Positive Thinking

Our present mental perspectives are propensities, assembled from the criticism of guardians, companions, society, and self, that shapes our mental self-view and our reality picture.

These mentalities are kept up by the inside discussions we continually have with ourselves, both intentionally and subliminally.

To get positive in our thinking, we need to focus on things that motivate and elevate us. On the off chance that we may modify our standpoint and get rid of the harming musings that attack our brains, we will get more joyful.

The initial phase in adjusting our perspectives is to change our inside discussions. Get all the information you need here.

Positive reasoning is a psychological disposition that permits cerebrum musings, words, and pictures that are conductive to advancement, development, and achievement.

It is a psychological mentality that foresees incredible and good results. A positive brain foresees satisfaction, euphoria, wellbeing, and victory of each circumstance and activity. At all the cerebrum expects, it finds.

The Basics:

Not every person acknowledges or has faith in constructive reasoning. Some think about the subject as only rubbish, and others laugh at individuals who accept and acknowledge it. From those individuals who agree, it’s not a great deal of seeing how to utilize it successfully to get results. However, it appears that a great deal of is turning out to be pulled in to this subject, as prove by a ton of books, talks, and courses about it. It’s is a subject that is gaining fame.

It is very regular to hear individuals state: “Figure positive” to somebody who feels down and troubled. A great many people won’t take these words decisively, as they won’t have the foggiest idea what they truly mean, or won’t consider them helpful and viable.

What number of individuals do you know, who stop to think about what the intensity of positive reasoning involves? Think about specific occasions in the course of your life, and endeavour to review what blend of musings you had, preceding a particular event happening. Attempt to find the alliance between your musings and the occasions.

How often something happened in your life, you expressed: “I realised this would occur.”

Our mind-boggling considerations administer our conduct and demeanour, and thus our activities, our soul, and the individuals around us. As our contemplations are, so are our lives. This means it’s critical to be wary of our contemplations, especially thoughts that we regularly rehash.

An idea, when regularly rehashed, increases a decent footing in the psyche. From that point, impacts our lives and even our condition.

The incredible thing about this psychological procedure is that we don’t have to strain or overexert ourselves to get it going. All we’re required to do is to choose an idea that we might want or we think will materialise, and begin rehashing it.

Positive reasoning is an aptitude that might be educated and gained by anyone; it’s an instrument that may assist you with arriving at your objectives, cutoff times, and dreams.

Positive reasoning is distinguishing the harming musings in your brain and managing them by perceiving that the negative ramifications that may thwart achievement and disposing of them from our psyches.

With an uplifting disposition disappointment may back you off yet it won’t prevent you from showing up at your goal which is an achievement.

Choose what you need to pick up or achieve, and start considering it much of the time for the day, or at numerous specific occasions for the day.

These reoccurring considerations would at long last get more grounded, and acquire inward and external changes.

The intensity of thoughts is a genuine force. You’ve most likely applied it on various occasions without remembering it. When you know how it’s capacities and how to apply it intentionally, you gain the ability to change, improve, and rule your life.

Find how to apply the intensity of contemplations and representation to make progress.

Changing Your Surroundings

Surround yourself with fruitful and positive people. It’s dumbfounding how the impact of others may affect and influence our very own capacity.

Constructive individuals will animate and ask us to develop in our inclination that we may achieve what we set out to achieve. Battle off antagonistic individuals who will at long last destroy any advancement you make.

Constructive individuals appear to have a gracefully of essentialness that never appears to allow them to down, and they accomplish the extraordinary objectives in life that they wish and dream about.

They may assist you with remaining on target and push you toward your objectives. Ordinarily, these effective individuals share similar objectives you have and are customarily liberal about going around their insight and their strategies.

Even though it may sound moronic, grinning may promptly draw individuals toward you – particularly other constructive individuals. Having and indicating an incredible point of view on life makes others need to associate with you.

It’s now and again hard to stay constructive throughout every day, so individuals are as a rule looking for an approach to be increasingly hopeful. In case you’re an inviting individual, and you show that to the world with your grin, people will consider you to be an idealistic person.

While we as a whole have rough days when nothing is by all accounts going effectively, the exact opposite thing you need do is grumble and whimper interminably. Nobody enjoys a crybaby.

Overall constructive individuals won’t burn through their time or vitality on nurturers or pessimistic individuals.

Thinking emphatically – even with setbacks – will assist you with seeing the positive qualities in every circumstance and pull in the constructive individuals who share this vision. After some time positive reasoning will get less difficult and increasingly regular.

It isn’t sufficient to grin, impart, and think decidedly while pursuing your objective. You need to make a move! For instance, maybe you figured you could get advancement previously, anyway then stood around while another person gobbled it up.

This time your new positive reasoning will have changed you into a positive person who makes a constructive move!

In conclusion, connect with individuals at your work, or your colleagues, or even to individuals on the road who seem to live decidedly. Ask them what it is that causes them to remain positive and achieve their destinations.

Turning out to be certain and embodying positivism attracts others.

Individuals appreciate being around others with like mentalities and, by continuing an inspirational standpoint, you’ll most likely lead yourself to those effective individuals you search for.

In the wake of encountering something, you feared just because you understand that it wasn’t as alarming as you suspected.

Moral help is an extremely significant piece of reinforcing your certainty, consistently trust in someone that can assist you with resting easy thinking about yourself.

Opening up about your interests and sentiments won’t just cause you to feel better yet it will give you an alternate perspective on how others see you and hearing someone disclose to you that you can accomplish something that may give you that additional poke into accomplishing something.

Continuously consider the way that on the off chance that it tends to be finished by others you as an individual can likewise do it, it just requires you to make one single move to begin an excursion and it just gets simpler as you move along.

Wrapping Up

Focus on positive things in your everyday life: Don’t focus on the things you don’t need or the mistakes that happen. On the off chance that you tilt your musings to the current circumstance, at that point you rule out the uncertain contemplations that may order your reasoning.

Continuously envision just good and profitable circumstances. Utilize positive words in your inward discoursed or when conversing with others. Smile more, as this assists with suspecting emphatically. On the off chance that you hang tight, you’ll transform the manner in which your psyche thinks.

When a negative idea enters your psyche, you need to deal with it and attempt to substitute it with a productive one. The negative idea will attempt again to enter your mind, and afterward you need to substitute it again with a positive one.

It’s like there are two pictures before you, and you choose to take a gander at one of them and excuse the other. Ingenuity will in the long run show your psyche to think decidedly and disregard negative contemplations.

It doesn’t make a difference what your conditions are right now. Think decidedly; envision just positive outcomes and circumstances, and conditions will adjust likewise. It may require some investment for the progressions to happen, yet at last, they do.

This harming demeanor driven by envy will back you off further and your opponent will turn out to be the path in front of you. This will additionally build the harming emotions you have.

It’s essential to endure others’ advancement and not be moved or influenced by it.

Focusing on your objectives and achievements will assist you with working all the more precisely giving your work or whatever you’re improving outcomes.

For any company its members are essential, and the company needs support from members. Here positive thinking plays a significant role. As a member or of Compumatrix, your positive thinking will help you overcome apprehensions you have and enable you to understand that the company is working for the good and benefit of all its members. Let us all think positively and support the management of Compumatrix, who are working day and night for the benefit of all its founding members and new members. I sign off this blog with the slogan, “Long live Compumatrix.”

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. I couldn’t agree more Krish. Our attitude affects every aspect of our lives; business, personal, marital, health, spiritual, you name it! When there are always people who try to tear us down with mean and cruel words and natural events that chip away at our positive thinking, we must remain on guard to protect our attitudes. Too quickly they can slip into the negative and wreak havoc to our lives.

    1. Thanks, Gail. A company started long back, with the dream of its founder, has seen many ups and downs, passed through flowery paths and paths of rough stones. Henry, not only dreamt of making this company but had the determination, commitment of purpose, and above all helping members. Henry strived, spent many sleepless nights, and with the support of CEO, BOD, RRs, staff could bring the company to fruition. David, Erline, Gail stood like rocks in support of Henry. Many founding members with a positive bent of mind, stood by the company, it’s founder, BOD, COO and Gail. So, you can see that positive thinking makes people happy.

  2. absolutely agree and love this posting from Krish — positive is the way to go at everything you go at — and so much ” long Live Compumatrix ” is the daily thought and effort to help as best i can to further the success and accomplishments of Henry and all those who have worked their tails off to put us in this position of Success both Individually and as Collective force — and honestly krish your writing is Phenomenal — thank you —

  3. Krish, thank you for this uplifting blog on positive thinking. Although there is so much to this blog, this is a statement that really stood out for me:
    “Surround yourself with fruitful and positive people. It’s dumbfounding how the impact of others may affect and influence our very own capacity.”

    This reminds me of a statement I heard several times over the years. A network marketer used it often. “Your income would be the average of the five people you hang out with most often!”

    You don’t need any other reason to find those “fruitful and positive people.”

  4. The correlation between positive thinking and success is absolute in many ways. You have to have a positive attitude if you want to succeed in any business, investing, trading and for the most part, everyday life. Negativity will keep you locked down and everything that goes wrong in your life will just be magnified several times over.

    Richard M, part of our group, yells at me all the time if he even thinks I am being negative. “Stop putting that crap out in the universe” and I hear it in my sleep. He’s right, when I feel positive life becomes much easier to handle. I also sleep better as well and feel healthier.

    In our current situation, “waiting” we must stay positive, the negativity that some folks put into our lives is a combination of impatience and a lot of other issues that are affecting our lives, unhappy home-life, financial issues, not finding answers to questions you are seeking answers too, etc.

    Try being positive, you will be surprised at how much easier your day goes. Success translates to $$$$.

  5. Positive thinking is crucial to being an overall happy person. Why do people do anything in life? To make themselves happy in one way or another. A vacation = happiness. Hanging out with friends = happiness. Going to work → earn money → ability to buy things = happiness. Studies show that people who reflect on what they are thankful for every day are overall happier people than the people who don’t. Positivity will pay someone back generously in the long run.

  6. Richard M, I so agree with your philosophy of “stop putting that negative crap out into the universe” (A great friend to have). We need a positive brain, positive thinking and positive reasoning. I too believe in the quote “surround yourself with fruitful and positive people”. Be a grinner – that is so much more fun to live that way and all the many rewards life can hand out, will start to migrate your way. Cheers to all the positive Compumatrix people!

  7. I love the consistent theme of positivity. My father taught me as a little boy to study different authors like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Dale Carnegie and the list goes on. I believe the age of positivity and customer service has been neglected by our generation. I’m not sure if it’s because the market has been rich for the last few decades and the simple tasks of thinking positive and focusing on customer service have taken a second seat to life, or what… Anyway, whatever it is, I love being part of a company that is manifesting positivity. Because it works… I’ve seen it work in life, both as a young boy and as an adult. I’d like to challenge our younger readers to the idea that monetary aspects are not motivators, but yet “dis-satisfiers’”… It’s hard to believe, but true. Focus on the feelings you get when you help someone. Then focus on the feeling the next time you get paid. Truly dig deep and try to feel the feeling and identify with it. Is it happiness, or have you come to expect the paycheck? Hence feeling a form of entitlement in earning it.
    That my friend is a dis-satisfier, not a motivator. Enjoy the Compumatrix team and in changing the world.

  8. I believe positive thinking allows someone to achieve what is determined to be unachievable. Positive thinking allows for someone to push past the walls one has put up for themselves and reach new levels of happiness, wealth, and overall fulfilment in life. I will chant with you “long live Compumatrix”! Let all of the negative people and doubters roll off your shoulders. Stay positive! Positive energies attract other positive energies – good things are bound to happen!

  9. With everything that is going on in the world right now: violence, covid-19, etc.; it is vital that we use positive thinking to cope with the world’s stressors. Right after I finish watching the news, I think it is beneficial to sit back in my recliner and day dream about the good things, people, and experiences in my life – even if it is only for five minutes. It helps trust me! You should try it if you get a chance!

  10. A group of positive thinkers is who I will hang out with (all of you) it is great to see the comments of positive members, to me it is the most important thing in your life to be positive it will be your success or failure I have witnessed that with a friend who owned his own business. He was a different person when he was not working but at work he had a huge eagle about himself and belittled his workers cussing them out calling them names and telling them if they had a brain they would be dangerous…..well needless to say he lost his business and went bankrupt.

  11. It is sometimes amazing to see that people who live in horrible conditions still feel happy. These people understand that positive thinking and a positive attitude gives you the ability to accept the negative things as being part of your life. This attitude keeps you alive and can even give you a feeling of happiness.

  12. Amen, so be it. Murali, I appreciate your article. Your a deep thinker and accurate in your thoughts put to paper. What we eat affects our bodies. What we read or watch on tv affects our minds. What we take in comes out good or bad, as you think you speak. We can be uplifting or down putting. What we do to others is done to us. Thank you, Murali. What is the old saying? Smile and the world smiles with you.

  13. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it will eat it’s fruit…….Are you speaking life or are you speaking death….words carry a lot a weight and we should all be very careful of what we speak and what we then believe. There was a lady once that had all the symptoms of a disease but didn’t have the actual disease but with her words and actions she believed that she did.

  14. Murali thanks for an uplifting blog. I also want to thank the Compumatrix family for all they have overcome with a positive attitude during the past years. Everyday we wake we have a choice to start with a positive or negative attitude. Its up to each one of us. I know I will encounter challenges all through my day at work and home. What attitude will I bring to the table? I choose a positive one!

  15. For many it is not always easy to think positive or to show a positive attitude. People are often inclined to negativity. The joy of a beautiful flower will soon be forgotten but not a terrible accident with severe casualties. That is strange because positivity makes you happy. Try to be kind in life and thankful for what you have. Avoid stress. These kind of things will give you a positive attitude and a happy feeling.

  16. Pure contentment of the human mindset. We call it brains at work or brainstorming. Exactly, in life perspective; personal presentation, really determines who you are. Some people believe in capitalism and others in socialism. To expound on that, it’s what entangles social rating and classifying of human nature. In the arenas of life, you may encounter someone chanting that she/he is only attracted to Great People. But, who is great? They always forget that even their fingers are not of the same size, but with admirable shape. For the hands to be complete, all the fingers must cooperate for the best functionality

    Teamwork is always the key functionality of every achievement and success of any organization. With the positive mindset of every member, it drives forward the company’s Core Values.

  17. Great Blog Krish and agree with you, a positive attitude are stepping stones towards the goal of success. The road that is lead by negativity is accompanied by frustration, sadness, and failure.
    I thank God for strong leaders among us whose vision was to focus on the goal even if it meant to change the goalposts at the time for better compliance.

  18. Some very good points made, enabling a pathway to a life that satisfies and is fullfilling.

    Propensities, that is, your natural tendency behavior, it is shaped from birth and continually developed through childhood, (usually parents), youth,, (many times school and friends there), up to adulthood. This adult level is most challenging because now the only fallback is what has become your own personal responsibility to reach the construct of who is the real me. This then is the goal and systemic endeavor made via positive thinking. Anything else is to deliver to myself a destructive thread of data and thoughts. Therefore, overall the only gain is in positive thinking.
    The brain can not speak and therefore does not formulate a pathway. The Mind however does speak for it is the mechanism that chooses words to make itself understood. Thus, the extrapolation, making observations of a present and known situation you then conclude by a deductive process, making a rational inference leading to a conclusion, you then move over to words setting in motion with the mind the expression that is made to fulfill the choices. You see, without words written or spoke you cannot set forth your decision to be positive minded.

    Therefore, positive thinking is an excellent choice to make for a good life, pleasant and happy.

  19. Whenever you meet a very successful person, one of the first things you will notice is their general attitude. Just as with someone is has mostly failed in life will exude a “don’t really care” attitude. Many people will argue with you till the cows come home, saying it has nothing to do with attitude, it’s just luck or he/she inherited that business. And those are the folks I always like to take a closer look at because that is not a very positive attitude. But, no joke, it really is true and so much easier to accomplish with a good attitude. I think I will try it !

  20. so much great perspective in the replies here — Krish did just a great job in his blog however the replies to this great Positive Output are just as inspiring and if we can keep our thoughts and effort pushing the Positive — the success from this perseverance and persistence will be difficult to measure to some — but does believe that the truth of that success — will be very much prominent in each breath we take —

  21. Very well put across you detailed blog about positive attitude and determined resolve to achieve and attain success. In 1937 book by Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich promoted personal development and self improvement.This book he claimed was inspired by Andrew Canegie.Likewise the persistence and tenacity of Henry is a fine example for us us to follow in achieving our goals by being positive and determined to succeed in our endeavors.

  22. after reading the newer blog postings of the past few days and putting into perspective the thoughts had to come back and read this great posting again — the outlooks we have every morning if they are positive and growing perse’ –then each moment of each day we make strides to succeeding in whatever our endeavor may be — it is that good and helps to keep me when obstacles appear — great stuff here —

  23. Great blog Krish, Thank you. Sure makes you think and being positive is a choice. I chose to be happy. Sometimes it’s hard depending on the situation but being positive, staying in your heart and not your head. helping others in need even a phone call or text. Staying positive will the pathway to our future. Some days I feel like my patience has stretch marks lol.

  24. oh such great input in this blog and when taking time to ponder on the differences of each of our lives — keeping positive in all our quests will make those quests more successful and if we get fortunate enough to succeed — part of the equation will be because we stayed positive even in the darker moments — we pushed always in Truth and Respect forward and we stayed above the darkness — great stuff here — thank you seriously —

  25. Hello Murali,

    Thank you very much for writing this blog regarding Positive Thinking, usually we come across two king of people, optimistic and pessimistic, rule no one, try to stay away from the pessimistic people.

    I really agree 100% with you, when you said, “It doesn’t make a difference what your conditions are right now. Think decidedly; envision just positive outcomes and circumstances, and conditions will adjust likewise”

    “Focus on positive things in your everyday life: Don’t focus on the things you don’t need or the mistakes that happen”

    We can make our life so much easier, if we just follow the above rules.

    I hope you are feeling much better now, and wish you a speedy recovery.

  26. Very useful blog Krish,Positive and constructive thinking is the key to a prosperous life,we have been associated with the compumatrix company for years and we have always had a positive attitude, so today we are all here together.keep your faith strong with your positive thinking,success will always be waiting for us.

  27. For purposes of a healthy body and mind, it is always best to have a positive outlook in life. But my ability to maintain this level of positivity is dependent on how much I nourish the spirit man in me. i acknowledge my own limitations and am aware I can do only so much. Beyond this I commit to the Lord. I believe this is the reason why I was not so distressed when I went through some waterloo moments in the past. There were lessons learned and the understanding that there is always hope for better days ahead for one who does not rely merely on his own judgment..

  28. every time i come back and read and study this great blog — it brings that “Grin” to my moment and day but more so to my Heart — Krish such a wonderful WISE effort from You and just know in prayers and hopes everyday — but thank you so much for your sharing !!!! rj

  29. I am sorry to have heard of the passing of Krishna and I am thankful for the positive blog that he posted. I have had relatives that seem to thrive on negativity. They could be having a bad day healthwise and once they inevitably got into an argument with someone, the more energetic it seem they would get. But even in them, I would try to focus on the good in them and not let their negative vibes affect my positivity.

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