fast. It is thrilling to think about the speedy growth once it starts, seeing the trees’ cluster reaching for the sky. We are like the mighty bamboo!

  15. Thank you Pacpar. I didn’t know that about the short bursts there the trees can grow 39 inches in just one hour. That’s truly amazing. I think if you had one of those trees you could literally just stand there and watch it growing before your eyes. Amazing. Also, I loved your verse Vincent about the Lord teaching us to number our days. Right on.

  16. Great analogy comparing the Chinese bamboo tree to our business it is amazing how the growth takes place so fast after waiting years for the root system to grow underneath for the foundation so it will be strong to hold the 90 feet trees up we have been waiting for years as well but that one day is all it will take to finally flourish.

  17. Thank you, Jeff. Nothing is done until it is done.
    Compumatrix seems to be taken a lot of doing but it is growing day by day.
    We as founding members watched as Henry planted it, and we waited for the first fruits.
    After the first 5 years, many gave up and left; but others continue watching how it had to defeat the storms of business. 10 years gone by, more left or hid in the back, but faithful ones kept positive.
    And now as we are in the third period of 5 years (15 years) we can see how our beautiful strong own business as grown.

  18. Thank you Jeff. Nice analogy – did not know about chinese bamboo tree. Amazing. Compumatrix is about to burst from the ground too! In the pop world it often takes 20 years or so before you become an overnight sensation!

  19. Amazing! Jeff, I will be 66 years old tomorrow and your post is the coolest thing I have read in all the days of my life. Of course, I would have to exclude the Bible. I can’t remember beginning to read something and just keeping my foot on the gas pedal until I got to the last word. I had no knowledge of the Chinese Bamboo Tree and found this new knowledge to be tremendously inspiring in a way that makes me want to look at life in an entirely new way. The obvious connection to what we are experiencing at Compumatrix with our long wait and then knowing what is about to occur in our lives shows me how fortunate I am to be a member of this group. The anticipation of the opening of the new CDAP takes on a whole new meaning and rises my level of expectation which I would not have thought possible until now. Seeing Pacpar’s observation that this tree can grow as fast as 39 inches in one hour is mind-blowing. What might happen at Compumatrix over a very short period of time now has me waiting with greater anticipation and an even greater level of expectation of the explosion we can expect at Compumatrix. Bring it on!!!

  20. what a great read thru on the replies and the posting of the blog still is so much learning past just the bamboo growing so fast — Happy Bday Bill also — not a tree knowing person but do know in life and business some times we sprout up quickly and wonder why? and other parts you best be Patient because it just Takes Time — great stuff here =–

  21. Very nice story Jeffrey. The Chinese bamboo is indeed a very remarkable tree that grows extremely fast. I have some bamboos in my garden and some vases and they grow considerably slower than the Chinese brother but the result is the same. Beautiful trees that can be a metaphor for many businesses. They grow fast or slow but they do grow.

  22. Very interesting blog on your thoughts of the way Compumatrix will enhance the way of life in the world . I have been on a long road with Compumatrix as well as many others here . I enjoy watching the growth and the long pathway to the the growth of the Company.

  23. So Patricia, you also have Bamboo trees, I had an aunt who was given a small bamboo plant that someone bought at a flea market. She had no idea how invasive they were, and just planted in near the house in her back yard. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the bamboo
    took over about half of her yard and grew to be as high as her two story house. Yikes !

  24. Dear Jeff, I really enjoyed your blog. This is and excellent reminder that if you put your mind to something and work hard at it you have a better chance of potentially watching it grow someday. Then if you are lazy and just waiting for something to come to you.
    Now, whether or not you see it grow above the surface at rates similar to the bamboo you reference remains to be seen. Only God can tell us that will happen. But the underlying theme is the work that you put in and the seeds that you put under the ground are the foundation for what you are building for your future.

  25. Thank you Corchi for your comments. I agree. The seeds that we all sow underground and usually noticed by all, will one day take root and grow into the tree that we want it to grow into. Laziness is never the way to sow seeds that’s for sure. As you mentioned God, the Bible talks about in Ecclesiastes chapter 11 about sowing your seed in the morning and at evening don’t withhold your hand because you don’t know which will prosper.

  26. Thanks, Jeff for the great blog, I love the way it takes off as Compumatrix will when we are ready to open. Bamboo forests are amazing when the wind blows and they all clink together its an amazing sound and very relaxing just imagining now. I can’t wait until we take over and grow like crazy. The world will be a beautiful place.

  27. one thing i know from own experience am not sprouting quickly like bamboo tree but by taking time here and reading such great stuff posted — am slowly and believe wisely learning online business principles and strategies and hopefully by time needed will be ready to grow that quickly if needed ?? just great learning and much appreciated —

  28. Jeff what a fantastic comparison! I love Proverbs 27:1 a great quote for life and not just this article. One Day? BOOM! and all is different and your talents may shine; like that bamboo to 90 feet on 5 weeks, wow!! Once you have gained a new victory, a new life, then there is no way to turn back to the old, well said!!

  29. Yes Samuel. We have all been anticipating that big BOOM for quite sometime now. I fear that we are so used to it never actually happening, that we have this thought that it will never happen. But I think as time goes on, the odds stack up in our favor that ONE DAY, it IS going to happen, and that moment will be pretty joyous for many who have waited.

  30. Tim, I love the premise of your blog article and the picture too! Before I read a single word of it I was already connecting analogies in my head, regarding our experience with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency in general, Compumatrix assets, and Compumatrix overall!!! I was aware of the phenomenal growth rate of bamboo and knew this would be an enjoyable read. I skimmed your article and like what I saw. I will be back soon to read it carefully. Thank you, Tim, for expressing this perspective!

  31. Thanks Kevin for even taking the time to read the blogs in here and take advantage of the opportunity to pick up some points. As we don’t specifically know what these points will all mean in the end, but you sure do get the sense from the Admin that they are important and will be important going forward.

  32. this is such a great read not just in the blog but also in the replies — so much info to take and learn from — do also know that Patience is a virtue and as we progress forward with a great business philosophy and work ethic to match — must always stay focused and stay true — and who knows 90 ft. in 5 weeks just may Be —

  33. Jeffrey Phelps, your article reminds me of how many years we have struggled with Compumatrix, and it has seemed as if we would never reach the finish line. But it seems we’re getting there now. I hope that the ONE DAY it takes to bring about changes will show when we get to use the “new” revised CDAP. Thanks for the reminder that we should not despise small beginnings.

  34. Thanks for sharing your Bible quote about not despising the small beginning BrittMari. The wonderful thing about Compumatrix is that our roots have been growing down, and even sideways for years and years. This will allow us to shoot strait up large and tall once we do eventually break ground. Personally, I don’t think that that ONE DAY is too far off now.

  35. Every day when I wake up feeling healthy, I thank God for another day and the opportunity to create a small or a bigger opportunity. Like some of my paintings, some require a lot of preparation, research or motivation then trial and error, until I get it right. I think Compumatrix resembles a bamboo tree when time seems like it gets stuck but one of these days is going to be ready to have the breakthrough we have been waiting for.

  36. Interesting that you are a painter Aida. You should think about taking a picture of a few of your paintings and share them in discord. We would appreciate seeing some. My wife is an artist and draws and paints cards in water color. I have absolutely no, none, zilch, nada, artistic ability, so I appreciate those who do.

  37. I can remember the days when Amazon sold only books. Sam Walton is one of the best known entrepreneurs with Walmart, recognizing the need and advantage for there to be a one-stop-shop, convenient and easily accessible for everyone. I understand that Compumatrix will have the same sort of concept that will make it easier for members to handle business transactions.

  38. I have read that many of the woody bamboo species, while very tree-like, are really grass, and as the largest grass it is the only one that can diversify into forest. It also stands tall while surviving in extreme conditions which is admirable.

  39. still growing and learning from great reads all around this Blog area and while being patient and positive am hoping for a growth spurt in our Compu biz — and I do love the info and input from so many here — we are blessed to be a part of this New tech company — thank you —

  40. This is such a wonderful and uplifting post, Jeff, thank you. And what a perfect analogy, not only for our Compumatrix hopes, dreams and very positive expectations, but also in our own lives. I have been doing a lot of inner work my own life through meditation. But for years, as soon as I put aside all the mental distractions of my outer world, all the repressed emotional pain seems to bubble up without any conscious intention, leaving me often in tears instead of feeling any tranquillity and peace! So progress has felt very much like that Chinese bamboo tree – years in the undertaking and long in seeing any results. But my own inner knowing – and your wonderful analogy – both give me much hope for a brighter, happier future. Accomplishing anything ‘extraordinary’, even for a tree, never happens overnight.

  41. Great Blog Jeff that was really interesting, thank goodness my son didn’t have a growth spurt like that. I love trees and I love nature; it teaches us so much if we choose to notice. I love the idea that what gives the tree strength in the storm is the part you ‘don’t’ see…the ROOTS. In times of challenges in my life, I try to remember my roots and what gives me strength, and I then actually feel like I grow taller. Personally, I don’t believe that that ONE DAY is rapidly approaching.

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