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Last night as Gail posted her blog; Children Are Our Future, I was also writing a blog on; Children Are Our Future. Since it was so late and I was tired, I decided to wait until the morning to complete my writing. When I went to the blog site the next day, I saw Gail’s post and thought, wow, that is a well-written post about a subject that is dear to my heart. Great minds think alike. We have had other times we have felt the same and agreed. We call her my sister from another mother. Lol lol. Being serious again, I am sure others have similar feelings as Gail and me.

There is a need to reeducate some of these young ones leaving high school and especially college. The education system is not what it once was. We need to educate better and nurture the younger ones. It is not only the book learning of which I speak, but how to play, and work together with honor and respect to everyone, and if you fall or fail at something, do not blame others; just pick yourself up and keep going.

I have felt that our education system failed by not giving more lessons on how to handle money and provide them with an understanding of business; of course, this would be taught according to the age groups. I know that the parents should also teach this, but unfortunately, many of the parents need to be informed. As the children learn, they could ultimately be an asset to the homes. What these young learn and apply as they become adults in the business arena, is crucial to our economic survival.

I thought as I read Gail’s article about how smart and openminded they are to all the new technology. When I got my first smartphone, and all the others after, my younger grandchildren showed me how to use them and still do today, when necessary. Thank God for intelligent minds.

The children of the future have been learning new ways since infancy, with baby tech toys, and the TV programs geared to the little simulatable minds. There is Baby Einstein, Baby’s Favorite places, and so on. Toddlers have their smartphones, computers, and tablets to keep them entertained. There are videos and video games for all ages on their tablets, on mom or grandmama’s iPhone or smartphone. Then the preteens and the teenagers with their eyes glued to their smartphones and their fingers flying, tapping constantly on the keypad. How do their fingers move that fast? Their minds are free to learn and embrace more and more technology. Gail spoke of them being more readily accepting of the digital currencies, the blockchain, and all the algorithms, etc.

Even being in my seventies, I want to learn, and I want to share with everyone I can. I am still being educated but can offer what knowledge I have. We have a wealth of knowledge from Gail; her first steps to teach the young found in her blog, Quarantined Quandry, She has many helpful articles, and how toos in the forum, we can ask questions in the helpline section of our Discord chat room, and we gain a great deal of knowledge from this blog site. We have a tremendous amount of assistance and encouragement.

As you can see from the list above, and many youtube videos, we have several tools and places to get help to educate, and this is as to their age-appropriateness. We prepare them for when they are ready to step into their own business with Compumatrix and Network International Incorporated, CNII, aka, Compumatrix.

Today I was cleaning out a closet where I had old files and tax info stored. I am going digital now. I came across one of the many tools we used to aid us in building our MLM business. We were told it was good to have two people working together, holding meetings, holding one on one sessions and always to have someone ready on the line to do a three-way call when recruiting on the phone to give us credibility. We were encouraged to go out two by two, just as Jesus sent His disciples forth two by two. Sorting through old papers, I ran across a sheet of paper that had a picture of two rabbits standing together, and behind these two, there were four rabbits; behind these were eight, and so on and so on, they kept multiplying to thousands, millions, trillions. My thought was if we each only told two people, and they kept increasing, how rapidly Compumatrix and Networks International Incorporated will grow, and grow, and grow. With this steady growth, there will be stability and strength in the future, and Henry Banayat and David Morris are at the helm, keeping up to date on all new technology, our company will stay on the cutting edge. Can you see it beyond now, to what it will become many years from now?

Wow, friends, we are in the right place at the right time.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Thank you, Carmen, for the kind words. Yes, we do think alike and obviously want the same for all our kids. They will one day wear our shoes, and we hope they will wear them well. Confident and proud. Carrying on into the futures we started for them.

  2. Thank you Carmen for your blog. And I do think Gail and you think alike.With the children of this generation I believe there is more than that meets the eye.Not only they have access to hi tech and internet but I believe they have more intelligence genetically and grasp of things than our generation.
    I am referring to Indigo children,Crystal children etc.they seem to have higher innate ability to absorb the information and put into practice.Don’t know if those claims are real or not just like Mary’s water is wet or not.

  3. Another home run Carmen. The youth of today need some serious help. They lack of the ability to pay attention for more than a few minutes, if that is a real issue. Look around a room full of people or outside in a park. Everyone has a phone in there hand.

    We aren’t much better ourselves however, we can put the extension of our arms down long enough to work, cook, etc. It is up to many of us to bring the younger generation into the fold by explaining in terms that they can understand that there is more to life than spending your whole life texting or talking.

    Many youths will end up with nothing if they do not get with some kind of program that will hold their interest and teach them to be better equipped to handle life in the next 40 or 50 years. It will not be easy for those that get left behind.

  4. Our children = The future!
    Some day I hope to teach my own kid all the benefits and advantages of Compumatrix.
    He’s only 11 right now but he’s taken a good interest in computers already so might be a future for him as well.

  5. Thank you Carmen for a very informative blog. If we look at children in this age of technology, I think that they are going very far in the new technology that is being discovered every day, and every day there is a new process of learning, and learning anyway  there is no age limit for this so everyone wants to take advantage of the new technology in this era, and every day in compumatrix continues to learn new technologies that will be the hallmark of a bright future for future generations. 

  6. another great message and story Carmen — it does appear there are many similarities in the writing and mostly though You tend to always write in a way that is very helpful to many of us here — we learn and we also enjoy reading your stories — well at least I do — thank you —

  7. You are right about our schools not being what they used to be. Even business schools don’t offer classes on sales! I don’t know which is worse, getting a business degree and not knowing how to sell or getting an Arts degree and working in a coffee shop? Ever since student debt became unforgivable, the costs of education went through the roof!

  8. Carmen, I read your article and Gail’s and you really have very similar opinions! The skill that today’s children and young people have with technology is impressive. But we must always remember to also pass on our teachings to him, related to good feelings and good attitudes towards our fellow men! And yes, I hope that Compumatrix will be a great legacy that I will leave to my daughters and grandchildren!

  9. Thank you Carmen for a most enlightening post! I too have identified the gaps in our educational system particularly in the arenas of ethics and finance. Teaching a child how to count change is just not enough. Fortunately there are some excellent resources that can help, particularly for those of use who realize that Homeschooling is our future, as 2 or 3 hours of in-classroom instruction is not quite enough to do the job. There are excellent resources that do help. Robert Kiyosaki wrote many excellent books on finance that can be used for kids of all ages; Compumatrix is an excellent resource not only for cryptocurrency but also for ethics: “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason can be read to children of all ages; let us not forget many of the financial lessons taught by the Old Testament.

  10. Nice post-Carmen, unfortunately, today Parents are exhausted at the end of their workday they leave the kids to their own devices and hopefully Compumatrix can have a hand in bringing parents home and allowing them more quality time to be in a leadership position with their kids.

  11. this is a great posting and the replies are so true to the Heart — do wish that the educational system was much more adequate but do not see that happening anytime soon — we as parents and entrepreneurs really do need to take bull by the horns and make sure our children are taught the Correct way and in business where Truth is at the forefront — being a legit success is not all about how much money you have — jmho — great post truly — thank you

  12. I’m glad you wrote this anyway! Early on I was working on a blog and there is was. It had someone else’s name on it but it was the same subject I was about to post. The title was just slightly different. I made some changes to the tile and the subject material and posted it a week later. So, I am glad you posted yours so we can get a variety of perspectives on the same matter.

  13. Love the children subject on this blogs , but i am not agreeing that it is a good way to get them started already way too young. There is a huge addiction for too many of them , just look around when you are out somewhere they are not talking to each other hardly anymore , but only clued to that screen for hours and more . It is a sad situation looking at them acting like zombies very often , not to mention the health problems they may get later being exposed for too much time to those Repeated Wi-Fi exposures .

    Studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload.

    We have already a very sick population for many other reasons and this is for sure not helping to get healthier either.

  14. Great article, I loved it. It’s true the younger the better. The children of today have brains that are just more advanced. It seems every generation gets better. I’ve been showing Carson, my son things as we move along because I want him interested. To my surprise has enjoyed everything I’ve shown him. The only thing is to make sure you have some sort of protection. especially for kids. They have necklaces and other protection you can we to block some of the harmful rays but just remember babies have thinner skulls so if you have you phone next to their head or they are playing with it. They are getting more damaging rays than if protected so educate yourself to this as well.

  15. Great post Carmen! I believe as the present day is showing us, it is time to step up and fill in the gaps in our education system. Parents, teachers, people who care….we all can do some part and together it won’t be as daunting as only one. For instance, like Gail’s plan to teach her grandchildren about bitcoin (still trusting this will become available to us older learners so we can take it out to our grandchildren) Kids are communicating with each other, it is just via phones, etc. now…..we were visiting our granddaughter one time and there were her and 2 of her roommates sitting on the couch, texting to each other! Of course, we were thinking use your voices!

  16. You made a good point, Carmen, about our kids not being prepared when they leave high school in money matters. I was a high school teacher for 32 years and I often see that our kids don’t know how to manage a checking account, for example. Too many young people now-a-days, if they do have a checking account, they don’t keep track of their balance by reconciling every month as we were taught. So they end up being victims to the bank’s high fees for overage charges. Our students should also be taught the importance of setting up a budget so they can manage their money efficiently and invest for the future.

  17. I have to laugh because I ask my children how to do certain things on my smartphone I have only had it a couple of months now but these children are catching on so quickly it is amazing sometimes.

    I was running a register one day and I started scanning there items because they had a lot and a little girl started talking away to me, I just kept scanning without looking up and talking back to her she was telling me about her birthday party and named like 20 friends that were coming. She then started in on some other things that I did not think a little kid should even know and when I looked up at her my jaw dropped. Her mom burst out laughing she just turned 2 and talked like an adult. I asked her mom how in the world does she know so much her mom said she did not know but had arranged to take her to a special school. She had already gone a couple of times. They said by the time she is 10 she would be graduating college. Now that made me feel good about our future children.

  18. The children are our future we must guide them well. College is not a full education into adulthood. They need to understand the personal financial world as well. Robert Kyosaki founder of Rich Dad Poor Dad discusses how our kids are receiving an awful financial education in college. He believes one of the reasons is teachers are stuck in school and not in the real world of making business deals and doing the grunt work. Kids cant learn just from a text book, real world experience is crucial.

  19. Thank you Carmen for your blog. Moms, Dads Grandma, and Grandpas all want the best for their children and grandchildren.
    Education is key to the future for those who are following our footsteps., but we must not impose our belief for they must choose for themselves what they want in life even if it hurt us.
    The best clue is when they ask you for your help.

  20. A well-written blog, Carmen. Elders lay the foundation for their children to grow up and become intelligent and responsible human beings. Education plays a fundamental part. But, children learn very fast and are quite independent in making personal decisions. At the end of the day, if is a matter of pride for the parents to see their children doing well in life and keeping close contact with tfe family,

  21. There are a lot of interesting comments to your post Carmen .. I am not one that posts much and it take me for ever to do the two finger typing. Me and the computer , well lest say we don’t always get along, LOL . I had to tell you I agree with what you had remarked on.A well laid out and written post..

  22. Carmen thank you so much for the blog. I enjoyed it very much. I’ve learned that over the years when you learn something for the first time it’s easier to apply and see the logic from the person that is teaching you the new task. If you’ve learned a task and then someone tries to reteach it to you, it may not be as easy to master as if you had learned it correct the first time. This is why I think children pickup things so quickly and can apply a new and youthful spin on it. While youth may not be on our side if we can stick to a positive frame of mind and try to learn like a child, I bet it will help us in the future.

  23. While I am still considered a child, I think I can accurately speak on behalf of children. Children love new things! We are interested in learning something new everyday and we want to be involved in whatever will make mommy and daddy proud. Once we get to be older children, we are still interested in new things, but we want our independence and to feel like what we are doing is ours. With all that being said, I firmly believe if children were taught about Compumatrix, many would be interested in learning more and becoming an active member in the company because there is always something new to learn in Compumatrix and there is room for independence within the company.

  24. this is just a great learning tool — the blog is heart felt — the replies are also heart felt — and from an honest look at the wisdom that is gained from reading and comprehending the thoughts and memories and history just put a ton of good thoughts in perspective — do i wish that children were more like me — no — history has shown that each generation is different than the previous — but as a parent did try and teach my daughter to go with Truth and go farther than the norm — great stuff and enjoy reading this posting —

  25. Carmen, “Great minds think alike”. Allow me to call you guys, twin sisters. Yes, the current and future Digital Generation is growing and developing intensively. Should we have a well and more equipped moral values among the youths. Definitely yes. I support and second the suggestion and any other proposal at 💯%. The major determinant equation here, remains being the accessible controlling measures. At the developing stage of the young ones. Their brains is very susceptible to the kinds of information and images, that’s being fed in. I, being among the youths. I believe that the Discipline and Respect instilled by our parents. Will always remains as the best code of conducts in all perspectives. The children, will always take after their parents: characters, behaviour and habits significantly. And, we only reap what we sow.

  26. Great article Carmen! Compumatrix will be one of the best known companies for sure. When people start to perceive what we have here they will come and ask. And we will have the opportunity to teach them and from there they will have the opportunity to teach their kids and the process just go on. People just have to be willing and open-minded to learn. Children are ahead of the process as they have an open mind to learn new technologies and concepts.

  27. yeppers this is such good thought provoking reading and to start to imagine different parts and put them in perspective and then see the amazing similarities not just in the business end but also the Lifes’ end also — just keep smiling seeing the interlocking of the fingers in all we do here and what we do in person also —

  28. keep coming back and reading great posts n put into the thought process of what we do here and also what is being done in the world of not just business but life in general — and this blog posting is so helpful in research and putting facts into thoughts n pushing forward always n holding fast to Truth always —

  29. Carmen you mentioned the old MLM programs. I am so thrilled that Compumatrix is not and never has been an MLM company. How amazing that even our VPC’s don’t have to be sold even by us. And we don’t have to bug our neighbors and relatives to get them to join so that we can make money. It’s a breath of fresh air.

  30. Children are the future and it is important that they be encouraged to be the best that they can be. Try to make sure that they can get the best education that is available for them. Let them know that they are special and that you have all the confidence in the world that they will succeed at whatever it is they want to do.

  31. such a great read thru time and so much truth in that fact Children are the future and education is part of the equation to success for the future but also please remember that all education is not from a book — part of the education must always include everyday Biz Life in the study — have to have interaction between — jmho — great read here —

  32. Children are the future. They are growing up in a high tech world and will be the future of it. Even now I know of some toddlers that can work an iphone better than some adults. I believe it is important to help children have all the tools they can such as educational toys or games. Such resources will help to shape them and help build a competitive advantage.

  33. heading into February 2021 already — this read is so enjoyable and to think back on old mlm’s and other not so beneficial bizs’ or trustworthy types on this day of snow here at home is so helpful at getting focused set true this day — the stories and truths thru time is just that good — much appreciation —

  34. I am confident we will have a great future in Compumatrix. The Company’s concern for the pioneering members is so remarkable. The Blog Site and the links to a wealth of information related to our business are within our reach to help us cope. Also, the Chatrooms are available for support from seasoned members and BOD. Adding to the members’ delight will be the Virtual Assistance program. What more can we ask for?

    Thank you, Compumatrix!

  35. I really do hope that all Compumatrix offers comes to fruition. I hope it does not get tangled up in the maze of socialm media which in my opinion destroys a lot of what is good about the internet Good filters please!!!

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