As a feature of acquiring adequacy as an individual, you need to see how to be proactive. Being proactive is tied in with assuming liability with regards to your activities and life than just observing how such things occur and cruise by. It really requires some investment since you have to think about the accessible choices. You have to figure out how to gauge options shrewdly and settle on an educated choice to arrive at your objectives throughout everyday life. The “deceptive” conduct has been affected by outside powers and natural variables.

A person’s proactive conduct or Proactivity alludes to change-arranged, self-started, and expectant conduct in a specific circumstance, for example, in a working environment. Proactive conduct remembers representing a future circumstance ahead of time than essentially responding. This implies assuming responsibility for things and getting them going than trusting that things will occur or change in accordance with such circumstances.

Proactive conduct has appeared differently in relation to some business-related practices, similar to capability or adaptively. Adaptively alludes to change reaction, while Proactivity alludes to change inception. Proactivity has not been confined to extra job execution conduct.

How to be Proactive?

As you face your everyday possibilities, there have been 2 key ways to deal with make the important move. The first is the receptive methodology, and the other one is the proactive methodology.

A proactive methodology has been an option in contrast to the receptive activity taking. In this methodology, you need to decide the assignments (activities) in cutting edge. These are the errands you will take in the whole day. Be that as it may, now and again, you have to remain adaptable for some sudden events. Proactive activity taking has been portrayed by giving a potential activity thought while settling on choices intentionally.

In all actuality, there are more individuals who utilize the receptive activity adopting strategy than a proactive one. All things considered, it is conceivable and direct to change a methodology. This is the manner by which to do it:

1.       Faith in Proactive conduct – the initial step is having a psychological change of what you have accepted. To be a proactive activity taker, accept that it will work.

2.       Personal Action Plan – PAP has three beginning areas which are included phantom activities, minor activities, and significant activities. So as to make it less complex, decide 3 principle activities you needed to do inside a day. Meanwhile, disregard other phantom or minor activities. Take them on the following piece of the procedure.

3.       Focus on Your Action – After recognizing the huge activities, start by achieving each in turn. Remain for some time and enjoy a reprieve for Refreshment. Return and do the following errand. Make these strides until you achieve different things on the rundown.

4.       Avoid responsive triggers – it very well may be troublesome not to fall back to your past practices. Give your best to dispose of responsive activity taking through staying away from some regular components around you or the past things you used to do. Concentrate on the 3 things you have recognized. Try not to permit any other individual to destroy your day and your outlook.

5.       Be firm – If you were not used to doing as such, the proactive methodology may be very odd for you, particularly when you were already a responsive activity taker. Have some time in changing your methodology. Never battle against yourself and return to the old ways. The best activity is to return to being proactive and improve persistently.

To be proactive likewise demonstrates envisioning issues, putting forth a valiant effort, and finding new arrangements. Despite what might be expected, being receptive methods settling issues when turned up, performing least exertion, and hating changes. Being proactive is having clear considerations about close to home objectives and completing the right activities to make these objectives reachable.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. awesome input Krish — and this goes hand in hand with the blog from Ivy on Taking action for Yourself during this virus crisis and knowing how much that has affected the middle part America can only imagine elsewhere — but You must as a person Take Action and if you make that plan of action then You and You alone are the one that Starts that Action — great work Krish thanks

  2. To be proactive – I first remember coming across this word in the book “The Road Less Travelled” and from that realized this is a better choice. The 5 steps mentioned on how to become proactive involve first having faith – faith that being proactive will work! Love this starting point. Second, set up a personal action plan with three major activities to do during your day. Third, then focus on each in turn until accomplished. Fourthly, remain focused and don’t go back to the things you used to do, and last be firm with yourself so you don’t slip back into the old ways of doing activities. Thank you for this plan!

  3. Many people think of being proactive in many different ways. For example, some people think of being proactive as getting a lot of work done, even if the work is not very substantial. I like how this article showed ways of being proactive such as focusing on your action. After reading this, I now think of proactivity being measured in quality actions not quantity. Like on this Compumatrix website. Yes, you can do many many articles a day and be “proactive”, but if your responses are not adequate then you did not learn anything and that is not being proactive.

  4. Very good description of being proactive. I think another way to look at it is everyone in this room right now is proactive and positive thinkers and getting involved that is the action part you will all become successful with the attitude you carry, some do not have the drive like others have but if they could follow protocols it would change for them.

  5. Murali, being proactive was never my strong suit, as with the majority of people I know. Most people put out fires; in other words, they wait till something happens then they approach and only put the fire out, they are never a proactive person who acts before there is a fire or problem.
    So as my example: I am basically shy, sort of an introvert, but am able to do anything I can intelligently read or creatively come up with, so I have abilities. I wanted to become social and active, so I got a job with Wal-Mart as a stocker, and it was my intention to use their forward openings towards the customers to meet people. “Hello, how are you today, can I help you!” After about 6 months I was gaining a following, people who came to me for anything they needed to find or wanted help. I loved the experience and the new friends, even f it was out of need. This proactive experiment showed me, that if it crosses your mind you can step forward and make it happen, as we do each day in blogging. Step up!!

  6. I have always been a proactive thinker. Often I am hesitant about acting on some thoughts because you can rub people the wrong way. An example of this is to not embarrass your boss. If you are an employee, it is all in the presentation. If you are in business for yourself, your actions or lack of actions might be the difference between success and failure.

  7. so much good stuff in these replies to a great blog posting — being proactive or taking necessary Action to get your moment started in your own spot — pushing forward in a correct and fruitful way to me is the catalyst to Success — if you just sit back and be only receptive –then you leave Your Outcome to all the others?? Take Charge and go forward correctly — success is just a matter or moment away — jmho — rj

  8. Krish, I like this article because it makes you think. As I was reading, my thinking engaged and I realized that I knew much more about this subject than I first realized. Sure, I already understood the basic concept of being proactive, but the way you broke it down into the different categories fascinated me.

    As I digested each category presented, I realized why it was surprisingly familiar because a long time ago I had studied very similar ideas in a course on Time Management. It all makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for this contribution to the Compumatrix Blog.

  9. Being proactive is essential for success in life. It mean that one has to discernment to anticipate and the will and drive to prepare for the anticipated reality. We need to be proactive in the important aspects of our lives e.g. choosing a spouse, choosing where to live and bring up our children and preparing for retirement. It is easy to just let life happen to us, but it is wiser to to be proactive and to prepare life’s many eventualities.

  10. Krish, Good points in this article on being proactive, but I must confess all my life I’ve been far from being one.
    I’m an introvert person that sits quietly and analyzing what goes on around me, waiting for things to unfold before taking action. I’m a reactive kind of person.
    I might give out a different impression on my behavior, but I spend time thinking and rethinking my responses.
    But as you see I too get results

  11. Murali, your article is so in-depth, I was not sure I followed at first. My brain was foggy. I reference my desire to write on the blog. It was not easy at first, but I determined I would write comments on the blog, and by focusing on the goal, using the method of writing which is pertinent to me. I do not read other comments until I have written and posted mine. I would question myself if I read theirs first. I think this what you are saying, keep focused, know within we can achieve, and do not let circumstances or others comments sway us from our actions and the confidence we have to complete the task. My example may be a minor issue, but to me, it is a significant accomplishment. Posting gets easier each time. I find it is fun and look forward to improving.

  12. This is a hard blog post for me to commit to because I sometimes do not feel like I am proactive. I like to have dinner with my friends, play with my kids, and watch my favorite tv shows. I feel like I do not have time to scale my business or hand out business cards in order to draw in more clients, but this blog post will be my motivator. I will try to be more accountable from now on!

  13. I enjoyed reading this article! A perfect example for me and how this relates to my life is when I was big into the acting world. I went out on auditions all the time for movie parts, but I rarely booked anything (acting jobs were just scarce I guess). Anyways, I decided I was going to create my own role for myself, so I wrote, directed, edited, and acted in my own short film. I enjoy writing screenplays and do it quite frequently now – lol. If opportunities do not arise for you, make your own! Only you can control your future.

  14. I believe being proactive may lead you to be successful in your endeavours. So, to be proactive one needs to focus more on the future than the past and focusing on what you can do for yourself instead of what others can do for you. If you can think of the big picture ahead and focus on what you can control you are already more than halfway there. All you will need to do then is prioritise and think through to create a plan and then make things happen.

  15. yep it is so important to let go — if you are having trouble getting motivated and to take action and be proactive then more than likely accept your shortcomings and let go of who you may have been and get your plan developed and making that first proactive step makes in my opinion anyways the next step and then the next step simpler and simpler and Success is not far from the last step of proactiveness — great learning here —

  16. I work here in Brazil in the area of ​​events, as an advisor and ceremonialist for 27 years, and one of the characteristics that I need to have to work in this profession is precisely the proactivity! Murali, I really liked your article and I found the 5 steps you suggested to develop productivity excellent!

  17. i believe that being proactive around here is also a very good part of the plan to succeed here and taking outside action and also learning for me the social media part or at least getting comfortable in that arena is also good start and being proactive in more than just Compu and putting this along with some other ventures and making each a success is absolute part of solution — great stuff here —

  18. I am just going to admit it – I am old. I was young once and I wish I would have done more with my life. Not to say I am not happy with my life, but I could have achieved a lot more if I was proactive. I waited to have things come to me instead of being a go getter – I thought this made me humble and a gentleman. I feel like I learned to be proactive later in life, but I could have done so much more if I had known sooner. Time is precious!

  19. love coming back thru the blog areas and reading and studying some great postings — putting the Positive thoughts into taking the correct steps and making a plan and following that plan — it all really does mesh together and when you put your own effort into program –learning happens and then eventually Understanding is the hope — thank you all for great stuff —

  20. Being proactive to me was not something I thought about intentionally through my days of working and running my own business, but when I look back on my life I see it was inherent in me and came to fruition as I evolved and experienced the negatives and positives of the way I tackled life’s problems. I am sure many of you will agree with me that the many choices one makes to have things run easier and the way you would like them to turn out, comes from trial and error. So experience soon teaches you to be proactive and do away with procrastination, just a thought!

  21. Thank you Krish for your blog. I’m reading the blog and just absorbing it, very true you must be proactive or life will just go by and you haven’t moved. Same old place nothing changes and then you feel left behind. Then you feel so over whelmed you don’t know where to begin. So what you do is take it one day at a time. Slowly if you have to but do something. This is how I felt when Mason passed and I woke up, lost, stuck, left behind, inadequate, I had to wake up and start doing. Slowly but you make plans do things but to be honest somethings just never feel the same again and you can’t change that but you can change the way you look at things and start moving. It took me a year of being in a fog of grief before I could even talk without busting into tears. Its been a long road but its changing everyday.

  22. it is so special to read thru and feel the different parts involved — being proactive and taking initiative to push yourself forward is so strong in the overall scope — also as Life works thru its ever changing moments and solutions –we as involved parties must put each moment into each time frame and be proactive and do not ever stop pushing forward and moving correctly and truthfully — it is what makes each moment a moment to cherish and remember as time moves forward —

  23. love those 5 points and so much is put together and when working towards success you must do as is written focus on good spots and learn to stay away from the pratfalls of the past mistakes — be strong and almost obstinate in not falling back just focus on forward right n truthful movements and keep on keeping on — great read Krish —

  24. Good blog, Krish. I have always felt there are only two ways to be…..proactive or reactive. Reactive seems to always leave me in a position where I have to catch up, whereas proactive lets me lead the way. I know it is not always that simple, yet for me, it usually is just as simple as that. I would much rather lead the way than always be trying to catch up. Your summation paragraph where you state that “Being proactive is having clear considerations about close to home objectives and completing the right activities to make these objectives reachable” says it just about right.

  25. Great article,Krish. Being proactive, we don’t just have to see how things happened,we have to take full responsibility,being proactive will take time to achieve any goal and it will be easier to make a decision at this time,we can make a great plan for the future.

  26. this is such a great info read and also it is what it talks about in its 5 parts — being Proactive is such a ProBiz Success point and as I truly believe if You want to Succeed You must have a Plan that you stick to and adjust to current conditions But more is Your Heart — You have to have HEART in Every Moment — great stuff Krish n hopin you getting better — rj

  27. If you sit there and do nothing – Nothing will happen. When you see a good thing and are satisfied of it’s worth…. Sign up. Then do what needs to be done in order to earn.. If it’s sending in a little bit or even a lot.. Do it.. You knew that at the beginning. Get it done.

    Action is what causes growth. It’s that simple.

  28. Being active is one thing, being proactive is another. I am great at being active and can also be pretty good at the proactive when I have a cause. Give me a job to do and I will get it done but please don’t ask me to be a ‘front man’! Happiest when working away in the background and sharing ideas!

  29. great blog from a great Biz guy who will be missed here at the Compu Blog and compu biz — sad to hear — Family in prayers n thoughts — and much thanks and appreciation for Krish and his sharing his wisdom and biz thoughts — great stuff truly — thank you Krish — rj

  30. I believe that participation in the blog is a way to sort of be proactive. We know that by doing the blogs we will get points and that the points and that the points can then be transferred over to help build our assets. It is a particularly good way for those without any earnings to plan ahead.

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