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Simple Solutions to Building Traffic

To stand ever-growing competition, it has become necessary for businesses to keep their brand on top, but relevant as well. In the present changed market conditions, many business companies are opting for social media, because social media is popular, easy to use and thereby gets a lot of people who are regular visitors to it. For a business company, obviously, with a profit motive, it’s not easy to get traffic from social media. For a business that are making a new entry into social media to get traffic, must make multiple social media profiles for their brand.

The first thing that stares at their face is how to get and increase followers and likes. Even these followers may stop visiting their website after some time. They should have a plan to increase traffic regularly, to their company website. So, with social media, one should have a strategy to bring traffic. 

Social media is one of the excellent sources to get traffic to your business websites because the number of people who use social media has increased from about 7% to a staggering 65%. Why is promotion through social media essential for business? The answer is simple. Many people are using and spending lots of time on social media, and these people are an excellent source for the growth of your business. 

How to get traffic from social media?

  1. Offer virgin content to viewers, by which they will be interested in your company.
  2. Periodically conduct surveys, by which you can make your company more familiar with viewers.
  3. Ask viewers or visitors to social media to write reviews, opinions, and recommendations on your products. Make them feel that each one of them is vital to the company.
  4. Display your brand products on social media and offer them discounts and other attractive offers.
  5. Expose your brand products to industry influencers so that your brand gets an enhanced exposure.
  6. Have a Facebook page and twitter page on social media, which makes a lasting impression on viewers. 
  7. Engage experts in search engine optimization, which brings organic traffic to your company/business website and enhances brand value and sales.

Which is the right social media for you?

Business companies should select social media that enhances their business goals and sales, maintaining the brand value of their company/products. For this, business companies should collect detailed information about viewers like their place of living, their age group, gender, religion, educational background, and their financial position. For this purpose, you can prepare a questionnaire, with incentives to those who give information. The survey should cover their likes/dislikes, career options (use HubSpot) for this, their sociability (Buzzfeed will help), etc. Your goal should be to get sizable recognition for your brand. You can make use of software items to make your work easier, like 1. Skitch, 2. Inforgram, 3. Canva, and 4. MyBlogU.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. Promotion through Social Media is a good way to get noticed. However, competition is fierce and very saturated. One would certainly need to ensure they had all the tools necessary to create advertising that would grab and hold the attention of prospective clients/buyers—great post, Krish, especially for those looking to add this mode to their repetiteur.

    1. Thanks, Gail. You are a real tough taskmaster and a definite asset to this company. Before approving blogs, you go through them thoroughly and point out mistakes. By doing that, you are bringing out the best in blog writers, which is good both to the company and blog writers. Great work, keep it up. Promotion through social media is like impressing 10 people about your business company and making them tell to thousands of people. Using social media has become so common that you find every third person uses social media. The purposes people use social media differ from person to person, region to region, gender to gender, and so on. The person who looks after the publicity of the company should be aware of this data and place their company brand before the right people.

  2. This is useful information Murali. Social media can give you a very good exposure on the internet and attract customers. To reach many potential customers you have to be busy with it every day. Another important tool to draw attention is SEO (search engine optimization), especially when you have a blog. It is not difficult to understand and the results can be very good.

  3. A very good topic to bring to our attention, Murali! Social media is definitely coming to the forefront as the way to promote business online and offline. Now that people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, it is even more important to have posts that are impactful, short and target what people are looking for and answer the “What is in this for me question”

  4. good read here Krish — and I believe you have definitely put a good turn to the importance of social media in todays new businesses and also so much so in the older more established businesses — I just know from personal ability that I would have to look for help if ever got back into an actual offline business — almost like co-owner who does all the social online stuff — and it would almost be a full time type I believe in todays world — thank you —

  5. I see Social Media different today than years ago. Years ago, I didn’t see how people could find the time for Social Media, and if they did, were they not getting other responsibilities taken care of? I still don’t have a Facebook account. Today, I finally found a reason that I should consider it. All of my family is on FB and today, I borrowed my husband’s account so I could attend the funeral of an Aunt. It’s those life events that you would have missed that will make the difference.

  6. The ever-evolving marketing and or advertising within social media platforms has hit an all-time high. You can select segments of market demographics very easy. Such as specific likes, searches, and any array of other variables depending on what market you are targeting. I’m addition to hitting very specific demographics is the fact that social media advertising tends to be very economical versus most mainstream media outlets. As we venture into running our own businesses, this venture into social media will have to be navigated carefully.

  7. Social media is being used by many companies in this day and age and it is a good tool to use it spreads the information far and wide across the globe I could think of no other way to do this except through the internet a lot of businesses rely solely upon this to run there companies.

  8. Excellent Krish article and great tips! At this point in my life, I am studying to learn how to work efficiently on social networks. I have already saved your article on my laptop and it will always be reviewed. Thank you!

  9. Murali, I do enjoy your posts, they make me search deep down and say I can and I will. The truth is, I have never thought much of the social media sites. The negatives about them and the sharing of my personal life have never appealed. As I am reading your comments about using social media for business, they have me wanting to know more. I have been awakening to the prospect of having an online store for several years. Thank you for breaking down the steps to take and places to look for help. I appreciate you and your knowledge.

  10. Since the death of TV commercials (yes, I know they’re still on) Advertizing a product became cheaper and worldly outreached when Social Media came online.
    And now we have Influencer marketing or social media marketing involving famous people and organizations endorsing products or services known as influencers, with an expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

  11. i had to come back and read this on social media advertising and marketing to help or establish your Niche in the market or business you are building — it is so true and real when you put a few other blogs here with this one and some of the realities and truths that appear are fascinating and do know now for sure that socially becoming active in both on and offline is Essential and possibly under recognized at this moment ? —

  12. Your blog was great with a clear direction to get traffic with social media. However, since COVID, I have felt bombarded with social media. I feel I don’t have enough time in the day to watch or read all the threads and videos that interest me. I have gone into burn out from social media. I feel you have to be short and clear to keep attention span on social media.

  13. There are some usefull tips in your blog Murali Krishna. It is well-known that social media can have a big impact on the numbers of visitors for your business. I don’t have a business of my own but it is always good to have good advise. One day Compumatrix will open the doors and then promoting it starts. Also for me.

  14. Social media used to be a hobby. People did it for the fun of it….keeping in touch, showing off the family, being part of a club. In today’s business world it is an absolute necessity if you want to keep up in the grueling competition for business attention. For some of us, just learning how to navigate social media is a challenge. It is a challenge for me. However, best to stop complaining and learn how to do what you need to do if you want to keep up in the new world of doing business. Get with it!

  15. Technology is here to stay, its the modern way of getting information out there concerning anything, its time that we become so servy in this arena, though with it comes responsibility which is great. it has both its good and bad sides too.

  16. I see that now and in the future promotion through social media is an effective way to promote to all people around the world, although it may be true what Gail said, competition is very tight, this is reasonable, because the good choice now is indeed promotion through media. social. Because with social media, in addition to being able to promote business or something that we want to share, the most important thing is that we have many friends or relationships with people around the world.

  17. We are in a new era and so many of us need to get our message across to people all over the world. Social media helps in achieving this and is very effective, apart from being practical and affordable, especially when it comes to promoting our products that catch the eye very quickly, of those who keep their eyes and ears open for updates and news.

  18. absolutely the last few years we have advanced very rapidly into the cyber social world and with the release of the global virus and so much change to accommodate that worldwide epidemic vicious problem — doing so much online and away from peep to peep contact has become where you have to be if you want to succeed in business — the old ways of the 50s –70s time period no longer are pertinent imho — so gotta get current if can and go from there —

  19. This is a good article, Krish. It covers many important points, on how to effectively use social media for successfully promoting a business. Creating traffic for a business is not a small undertaking though. It can be a long and tedious process to achieve any business goals as a result. Enlisting the help of professionals, in this arena, is the wise choice for any business that wants to generate measurable results in a reasonable time frame.

  20. Promoting through social media is very useful for companies and people (influencers) who are looking to get exposure to possible clients and customers. I know from experience that a very good way to gain followers on social media is through shout outs, tags, and posts on other people’s social media handles. I am an actor, and my Instagram page grew significantly when I did a film with actors from LA with already big Instagram followings. When I appeared on their Instagram, people from their Instagram ended up coming over to my page and following me. Hopefully I will be able to grow my socials even more with this new information!

  21. I don’t really understand social media that much, but my granddaughter loves social media! She loves shopping through social media, communicating with friends and making new friends through social media, and looking at popular people through social media. People are always on the internet! If someone uses social media and the internet to promote something, I suppose they will do pretty well if they know what they are doing because so many people use social media and the internet!

  22. roy do not feel alone in your lack of understanding of the younger generations abilities on social media and the interent in general — in defense they have grown up with home computers — i grew up with black and white tv my mom grew up with radio — but wow have things changed — reading some great blogs around here has helped me to slightly understand — time will tell if can get become efficient —

  23. Thank you for your very informative blog post Murali. I think social media are a powerful instrument to promote your business and bring to the attention of many people. I use social media these days to sell the products of my farm and it works very well. It is a method of selling that I’ll continue to use.

  24. Krish as i just wrote on another of your blogs — hope you are good — and i just appreciate your input and your look at not just Compu Biz but how this biz along with other social media and internet truth play such the role not just in our Biz here but also as we learn and grow in our own personal life using parts of what we learn here and incorporating that into our daily life — just good stuff !!

  25. Murali, Thank you for an informative  blog! We will  now enter the age of modern technology,where social media has become a very powerful tool,where we can communicate easily,there is no better way to promote your business,social media is a great platform for our future business.

  26. this is such a great info piece and looking at the speed of tech advances with each passing year heck parring month almost — lol but the info here is rock solid for anyone who is in biz or looking to start — social media is an absolute to success — and for Us who are not tech up to date there are youthful Pros to hire and utilize — great stuff really — thanks Krish n do hope you are healthy — rj

  27. There are more businesses trending towards internet sales. This makes me think of Sears which like JC Penney was once a dominate business. I know of a very large downtown building that it once used as its headquarters. The building has now been transformed into a huge locale for condominiums and small business offices. When passing by the building, I wonder at times is it possible that Sears may have still occupied its headquarters downtown if it had been able to become more of an internet based business such as Amazon.

  28. It is good if a business can use the internet to promote business opportunities. But there is still a need to be careful about certain business promotions on the internet as there are scammers that present fraudulent business opportunities. It can be good to research or seek out reviews on some business opportunities on the internet before becoming involved.

  29. Interesting and very informative Blog.We know by now that Social media is being used by businesses more and more as opposed to Mainstream media.It seems that businesses are ore likely use social media to attact,clients,customers to enhance the visibility of their product and at the same time Creating a better and more lucerative,profitable reaching the public informing their products

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