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Ready for 6G Technology

I have heard that 6G technology communicates with space forces and have for years. Hmm, are they real or not, do you believe it? Do we know anything? We do, however, understand that anything is possible.

At a press conference in November of 2019, I know that President Trump talked about 5G and 6G. At the press conference, the president spoke of China researching these. His hope was for America to bring this technology to the world.

Companies, especially the large tech companies, are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to usher in the warp-speed technological connectivity of 6G. What innovative impact on humanity and businesses. It could inspire a plethora of components for working and manufacturing. Researchers are competing to have the best, smallest, and easiest to use 6G chip or sensor. We know 5G is here. The 6G has run parallel and could be used in certain aspects already. China was the first to launch a 6G satellite in the race to the future.

The phone companies have now implemented the 5G in their phones. The implementation of 5G in the internet, cable carriers, and Artificial Intelligence creations, and much more has already revolutionized the industry. How much more will 6G?

We think we have seen virtual reality; it is mind-boggling and almost unbelievable what the 6G technology will do for virtual reality. Imagine holograms. We have seen these in movies and tv shows for years. However, many improvements are made and implemented in this technology. There are devices in use today, like the field training of the military. The holograms manifest a virtual field of operation as though they were in the physical. Flight simulations are virtual reality, and you feel you are in flight and controlling the plane. Special glasses project a vision in abstract training to simulate a real presence. These will improve via the 5G, but none will compare with the holograms of 6G. Those who are in the know suppose it could be 20 to 30 years. Is it possible this will happen sooner? Samsung has a sensor in its upcoming Galaxy S11 phones and a docking station that projects holographic images. These are only 3D images so far. With the 6G, You will be able to virtually bring holograms from your phone and tv to interact in your living room. My goodness, think about what that will be for those who play war games. I do not know about that; it may be too real for peace of mind. 

From what I have heard, downloading the internet, speeds could be as high as one terabyte per second or 8000 gigabits per second. I think 6G is more than we understand. Yes, it is a means to increase the speed to download the internet and enhance its functions. It also increases the speed and functionality of other technological products, especially the blockchain. I see it boosting the 5G to epic proportions, thus invoking changes at warp speed. Are we moving toward our Jetson’s era?

What is warp speed? Remember the Star Trek series? My brother, sisters and I watched it every week. In the space ship, they had what they called a warp engine. They would push a lever, propelling the USS Enterprise into deep space faster than the speed of light. The term warp speed may have occurred in other science fiction movies or tv shows in that era; this is the one I remember. So I would say warp means start and instantly done.

I started a couple of blogs on 6G but did not finish them. I read Henry’s comment on what more 6G in the Discord room today, November 13, at 7:36 pm. Something stirred me to write about 6G. This blog is a new one from the first two; they were too technical. From what I have learned about 6G, I became excited, thinking Henry may have applied the 6G technology to our CDAP. Has he? I don’t know. I do know our leader is up on all technology and wants the best for Compumatrix and us. If he has not applied some form of 6G, maybe it is coming through one of Compumatrix’s ecosystem connections. Perhaps, just a thought for the near future.

The blockchain workings are considered a ready environment for the inclusion of 6G. The 6G will be far and away greater than 5G. With speeds of operation higher than first imagined, lower latency, and massive amounts of bandwidth, 6G will be revolutionizing. This means instant connection and soaring data speeds. This will enable rapid and efficient connection of a device to device. Could we say person to person, wallet to wallet, and speedier transactions? There will also be greater security included with 6G.

We are living in a historical time. Progression is now transpiring for the better and will continue for many years. I am thankful to witness these changes and the new concepts of technology we have now. With much exhilaration, I am looking forward to what is to come as long as I am allowed.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Carmen, very informative article, The world is now a center of modern technology,6G is one of them,china is the first to experience this,many famous companies of the world have shown great interest in it,the integration of the blockchain in 6G will enable the network to monitor and manage resource utilization and sharing efficiently,6G can develop blockchain decentralized framework through technology,In the future, 6g technology will definitely be used in compumatrix.

    1. Yes, Zahra, The technology is growing faster and faster. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the next 5 years.

  2. Wonderful comparisons Carmen! I too loved Star Trek, and all science fiction movies about space travel, the oldest being ‘Forbidden Planet’ with Walter Pigeon… Anyway, we have 5G and it has much positive and negative press, but like you point out this is moving into the future and there is no stopping it. So as all things improve, I would have to imagine 6G would be many times improved from it’s predecessor 5G, and there you go, life improved!

    1. Did you have the same excitement we did to see them soaring around in space. Ah, the wonder of it. From my understanding, 6G will be way beyond 5G. There will be improvements in all technology, especially in the medical industry. Think hologram of a body? what can they see? I know this will be a little further in future but it is phenomenal to comprehend.

  3. another great info Blog Posting — most of this Gtech is above me I still only have a 3G qwerty keyboard phone that doesnt do well with this newer faster grander technology — anyways this is where as time goes forward — what I cant grasp I will have to find True Pros to help — So much Great Smarts it is so fascinating —

    1. Yes RJH the newer Gs do benefit us more. Hopefully, you will have it in your area sooner than later. We have to work with what we have until Compumatrix our ship comes in. Looking for nothing but good coming your way.

  4. Thank you for this interesting article on 6G technology. As for me, I haven’t heard about 6 G technology. There problems with 5 G. A lot of countries are against this technology. But definitely we are lining in historical time and witnessing how our world is changing more and more these days.

    1. Yes, there are concerns about the 5G, and we will have to find ways to protect our selves. But we can not hold back the new because it is necessary to take us into the new dynamics of tomorrow. Better times are coming to us. We will be able to fully enjoy what we have with Compumatrix and the technology that will be a source of greater security in our world.

  5. Carmen that is very interesting information. 5g is talked about all the time but not so much 6g. Everything you explained was new to me, so thanks!! The hologram idea is cutting edge for sure. If that technology is perfected that could be used in good and bad ways. During covid using hologram technology for meetings at work would really be useful.

    1. Jennifer, you are so right about the uses of the 6G and the holograms. Using the hologram will be one of the ways to detect unrest and dis-ease in the body. I hate to think that it would be used for bad, but I guess as long as we have greedy people a way will be found for them to corrupt. Even now there is a device used in the xraying of the lungs that can detect if COVID is present. I am amazed at how fast discoveries are emerging.

  6. Nice job Carmen. Technology moves at such a fast pace, that adjusting, keeping up is a challenge. We are only starting to become familiar with 5G, & now the prospect of 6G! The big question is, will this bring us greater joy in our lives? Homo Sapiens is very good at developing new technologies, not nearly as good at integrating them into our daily lives & culture.

    1. The fact that humans are not as receptive to the new is so true. I can remember myself saying I am not using that. But I have learned through the years things change, and we can fight the inevitable or embrace it and be happier. Now I am so excited to see what comes about and how our world will change, and me with it.

  7. With some apprehension, I read your blog, Carmen. There are a lot of good things that this new technology can bring; however, on the flip side it also opens up a huge area for misuse in a way that is not valuable or wanted for people. Sadly, in our world to date, there are always people, groups, companies, etc. that are motivated by greed and use technology for evil purposes. Of course, this will never be the case with Compumatrix, I truly believe.

    1. I understand your concern, Janis. I am trusting that our world will be made better, and there will be less evil and less interest to harm others. We can not let the thoughts of bad override our right to choose to believe in good and enjoy all the new technology that will move us forward into the most awesome world we can imagine.

  8. Interesting article Carmen. Henry just mentioned about 6G in the Discord room the other day. About the hologram thing. Wow. Who would have thought. There are so many things in the works now that are going to just blow our minds. Not sure I am ready for any of this yet. Sometimes I think back to the days of our rotary dial phone and long for the simplicity.

    1. I also like the aspect of quiet and the ease of living. I have been brought to the place ok I have to change my outlook to make a smooth transition from what is to what is coming. I don’t know about the robots yet; I think they are a little creepy. As Janis has concerns about the new technology being used for bad, I am concerned about these. I will be positive for good to rule.

  9. The progressive evolution of technological generations of are moving faster than ever before.
    However, there are inequalities that come with it in terms of access and affordability especially in emerging markets.
    Currently in most emerging markets they are widely on 2G, partial 3G and spotty 4G access mostly for urban areas inhabited by high earning income.
    It will be more beneficial to put efforts in making 4G and 5G more accessible, affordable and ubiquitous before rushing to 6G.

    1. You are correct, Wilson. Right now, most of the areas that have the 5G are in the metropolitan areas. In another year there should be a great improvement, to outreaching areas. I know some bugs are still being worked out. I see the 6G being tested along with the 5G. The conclusions could implement quicker installation and more equipment in more areas. Most companies who have the capability for expanding will already have the most cell towers. Thus the reception will enable download capability according to how the device is picking up the frequencies from there 4G and 5G transmitters. Who knows at this point, what will be? There could be a breakthrough soon that will answer all the questions and concerns for the companies and their clientele. I found the 5G and 6G interesting and wrote the blog from the prospects of what can be. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your insite.

  10. Thanks for the informative blog Carmen. I had never heard
    of 6G before this, I try to stay on top of the new developments and missed this one. I missed Henry’s comments also. I know many natural health groups that are against 5G due to health issues that may be caused with use. Now, what will 6G add or take away from us.

    1. Cathryn, I am sure concern is valid. From what I read, I’m trying to find where I read it, but 6G is supposed to be safer. I think it had something to do with how it is contained. Please don’t hold me to the wall on this I will research it. I am excited about it because of the good it is proposed to do for the medical industry—so much good in so many areas as in the security of our country. We are truly a blessed people.

  11. Amazing information that is way over my head. The strange thing is that I was in the cellular phone business for 20 years, so you would think I know a lot about this technology. Well, I left that business in 2007 after dealing with a cancer diagnosis. I left only months before the iphone was introduced and everything changed. So most of my knowledge is from back in the days of analog because digital technology was pretty new. I actually missed out on most of that information. It seems like we were still dealing with 3G back then but I could be off by a G. Anyway, 5G and 6G don’t even compute for me yet. When things change, it usually happens quickly. I hope I can keep up.

    1. William, I am sorry about your C diagnosis. Trusting all is well with you now. Yes, it was around that time that the knowledge of cell phone technology took off now it is exploding so rapidly that by the time you get a new phone, it is obsolete. It’s like my husband he was a whiz in diagnosing the problem in the older cars. He would listen to the engine and tell you what the problem was. He was always right. But when the computer-driven cars came along, he had to and still does refer to our sons to diagnosis with there digital equipment.

  12. Thank you, Carmen. Being a leader is so exciting. I learned something new today. It’s fun learning more about our businesses.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tracy. I don’t know if Compumatrix has 6G yet. I am sure we will when the time is right. I have learned so much about technology since joining Compumatrix. My mind can never be closed again. It’s like when you see something you can never unsee it. Lol, lol love it!

  13. Not all of this new technology is in our favor. Yes, everything will be faster, but the price we humans will pay healthwise has so far not been very positive. I would not want one of this 5G in my home or being close to any of them. Many countries are not allowing it for a very valid reason, not to mention what will be the G6 in the next future. So your question, ready for this? My answer is no, will avoid it whenever I can.

  14. Understand your concern Gitta. In fact, I wrote on this in my blog. I had to revise some things in the blog, and along the way, I lost a whole block and didn’t know how and I didn’t catch the fact until it was published. I think the 6G is going to be good in so many ways, especially for the military connections and the security for the country. Unfortunately how we feel, it is revolutionizing our lives.

  15. The future of technology, to some extent, we can only visualize how it will be, it’s crazy, and at the same time scary, despite the improvement that we will see, the concerns are real, hope the best decisions will be implemented for all.

    1. There is much concern about the rays and frequencies from the 5G and 6G. From what I have read, the companies are taking all precautions for a fail safe method of distribution of the radio frequencies that are like our TV and microwaves. I don’t know much but it is interesting and I would like to know more and the prospects of what may be. Blessings!

  16. Whatever our feelings on the new 5g and 6g technologies are, the world is moving forward. As a world citizen I, too, have great hopes and also some trepidation that this new technology will benefit mankind. I am hopeful that all will be beneficial and that new ways of protecting health will be forthcoming.

    1. Gloria isn’t it interesting that it as we are growing older we seem to have more interest in what is to come. The speed of new technology grows faster and faster. Hope to see how it impacts our world, and what new things will be abounding. I appreciate your comments. The safety concern is a must, and the implementing of health repairing technology can’t come soon enough.

  17. While the concept of 6G in a day-to-day, regular-usage sense sounds amazing and fun, I personally feel we should be looking closer at 5G technology, and just how relevant and necessary it is. It has not been adequately examined by those who will be affected by it most: namely, the public. It seems that there are myriad stories from some pretty high-level and genuine experts who feel it was unsafely, covertly dumped on the unsuspecting public globally, without it’s proper due, and some strongly believe that in actuality, it is not even really necessary for the large percentage of applications. This is a highly debatable topic, and to speak of such advanced tech as 6G in common usage short…premature. I also believe that it will probably take quite a bit longer – at least, I hope so. Please give us a chance to adapt at a more humane pace! lol!

    1. Yes, Zee, the study and implementation of 5G are still ongoing. However, the 6G is being studied along with it. Knowledge seems to be spreading faster than we are ready for it. It will be a while before we are impacted with 6G, but I find it will be a plus for us as we move into the future. Will we like everything? I can’t see us doing that, but I look for the good. As I said in my blog, it will be 20-30 yrs before we see a glimmer of what will come to pass later. From what I understand it will be used more by businesses and the military before it comes available to households and everyday usage. Can you see us like the Jetsons?

  18. Thank you Carmen, 5G is something I hear a lot about from my therapist’s friends and also my clients. From what I understand, it can be used in a ‘safe’ way or an ‘unsafe’ way, depending on who is in control of it. I can’t imagine what 6G would be like for those sensitive to it. One client who is/was very sensitive to even 4G, the computer, fluorescent lights etc, said it felt like burning on her skin. I hope we can progress without unnecessary suffering.

    1. You are expressing concern from many. I also have a lot of environmental intolerances. Progress will happen, but what I have heard the 6G conductors will be safer than 5G, and the antennas will be spread out further than the 4G-5G towers are now and in less populated areas. There is technical stuff I won’t go into here. But that will be in the future. It was fun thinking about the things that they are working toward. As always, you are a blessing, thank you.

  19. Interesting also the geometric speed the new tech takes in the marketplace. From Decades to years now for new tech to gain mass acceptance. And Crypto is in the same place a small company some may remember as Chargex, was back in the early 70’s. We now that company today as VISA. Mass adoption is proving to be as big, but it is happening much faster and we are only on the bottom of the curve heading up.

  20. Go! Go! Go! It does seem that we are being ushered in a speedy manner towards the future. Peaceful times are needed, but I am excited to see what I can at my age. Times are exciting even with all the turmoil and medical issues. I had forgotten the name Chargex and all the turmoil that there was against the use of credit cards. You have to laugh now. As with everything, there is good and bad. The use of cards is so convenient, but the high credit that will weigh upon a person could be debilitating. Thank you for your comment, Albert.

  21. As long as 6G is tested and safe, I am all for it. However, 5G seems to be being rolled out without proper oversight and safety testing, and this is a red flag for me for this technology. Millimeter waves and life forms on Earth have not proven to be a good match. Perhaps 6G will rectify some of these dangerous aspects to the technology; I myself am in a wait-and-see mode.

  22. I think there is far too much intrusion into our private lives as it is. To facilitate more by going faster without far greater regulation and far tougher penalties for law breakers is a recipe for disaster. The internet as a whole is a scammers and fraudsters weapon of choice. They are becoming harder to trace and far too often escape punishment. The intrusion tools available to the authorities are often abused. Speed is no substitute for honesty.

  23. Be careful what you wish for. 6G, lets see if we humans can get out alive with 5G. We do know that 5G isn’t welcome in many countries, most of the globalist countries are letting it happen, without informing the public about the health concerns such technology will bring. We already have many people dying of cancers, and you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of it came from 4G, microwaves.

  24. Carmen,a very nice detailed and informative Blog.I am sure you did a lot of research in order to write this very decent post.I have been reading pros and cons about 5G and lots of people are unhappy about the prospect of it being implemented. Worries about heath esp damage to brain etc are talked about and am not sure how damaging will the effects be of 6G. Well I guess time will tell and if Henry employs the technology then I will not worry too much .

  25. Thank you for your blog about this sensitive subject Carmen. People are still discussing whether 5G is dangerous and a threat to our health and conspiracy thinkers even say that it caused Covid-19, and now the new technology of 6G is around the corner. Technology develops fast.

  26. After I read your article on 6G I read up on 5G. It is amazing what they can do with 5G and they haven’t even discovered all of the things it is capable of. It is so mind blowing that it’s like
    reading science fiction. One use is, they are able to stream in different locations for movie filming so they don’t have to move all of the equipment, actors and the tons of props and prop people. It is all there. Amazing. They haven’t even discovered everything about 5G and now they have 6G and soon I suppose 7G. I have heard it is destructive on wild life also. I am sure they will find a way to negate this aspect.

  27. this is such a fascinating blog post and the replies are so in depth and my gosh– just sitting and taking a deep breath and pondering on so much of this technology and how perilous is this ?? the microwaves and the unknowns ?? new tech moving at the speed of light it appears sometimes but are the Health hazards honestly being shown?? being corrected?? or is it just about money ?? just wondering ??

  28. As with most things I grew up without, (color tv, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.) , I believe that all of the new technologies we have now, and ones to come in the future, are the result of the human experience. We cannot put the growth we have experienced up to now back in the bottle, nor can we halt the future of the human race moving onward to whatever the future of tomorrow holds, but we can be aware and prudent in our use of what we are given.

  29. still wondering out loud on this new technology and the safeties regarding — however my 3g did shoot craps and now have 5g glass touch screen — my Daughter helped me clean out unwanteds — but dadgum oh how I miss the days of just an ordinary landline and phone — lol great read here —

  30. Congratulations Carmen, this is an excellent article for bringing to our attention the speed at which we are progressing in the field of technology. I was totally unaware that 6G was on the drawing board let alone possibly already being used. What I am aware of is that most conversations and talks seem to be around what effects 5G will have on our health and bodies. So, if 6G has been or is being implemented today; I can only hope that the health concerns and issues being expressed around 5G have moved towards the same from the effects of 6G, but with greater urgency. Without a doubt these are exciting times – whether in the world of Compumatrix/cryptocurrencies and finance, or technologies in our homes. It’s moving very, very fast. We may see 10G technology before 2030. One thing for sure, now is not a time to take a nap.

  31. wow here we are March 2021 — just beyond my comprehension on some of this but then I look a bit into this or that and my understanding is more appreciated — but honestly as we grow here in Compumatrix and being involved in the latest or newest technology — as an individual who has owned 3 businesses and worked over 50 years — it is — just that ???? no napping allowed I believe is where each moment is or has to be ??? WOW ??

  32. Good stuff Carmen. 6G is something that has great interest from many sources. While the advancement in speed is always intriguing I’m skeptical of the by product of extra strength radio waves running through my body. I’m not a tin foil hat wearing type however, the signal strength is very high and can have an affect on the human body. Hopefully, more research will take place before 6G goes public. Rushing out a product to the general marketplace is no always advisable.
    For those of us who remember the first televisions, the past 73 years have seen the progression of electronics to heights never dreamed about previously. It has been a wild ride for sure. Looking forward to the next few years but, caution is sometimes necessary.

  33. Another Great Blog Carmen. I’m so not ready for 6G I’m still on 4G. I got my son a new phone with 5G because I was offered a free cell phone upgrade. Technology is moving at such a fast pace, that adjusting ad keeping up is a challenge. My son is more up with technology than I am, what is amazing is they haven’t even discovered everything about 5G and now they have 6G and in the near future I suppose in the future 7G.

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