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Prosperity with a Purpose

Philip Yancey is an American author. His books have sold more than fifteen million copies in English,and have been translated into forty languages. For years I have reflected on this excerpt from his book,”Where Is God When It Hurts? by Philip Yancey. Copyright ©1990, 1977 by Philip Yancey” It’s not a brief quote, but it is certainly a worthy one:

In my career as a journalist, I have interviewed diverse people. Looking back, I can roughly divide them into two types: stars and servants. The stars included NFL football greats, movie actors, music performers, famous authors, TV personalities, and the like. These are the people who dominate our magazines and our television programs. We fawn over them, pouring over the minutiae of their lives: the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the aerobic routines they follow, the people they love, the toothpaste they use.

Yet I must tell you that, in my limited experience, these “idols” are as miserable a group of people as I have ever met. Most have troubled or broken marriages. Nearly all are hopelessly dependent on psychotherapy. In a heavy irony, these larger-than-life heroes seemed tormented by an incurable self-doubt.

I also spent time with servants. People like Dr. Paul Brand, who worked for twenty years among the poorest of the poor, leprosy patients in rural India. Or health workers who left high-paying jobs to serve with Mendenhall Ministries in a backwater town of Mississippi. Or relief workers in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, or other such repositories of world-class human suffering. Or the Ph.D.’s scattered throughout the jungles of South America translating the Bible into obscure languages.

I was prepared to honor and admire these servants, to hold them up as inspiring examples. I was not, however, prepared to envy them. But as I now reflect on the two groups side-by-side, stars and servants, the servants clearly emerge as the favored ones, the graced ones. They work for low pay, long hours, and no applause, “wasting” their talents and skills among the poor and uneducated. But somehow in the process of living their lives they have found them. They have received the ‘peace that is not of this world’”.

The above reference is found on page 57 and 58 in the book by Phillip Yancy, “Where is God When it Hurts,” mentioned above.

According to Mr. Yancey, the secret that these “servants” have found is the secret of giving and letting go. Many of us may well soon come into a measure of prosperity very soon that we have never known before. The question is: Will our newfound prosperity have an elevated purpose? Do we have a plan for giving just as these servants have given of their resources and time?

Could it be that what we do with the first of our newfound wealth says more about who we truly are than we realize? It says a lot about our worldview, and what we truly value as a person. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to be able to look back and know that our first financial transaction benefited the needy and the suffering in our world? Others first, then, we can freely take for ourselves and our family. Breaking up the greed in our hearts and takes our eyes off of the man in the mirror. to focus for a time on the greater needs of the aching world around us. There is a joy in giving that is hard to put into words. As we give to the suffering, unfortunate, the hurting, and those in crisis, we are embracing something large. We training our hearts and our character for a better future for all.

Compumatrix is on the verge of changing many of our lives. Are you prepared for wealth? Now is the time to get things ready and rehearse and confirm the direction of how you might give; and investigate who you might give to. Let’s use this time before this new chapter, to carefully prepare to give to upright non-profit organizations of the highest integrity in purpose and financial management. Let’s pre-load our hearts for philanthropy.

My wife and I already have a dozen or so organizations that we plan to give into at some time in the future.

When deciding to give to any group or philanthropic organization, we all need to do our due diligence. Here are some basic and important principles to consider:

1) What is the full reach and impact of the dollars that you are giving? Make excellent and thoughtful investigation, as much as possible, into the percentages of what funds are going to the people you desire to profit with your giving. Listen to what is stated up front, but also listen to what is not openly stated and conveniently omitted.

2) Is it a non-profit that steps into crisis situations with very creative and effective solutions? For example: We recently planned to give to a particular organization. In the beginning of our research on that organization, we were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have to look any further than the front page of their website to answer all our questions. Their thoroughness and full transparency of the scope of the mission, and detailed info how finances donated were dispensed was impressive. They presented all the financial pie charts and graphs needed, and gave percentages of overhead expenses, and what actually was reaching the people we desired to help. All green lights!

3) Take the time to read online reviews and testimonies. Read them all. It seldom is a waste of your time. I’m always thankful for the people who take the time to write reviews about services and any problems they encountered. Many times, one simple comment from a stranger’s review has revealed a detail that influenced and totally changed my thinking about stepping forward with my giving.

4 ) Does the non-profit you are interested in have a GuideStar “Seal of Transparency” approval?

5) Did you know that many non-profits are linked to other non-profits, and you may not be aware of “that” partnership? What other non-profits are connected with the non-profit organization you are giving to? Do you agree with their values too? Take time to inquire. Your gift deserves such oversight and wise stewardship.

6) Make sure that your spouse is aware and onboard of who/what organizations you are giving to. True happiness and unity are doubled when you do it together. Also, if you have children, get them involved in giving. Let them experience the happiness of the generosity that you both are enjoying, and train their hearts to experience the thrill, reward and fun in being a giver.

Following these few simple principles might just save you from any future regret if you were ever to find out something that organization you were giving to was not all that it seemed to be.

I am of the mindset that the blessings of God are given to steward well, and praying over our wealth and the distribution of it, reveals an attitude of dependence upon God’s wisdom and His direction with every financial blessing.

Let’s spring-load our hearts to give! New wealth is coming to us. Planning to give from the first of our increase will train our hearts to push against the ugliness of greed. Prosperity with a purpose is the mindset of a world changer.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Jeff this is a very nicely written reminder for all of us to open our hearts to giving to our fellow man in need. “Except for the Grace of God, There goes Us” sticks in my mind and reminds me that any of us could be homeless at any time. It is up to us to reach out a helping hand and to me do so anonymously IF at all possible. We need nor should we get recognition for doing the right things. IMHO.

  2. I have always believed we were designed to be servants. The doctors you talk about are servants to the needy they serve. They are happy with their accomplishments. The miserable lives the stars live are that way because they lose track of service. Entertaining is a form of service and they could be happy again if they realize this.

    I love your guide. Some organizations spend so much of their donations on administration. The money that filters down to the cause is shaved down to mere cents on the dollars.

  3. Jeff, I want to Thank You for writing this timely article. The advice you have provided about how to research and evaluate organizations we plan to give to is very helpful. Just giving blindly without going through that process can result in wasted donations because dishonest people could be lining their pockets instead of distributing the funds to those who need them.

    I love your closing comments! “Prosperity with a purpose is the mindset of a world changer.” Jeffrey Phelps

  4. It seems like the timing of this article couldn’t be any better. Most of us are on the verge of having something we have never had before…..wealth (in the form of money). I have started many times to consider what I would do if I ever became wealthy. After a few minutes of thought, I usually take a step back and tell myself not to get ahead of myself, as there will be plenty of time for that. Well, it would seem that the time for that is getting very close. I have determined that the specifics of what we do are not as important as the heart we are doing it with. After all, it should come from the heart !

  5. A very timely article, thank you. At my home, we have lived with the servant’s attitude, that we are but stewards of what is here. I know discussions have been plenty around the table over what we desire to do. Since we spent so much time with anything extra helping others, my husband and I decided that something special for our sons and their family(ies) would be in order. They spent a lot of time waiting as I worked so even though it’s been a while, in our minds, that is first. We have had our lists of those we desire to help and have two trusts all set to go for this purpose. In some cases, letting others know the direct source of help is not in our best interests. What we gain and what we have is not by chance but good stewardship paves the way for more. And when we are called to do and give more, more opportunity presents itself. I hope all have given deep thought to their futures, I know we have.

  6. Definitely a giver I have many charities I have been giving to for years, always better to give then receive there are many more I am looking at and researching, blessings will follow when you give from your heart also pray over your blessing when you give and it will be multiplied for many, kind of like paying it forward. Prayer is powerful I have witnessed it first hand.

  7. Interesting article for sure and no i have nothing yet planed on who and how to benefit the needy . For right now i am the needy my self and its difficult to make plans under that condition. I know there are plenty of places who can need help once i am in the position to help and there will be time at the right moment. Most likely i would like to keep it local instead to donate to unknown organisations worldwide.

  8. Very interesting article Jeff,and timely when our Compumatrix is on the verge of completing it’s beta testing.We need to do a thorough due diligence on the organisations and non-profits who actually claim to give to the need,but sometimes find them not doing as stated.We also need to outline our priorities about how we should help the needy and poor,as there are several e.g. Help the poor with their homes,Feed the hungry,Help the street children etc.,so we can try and best make use of our funds to allocate it according to the proper benefit for the needy people,and try not to limit our priorities to just our country but do it globally.

  9. what a great blog posting Jeff P — the art of Giving back or helping out when you put your Heart into it is very simple and Very Special — I do believe that the author you reference is very true in his perception of “stars” perse’ and many of us who aren’t the stars who work quietly thru life are much more at Peace inside — and the Art of Letting Go is so important in that everyday experience we call Life —

    1. rjh59, you inspire me to be a more active member of Compumatrix. Your dedication to this company I’m sure does not go unnoticed and your points count is probably in the thousands by now. I just am in awe at your motivation and determination at commenting on every blog post multiple times! Way to go!

  10. Very thought-provoking article Jeff. I thought I had it all sorted in my mind where and who I was going to help, but now with our world turned upside down, there are very few people in the world who are not hurting and that need help. My problem is that I cannot turn anyone away and I certainly will not be in a position to accommodate all the extra people in need now, so I will have to rethink my strategy of how to help as many as I can all at once and still have enough for family and friends and some set aside for anyone who might pop up later. I never realised what a responsibility it would be to suddenly be in this position.

  11. Thanks so much for this post, Jeff. Very timely for us, as we are in the process of researching and preparing a list of places we wish to donate funds to. Your list of things to consider is so appropriate and I have printed it out for referral. It is especially great if you can actually visit the place you wish to donate to, ask questions, talk to the people involved and those receiving. Blessings to all the “open hearts”

  12. Jeff thanks for this beautiful eye opening blog. A servants heart is what I choose. Your heart is very much rewarded from helping others not just lavishing yourself. We currently support local charities that we know use funds correctly. Its a very shady world out there with some charities that are just fronts to send the money elsewhere. I appreciate the list of suggestions you provided. We can all look forward to the day we can use your check off list!

  13. it is always a good thing to have a checklist or a “to do” list to work from — I also believe with my whole being that making sure who you are helping is legit — there are many actually too many false claims and we as servants and believers of helping and sharing sometimes fall prey to the misconceptions — so please make sure — love the helping thats for sure —

  14. It is in the giving that we receive.
    As Jeff rightly said, prosperity comes with a purpose and must, therefore, learn to GIVE.
    Open our hearts out and give very lovingly.
    Being charitable is a noble gesture.
    As my father used to rightly tell me “Son, if you go good to others, you are also doing good to yourself.”
    God is watching over us and will surely smile when he sees us extending our helping hand towards those in need.

  15. Giving to organizations who genuinely help people is on my to-do list. As you say in your article, we certainly need to research organizations, so many bogus ones. I have a couple I am comfortable giving my money. Mainly I will be helping young families, homeless, and small businesses in my area. With the assistance, there will be rules, and funds will be distributed through a trustworthy third party. I will also be sharing about Compumatrix to those who are ready and want to make a change through this new concept for financial independence. Your article is timely, and preparation is a must.

  16. Wow what a blog. I’m not sure in life if I’ve experienced the amount of happiness that one can absorb when sharing wealth at the degree mentioned. What a feeling to stop and just think about. It is definitely something that gives you pause within your heart. Even without wealth, living and teaching servant leadership will give you an amount of success and happiness you can not achieve while simply focused on a non servant leadership lifestyle. For our youth and those that are not familiar with servant leadership, this response will be confusing. But, I challenge any reader to learn and study servant leadership. As this blog so eloquently suggests; when given wealth make your mark on the world with it. When not given wealth, simply practice being a servant leader and the world will give you your mark either way.

  17. This post is so very important. Consider this, “the worst thing in the world is when you have no money”. Now consider “the second worst thing is having money and not understanding what to do with it”. I personally have lived in both worlds and both are hard. Being poor comes with many hardships. Being rich does too. One day I received an inheritance and I knew I wanted it to grow and I wanted the money to work for everyone but then I was surrounded, attacked, and influenced by so many people; friends and family that just wanted some money. They. wanted loans and handouts and gifts of every size and color. Their requests came in many forms. I sadly didn’t know what to do. I learned the hard way. First hand I learned that sometimes the people I trusted the most were thieves. I can only hope that when more comes, I will have learned from my mistakes for I have made plenty of them. This time I will be prepared.

  18. living life can be a challenge in whatever world of financials we are part of — I do understand that people will take advantage of those with good financials but not experienced in those matters — also have to realize its like investing or opening a business –it is really best to study your situation and take time to learn and most importantly is the Trust factor who to trust and who not to trust — be Very Aware and be Very Seasoned in your movements forward — and Don’t be afraid to say No Thank You —

  19. Jeff, what a joy to read this text! I currently work as a volunteer coordinator on a social project here in Brazil and it is very good for me to donate my love, my time and my knowledge to the most needy! And yes, my husband and I, when we start to have access to the values ​​of Compumatrix, we intend to help financially organizations that take care of others and thus we can contribute to the improvement of this world. I have always defended the idea that if every human being who is able to help a fellow man, surely our world would be happier! And having an abundant financial situation, I certainly want to share and be a transforming person in the lives of my fellow men!

  20. It is so important to realize that if you are blessed then you should share with those less fortunate than yourself. If you’re a Christian God expects you to help others in need. If you are not necessarily a Christian, then the whole world knows that it is only kindness and compassion to help those who need help, and to be decerning in who, and why you help another. Even God says to be wise in your aide. One simple truth, a person who helps others without yelling it from the treetops but in anonymity sleeps so much better than the rest of humanity. “That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. (Matthew 6:4)”; KJV

  21. I think anyone is capable of prospering, but unless they have a passion for what they are doing – they will not have true happiness. I also think that money does not actually make one happy; it is what one can do with the money that makes them happy. For example, giving to non-profit organizations for something that one is truly passionate about will likely make that person more happy than if they went out and bought a new car.

  22. Thanks for the article and reopening my eyes for nothing is ours that has not been given by the Father.
    Even many Stars admit that their success as been thru their religious belief and help the needy for they feel better in doing so.
    My kids have a stray dog shelter which only accepts dogs that have been physically abused by their owner.
    I pray my contribution to making a better shelter for these animals

  23. I have read this blog now for the 3rd time. Each time, I find something different that catches my attention. This time, these 2 lines rang as loud as a bell.

    Compumatrix is on the verge of changing many of our lives. Are you prepared for wealth?

    I have been thinking a lot lately that maybe we should write up an NDA with ourselves. One of the most important things about wealth is responsibility. Being a responsible steward and being in the limelight isn’t a good mixture. Just look at the sports stars and how they squander their wealth. And don’t think their loss was all on them! There is a line outside their door waiting to help them lose every dollar they earn.

  24. A brilliant blog on our purpose to serve others. As a mother, I am a nurturer and my greatest joy is to serve others. What does that have to do with prosperity? Everything. It is not the money we are after, it is feeling good. We think money makes us feel good, yet it is the joy in seeing another happy that motivates us to prosperity. That is the gift of Compumatrix to share abundance and wealth.

  25. I think if the wrong group of people got involved with Compumatrix it would be easy for them to just purchase nice cars, clothes, and materialistic objects with their new wealth. Materialistic objects do not fill a void in your heart, or make you internally happy, but donating to charities can. No matter if your contributions help one person or 1,000 people it is always fulfilling to know what you did really had an impact on the people affected.

  26. Thank for you wise words Jeffrey. Serving people who are in need should be one of the goals in everybody’s life. It is a pity to see that we live in a time where egoism has become a normal attitude. I hope that the crisis the world is facing today will give people some more gratitude and that their eyes will be opened to help others who are not so lucky.

  27. Very nice article Jeff. Nice reminders to do your research on the companies and who they are associated with. I do give to a few local charities as I can afford to now and it’s a great feeling. I’m looking forward to the day when I can give much more freely and to other charities on my list. Who in their right mind would really want to be a Star and be constantly criticized, followed around and photographed with NO privacy, and always worry, ‘am I good enough, do I look ok, do they like me?’

  28. I work like a crazy person so that I can give like a crazy person. I may have to do things that I do not enjoy doing in order to earn my money, but once I have earned my money; I do whatever I choose to do with my money. I enjoy giving to charities that I am passionate about and I enjoy volunteering at my children’s schools. Do what will make you happy with your money!

  29. Very nicely written and I can tell your heart is there already. Phillip Yancy is a great author to read. Giving of the “First Fruits ” is a biblical concept as well as giving in general. I totally agree with you about thoroughly checking out who you are giving to. It is amazing what you will find when you dig deep into some of the well known non profits. Again, great read!

  30. gosh just reading this blog again makes me feel very comfortable inside — there are so many wonderful people here and MRN thank you for your kudos — I am in Peace inside when what i do helps others and I do truly believe that it is a Godly inner Peace to help and I also believe that You as givers must also take the time and effort to make sure the ones you may be helping are legit — unfortunately so much deception out in the world — be careful and diligent always — but Give from your Heart and be in His Peace

  31. I wish with all my heart I had read and had someone who would have advised me many years ago when by God’s providence I invested in real estate and I became wealthy. There was a sequence of events that all seemed to developed perfectly to my advantage. I met the right people, the right house to invest and a series of instances that today, I even considered magical. I was as if everything I touched, became a done deal. Somehow, I started to sell and invest in he stock market, I became greedy and the more my money dissipated, the more I became greedy and wanted to recuperate the loses. In the end, the stock market crashed and I lost everything and I was so reckless, I even bought two time shares that only were money losers and only visited 3 times, they are some of the worst investments. Now, I am older, wiser and broke, if and when Compumatrix becomes successfully viable, I will do what smart people do and hire the best financial advisors and set a percentage for good causes.

  32. I can relate to so much of the blog posting and replies and heck back in younger days i tried to actually be timeshare salesman and could not do it well — the theory is sound but the system is was corrupt and doomed to failure same as campground memberships — and I also have a couple times I can go back to being well and then lost most if not all 2nd time cost marriage — but I agree so much with if as time works thru I try to share whatever God blesses me with — it is just the correct thing to do and live –jmho

  33. Yes Alan. My wife and I learned a long time ago about the giving of the first fruits of our income and how that %90 with God’s direct blessing on it, so way, way further than %100 of our income without His blessing on it. People don’t seem to realize this, and do not take advantage of those sure and true promises in the Bible. For their own sake, I wish they would. We have always been amply provided for ever since we learned that.

  34. I like how Rick Warren started the first chapter of his book The Purpose Driven Life. “It’s not about you. The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. you were born by His purpose and for His purpose.”

    On occasions that I pray for Compumatrix I would remind the Lord to impress in my heart strongly who to give money to, and who to help start an account with the Company. It will be His choice, not mine, for after all Proverbs says that “many are the plans of man, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” What a joy to know, too, that when you give to the poor, you lend to God!

  35. Catherine, thank you for reading this blog 3 times. It’s a blessing to know that something I have written has a little impact on someone else. It’s amazing, as you say, that these sports stars have so much wealth, and they often just squander it on purposeless living. I love seeing the sports stars like Tim Tebow, even Roger Federer who give so much back to society in their foundations and they use their fame to bless others. Many of them, who handle wealth in a good way, have much to teach us.

  36. I have enjoyed reading your ideas of proper due diligence regarding one’s giving to charitable organizations. While our country stands out as one of the most benevolent nations in the world, it is because our values as a people include reaching out to those in need and giving them a hand up. Compassion and love are qualities that have been a part of the very fiber of our culture. Thank you for the guidance you offer for responsible giving.

    1. I love the fact that the USA has been on of the most giving nations, if not the giving-est nation of all time in helping others. God said in the Bible to Isreal that they would be blessed to be a blessing. America has indeed been blessed but it is for the purpose of being a blessing.

  37. Great topic,Jeff,Prosperity with a purpose,the real purpose of life is to dedicate one’s life to helping others,we can help others by ourselves or by joining a charity,the whole world is plagued by unemployment and unemployment has skyrocketed,there is no place for people to escape and no food,there is a need to help people because you have brought yourself closer to God,the compumatrix business is encouraging us to help others with the resources we have.

    1. Yes Zahra. Hopefully soon when Compumatrix finally launches we all will be able not only to meet our own needs, but to be able to really make a difference in other’s lives too.

  38. The blog, in the beginning, referred to some athletes who despite their fame, are not content and sometimes have personal challenges in their lives to overcome. I thought about former NFL star running back Barry Sanders who left football at the height of his career. Sanders said, “I was able to leave on my own terms, so that’s empowering in a lot of ways. I lived out what was beyond a childhood dream. It was enough for me and it was time to move on.” Today he is said to devote a considerable portion of his retirement to charity, perhaps to some of the non-profit type charities mentioned in the blog.

  39. As an athlete can suffer a career ending injury at any time, if other career options were available to them, maybe not being able to play whatever sport it was they excelled in would not have such an impact on their personal lives. I have observed famous people say that the way they got over personal tragedies in their lives was to get involved in helping others.

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