Prepare for Takeoff!

This post is for all the wise souls who believe in Compumatrix and have stuck it out through the years. Are you ready to fly?

There is so much we have learned about crypto-land. If you told me years ago, I would have been part of a groundbreaking company. I don’t know if I would have believed you. Well, I probably would. Like many of us here, I think outside the box. 

What I didn’t know is how much patience, education, and perseverance it would take. Most of us had no idea what Henry was up to until a few years ago. And from there, it just kept getting bigger and better. Kudus to all of us who stood the test of time and listened to our intuitions, knowing we are on the precipice of something big.

There is a huge responsibility in being a part of this company, which means being prepared, open & willing. Which, to me, on an efficient level, means having my ducks in a row and doing what it takes. As you can see so far in my blogging here, I’m a big fan of “lists.”

I am an organized thinker. It keeps me focused & clear. My “to-do” list for Compumatrix has shifted over time, depending on our testing & learning. Today I have a clear picture of what we each need to have inline before opening our virtual doors to the World. This is MY list, my sharing.

As I was organizing recently, I realized I had forgotten some things I participated in or the small details of how things work. So I thought I’d share my “latest” list with you, and perhaps it will serve your memory & preparation, too.

Some of you have been here a lot longer than I have. This list only goes back five years. Perhaps you can share in the comment section other details to remind others?  

This list intends to inspire us to have things “ready to go” before takeoff so you’ll have it together. This is not a full list; it’s just the start. It serves everyone to be prepared.

So, here we go!

Points: Have you decided how you’re going to earn points, insofar as what we know we will have available?

  • Selling Stable Cards (do you remember how this works?)
  • Writing blog posts and/or reading/commenting on them.
  • Will you be running a node? (if so, are you set up for it?)

Old Transactions: If you participated, do you have an organized list of what is owed to you from past testing situations?

  • Transactions or coins sent to Tradeceeds or Compumatrix?
  • Any transactions in the old CDAP that didn’t work for you?
  • Do you have the total points available that you accumulated from the World Community Grid project?

Wallets: Do you have the pathways set up (external wallets) to send your BTC to and know what you will use to store your coins?

  • How do you want to manage what you cash out and use daily?
  • Do you have a sheet set up for tax purposes?
  • If you’re going to use hard wallets or paper wallets for storage, are you set up for these?

Privacy & Protection: Is your computer & phone set up for success?

  • How will you manage passwords?
  • Will you use a VPN?
  • Do you have a secure email address?
  • How private do you want your connections & transactions to be?

This is a quick list, yet each section requires more in-depth inquiry. Are you in need of a refresher? Gail’s tutorials are a great place to begin, too. There are informed decisions to make if you haven’t already done so.

If we want our company to succeed, we must know what choices work for us in each aspect and take responsibility for it. We also must keep up with the changes

Although I believe that one-day our business will be more straightforward, for now, we must be diligent and lead the way for others

Happy organizing! 😄

About the author

Liza is very positive and a "turned on" advocate of Compumatrix. She is a healing artist by nature, and now a self-proclaimed Decentralized Diva. Liza believes we are living in time of great change where the power of humanity will rise, and we are co-creating the World we dream of. The power of Compumatrix will help get us there.


  1. what a great look at our compu biz — there are many things we can put into perspective — but as in any business whether it is on or offline –we must always plan — make a plan and follow that plan — but adjust as time and details dictate — just an awesome look LizaB and hope you continue to share — my biz look has been more defined with each week — appreciate all the help here in the blog area–

    1. Thank you, RJ! It’s just me, being me 🙂 I’m so glad your business is getting more refined each week. There are great blog posts here to help us all as we grow along with our shared successes. You’re welcome!

  2. I am ready and waiting and have been for some while I am getting on a bit and just hope all is revealed before I am pushing up daisies. Might ask Henry to cut my grass.

    1. You’re a funny man, Jeffery! Thanks for the giggle. I’m so happy you are ready!!! I’m imagining Henry cutting your grass for you right now so you have a clear place to land after takeoff 🙂

  3. Good words of wisdom Liza. I am a firm believer that everyone of us should use this time on our hands that we aren’t able to do much in the CDAP or otherwise to really prepare and get ready for what is coming. All the ducks in a row for sure. We should all try and stay familiar with the inner and outer workings of the Bitshares platform and even keep up on the how to videos on the Compumatrix U-tube page.

    1. Thank you, Jeff! Yes, there is always something to do in our business to keep up. That’s a great idea to watch our YouTube page. I hadn’t thought of that…thank you! Also, Bitshareslabs has a page, too.

    2. I agree Jeff that everyone of us should use this time on our hands to get ready for what is coming, we as founding members been here quiet some time now, and finally its time to reap our rewards. Thanks for the advice.

  4. What a great list, Liza! I too am a huge fan of making lists so totally identify with you. One thing though I have learned that it doesn’t always work to plan too far ahead as things do change very fast 🙂 Numerous times I have thought I had things all set up, only to find we were off to learn new things. It does seem as things change and closer to that time, more suggestions come out on various ways to do things; thus, still not fixed on a wallet that is easy to use – tried one that was so complicated and hard to use. Open to suggestions on that topic – uncomplicated and easy to use come to mind.

    1. Thank you, Janis! That’s so true…we are always shifting in our company. We have to! As far as a wallet, it depends on what country you live in. I’m in the USA, so there’s quite a bit available. I’ve got mine down to those I will use for daily transactions, bills, etc. that I will need fiat for (and monitor for tax purposes), and those I will store some of my coins in for quick access. For larger loads, I’ll use a hard wallet. I also feel my assets are really safe in our CDAP & DEX, but we have to make our own decisions. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I recommend Andreas Antonopoulos’ YouTube playlist on wallets & keys. He goes into detail about the use of wallets, which is helpful in choosing! Here is the link:

  5. Definitely ready. I could not be readier! LOL. I have everything sorted and waiting for the big reveal. I do remember how the sale of VPC cards works. I used to love logging in to find another one or two cards having to be replaced. Not a blogger, but I will be signing in regularly to read the blogs and occasionally comment. I would love to run a node. I am currently running a node for an app that I use so I guess I am ready. If I have to upgrade any hardware, I can do that if necessary.
    I am looking forward to seeing what other little surprises Henry has for us.

    1. Sounds like you know what you need to do and you’re ready to roll, Vee! It’s so exciting, isn’t it? I can hardly wait to see Henry’s little surprises, too. He always makes things better than we could have imagined, doesn’t he? The perks of being a part of a cutting edge company.

  6. Do you have the total points available that you accumulated from the World Community Grid project?
    That would be a NO 🙂 However I do understand that previously earned points will be allocated and added to our accounts once we are up and running 🙂

  7. Great blog and reminder of all the necessary things of the business to make sure of. Looking forward to selling the stable cards and continuing the reading of all the great and informative blogs and comments…The company has come a long ways and now getting close to open full force….

  8. Thank you, Liza, for the great blog. It’s been so long I’m sure some do not have these things. Some have not even plugged in, but the list you provided will make a few wake up and think. I still remember running my computers for grid points. It’s incredible where this company has gone in the last few years. I’m sure everyone here feels blessed.

  9. Thanks Liza B Love for another great blog, your list is very refreshing, I hope all our members read it and check their records so we the bell rings, they are ready, I really liked these two sections regarding the Wallets and the Privacy & Protection: for our computers and phone.
    Thanks for sharing your list.

  10. As always, another very thoughtful blog put out by Liza. As far as I know, I have all my ducks lined up, just double checked the list last week, everything seems to be in order. I never did keep track of the WCG points, I can only guess, so whatever I get, I will have to accept. Once again, thank you for your well thought out blog Liza.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Dan! Much appreciated. In case you’re not aware, you can log into the World Community Grid website and see your points! So you don’t need to keep track of them, it’s already done. Take a snip so you have it handy, and you’re all set. Here’s the link:

  11. Great list I am caught up but I do know a few who are not they kind of gave up and life caught up with them to many hours to work one had surgery and retired others I know are not serious about it….. sad really they have no ideal what they have here I will be contacting them for what it is worth.

    1. Thank you, Tim! That’s very kind of you to contact members who gave up on Compumatrix for various reasons. It will take a lot of work for them to get caught up, so be prepared 🙂

  12. Thank You Lisa for your inspiring post re ‘Prepared for take-off’.
    Yes, we grumble along the way but we hang in there knowing that it will happen.
    ‘What will happen and when I dare say when all the dots and eyes are ready.
    We strive for patience, hoping one day all will be revealed,

    1. You’re welcome, Robert! Indeed, patience & perseverance are key to being a founding member here. You’ve made it this far, so perhaps you have more patience than you know. We’ll get there… 🙂

  13. Great post Lisa and yes you seem to be very organized. It’s not my strong site when it comes to paperwork. I guess I would have to spend months finding and sorting all papers I have from Comumatrix. We oldtimers have joined many programs over the years offered by Henry and I am involved in all of them. So far non of them has come true, therefore I will wait until I hear any news about them. Have also opened several wallets and many have made several changes that I will or can not use them anymore. So also here let’s see once we get there. It’s difficult to make plans if we don’t know what will be required once the CDAP will be fully functional., so again I will wait. Many things I have done like securing my PC, but heck then I need a new one anyway.

    1. Yes, Gitta…organization is my middle name 🙂 I have an analogy for this: Up here in the Northern States we have the Fall Season, where leaves fall onto the ground and must be picked up. So one needs a strategy if you live in a residential neighborhood. We can wait until all the leaves fall and then scoop them up, which takes a LOT of work, or we can stay on top of it, making the job much less arduous and it gets us outside in the fresh air. The choice is always ours, of course.

  14. Liza, Great article,You have listed the list in a very systematic way,I have checked the grid points from the link provided by you,of course we are all ready for takeoff,the time to come will be great for all of us,all this is the result of Henry’s efforts.

  15. Wow Liza, great post! I believe some of us have forgotten some of those items due to the long waiting time. I have all that information stored in a safe place and I think it is the same for most of our Compumatrix members. It is very important to keep good records of whatever action related to our business. Thanks again for your post!

  16. Liza, I have been going over in my mind recently to be sure that what you have on your list and more are complete. I saved Kevin’s and Gail’s blogs for future reference. There have been several issues here at home to attend, and I have been more intent on blogging and commenting. I have to stop and refresh my thoughts toward the security of my business. I Am so excited about this business and what is to come. I will add your list to theirs. Thank you, it is good to be reminded.

  17. Liza, this is a great reminder to those who do not have all their ducks in a row. The day we open I know many will be screaming, “I didn’t know” or “nobody told me”, or “sorry but I haven’t had the time, can you get me caught up” or but but but! We each have a business that we need to have organized in order to go forward. This has been a long haul as we plowed through the mountains into unchartered territory. We are survivors and will be sitting at the top helping those who just didn’t “get it”.

    A quote from Theodore Roosevelt sums it perfectly, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

  18. Thank you for the reminders, Liza. I have been here almost from the beginning and so many opportunities were given us to accumulate assets over time that I have almost forgotten some of them. Your list was a good reminder to refresh the memory and help be ready when the time is upon us.

  19. I like your order, another excellent post, Liza, all of us need to be organized otherwise, it will be messy, the order of priorities always saves times, thank you for reminding many of us what is expected.

  20. Thank you LizaBLove for the reminder of everything that must be done before Compumatrix opens! I try to keep up and think I have most things under control, but it is good to have a checklist so again THANK YOU. I try to get as many points as possible and look forward to instructions on how to use them.

  21. Great post Liza. I like my lists also, great way to stay organized. You listed some things I need to look into. With waiting so long in between when we have to get some things done, I can forget about what I need to remember and keep track of! Great refresh list. 👍

  22. Great blog Liza and some important reminders. I almost need a list for my lists as I have had to keep writing them over the years as I was looking after my family too. Now they are older, I have taught them how to do their own lists. It is easy to let things slip or get distracted, particularly when things are quiet or there is not much news.

  23. Thank you Liza
    for the update of reminders for us members .

    Everything that must be done I am sure will; be as time goes.

    I try to keep myself updated,and I am sure I have most under some from of control, and its great to have a checklist on top.

    .I do try login as time and health permits to get some added points where possible and look orward to instructions too on how to use them.soon.

  24. Liza loved reading your blog! In addition to being very useful with the items you reminded us of, he is very encouraging to imagine that everything we have hoped for some time is close to happening! By God’s will!

  25. Thank you Liza for a reminder of all the things we should be doing to prepare. I now realize how much there is to do and how much I have not prepared for. Some of the things on your list are difficult for me, so I know that is what I should focus on doing first. I am very appreciative of the guidance that I for one need to prepare for when our CDAP is ready to go. Your list will certainly make it much easier and I will have no one to blame except myself if I do not get this done.

  26. Liza what an intuitive and fascinating article. I am sure that many members will greatly appreciate it. So many are frightened by what the future holds for them but what we need above all is patience. The old saying ” Rome wasn’t built in a day ” still applies. There’s another old saying too – “Good things come to those who wait”. i am an extremely confident person and I have absolutely no doubt that one day soon our dreams will be realised.

  27. Thank you Liza for the great reminder of what we need to have in place for our Compu business. As I’m not here for a long time, only about 2-3 yrs , I’m trying to keep up with all requirements as they come. Accumulating points by login, reading and making comments where I can. So I could say “ÿes” I’m ready and getting my list in order every day……
    Looking forward to see Henry’s plan being unfolded..

  28. Liza, Thank you for this info. I am back and trying to make sure I have everything ready to go for success. It’s been a hard last year or so since my wife passed away. I lost faith and hope in lots of things, but through prayer I am regaining perspective and once again finding myself believing again. Lots to check and get done. We all need to be ready when Henry’s miracle is ready to open.

  29. Great Blog Lisa, you seem to be very organized. It’s not my strongest suit when it comes to paperwork, but I’m getting better and more organized. I don’t have much paperwork dealing with Compumatrix due to the fact I have only been around for 5 years so I keep most of my info online and saved in many places online. It’s difficult to make plans if we don’t know what will be required once the CDAP is fully functional, but I ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make my financial dreams a reality.

  30. Yes, my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I checked my list of all that is needed to take this trip towards success.
    I wish I was more organized tho to know exactly where I place some things from the early stages of our business.
    Henry says he is on his way, just got to pick some items along the way. I wait

  31. this is so great a positive read and so much info and simple to put into play — make that list and do research to refine your list and then as time works follow your plan / list and go forward to success — will it be a snap probably not and after 15+ years it has taken some patience persistence perseverance — But believe truthfully and honorably that the proof will and is in the Pudding — go Compumatrix — and thank you again LizaB — awesome read — awesome help — rj

  32. This is a very informative post Liza. Thank you for it. It is a very good reminder of all the steps that I have to take to be ready when Compumatrix opens the doors. From the beginning, I did everything that was required so I am completely ready for take-off.

  33. Liza, Thank you for this info. I am back and trying to make sure I have everything ready to go for success. It’s been a hard last year or so since my wife passed away. I lost faith and hope in lots of things, but through prayer I am regaining perspective and once again finding myself believing again. Lots to check and get done. We all need to be ready when Henry’s miracle is ready to open.

  34. Great Blog Lisa, i see that you are very organized. It’s not my strongest suit when it comes to paperwork, but I’m getting better and more organized. I don’t have much paperwork dealing with Compumatrix due to the fact I have only been around for 5 years so I keep most of my info online and saved in many places online. It’s difficult to make plans if we don’t know what will be required once the CDAP is fully functional, but I ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make my financial dreams come true.

  35. Such exciting news we have had the last announcement. We are getting closer, it seems. I am looking forward to the unveiling of our new CDAP and all of its functions.

  36. To have only been at this for five years, you may know a lot more than some who have been here, but not necessarily at it for much longer. It looks like you have a memory like an elephant and have things very well organized and offer a very helpful an good planning guide for members to checklist their goals and objectives.

  37. When I see the very lively and colorful balloons, I think about all the planning that has gone into making sure they stay afloat in the air. It is much like the planning that is needed to be successful in Compumatrix and you have offered some very suggestions for all that are simple and easy to follow.

  38. with all the energy of the past week or so –here i am back reading this great blog and trying to gather more wisdom in not just my own individual Compu Biz but also looking to see what and where I can go to help others either further their Compu biz or bring new blood into the Global Business known as Compumatrix — what an exciting blog but even more exciting time to be right here !!

  39. Well that day is getting closer as all that planning comes to fruition. Hope all of us are well organised when the onslaught comes.. What an extraordinary year 2021 is going to be.

  40. Yes I sure do believe in Compumatrix Lisa , I I did not I would not still be here and skipped all the hoops we have go through to get here where we are today. Closer ,closer and closer we are about ready to roll and I am really glad I made the decision to stick with Compumatrix and Henrys dream .. I will be here for many years to come. YES , I am here for the long run.

    1. I agree with you 100% Lorna. I’ve only been here approx 6 years but I truly believe that SOON is near and we will all begin to be able to reap the fruits of our labor and help others in the process.

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